8 Best Waterfalls in Coorg - Distance & Best Time (Updated)
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Waterfalls in Coorg encircle Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Chelavara Falls, Burude falls, Mallalli Falls, Devarakolli Falls, Napandapole Falls and several others which are an excellent epitome of absolute serenity and tranquility.

Coorg or Kodagu, as the locals like to call it, is one of the most spectacular hill stations in South India. It is a majestic little town, located in the state of Karnataka, and renowned for its lush green hills, coffee estates, and crystal clear waterfalls that make for incredible drone shots. 

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The gorgeous Coorg Waterfalls make brilliant spectacles of mist that you’ll surely regret if you miss. Surrounded by verdant greenery and featuring picturesque beauty, the falls offer the perfect place for a family picnic far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

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Visit Coorg during the monsoon season to witness the spectacular beauty of its milky white waterfalls and indulge in adventurous activities like water rappelling, excursions, and trekking.

Here are some of the best waterfalls in Coorg:


Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls
Just 7km away from Madikeri town you will find the most enticing Coorg Waterfalls. Surrounded by aromatic plantations of spice and coffee and thick lush forest, the water bullets raining down from 70 feet over the rocky formations show you the sculpting skills of one of the best artists, nature.

If you want to see the waterfall with all its might and glory, the monsoon season is the best time. The voluminous Cauvery river forms an unforgettable torrential spectacle down the rocks.

Distance from Coorg:
It is located at a distance of almost 6.7 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: Is seated at an elevation of approximately 70 feet.

Best time to visit: The beauty of the waterfalls multiplies in monsoons, though it can be visited anytime, but the months from July to October are favorable.

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Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Falls
Of all the waterfalls in Coorg, Iruppu Falls is undeniably a scenic wonder which is a treat to the eyes. Seated elegantly along the border of Wayanad district, this segment of Brahmagiri range cascades down the rocky terrains.

One can jump-off from one rock to another, to get close to the gushing water. The suburbs of the falls are truly magical and extend a surrounding which is absolutely soothing.

Distance from Coorg: It is located at a distance of almost 80.6 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: The altitude of the fall is about 170 feet with two drops.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Iruppu falls is from September to December.

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Mallalli Falls

Mallalli Falls

Dive in a state of elation with the magical view at Mallalli falls, which is unquestionably one of the most enticing waterfalls in Coorg. Oozing out from the Kumaradhara River, this place is just perfect to unlax and unwind away from the chaotic world, and let the freshness of the quarter bind you.

If you are traversing the region with your partner, then missing out on this place is just out of question, as the environs are apt for strengthening the bonds.

Distance from Coorg: It is located at a distance of almost 65.2 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: The elevation of the waterfall is about 200 feet.

Best time to visit: Mark the calendar from June and September, if you are planning to witness this fall.

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Chelavara Falls

Chelavara Falls
Next in the list of waterfalls in Coorg is Chelavara Falls. Formed by a stream of Kaveri, this waterfall displays a milky white appearance of water, descending down from atop.

When we hear the word waterfall, all we look for is refreshing air and cool water, and this waterfall is an excellent combination of both of these.

Distance from Coorg: It is located at a distance of almost 45 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: Seated at an elevation of 150 feet, this is a natural fall.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit this waterfall is from June to August when the monsoons outbreak.

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Burude Falls

Burude Falls
The short and slippery trek to Burude or Dodmane falls instantly pays off as you come across the serene waterfall. Among the Coorg waterfalls, it has an almost poetic beauty that bewitches you and is nothing short of a natural wonder.

Unlike the voluminous Abbey Falls, here a narrow stream of water makes its way down the rocky creeks to create a sight that might be a replica of paradise. Even during peak season, this waterfall doesn’t lose its tranquillity.

Distance from Coorg:
It is located at a distance of almost 28 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: The waterfall descends down from a height of approximately 90 feet.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit this waterfall is from November to February.

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Napandapole Falls

Napandapole Falls

One of the most spectacular Coorg Waterfalls is the Nandapole Falls. With numerous obscure corners around the waterfall, your hiking bug won’t get enough of this place. Blanketed by three sub waterfalls, and some forest fencing makes it a great destination away from the regular crowded sites.

At Nandapole falls the water rains down from 120 feet over steep rocky surface which also makes it ideal for water rappelling and keeps the spark of adventure ignited within you.

Distance from Coorg:
It is located at a distance of almost 58 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: Thi waterfall is seated at an altitude of almost 120 feet.

Best time to visit: When the monsoons outbreak, the beauty of the falls increases which make it the best time to visit the fall, that id from July to September.

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Devarakolli Falls

Devarakolli Falls

Marking its place in one of the most striking Coorg waterfalls, Devarakolli falls showcases a splendor which will put you under a spell with its realm.

This is something which you cannot afford to miss if you are tracing the region with your friends or family. The image of the waterfall is absolutely splendid and you can witness the tiny brooklets peeking from the greens.

Distance from Coorg: It is located at a distance of almost 16 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: Though, the height is too low that is, 75 feet but still this waterfall showcases breathtakingly beautiful views.

Best time to visit: With the onset of monsoons, the charm of the zone multiplies and months from July to September are well-suited.

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Devaragundi Falls

Devaragundi Falls

When it comes to tracing the list of waterfalls in Coorg, Devaragundi waterfalls is an unmissable part, as it extends picture-perfect views and it just one-of-its-kind. With the literal meaning “God’s pool”, it is a creation of streams of Thodikana.

Something which sets this apart is it can be reached by taking a small stroll through the jungles, where you can feel close to nature and experience the wilderness it owns.

Distance from Coorg: It is located at a distance of almost 43.3 km from Coorg bus stand.

Height: The elevation of the waterfall is about 70 feet.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit this waterfall is from August to December, right after the monsoons.

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Onake Abbi Falls

Onake Abbi Falls

One of the most incredible of all the Madikeri waterfalls, this towering fall is a must-visit. The name given to the waterfall, due to its unbroken straight fall, means a wooden log that’s used to grind spices.

Thousands of people visit to see the power and grandeur of the falls and soak in the breathtaking beauty of the milky white curtains of water surrounded by lush foliage. They are reached after a short trek of 4-5 kilometres through a misty & dense rainforest starting from Someshwara.

Distance from Coorg: Approximately 209 kilometres.

Height: 400 ft.

Best time to visit: Post monsoon months of September-November to see the falls in their full splendour.


Lakshmana Tirtha Falls

Lakshmana Tirtha Falls

This waterfall, popularly known as Iruppu Falls, gets its name from the Lakshmana Tirtha River that starts from here. Nestled in the Brahmagiri Mountains and surrounded by lush foliage, this is amongst the most picturesque of all the Madikeri waterfalls.

They are revered by the locals due to their belief that these were created by Lakshmana to fetch water for Lord Rama. They believe that their waters clean one’s sins. Don’t miss to see the ancient Shiva Temple in the vicinity.

Distance from Coorg: Approximately 57 kilometres.

Height: 170 ft.

Best time to visit: Like all Madikeri waterfalls, they are the most breathtaking during the post-monsoon months of September-November.

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