Mandalpatti Overview

Ranked amongst the top tourist places to visit in Coorg Mandalpatti is a mountain located at around 4050 ft. above sea level. It is situated in the luxuriant Pushpagiri Reserve Forest and is abundant with lush trails full of colourful birds, dragonflies, and butterflies. The hike is easy and the summiteers are welcomed by striking views of the forest, vast green plains, and the valleys.

Situated on an altitude of 4050 feet Mandalpatti is Madikeri’s famous hilltop. Being a lush green, serene place, Mandalpatti has recently received enormous appraisals from tourists visiting Madikeri. As the area offers tranquility and seclusion, residents of nearby villages often plan their weekends here. A nature lover will surely fall in love with the magnificent beauty of this place! Mandalpatti forms a part of the natural reserves of Pushpagiri forest. Locally, people call this piece of land as Mugilu-Pete or Mugilu-Peth. The literal meaning of both the local names means Market of Cloud or Mist. 

Abbi falls junction is the best way to have a view of the Mandalpatti. Be careful, as the Mandalpatti forest department may prohibit you from driving the last 3 km. To avoid inconveniences, you may opt for trekking from the checkpoint of Mandalpatti forest until you reach its topmost point. Although a bit strenuous, you will surely have an exciting trekking adventure. 

As soon as you reach the topmost point, the greenery all around will inevitably force you to fall in love with it. Mandalpatti’s panoramic view is simply astounding. As this region is untouched by commercialization and civilization, this place remains an unrivaled match for the tourist who seeks a soothing environment for relaxation. Lastly, do not forget to experience overnight camping here. It’s worthy of all your efforts to make it to the top of Mandalpatti by trekking. 


• Situated at the Pushpagiri Hill Range at an altitude of 4050 ft, Mandalpatti is a hill station known for its hidden tranquillity and awestruck beauty.
• Untouched by commercialization, this area is a haven for all nature lovers. It offers a blissful time among the clouds, lush mountains, and valleys and comprises a verdant trail for trekkers and hikers.
• Home to a plethora of colourful birds, butterflies, and diverse flora, it is a lovely location for wildlife lovers as well.
• If you are bored of the city's crowds and traffic, its tranquillity will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allow you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the lap of Mother Nature.
• Overnight camping is another attraction of the area that can make your vacation lasting and full of lovely memories.

How To Reach

By Rail: Amongst other railway stations, Mangalore Central Railway Station is the major one. Subrahmanya Road Railway Station is the nearest station for local trains. 

By Road: From Mangalore, hills of Mandalpatti are at a distance of 211 km; from Bangalore, it is at 284 km distance, and from Coimbatore, it is at a distance of 351 km. You will need approximately 6 hours each to reach Mandalpatti from Mangalore and Bangalore; while from Coimbatore, it takes 9 hours car drive to get there.  

By Bus: Amongst all the bus stops, Shivamogga Bus Terminal is the major one lying close to the Mandalpatti Hills. It is well-connected with other cities. To reach your exact location, you need to take a local bus which will drop you at Madikeri Bus Stand (Stuart Hill). 

Best Time To Visit

The period between November to January is considered to be the best season to plan your Mandalpatti visit. This is when the entire region is covered with mist. It is during this time when Mandalpatti presents you with a refreshing atmosphere. The scenic views of the surrounding regions are captivating. Average Temperature:Mandalpatti experiences an average temperature range of 20 to 25 degrees for a significant part of the year. 

Other Essential Information

Location: Mandalpatti is situated in Mahadevpet region of Madikeri district of Karnataka (571201).

Timings: Mandalpatti is easily accessible for all 24 hours. However, it is always better to reach there between 06:00 am to 06:00 pm as the region is surrounded by forest cover.  

Entry Fee: You need to pay a nominal fee of 25 INR per head to reach the top summit of Mandalpatti. 

Height: Mandalpatti is tucked at an altitude of 1800 m from the ground level. 

Trek Duration: Mandalpatti tourist point is located at a distance of 25 to 30 km from the town of Madikeri. Although you can cover a significant part of this distance through driving, the last 3 km has to be covered trekking.

Distance from Coorg: Mandalpatti hills are situated at a distance of 20.6 km from Coorg, and it takes around 56 minutes to cover this entire distance. 

Transportation: Mandalpatti is situated in Madikeri which is well-connected by road and railways. However, for the last three kilometers, you won't be allowed to drive in your private vehicle. You can either reach the summit by trekking or a jeep ride. 

Medical Facilities: There’s no medical facility at the top there. You need to carry your essential medications along with you. In emergency situations, you may approach the Mandalpatti Forest Department officials. 

Network Connectivity: There’s no proper network connectivity at the summit of Mandalpatti.

Traveller's Tips for Visiting Mandalpatti

1. In case you are travelling all the way on foot, stay in groups, or get along with other trekking companions. 

2. Travel less on the day when you are about to trek to the Mandalpatti summit.

3. Prefer to wear comfortable dress while trekking. 

4. As per the Mandalpatti Forest Department’s instructions, you are not allowed to drive your private vehicle to the topmost position. 

5. The hilltop usually gets colder and breezy. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid bringing your infants with you. 

6. At last, do not forget to miss this opportunity to capture some gorgeous clicks of the Mandalpatti surrounding. 

Things to Carry for the Trek to Mandalpatti

1. Apply and carry sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the harmful solar radiations. 

2. Always keep your UV protected sunglasses with you. 

3. Carry a sun hat to protect you from sun rays. 

4. Carry sufficient water with you as you may feel thirsty throughout your trekking duration. 

5. Carry quick to have snacks such as biscuits, and energy bars as there are no shops along your way up.

6. Prefer to put on your closed tucked shoes (with rubber soles) for your trekking adventure. 

Places to Stay near Mandalpatti

- Coorg Tree House: Coorg Tree House offers isolated peaceful stay. Kitchenette, housekeeping, bathroom, Wi-Fi, and parking are the necessary facilities here.

- Thelma’s Coorg Chalet: This is a non-ac family stay place for your entire family. Power backup, washing machine, free parking, housekeeping, bathroom, Wi-Fi, and washing machine availability are some necessary facilities here. 

- Oyo Hill View Stay: The atmosphere at this homestay is friendly, and the place is quite clean and neat to accommodate yourself during your stay. Kitchenette, housekeeping, attached bathroom, newspaper, power backup, and parking are the necessary facilities here. 

Places to Eat near Mandalpatti

- Barbecue Bay: Barbecue Bay serves mouth-watering Indian and Barbecue meals. This is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a pleasant ambience and friendly atmosphere. 

- Big cup Café: This café offers vegetarian meals and varieties of coffee. The ambiance of Bigcup Café is a pleasing one, and the staff is quite co-operative and hardworking. 

- Coffee Blossoms: Vegan options are the unique servings of this place. You can enjoy Indian style breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. 

- Beans and Brews Café: Here, you can try both Chinese and Indian style cuisines. This is an ideal eatery for your vegetarian breakfast and meals. 

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Point of Interest for Mandalpatti


Scaling tricky mountains of Mandalpatti offers you a thrilling adrenaline rush. If you are ready for an exciting adventure, this trekking activity from the base of the Mandalpatti to its topmost location is meant for you. Though not a difficult one to endure, this 200 m trekking adventure will still be a challenging one. This is because the winds in this region are quite harsh and may tempt you to return back from the mid-way. However, every effort to reach the top position is worthy of all your efforts that you invest in.

Trek Routes to Mandalpatti

1. You can reach Mandalpatti via two trekking routes – Abbi falls junction (20 km) or through Makkanduru (35 km).

2. Abbi Falls Junction route has little bumpy elevations. Yet, it is one of the shortest ways to reach the Mandalpatti summit. 

3. In case you opt for Makkanduru trekking route, you will be driving through coffee plantations. All along your way, you will be stunned by the presence of numerous small waterfalls and rivulets. This route will lead your way through the Kote Abbey Falls. 

Jeep Riding

Jeep Riding

Mandalpatti hill is especially famous for its jeep riding adventure. The Forest Department here encourages all visitors to undertake this 4x4 jeep riding experience. No doubt, this is by far the ideal way to witness the beauty of Mother Nature. This jeep driving experience will surely be an engaging experience for you as your jeep will be trespassing the coffee plantations and comprehensive forest covers that are laid down in the mid-way. You can participate in this jeep riding adventure at an approximate cost of 750 to 1000 INR per head. 

Sightseeing Adventure

Sightseeing Adventure

The moment you reach the summit, there’s a lot to adore. Mandalpatti Forest Department has built a watchtower at the top from where you can view the distant hills easily. Due to the serene environment, Mandalpatti hills is a popular vantage point highly recommended for their sunrise and sunset views. If your heart beats for photography, this point is a must to visit spot for you.

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Kanchan Kapoor
Kanchan Kapoor
Kanchan Kapoor
Kanchan Kapoor
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