Nalknad Palace Overview

Kakkabe is a hamlet in Coorg that is famous for many timeless splendours and some of which are Igguthappa Temple, Thadiyandamol Peak, and Nalnad Palace. Kodava king Dodda Veerarajendra constructed this palace after escaping from the attack of Tipu Sultan and invading Coorg.

There is a stunning mandapa in the centre of the palace which was built for the wedding ceremony of Dodda Veerarajendra with Mahadevammaji in the year 1796. This palace is believed to be the last abode of the King of Kodagu and is now a conserved monument under the supervision of the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums of Karnataka. 

This palace has an underground tunnel that ends at Madikeri and it was built to dart enemies.

Tadiyandamol Hills, Kodagu District, Kakkabe, India

Best Time to visit:
Any time during the day.

Entry fee:
No entry fee

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on all the days of the week

Average time required to visit the place:
1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand:
Around 35 KM.

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The Indian State of Karnataka is blessed with many beautiful places and Nalknad Palace is one such gem. Located in Kodagu District, the palace is neatly tucked away at the foot of Tadiandamol peak which is considered the highest peak in Coorg. The Palace has a rich history to its credit. It was built between 1792 AD and 1794 AD chiefly to celebrate the victory of Dodda Vira Rajendra over the Great Tipu Sultan. It was also the refuge centre of the Haleri Kings who were then overthrown by the British Raj. The Palace is replete with a falcate dome and intricate carvings made out of wood. The patio of the palace has four bulls with every corner of the palace being an architectural phenomenon in itself.

From the outside, the palace looks like a simple structure but once you step into the palace you will be in awe of the fine detailing with which it has been made. The pillars of the palace have snakes depicted on it in a geometric pattern known as Nagamandala. The entire palace is adorned with beautiful murals. The rest abode of the King and Queen has exclusively painted murals which are still maintained excellently after more than 5 centuries. The two-storied palace had its own set of rules. While the lower level was secured for the use of staff, the upper level was reserved for kings, queens and inner circle. The upper level has only two rooms which entail that it was only a private retreat set aside for the masters of the house. 

Right in front of the palace is a beautifully constructed mandap that was made specifically for the king’s marriage. The Mandap has sculptures and carvings of various Gods and couples to depict the purity of marriage. The Palace looks like a self-effacing dwelling but has been constructed by the sharp minds of architectural geniuses. 


The Nalknad Palace is open on all days between 9.00 AM and 6.00 PM. 

It is located in Kodagu district of Karnataka and forms a part of Yevakapadi. Yevakapadi falls in the Kakkabe town of the Coorg region. It is about 38 km from Coorg and takes about an hour to reach the Palace. The location is approximately 35 km from the Madikeri bus stand. The Palace is easily accessible and also has no entry ticket fee. It will take visitors an average of 1-2 hours to complete your visit to the place. 

Best time to visit:
You can visit the Palace in the months between October and June which is considered the best time to visit here. 

Average temperature:
The climate is pleasant during these months because on an average temperature is between 21 degrees to 24 degrees. The weather during this time is friendly for travelling especially when the palace visit time closes at 6.00 pm and the visit has to be planned in the morning or afternoon. 

How to reach Nalknad Palace

There are several ways of reaching here because the connectivity is extremely good. If you are planning to come from Bengaluru to Nalknad palace, there are different ways of working it out.

By Rail
: The KSR Bengaluru station will bring you to Subramanya road station in less than 9 hours. The trains that go towards that junction are 16513 – Karwar express and 16511 which is the Kannur express. Right from the station to the Nalknad Palace is a 2 hour drive. 

By Road: 
If you opt to take the road for the journey from Bangalore then the drive will take about 5 hours.

By Air: 
You can take different flights that stop at Kannur, Mangalore and Calicut. The distance from these cities to Nalknad Palace will have to be covered by taxi. If you are planning to travel to Nalknad Palace from Coorg then a taxi ride will only take half an hour for you to reach that spot. 

History of Nalknad Palace

The palace was built by a Haleri rule Dodda Virarajendra in the year 1792. This palace was built by him because of his victory and escape from the troops of Tipu Sultan’s kingdom. His wedding to Mahadevammaji also took place in this palace in 1796. In order to protect the kingdom against enemies, the king also planned and built an underground tunnel which began at the palace and ended at the borders of Madikeri.

When the British came to the Kodagu district to capture it, the last ruler of the Harari emperor hid in this palace. The Palace has a beautifully designed durbar which was used by the King and his ministers to discuss important issues concerning the rule. The basement of the Palace also had two dark rooms which were used as the hiding room of the king. Everything in this palace was planned meticulously considering that there was always a looming threat. 

Places to Visit near Nalknad Palace 

Apart from Nalknad Palace, there are some gems to be explored nearby

Visit the Chelavara Falls located very close to the Palace
. These falls have powerful gush of water coming from 150 feet atop and are nestled amidst green shrubs and natural scenic wonders. The location of the falls is an ideal place to unwind and relax sitting on rocks. The stream emerges from the tributaries of Kaveri River and is a great escapade.

The Padi Igguthapa temple is a religious hotspot here
. Visiting here after your trip to Nalknad will be a great idea. The temple is a blend of Kodavas and Kerala architecture and it is a famous traditional Kodava place to worship. 

What you’ll love about Kabbe Hills is the trail and the safari.
You will love the sunsets on the hills that are quite famous for their treks and drives. People want to come here, mostly during the sunsets to envision the beautiful sight. Adventure seekers love to trek here amidst the mystical hills located close to the Palace. 

Things to do in and near Nalknad Palace

Apart from spending time at the palace admiring its beautiful intricate work, you can engage in loads of activities near the Palace:

You can go trekking in Tadiandamol Peak which is about 10 km away from the Palace
. There are many planned tours for treks here which you can opt for as per your convenience. Your visit here during the rainy season will add life to your trek and the beauty of the place. 

Go for a sunset drive and trailing at the Kabbe hills.
The spot is quite famous for its exquisite sunset views which people strive to see. Apart from these, it is also a great spot for engaging in a relaxing chat with your friends and family. You can also enjoy at the bottom of the waterfalls and click great pictures to take back as memories.

Relax at Karda amidst the stimulating smell of coffee beans
. You can also see the ancient Kodagu houses here. If you only want to relax and click pictures, this place is a must-visit. 

Other Important Information

Nalknad Palace is a true beauty of Karnataka. Its beauty is in its humble structure yet the inwards are classily decorated and the remnants are well maintained for the visitors. If you are planning to stay near the Nalknad Palace, there are some good options close by. 

1. Places to stay near Nalknad Palace

- Tamara Coorg is a great property that promises magnificent views and unforgettable hospitality. Situated in the midst of Coorg valley this is surely a great option to stay. 

- The resort by Club Mahindra is also a wonderful option because of its vicinity to many other tourist hotspots. Apart from this, the fact that the resort belongs to Club Mahindra is a promise of great stay and time ahead.

- If you like to stay in beautiful green surroundings then Amritara Ambatty green resort is an option that can be explored. The food here is commendable and so is the staff who could do anything to make your stay great. 

- Hotel Coorg International has simplistic rooms which are extremely well-maintained. The location is in central area of Coorg and offers simple and affordable stay options.

2. Places to eat near Nalknad Palace

There are two very good restaurants close to the Palace

- Coorenburg Speciality Restobar
The Restobar serves Italian and Mexican food as its speciality. Apart from being a wonderful bar place, the restaurant offers a great ambience. You will also get vegan options here and fast food cuisine if you wish to order.

- Coorg Village
The Coorg Village specialises in Chinese, Indian, seafood, barbecue with pub and drinks. It is a good place for a family to visit and satiate their hunger pangs.

3. Transportation facility

If you reach Kakkabe by bus or any mode of transportation, you can get local transport like a rickshaw from Kakkabe to the Palace. The rickshaw might not take you till the Palace but will drop you at the starting point of Tadiandamol Peak. You can opt to trek from there. 

4. Other facilities

There are a few hospitals near the Palace which offer 24 hours aid and help in case of any emergencies. There is a close-by homoeopathy dispensary also if you have to visit there due to some reason. The Internet and mobile connectivity are not bad here, although not considered to be the best.

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