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Coorg is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the state of Karnataka. It is rightly referred to as the “Scotland of India” and has gained popularity over the years. It is the favourite hill station of many people for all the right reasons. From the best sightseeing tours in Coorg to adventure activities, from eco-friendly spots to the pleasant climate, from lush green fields to mesmerising sunsets, from coffee plantations to hilly terrains; this place has it all.

Moreover, it is very accessible from different parts of Karnataka like Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore which are located at a distance 235, 117 and 132-kilometre public transport like bus and trains to reach Coorg and enjoy the best of the hill station that mainly lies in its number of scenic attractions. Raja’s Seat in the town of Madikeri can be visited for perfect green valleys and towering hills views. Madikeri is also well known as a soothing honeymoon destination package in Coorg. The government has also set up a garden all around Raja’s Seat where tourists can relax and admire the beauty.

Omkareshwara Temple features a centre dome and four corners with turrets and can be visited to discover the history of the temple which was inscribed by the king on a copper plate that is hanging at the frame of the temple entrance door. The beautiful Abbe falls are the most popular waterfalls located at a distance of 5 kilometres from the main town. The significant historical monument called Gaddige is worth visiting by anybody interested in history.

Nature Lovers can visit Talacauvery, the birthplace of river Cauvery and Nisargadhama that also has a deer park, children’s park and orchidarium in the resort. Similarly, Dubare Elephant Camp, Golden temple or Tibetan Monastery, Iruppu falls, Nagarhole National Park, Omkareshwara Temple, and Madikeri fort are a few of the best sightseeing tours in Coorg worth visiting by tourists.

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Coorg Sightseeing FAQs

How can I reach Coorg from Bangalore? How much is the distance?

It's easy to reach Coorg from Bangalore and the distance is approximately 250 km by road. There are many ways of reaching Coorg from Bangalore.

Air: To reach Coorg from Bangalore by air, you need to board the flight for Mangalore, which is the nearest airport to Coorg. But, Mangalore is about 164 Km from Coorg and Bangalore is about 250  km from Coorg by road. So, instead of taking the hassle of first going to Mangalore and then Coorg, it’s better to go to Coorg directly from Bangalore by road.

Road: Coorg can be reached from Bangalore through bus. One can easily find A/C and Volvo coaches to reach Coorg comfortably.

Train: If you want to travel by train, then you can easily find a train from Bangalore to Mysore, as Mysore is the nearest railway station to Coorg. It is 95 km away from Coorg.

When is the best time to visit Coorg?

The climate is pleasant throughout the year, so you can plan your visit anytime except the monsoon season. Though Coorg looks incredibly beautiful during the monsoon, some treks and waterfalls become a little risky to visit.

The best time to visit Coorg is March and April when the weather is pleasant and is not too hot neither too cold. During summers, the weather is also good and it does not exceed 40oC, and in winters it never goes below 10oC.

What things should I carry for a sightseeing trip to Coorg?

Here are the important things which you must carry with you if you are planning a Coorg trip:

  • Casual and comfortable clothing
  • A pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • A pair of binoculars as you will get many opportunities for sightseeing and bird watching
  • A jacket or a windcheater if you are visiting in the winter months
  • Sun glasses because the sun in the hill stations can be quite bright

What places are good for sightseeing in Coorg?

Known as one of the most beautiful and picturesque hill stations of Karnataka, Coorg's beauty is exquisitely breathtaking. Popularly regarded as the "Scotland of India", there are many good places for sightseeing in Coorg. These include:

  • Abbey Falls
  • Thadiyandamol Hills
  • Talakaveri
  • Raja's Seat
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Brahmagiri Hill
  • Mandalpatti Viewpoint
  • Unchalli Falls
  • Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary

Which places can I see in Madikeri?

Madikeri is one of the hill towns located in Southern India near Coorg. Known for lush green forests and picturesque locations, Madikeri is one of the best places to spend your holidays and unwind yourself. The places that one can see in Madikeri include:

  • Chingara Falls
  • Madikeri Fort
  • Talacauvery
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama
  • Gaddige Raja's Tomb
  • Dubare Elephant Training Camp
  • Raja's Seat
  • Omkareshwara Temple
  • Bhagamandala

Which all treks are a must do on a Coorg trip?

There are various treks that one can do while in Coorg. These treks have been segregated into different categories like easy, moderate and difficult depending on the skills and effort required to complete the treks.

The easy treks in Coorg are:

  • Nishani Betta Trek
  • Tadiyandamol Trek
  • Trekking in Madikeri
  • Trek to Kopatty


The medium to difficult treks in Coorg include:

  • Brahmagiri Trek
  • Kumara Parvatha Trek
  • Pushpagiri Trek
  • Galibeedu Trek
  • Kotebetta Trek
  • Kakkabe Trek

Which places are a must visit for couples in Coorg?

The couples can visit the various waterfalls in Coorg including:

  • Abbey Falls
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Burude Falls
  • Mallalli Falls
They can also visit the various peaks which offer incredible views of the valleys, Raja's Seat in Madikeri and the Madikeri camping site.
The aromatic coffee plantations also offer a scenic view of the vast plantations and are an amazing place to spend some quality time together while sipping the fresh coffee.

Is it good to visit Coorg in the monsoon?

Though, you can visit the Coorg during monsoon, the place looks breathtakingly beautiful and mind blowing in this season, but most of the tourist spots are open and natural like the treks, peaks, waterfalls etc. Due to heavy rain, these places become a little risky to visit.

Also, in monsoon you might not be able to enjoy some of the adventure activities like camping, trekking, rafting, microlight flying, etc. So, if you just want to visit the place to spend some relaxing time and to unwind yourself, you can come here in the monsoon, but if you want to enjoy all the tourist spots in Coorg, then planning a holiday during July and August might not be a good idea.

Which places are most enjoyable by children in Coorg?

The places where children will enjoy the most in Coorg include:

  • Waterfalls including Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Burude Falls, Mallalli Falls etc.
  • Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Namdroling Monastery
  • Dubare Elephant Camp
  • Raja's Seat
  • Camping in Madikeri
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama

Which waterfalls can I see in Coorg?

There are many waterfalls which you can visit in Coorg. These include:

  • Abbey Falls
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Irpu Falls
  • Mallalli Falls
  • Devarakolli Falls
  • Burude Falls

Can I visit a monastery in Coorg? What’s special about the monastery?

Yes, you can visit the Namdroling Monastery in Coorg. It is one of the biggest Tibetan Settlements in India and is famous for its representation of Tibetan culture.

It is located in Kushalnagar and the specialty of the monastery  are the three colossal 40 feet high Lord Buddha's statues which are known as Amitayus, Buddha. Padmasambhava.

The walls of the monastery have been festooned with paintings which depict  the diverse phases of Lord Buddha's life. Some paintings also display the Tibetan Gods and demons. It is also famous for its Losar festival celebrations.

Which are the famous temples in Coorg?

The most famous temples in Coorg include:

  • Sri Omkareshwara Temple located in Madikeri
  • Bhagamandala Temple
  • Shri Shringeri Shankar Math
  • Padi Igguthappa Temple
  • Talakaveri Temple

Can we stay at a Coffee plantation in Coorg?

Yes, one can stay at the Coffee plantations in Coorg. There are many resorts and homestays located inside coffee plantation farms. The average cost of a coffee plantation stay per night is between INR 3000 - 5000.

Which are some of the good resorts in Coorg for a stay?

Some of the best resorts for a stay in Coorg include:

  • The Windflower, Suntikoppa
  • Ambatty Greens Resort, Virajpet
  • Amanvana - The Spa On The River Kaveri, Kushalnagar
  • Orange County, Coorg
  • Tata Coffee -Plantation Trails, Pollibetta
  • The Tamara, Virajpet
  • Kadkani River Resort, Madikeri
  • Old Kent Resort, Suntikoppa
  • Coorg Jungle Camp, Kushalnagar
  • Misty Woods, Kakkabe
  • Dubare Elephant Camp, Dubare
  • Porcupine Castle, Pollibetta
  • Heritage Resort, Madikeri
  • Berry Lane, Ammathi
  • Silver Brook Resort, Madikeri
  • Eco Habitat, Kushalnagar
  • Silent Valley Cottages, Madikeri

Which are the famous homestays in Coorg?

1. The Bungalow 1934: Perched atop a hill, The Bungalow 1934 is a heritage property, flaunting a typical Kordagu style architecture. Often found in the Coorg packages of groups, the homestay lets you enjoy bonfire, BBQ dinner, and trekking tours.
2. Vaishnavi Estate: Vaishnavi Estate is a beautiful wooden bungalow, featuring two cozy rooms and an attached bathroom. While you are here, you can spend time soaking in the spectacular panoramic views of the tea estates, bird watching, and playing on the swing in the verandah.
3. Silver Brook Estate: The perfect homestay for couples to have in their Coorg tour packages, Silver Brook Estate lets you enjoy board games and bird watching. The homestay also serves delicious Coorgi, Marwari, and North Indian delicacies. There is also a well-stocked library, where you can enjoy silent reading.
4. Serene Woods: Often found in the Coorg tour packages of avid birdwatchers, Serene Woods lets you spot a number of exotic birds including white-bellied woodpeckers, Asian fairy bluebird, parakeets, Racket-tailed drongo, and hornbills. Guests can also go trekking, take plantation walks, and enjoy bonfire evenings.
5. Highfields Coorg: At Highfields Coorg, the guests can enjoy bonfires at night and wake up to the enchanting melodies of the colourful birds. The homestay has a lush private farm, through which guests can take a walk and sample seasonal berries and fruits.

Is it safe to travel Coorg for a solo female traveller?

While it's safe for solo female travelers to visit Coorg and negligible crime incidents have been reported in this hill station, but whether it is Coorg or any other place, it’s important that you stay attentive to the surroundings, avoid late night outings alone and don't carry too many valuables with you to avoid any unpleasant happenings

When is the best time for rafting in Coorg?

The best time for river rafting in Coorg is between June and September during the monsoon season when the river is in full flow and the challenging currents make rafting even more exciting.

Is it worth visiting Dubare Elephant Camp? What’s so special about it?

Yes, certainly it's worth visiting and if you have come for a family vacation with your kids, then you must visit the Dubare Elephant camp.

The Dubare Elephant Camp is the training camp for elephants and it is located on the bank of the Kaveri river. Here one can see as many as 150 elephants getting trained by the mahouts. You can also see the elephants getting bathed, and the tourists are also given the opportunity to give a bath to the elephant. The elephants are trained for the Mysore Dasara festival. You can also see the rich wildlife in this camp and it is an excellent destination for bird watching.

How far is Nagarhole National Park from Coorg? Can we go for a wildlife safari?

The Nagarhole National park is located at a distance of  approx 90 km from Coorg and yes, you can go for the wildlife safari in this national park.

The safari timings are 6 am or 6.30 am - 8 am or 8.30 am in the morning and from 3 pm or 3.30 pm to 5 pm or 5.30 pm in the evening. These timings are subject to change and completely depend on the National park authorities. The entry fee for Indians is 200 INR per person, and is 1000 INR per person for foreigners.

How difficult is Tadiandamol trek? Is it a safe trek?

Tadiandamol trek is the highest trek in Coorg and is located at an elevation of 5,735 feet above the sea level. The distance that one needs to cover to reach the top of the peak is 8 km on one side. But, the trek is not very tough. The terrain is easier to cover and one can easily walk on the trekking path. This trek in Coorg is relatively easy to do and anyone can do it.

Which adventure activities can be done in Coorg?

A lot of adventure activities can be done in Coorg. These include:

  • River rafting in the capricious Barapole river
  • Jeep Safari to the waterfalls
  • Hiking and trekking to astounding peaks
  • Quad biking on the tricky trails
  • Microlight flying
  • Giving a bath to an elephant in the Dubare Elephant Camp

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Aadinath Somayaji
Aadinath Somayaji
Aadinath Somayaji
Aadinath Somayaji
Aadinath Somayaji
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Reviewed: 09 Apr 2014
Wao it was absolutely brilliant to see those majestic Tiger and charismatic Leopard, this was the first time i saw these animals for the first time. The panoramic views catches our attention , its one of the best holiday destination.
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Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora
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Kanchan Kapoor
Kanchan Kapoor
Kanchan Kapoor
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