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Best Rafting Tours in Coorg

Embark on a journey that is filled with thrilling excitement with a tour of river rafting in Coorg. Nestled between the aromatic coffee plantation and misty hills, Coorg is an adventure paradise where tourists can get the best of both worlds. Coorg River Rafting is one of the most exhilarating adventures in Coorg which you can enjoy with your friends and family. Coorg has been hailed as one of the most challenging destinations for white water rafting in India. The spellbinding surroundings of Coorg bring out the adventurous soul in most of us and offer an unmissable opportunity. The rivers are blessed with incredible waters due to the South-West monsoons making this extreme water sport taking your excitement to a whole new level. Tourists can immerse in a vacation replete with thrill and fun with two types of river rafting at Coorg. There is white water rafting that is usually organised during the months of heavy downpour in monsoons and still water rafting that can be enjoyed in less challenging waters after the monsoon season in Coorg. Coorg river rafting can be enjoyed at various places in Coorg. Some of the most notable being the Barapole river and Dubare Elephant Camp. The unique topography of Coorg blessed by the wonderful Western Ghats makes this place a haven for water babies wishing to challenge their spirits. The activity is one of the best ways to experience the sheer force of nature as you manoeuvre through the gushing waters and engage in an activity that will get etched in your memories forever.

With rapids of various grades ranging from I to V, Barapole river will get your adrenaline rushing in this activity. Known for its ferocious turbulences and gorgeousness, Barapole River is a serene destination for undertaking this challenging sport in Coorg. Flowing through the lush green forests of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, rafting at Barapole river in Coorg is a great way to enjoy the majestic beauty of wildlife and nature. The rapids at Barapole river (also known as Kithu-Kakkatu River) are named as Big Bang, Morning Coffee, Ramba Samba, Wicked Witch, and Grasshopper. The gorgeous river is also known for offering one of the deadliest river rafting experience in Karnataka offering an experience of a lifetime. The other place to complete your adventurous streak in Coorg is at Dubare situated on the banks of river Cauvery. Although the grades here are not as challenging as the Barapole river, the place is great for beginners. Tourists do not require any special training before undertaking river rafting at Dubare unlike Barapole and can look forward to having an awesome time in the midst of panoramic surroundings. At Dubare, tourists can also relish the opportunity to see the elephant camp and enjoy an exciting wildlife tour. The rapids here are of grade I and II that pass through the beautiful forests where you can also spot various animals and birds in their natural habitat.

People can enjoy river rafting in Coorg anytime between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Coorg where the activity lasts for about 3 hours. With a plenary session to acquaint you with various safety guidelines and necessary precautions, river rafting can be enjoyed by anyone who satisfies the general criteria. All those who are between the age of 14 to 60 years and weighs below 110 kilograms and can partake in river rafting and get their blood pounding with the happiness of adventure. The safety gear and the rafting equipment are all provided by the tour operators and tourists do not need to worry about anything when they wish to enjoy river rafting in Coorg. The difficulty level of this activity ranges from easy to moderate. There is no prior knowledge of swimming required to engage in this enthralling experience in Coorg. With some reasonable fitness and a passion for adventure, all the tourists who wish can take part in river rafting in Coorg. However, children and pregnant ladies are not allowed to undertake this activity for safety reasons. The training session is undertaken by certified instructors who guide the tourists about the rafting equipment, tell you how to paddle the oars and let them know the safety and rescue directions. There is a mock practice and after that tourists are all set to gear up for the most wonderful experience of rafting through the rowdy waters.

There are adventure guides who accompany the rafters during this thundering activity. They offer the safety gear and give you the most amazing tips to make your navigation an easy task when rafting in the river. These experts are well known to the place and often the best people to rely on for taking back the most memorable experience. The best time for river rafting in Coorg is from the months of June to September. This is when the South-West monsoon bestows the heavy waters in the river and makes it an ideal place for the adventure lovers. The rains add to the beauty of the Western Ghats and make the spectacular scenery even more beautiful. A trip for Coorg river rafting is an ideal getaway for both backpackers and groups of friends and families. The pulse-racing adventure can be enjoyed at prices ranging from INR 1200 to INR 1500. People can also look for bargain deals as many homestays and hotels also organise this activity for their guests in Coorg. Coorg river rafting is an activity that offers ultimate relaxation in the middle of the most magnificent surroundings. While the adventure level here will get your heart racing to cloud 9, the awe-inspiring landscape of Coorg will leave you in search of words to express the most special feeling of river rafting in Coorg. If you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Coorg offers a surreal escape. The beautiful destination attracts a number of adventure junkies who are always looking for challenging prospects to make a meaning of their lives. Coorg River rafting is an ideal getaway to immerse yourself in the unparalleled fun on your vacation.

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    Wild Monsoon Adventure Series, Coorg
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    Starting Point: Multiple pick up locations in Bangalore city.The Wild Monsoon Adventure Series is back with its 3rd chapter. Happening once a year in the rainy days, this jaunt in the Western Ghats is back, packing quite a punch of adventure. It is the perfect experience...

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    Trekking in Nishani Motte
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    About the activity:An irresistible combination of adventure and fun will be the promise from Nishani Motte Peak in Coorg which is a trekking and photography enthusiasts' delight!The Nishani Motte peak lies amid the dense forest area of Brahmagiri and Bhagamandala, and of...

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    Coorg River Rafting Experience Flat 20% off
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    River Rafting in Coorg, through the Barapole River's roaring currents, is indeed an experience worth cherishing. The activity begins with your arrival at Barapole which is known as Kithu Kakathu River. You can participate in this activity of 90 minutes anytime between 08...

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    Long Weekend Special Trip to Coorg
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    South Coorg
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    About the Activity:Coorg in South Karnataka is considered to be the natural vista refreshing the minds of many with an amazing collection of greenery and related sights of the mighty Western Ghats.The replenishing nature, tricky terrains, thickly wooded slopes and the mi...

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    About the destination: The land of the Kodava warriors, Coorg is a true window into what the natural blessings of the Western Ghats have to offer! The undulating terrains, thickly wooded slopes and misty valleys have enticed travellers from all walks of life for many yea...

    Excellent 5.0
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Traveller Tales from Coorg


Agnimitra Banerjee

24 October 2015

Trekking and water adventure...what else can be so tempting especially for adventurists like me. This things give me my Kick. Wonderful place and everything is just up-to-the-mark. I'm certainly explor

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  • Dsc_0007_4.jpg+89

Saket Mehta

17 August 2017

First of all I would like to thank Coorg local team for wonderful arrangements and management. Special thanks to Mr Pavan and Mr Arun Anna. Votecad Nature camp : If you want to feel the nature really...

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Pratibha Biswas

27 September 2019

It was one of the best experiences I have had. Two of us went for it and it was amazing. Adventurous and at the same time peaceful. Also, we had great instructors who were fun to be around and who made...

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Ekdant Agarwal

31 December 2015

loved the was so rejuvenating and peaceful at the same time... the rafting was scary but we were well protected with the life jackets... would love to do rafting and water related activities ...


Gati Singh

28 December 2015

Rafting was the best part of this trekking...If you an adrenaline junkie than you will surely love this thrilling experience... It was exciting and fun filled... Loved it to the core..Trekking was awes

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jeevan yelety

06 September 2014

An amazing experience .. The tour was well organised .. This was my first trek and it was a memorable experience. Would strongly recommend this trip....

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  • Img_0885.jpg

Meet Pathak

21 August 2017

"Awesome place, host n food in the midst of nature. \nThe hosts were cool n amazing. They helped in every bit we asked. But, yes, it can be overcrowded on long weekends. \nPS: It would be better if you...

  • 1503335777_20170813_08165-1.jpg
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Geetha Geetha

29 July 2019

"It was a great trekking experience and my fellow trekkers were very friendly. We have become one trekking family at the end of this trip. Whatever best possible could be offered in the weather was giv

  • 1564398961_img-20190729-wa0001.jpg
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Adarsh Rajput

12 September 2014

The trip was awesome, once in a lifetime experience for me.

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What You Should Know More About Rafting in Coorg

  • Q. Where is Coorg? How far is Coorg from Bangalore and how can I reach?

    Coorg also known as Kodagu is an administrative district in Karnataka, India. It is one of the most affluent hill stations in Karnataka famous for its forest covered hills, spice and coffee plantations.


    Coorg is about 250 kilometers away from Bangalore and you can easily reach here in 5-6 hours. The best way of transportation to Coorg from Bangalore is via your personal car or availing a public bus which is available every 30-60 minutes.

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Coorg for rafting?

    Rafting in Coorg is a standout amongst the most famous exercises. As a result of its rough territory, and rich precipitation, the rivers in Coorg have testing grades, going from I to V.


    The best time for whitewater rafting is 15th July to 30th September when monsoons are at its peak and the river water is in full and quick flow.


    For StillWater Rafting you can visit Coorgbefore the start of the rains or after the monsoon season in Coorg when the waters are calm and placid.

  • Q. What should I carry while visiting Coorg for rafting?

    The most important things to carry while rafting in Coorg are:

    • Pair of dry clothes
    • Cap
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Camera (optional)


    You are advised to avoid loose or bulky clothes and should not carry items like jewelry or watches while rafting.

  • Q. What types of rapids will be there in Coorg?

    The rapids in Coorg are generally of class 2-4 depending upon the water levels. The rafting trail in Coorg runs through five major rapids and they are named (as you enter) The Morning Coffee (level-2), Grasshopper (level-3), Ramba Samba (level-2), The Wicked Witch (level-3) and finally The Big Bang (level-4).


     There are about 4 to 5 rapids in the regular upper section & about 6 to 7 rapids in the lower section, these rapids depending on water levels are between grade 2 to 3 or 4.

  • Q. Which rivers are famous for rafting in Coorg?

    The Upper Barapole or the Kithu Kakkattu River is one of the famous stretches where river rafting in Coorg is conducted.


    The River Barapole is notorious for its fierceness and turbulence and it has passed on the same to the Upper Barapole extend, which is a prevalent goal for Coorg white water rafting experience.


    Another place for rafting in Coorg is River Cauvery in Dubare. The water is pretty much calm here and there are lesser rapids in this piece of the waterway when contrasted with those in the Barapole River.

  • Q. What is the cost of rafting in Coorg?

    Coorg in Karnataka is a standout amongst the most looked water spots in India for river rafting. This activity in Coorg is extremely energizing and captivating as it has various dangerous and threatening rapids. The cost of rafting in Coorg is about INR 1000-1200 per person.

  • Q. What should be worn for rafting in Coorg?

    The outing is for river rafting an energizing excursion. Before you start the trip, you will be asked to change into wetsuits or any other attire that is fitting for the activity you are about to undertake.


     Men are usually advised to wear shirts and shorts while ladies are requested not to wear saris and salwar kameez.

  • Q. Will we have guide for rafting?

    Yes, you will be accompanied by a guide while rafting. There are professional guides to give you safety tips and acquaint you with the signals to be used while rafting as well as make you practice basic strokes.


     You are also given a safety briefing where you are usually shown a video before the rafting activity and then only you can go on with the adventure.

  • Q. How many people will be there on the raft at a time?

    There will be usually 6 - 8 people on the raft including a guide.

  • Q. Will there be life jackets provided to me for rafting?

    Yes, life jackets are one of the essentials without which you will not be allowed to go rafting on the river.


     It is included in the safety gear and the guides acquaint you on how to handle any emergency when you are out in the river. These are easily floatable jackets that are provided for your safety while rafting.

  • Q. Can one with spectacles do river rafting?

    You will be maneuvering along narrow passages and the tip may be bumpy as you come across menacing rapids cutting through the white gushing river while rafting. But you can do rafting even if you wear spectacles as there is no specification for eyesight to do rafting.


    However we advise you to use contact lenses or arrange for spare pair of spectacles since there is always a chance for spectacles to be knocked off while rafting.

  • Q. I do not know swimming, can I go for river rafting?

    Yes, you can certainly go for rafting even if you have no idea how to swim in the water. In Coorg, you are accompanied by a professional guide who familiarizes you with all the safety instructions before you go on the trip.


    The rafting trails near Coorg are comparatively easier and quite an exciting experience for amateurs.

  • Q. Is it fine, if I carry my camera during the rafting activity?

    Yes, you can carry a camera during the rafting trip but we suggest you to invest in a waterproof camera if you are thinking of bringing one on this trip.


    However we advise you to hold it carefully while you are riding through the rapids down the river and keep it protected in a water proof case as it may get knocked down due to the challenging nature of this activity.

  • Q. Can we have alcohol/smoke during before rafting?

    No, alcohol is strictly prohibited when you are going for a rafting activity. For your safety, we strongly advise you not to do that as you may endanger the lives of everyone around you including yourself.


     Most tour operators ask the tourists to sign an indemnity bond which makes you privy to the declaration of not being under the influence of alcohol before the trip.

  • Q. Is there any age restriction for the river rafting in Coorg or it can be enjoyed by anyone?

    Yes, there are age restrictions for river rafting in Coorg. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to partake in this activity. However those who are older can engage in river rafting considering you do not have any medical conditions and weigh under 110 kg.


     It is a safe activity, as long as you follow the safety instructions properly and are assisted by a professional guide.

  • Q. What kind of stay options will there be in Coorg?

    Coorg has a plethora of stay options for tourists visiting this amazing place. From homestays to luxurious resorts, Coorg is known to cater to a range of travellers looking for unique and exquisite experiences while staying in Coorg.


     There are also many estate stays situated amidst beautiful coffee plantations where you can stay while you are on your vacation.

  • Q. Can we do camping in Coorg?

    Camping in Coorg is an extraordinary experience which you should look forward to if you are in search of an adventure to lift up your spirits. Coorg has a number of excellent locations where you can revel in the mesmerizing topography of the city with hilltops, coffee plantations, thick forests and gushing rivers.


    The best places in Coorg for camping are Gonikoppal, Nangala Village, Virajpet, Kushalnagar, Madikeri, Bettigeri Post etc.

  • Q. What other activities can I do in Coorg besides rafting?

    Coorg, popularly called the Scotland of India is known to win the hearts of tourists with so many activities which are both adventure and fun.


    Besides river rafting, Coorg doesn’t let you have any spare time as it has so much in its offering for travelers.

    Some of these different activities to do in Coorg are:

    • Trekking to the beautiful hilltops
    • Zip lining, archery, air rifle shooting
    • Waterfall rappelling
    • Microlight flying
    • Rock Climbing at Honnamana Kere
    • Mountain Biking in Chelavara
    • Quad Biking in Chelavara
    • Plantation Walk
    • Sunset Jeep Drive at Mandalpatti

  • Q. Which places are a must visit in Coorg?

    In Coorg, you will find plenty of tourist attractions which offer a delightful experience for all tourists.


    The most amazing places which make Coorg like no other regular hill station in India are:

    • Abbey Falls
    • Brahmagiri Peak
    • Dubare Elephant Camp
    • Iruppu Falls
    • Nagarhole National Park
    • Golden Temple, Bylakuppe
    • Raja’s Seat
    • Talacauvery & Bhagamandala
    • Pushpagiri Trek
    • Chelavara Falls
    • Omkareshwara Temple
    • Madikeri Fort
    • Cauvery Nisargadhama