River Rafting in Coorg

Coorg Rafting Packages

Duration Price
Barapole River Rafting in Coorg1 hour
INR 1,049

White Water Rafting in Coorg

Browse through a wide range of Coorg rafting packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book the best rafting in Coorg packages with the best of inclusions designed to pamper you on your Coorg vacation.

The adrenaline-pumping experience of river rafting in Coorg not only offers you the chance to zoom through the sparkling river waters at high speeds but also to escape the maddening and mundane city life and detox in the countryside wilderness. With the deep valleys, breathtaking gorges, thick green forests, aromatic coffee plantations, and mystical mountains offering a postcard-perfect backdrop and the splashing river waters hitting your face, you can enjoy a totally fun-filled and super thrilling river rafting experience in Coorg.

White water rafting in Coorg is offered by two renowned sites - the Dubare River Rafting Base and the Barapole River Rafting Base. The Dubare River Rafting Base lets you enjoy rafting in the calm waters of the Cauvery River, which is very much recommended for novice rafters. The Barapole River Rafting Base lets you raft in the untamed waters of the Barapole River, which is considered suitable for seasoned rafters.

There are a number of places in Coorg that offer river rafting opportunities in the Cauvery and Barapole rivers. Furthermore, Coorg rafting packages start at low prices, so that you can enjoy your favorite water sport without making a hole in your pocket.
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Coorg Rafting FAQs

Where can I go for river rafting in Coorg?

1. Dubare River Rafting Base: Lying at the Elephant Camp, on the banks of the Cauvery river, Dubare River Rafting Base lets you enjoy a fun rafting experience in the calm and  placid waters of the Cauvery. The Dubare River Rafting Base of River Cauvery features grade I and grade II rapids, which is suitable for beginners and ammature rafters.

This place offers two rafting lengths, one of 8.5 kilometers and the other of 12 kilometers. Rafting at the Dubare River Rafting Base is totally easy and does not require any special drill or training. While rafting at this place, you can soak in the mesmerizing panoramic views of lush forests and towering hills. You can also spot a variety of wildlife species, including elephants and colorful birds.

INR 1000 per head
Timings: 6 AM to 4 PM

2. Barapole River Rafting Base: 
As its name suggests, the Barapole River Rafting Base lets you enjoy a super thrilling river rafting experience in the mighty Barapole River. Having grade V rapids, this place offers one of the most challenging river rafting experiences in the entire state of Karnataka. Also known as the Kathu-Kakkatu River, this river offers a rafting length of  3 to 4 kilometers.

Rafting on the wild waters of the Barapole river requires good skills and prior experience and is recommended only for seasoned rafters. You will need a good mock practice before entering the Barapole waters to enjoy rafting. You will need to be informed about the rafting gears, paddling techniques, and safety measures in order to make the most out of your rafting trip on the Barapole river. Experienced rafters can handle challenging rapids like Big Bang, Grasshopper, Ramba Samba, Morning Coffee, and Wicked Witch in the Barapole river.

Price: INR 1200 per head
Timings: 9 AM to 3 PM

What is the best time to visit Coorg for rafting?

The most ideal time for river rafting in Coorg is during the monsoons, between the months of July and September. During this period of the year, there is much scope for enjoying white water rafting. One can also choose to visit Coorg for rafting after the monsoons or during the winters or summers. These are good times of the year for experiencing still water rafting.

What should I carry while visiting Coorg for rafting?

Lightweight waterproof and windproof jacket
Synthetic clothing
Casual t-shirts and trousers
A pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes
A pair of Synthetic/woolen socks

A towel
A pair of sunglasses
A sunhat
Toiletry kit
First-aid box

What types of rapids will be there in Coorg?

There are two primary places for river rafting in Coorg - Barapole River Rafting Base and Dubare River Rafting Base. The Barapole River Rafting Base has rapids of grade V, which is very much suitable for seasoned rafters seeking thrill and challenge. On the other hand, the Dubare River Rafting Base has rapids of grade I and II, which are appropriate for beginners and novice rafters.

What is the cost of rafting in Coorg?

The cost of Coorg rafting packages generally starts from INR 1000 per head and can go up to INR 2,000 per head. However, the cost may vary on the basis of the rafting course you choose and the season of the year it is.

What type of clothes should we wear during rafting?

A pair of synthetic shorts
A synthetic tee/ short sleeve top
A floatation jacket
A helmet
A pair of comfortable shoes
A pair of goggles

Is December a good time for river rafting in Coorg?

Yes, the winter month of December is a decent time for enjoying river rafting in Coorg. During this time of the year, one can primarily enjoy still water rafting wherein the flow of water remains still without any disruptions.

Is there any age restriction for river rafting in Coorg?

Yes, there are age restrictions for river rafting in Coorg. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to partake in this activity. However, those who are older can engage in river rafting considering you do not have any medical conditions and weigh under 110 kg. It is a safe activity, as long as you follow the safety instructions properly and are assisted by a professional guide.

Coorg Rafting Reviews

Shino John
Reviewed: 30 Aug 2023
The experience was good. The right time to do this activity is the month of August. Just after heavy rain and lot of water in the river. Because if there is heavy rain then they may reschedule or cancel. But this year 2023 there as very little rain all over south India. So due to this the river wate... Read More
Shino John
Karthikeyan M
Reviewed: 20 Sep 2022
Very excited and happy.
Pavan Kumar
Reviewed: 23 Aug 2022
Overall excellent experience. Wait time was bit longer but i think it is expected with number of customers.
Pratibha Biswas
Reviewed: 27 Sep 2019
It was one of the best experiences I have had. Two of us went for it and it was amazing. Adventurous and at the same time peaceful. Also, we had great instructors who were fun to be around and who made sure that we had the maximum amount of fun. The experience is a must for anyone who goes to Coorg!... Read More
Pratibha Biswas
Pratibha Biswas
Pratibha Biswas
Pratibha Biswas
Pratibha Biswas
Roopa Roopa
Reviewed: 10 Jul 2019
"We had a wonderful one hour experience. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our time in the water. The guides and really helpful and patient. Would suggest everyone to try atleast once in their life "
Roopa Roopa
Roopa Roopa
Tara Trivedi
Reviewed: 13 Mar 2020
The moment the raft entered into Wicked Witch and Big Bang the adrenaline rush in our body was at its highest and we had so much fun during the entire time. It was the best thrilling experience we had till date and we are definitely doing this again with all our friends and looking forward not to be... Read More

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