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About Raja's Seat

Raja’s Seat or the Seat of the Kings is a popular tourist destination of Madikeri. It is named so as in the past, the place has been visited by the kings of Coorg. Raja’s seat offers a panoramic view of the surrounding region consisting of green valleys, towering hills and paddy fields. The atmosphere of the place is quite refreshing and it is one of the best Coorg attractions.

The actual Raja’s seat is a statue resembling a brick mortar and pestle structure surrounded by four equidistantly placed pillars. All four pillars are bridged with the aid of arches. In ancient days, this spot was an important point for tourists to capture some delightful sunset moments. 

Encircling the Raja’s seat is a splendid garden consisting of a musical fountain and seasonal flowers. When the flowers are in their wholly bloomed phase, the garden offers a beautiful sight. As long as the rhythmic music keeps playing in the background, the fountain here dances to its tune and gushes out colourful water. Raja’s Seat overlooks a mind-boggling valley with numerous mist-laden mountain ranges. 

It is good to plan your visit to the Raja’s seat either early morning or during the sunset hours.
 Capturing golden moments of the sun rising from the background of mist-laden valleys have always been adored by photographers visiting here. Similar scenery is created during the evening when the sun is about to sign off with its golden smile. 

Toy train safari here will surely keep you and your little ones engaged. To witness the magic of this toy train ride, you need to head in the direction of the entrance of Raja’s Seat. It will drive you around the garden that surrounds the Raja’s Seat. Throughout your garden ride, you can simply capture some beautiful pictures of the seasonal blooms or take a panoramic view of the valley that stretches apart

How to Reach Raja's Seat

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By Road: 
Raja’s Seat is situated within Madikeri which is well-connected by road network. You can catch a direct bus from either Karnataka or Kerala to reach Madikeri. Also, there are buses connecting Madikeri with Bangalore, Virajpet, and Mysore. Hired cabs is the second best alternative if roadways is your preferred travel route. Once you reach Madikeri’s KSRTC bus stand, Raja’s Seat is at a 5 minutes walkable distance. 

By Rail:
 In case you are planning to reach Raja’s Seat by railways, this might be a bit disappointing to you as there’s no railway station here. Hassan, Kannur, and Kasaragod are the nearby railway stations here. From Madikeri, Mysore and Mangalore stations are situated at a distance of around 140 km. 

By Bus: Madikeri is well-connected to other cities by bus routes. Shivamogga Bus Terminal is the nearest bus terminal here. From there, you need to board a local bus and get down at Raja’s Seat Bus Stand in Madikeri. Before you begin your trip, make sure that you check the bus route and timetable to get a fair idea of the bus schedule and frequency. It is important to note that the rate of the bus is quite low here. 

Best Time to Visit Raja's Seat

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It is always best to visit Raja’s Seat early in the morning. You get to see a golden moment of the sun rising from the back of mist-laden lush green mountain ranges. If you are not into getting up early in the morning, try to reach Raja’s Seat during evening hours. Golden sparkling rays of the setting sun is no less than a wonderful sightseeing activity. 

What Not to Miss at Raja's Seat

Things to Do at Raja's Seat:

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Here is a quick glimpse of how you can enjoy at the Raja’s Seat – 

1. Strolling through the Gandhi Mantap – 
Gandhi Mantap is the garden that surrounds the Raja’s Seat. There are many seasonal flowers and a musical fountain to adore here. Simply strolling throughout the garden gives you a sort of relaxation and drives you away from all your stress. Locals prefer to visit the Raja’s Seat on weekends to find a relaxing retreat. 

2. Capture the spectacular views of sunrise and sunsets –
 Visiting Raja’s Seat either early in the morning or during evenings gives you a fair chance to capture some beautiful golden moments of the sun. Watch how the sun emerges from the background of the lush green valley that stretches across and spreads its golden smile. 

3. Enjoying the toy train ride – 
There’s a toy train out there for a moment of complete family entertainment. Be a part of this toy train ride and go visit every nook and corner of the Gandhi Mantap. 

4. Witness the magical fountain – 
The fountain here at the Gandhi Mantap dances to the musical tune. You can see colorful water gushing out from the central core of this magical fountain. 

5. Photographer’s paradise – 
This place has a lot of things to do for the photographers as you definitely have some astounding scenes to capture. You can go on clicking sunrise and sunset pictures or click some random photos of Raja’s Seat itself. Capturing the seasonal blooms here will surely make a good nature’s portfolio for you to retain for a life-long entertainment. 

6. Spot on the seasonal blooming flowers – 
There are myriads of flowers that bloom here at the Raja’s Seat. Researchers and nature enthusiasts can put in all their knowledge to identify the floral species here. 

7. Enjoy your weekends at Raja’s Seat – 
If you schedule your visit here during weekends, you will find many locals reaching here to enjoy their weekly off. People reach here either with their families or groups or relatives to find relief from their professional stress. You can bring your children here on their holidays and let them enjoy at their fullest. 

Places to Visit near Raja's Seat:

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You can easily wind up your tour of Raja’s Seat within 3 to 4 hours. Once you step out from the Raja’s Seat, there are many more places to explore – 

1. Omkareshwara temple – Those who are spiritual at their core can make their way to the Omkareshwara temple. The architecture of the temple itself is a pious one to enlighten your soul. You can witness a blend of both Islamic and Gothic cultures here. Omkareshwara shrine is wholly dedicated to Lord Shiva, and so you can expect Monday’s to be crowdy here. There are no entry fees here; however, keep track of the entry timings. 

2. Abbey Falls –  The torrent of gushing water from a massive height will leave you spell-bound. It is a famous holiday destination of Madikeri and has been adored by tourists visiting here. Monsoon months from July to October is the peak season when you can expect this place to be crowdy. There’s an entry fee of 15 INR per head to make your way to the central falls. 

3. Talacauvery and Bhagamandala – This place is labelled to be the origin of Cauvery. The path that leads to the central spot is surrounded by a lush green beauty. Let the mild breeze blowing throughout refresh you all along your way. Talacauvery and Bhagamandala serve a dual purpose – pilgrim centre and tourist spot. There’s absolutely no entry fees to enter either of these two places. 

4. Cauvery Nisargadhama – Explore the wildlife at Cauvery Nisargadhama. There are elephants, deers and orchidarium flocking together here at the Cauvery Nisargadhama for tourist entertainment. Besides the wildlife, Cauvery Nisargadhama homes to a wide array of foliage, brownish teak, thick bamboo groves, and rosewood. For an adult entry, you need to pay a sum of around 10 INR per head while for child entry, you need to pay an amount of 5 INR. 

5. Golden temple – There’s a golden temple at Bylakuppe reflecting a rich Buddhist cultural heritage, thereby attracting Tibetans for enlightenment and education. Tibetan New Year or Losar is celebrated to its fullest here. Golden Temple authorities won't charge you anything to step in. If you want to be a part of their highly spiritual prayer, it is better to be present there sharp at 01:00 pm. 

6. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary – This wildlife sanctuary ranks amongst the 21 well-known sanctuaries in Karnataka. You will find some rare and endangered faunal species here. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is covered by beautiful terrains and waterfalls. You will be charged 10 INR per head to explore this UNESCO site. 

7. Dubare Reserve Forest and Elephant Camp – Be ready to meet your one and only one favourite giant friend from the world of animals at Dubare Reserve Forest and Elephant Camp. There are elephants all around this camp. You can feed or play with them and capture some memorable moments. They won’t harm you. Indians have an entry fee of around 800 INR per head while foreigners need to pay a sum of 1437 INR per head. 

8. Iruppu Waterfalls – Famous as Lakshamana Teertha Falls, Iruppu Waterfalls are known to wipe out all your wrongdoings. People praise this place to be highly spiritual to attain purity and salvation. Right from the top of a vast mountain range, you can see the water falling with a resemblance of a cascade. As Rameshwara temple lies nearby, thousands of Shiv devotees reach here to offer prayers for their beloved ones. 

9. Madikeri Fort – This reflects as a historical monument of Madikeri surrounded by high standing walls. You can witness the presence of a church, a museum, and a prison located within. What makes it a mysterious fort is that there are hidden passageways which are yet to be explored entirely. Entry to the Madikeri Fort is altogether free of cost. 

10. Brahmagiri Hill Trek – If you want to add some adventure to your Raja’s Seat visit, do not forget to include Brahmagiri Hill in your itinerary. This place is known for its age-old hill trekking adventure. People prefer to reach here between December to February for a perfect hill trekking adventure. You need to pay a sum of 275 to 280 INR per head to enjoy trekking here at the Brahmagiri Hill Trek. 

11. Chingara Water Falls – Madikeri’s most enchanting tourist places are the Chingara Water Falls. This region is surrounded by tropical forests and coffee plantations. You can go either for a simple stroll through the coffee plantations or along the edges of waterfalls.  Indulge yourself in rock climbing or adventurous trekking activities until you reach Honey Valley Estate. 

12. St. Michael Church – 
Yet another religious place to find a spot in your Raja’s Seat itinerary! Seek serenity and relax your mind with the calmness of this bell-shaped church. If you have some time to spare more, go for meditation, and speak with your inner soul. You can walk in anytime between 08:00 am to 08:00 pm and there are no entry fees. If you want to be a part of their masses, check about their mass timings at the inquiry counter and participate in the one which you are comfortable with. 

13. Mercara Down Golf Club – 
Situated at the height of around 3600 feet from the level of the sea, Mercara Down Golf Club has 18 golf holes and about 5584 yards. You can witness a lot of golf enthusiasts investing their time in polishing their skills and spectators watching them all around. Your one day visit to this golf club shall charge you around 500 to 2000 INR per head. 

14. Coffee Plantations – Last but not least, Madikeri homes to some beautiful coffee plantations to stroll along. Karnataka’s topography and atmosphere offer a perfect blend of the environment to cultivate coffee. Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties are well-known cultivars of this region. There are no entry fees applicable here. 

Other Essential Information About Raja's Seat

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Weekdays- 06:00 am to 08:00 pm 
                                   Weekends- 06:00 am to 07:30 pm. 

- Entry Fee:
 To enter the park that surrounds the Raja’s Seat, you need to pay a minimum fee of 5 rupees. 

 - Location: 
Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201 

Toy Train Ride Experience at Raja's Seat:

Also known as the Pattani Rail, toy train at the Raja’s Seat runs about a kilometre long. Irrespective of age, tourists visiting here enjoy a lot with their children at this toy train ride. This toy train will take you through the entire garden. To ride this train, you first need to make your way to the entrance as it is the starting point of a toy train ride. 

You will be charged something between 30 to 40 INR per head. Check for the child ticket cost as it might vary considerably. Toy train ride gives you a better opportunity to explore the seasonal blooms and musical fountain. For all those visiting first time here at the Raja’s Seat, a toy train ride is a must-to-try.

Tips for Visiting Raja's Seat:

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-To get the best view of the Raja’s Seat, start your journey early in the morning or during sunsets.  

-The place is open for all 365 days of the year. However, it is better to schedule your itinerary during the season when the flower blooms to their fullest. You can plan it anywhere between October to March. 

-The musical fountain here merely is astounding and worthy of your effort to reach here. 

-You can bring in your DSLR’s here and capture some breath-taking views of the surrounding scenery. 

History of Raja's Seat:

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Raja’s Seat resembles a piece of art consisting of four mighty pillars interconnected by arch. This place holds a historical significance as once it was a common relaxation point for the Kodagu kings and queens who ruled from 1600 to 1834 CE. Since this place overlooks the western region, kings and queens of that era used to visit here to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets. Strolling through the lush green blanket of grasses and enjoying a fresh misty air was a favorite pastime activity of the royals of that era. 

Places to Eat near Raja’s Seat:

The moment you feel hungry, you can stroll around the nearby locality to find some mouth-watering delicacies. Taste of Coorg, Udipi The Veg, East End Hotel, Rain Tree, Coorg Cuisine, Green Land Restaurant, Abeo’s Kitchen, and Zaffron By Le Coorg are some restaurants to try. You will get a wide array of local and international flavors here. 

Places to Stay near Raja's Seat:

1. Hotel Mayura Valley View – Hotel Mayura Valley View features a 24/7 front desk facility, restaurant, a bar, terrace, rooms with pool views, and a children’s playground. Every day, you can enjoy a continental breakfast here. Amongst other facilities, you have free parking, free Wi-Fi services, and family rooms. 
Price – 2500 INR 

2. Hotel Caveri Inn – 
Hotel Caveri Inn features a garden, a 24/7 front desk service, rooms with private bathroom, guest room, and other room amenities. You get a 24 hours free parking and room servicing at Hotel Caveri Inn. 
Price – 1000 INR

3. Misty Heaven – 
This stay place is almost equidistant from Madikeri Fort and Raja’s Seat. This is more or less a homestay situated amidst the beauty of Mother Nature. The staff here offers excellent hospitality service. You have free parking, Wi-Fi, and family room services here. You have a good opportunity to explore the local cuisines, culture and lifestyle. 
Price – 2500 INR

Besides the ones mentioned above, you can approach North Breeze, Santee Grace Madikeri, and Honey Palace Homestay for your stay.
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