Burude Falls Overview

Taking a plunge down over a height of 90 ft., Burude falls are hidden in the green thickets on Siddapur-Kumta road in Sirsi district of Karnataka. 

Once reached the bottom of the waterfall, you will find a marvellous sight of milky white water pounding the rocks and making it impossible for you to fall in love with the view. Burude falls is also known as Illimane Fall that follows a course of five concrete steep steps.

This spectacular waterfall is one of the places to visit in Coorg which you can not afford to miss. During the monsoon, one has to pass through a small gurgling stream through the forest and

approximately 90 feet.

SH-489, Siddapura - Kumta Road, Sirsi 581355, India

Best Time to visit:
October to February, however, Monsoon is the time when the volume of water increases but the trail will be covered with swarms of leeches.

Entry fee:

Average time required to visit the place:
1 to 1.5 Hours (Gradually through easy and moderate trekking route)

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand:
Approximately 20 KM

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The western ghats of India encapsulate an exotic destination perfect for your next getaway plan, it's the Burude falls. Enveloped in the dense flora and fauna, the fall is located near the Kyadgi region, 55 KMS from Sirsi and about 21 KMS from Siddapur. This 90-feet long rocky waterfall sparks into a dazzling scenic beauty during the winter season in which hundreds of people from different parts of the country visit the place.

Amidst this memorizing waterfall, there are tons of activities including trekking in and around the fall that requires more than a few hours to explore.  Additionally, there are tents arranged near the fall making it a perfect spot for picnics. Apart from tents, there are hotels and homestays available in the village with excellent hospitality and amenities. Enjoying a calm walk around the waterfall or sneaking out into the wilderness with friends, the fall is a wholesome opportunity for everyone who visits. Burude falls is best enjoyed during the months between November and February in other words between winter and before summer.

This breathtaking fall is an adventure to find. It requires visitors to trek across the streams of Unchalli waterfalls for up to 5kms to reach the fall. There are also numerous picturesque places near the fall including the Honnemaradu and Unchalli for visitors to explore and discover. All in all a little over the edge but an ideal place to enjoy some memorable moments with friends and family, the Burude Falls is fun, thrilling and an adventurous place that should be on the list for your next winter trip.


Timings: Burude Waterfalls is open 24 hours a day all day, year-round. But the best time to visit the place during the day is between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Entry Fee: No entry fee is charged.

Location: Burude Falls, Kyadagi, Karnataka, 581355

90 Ft.

Best Time To Visit: The fall sparkles as the milk water falls though the mystic mists during the winter season. The best time to visit this beautiful freak of nature is between November and December. In other words, during the cold winter seasons and at the beginning of the warm summer season. Additionally, it is advisable to enjoy the fall from a distance during the monsoon season.

How To Reach Burude Falls

By Road: 20 km from Siddapur toward Kumta by road. Stop at Ilimane pass 1Km after Kayadagi. Then after, a trek of approximately 5 KMS to Burude Falls.

By Rail: Mysore which is 90 km from Siddapur is the nearest railway terminal. Trains from across India connect at Mysore so getting here won't be a problem. From Mysore station, travelers can book a cab to Siddapur town where the Buryde waterfall is located. Talaguppa railway station is another option which is just 15KM from Siddapur. There are few but constant trains running from Mumbai, Bangalore and other popular places in India to Talaguppa.

By Bus: There are a number of bus services from known places in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Mysore to Siddapur town. The journey can be very long, tiring and can take up to 2 days. Once travelers have reached Siddapur they can then take local transport to the falls.

Tips For Visiting Burude Falls

- It is not advisable to visit the place in the monsoon season. 

- Carry enough warm clothes during your visit in the winter season. 

- Appropriate trekking gear and clothes are also advised. 

- Be aware of animals and especially insects like leeches. 

- When at BurudeFalls do not enter the water. The fall is at an extraordinary height and the water in the falls can be very testing. 

- Wear strong, sturdy shoes. 

- Apply lotions and body creams accordingly. There are also body solutions to protect you from insects, be sure to apply those as well. 

- The trek is long so make sure there is enough food, water, and energy drinks with you throughout the journey. 

- Trek with family and friends rather than alone. 

Things To Do at Burude Falls

Trekking: Neither too long nor too short trekking here is perfect for a group of friends or families. Trekking through the dense tropics around a variety of farms and local homes, gazing at the beautiful creatures and plants and finally walking down 100 concrete steps take you to the majestic Burude Falls. It is a five-step waterfall i.e waterfall at 5 different steps before it hits the ground making the trek, not just a peaceful walk down the tropics but also an absolute joy to the eyes.  

Picnic and Stay: There are a lot of accommodation options available around the area. Apart from the ideal rooms, tents are also available close to the Burude falls. Nature lovers and travelers who love the wild will find a stay here an absolute bliss. Additionally, there is an abundance of undiscovered tropics at Burude Falls . So, individuals who love to travel and discover new facets of nature and the environment should surely find their way here to devour new adventures. 

Picture Perfect: The ghosty grey mist enwrapped in dense forests. The sweet sound of birds chirping. And, in the heart of it all, the Burude waterfalls is the perfect spot for nature photographers and videographers to capture some candids with the wild.

Sightseeing: Apart from a fun place to stay and rejoice it also provides an excellent destination for tourists to enjoy sightseeing. Unchalli falls, Honnemaradu falls and Jog falls adds to the beauty of the place. A lot to explore and much to discover, Burude falls is an excellent place for sightseeing. 

Delicious Delicacies: There are ample hotels and restaurants around the tourist spots in Burude falls. These restaurants and eateries provide a distinguished taste of the regional flavors of the state. From snacks to desserts, delicious and appetizing, the food here is a must-try. 

Other Places to Visit near Burude Falls

Jog Falls: Siddapur is decorated with waterfalls and right next to the mesmerizing Burude falls are Jog Falls. Also called Joga Jalapatha, Jogada Gundi and Gerusoppe, the waterfall is accounted as the second-highest plunge waterfall in all of India. With just one drop Jog fall is about 253 meters from the ground. The place is popular among tourists and nature enthusiasts. 

Honnemaradu: Found on the backwaters of River Sharavathi river, Honnemaradu is one of the prominent tourist attractions in the Southern region of India. The small village is popular for water sports like river rafting, and it's golden sand. With few localities and amusement at every end, Honnemaradu is an estranged but instant interest for travelers who look to find thrills in water. Plus, there are also temples and reservoirs for sightseers to please their eyes. 

Unchalli Falls: Neighbouring the Burude falls, the Unchalli Falls also known as Lushington falls are trek ready. An interesting fact about the fall; it is built by the Aghanashini river that drops here from an amusing 116 meters. Considered as the perfect spectacle, tourists are required to trek for at least 5kms to reach this gleaming waterfall but the journey is absolutely worth it. 

Thyvare Koppa Lion & Tiger Reserve: Found in the Shettihalli Sanctuary, the Thyvare reserve is a must-visit. The reserve protects and provides shelter for an amazing species of animals who once ruled the forests but are now endangered. Moreover, there are a number of other spectacular wildlife creatures like deer, birds, and bears alongside lions and tigers in the sanctuary for visitors to witness.

Tunga Anicut Dam: Captured by huge areca nut trees and dense forests, the Tunga Anicut Dam is celebrated as an ideal picnic spot among travelers. The dam is 12 km from Shimoga forest and provides opportunity for a number of water activities. 

Other Important Information

1. Places to Stay

- Pragati Home Stay: Found in Nagarakodi, the humble sound of the river flowing right from behind the stay, the Pragati Home Stay delivers an excellent hospitality, spacious accommodation, and a clean environment to stay. Local food options and a number of indoor and outdoor games are also available in the place. 

- Vihar Homestay:
Away from the hustles of city life, the Vihar homestay provides a calm and comforting atmosphere. The top amenities of the place include free parking, complimentary breakfast and a cool breeze drifting through around the rooms. 

- Ibbani Homestay: Lovely hostility, clean, free wifi and a comfortable stay, the Ibbani Homestay is a top preference among tourists. Additionally, there is ample space in and around the homestay for fun outdoor games or just an evening walk down the terrain.

- Camps: Trekkers can also set up camps near Burude falls at Sharavathi backwaters. The place here is clean and safe to set up tents and spend a couple of hours or days. 

2. Places to eat

- Kumar Ram Restaurant: Open round the clock, the restaurant presents option of both local and international cuisines including Indian, Chinese, European and more. Kumar Ram is found close to the Jog falls that’s a few kilometers from Burude Falls.

- Devate Mane Khanavali: Want to taste the authentic flavor of Karnataka? The Devate Mane Khanavali is the perfect place to put your taste buds to rest. It is a small eatery near Burude Falls. Clean and appetizing South Indian food is this restaurant's specialization.  

3. Transportation

The closer you get to Burude fall your transportation options decrease. The fall is about 8 km from Siddapur (bus, taxi, and local transportations are available till Siddapur after which travelers rely on their feet). Around 5 km before the fall all bikes and small cars need to stop as the road ahead are challenging, rough and dangerous. Again, a trek from here is always recommended. 

4. Medical Facilities

The nearest hospital from Burude Falls is a government Hospital nearly 10 hours from the place. However, there are a number of clinics open, general timings being from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Travelers are always advised to carry basic first aid medication along with them at all times. 

5. Network Connectivity

The cellular network connectivity here is poor. Completely isolated, travelers can find it tough to get more than 2 bars there. But there is always wifi service available in premium hotels and homestays near the Burude falls.

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