10 Treks Near Pune in Winter: 2020 (Starting from ₹800 Only/-)

Treks Near Pune in Winter

Trekking Expedition to Rajmachi Fort from Lonavala, Lohagad Fort Night Trek, Lonavala, Visapur Fort Trek, Easy Trek to Korigad Fort, Tung Fort Trek, and more.

The lush green ranges scattered across Maharashtra offer a number of ideal destinations for
trekking near Pune in winter. With its steady slopes and trails of varying difficulty, trekking here can be enjoyed by both beginners as well as experts. During the winter season, the trails transmute into a wild winter wonderland. With its clear blue skies, pleasant, cool weather and growth of winter wildflowers, the winter season is the ideal time to embark on these treks

There are a number of
winter treks near Pune. From the fairly easy trails of Rajmachi and Sinhagad to the more challenging ones at Kalavantin and Vasota, the trekking trails here cater to everyone’s tastes and interests. The trails are generally dotted with a number of interesting cave and temple ruins. Most of the trekking trails near Pune lead to magnificent Forts, such as the Lohagad or the Rajgad Fort, which stand testament to the architectural resplendence of the city’s past.

Here is a list of treks near Pune in winter:

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884 Ratings Ratings
Trekking Expedition to Rajmachi Fort from Lonavala
  • 1D/1N
  • Lonavala
  • 1D/1N
  • Lonavala
₹1,699 ₹1,199
About the Rajmachi Trek:

Rajmachi and Kondane Caves trek takes you on a tour through tranquil hidden landscapes of Maharashtra. This ancient fort of Rajmachi is located in the Karjat region and is a perfect example of lost beauties in today’s hustles. These beautiful forts were built by Shivaji Maharaj during the 17th century and strive for a favourite trekking destination amongst ardent adventure seekers.

Delight in this awe-inspiring quaint Rajmachi fort which provides you with pleasant views of Borghat, a historic trade route located in this region of Maharashtra. Admire the beauty of Shrivardhan Fort and Manoranjan fort crowned at the pinnacle with this amazing Rajmachi fort trek. This stunning ancient beauty can be reached via two ways, while Kondivide village route might get tricky at times, however, the most preferable route is from Lonavala as it is much easy and provides the best of the views.

Standing amidst the dense forests, Rajmachi and Kondane Caves trek provide you with some amazing sceneries, this stunning place is a beauty to the eyes especially in the rainy season as you will be witnessing random waterfalls and lush greenery at every turn while trekking. Rivet in this amazing experience with friends and family like never before!

We meet sharp at 17:20 hours at Lonavala Railway station

Suggested train to the board is the 11009/Mumbai CST-Sinhagad Express, timings are:

14:30 CST
14:40 Dadar
15:08 Thane
15:28 Kalyan
16:08 Karjat
17:08 Lonavala

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350 Ratings Ratings
Lohagad Fort Night Trek, Lonavala | Book @ 680 Only
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
₹1,080 ₹680
Located close to the hill station of Lonavala Khandala and 52 km northwest of Pune, Lohagad rises to an elevation of 1,033 meters or 3,389 feet above sea level. We are here with the package of an amazing trek opportunity at this place.

It is said to be the b
est trekking route near Mumbai and Pune for beginners. It is an easy trek filled with fun and beauty. You will get to see many beautiful things during this trek and after reaching the peak you can see four doors  The first one is called 'Ganesh Darwaaja', the second one is called 'Narayan Darwaja', the third one is called 'Hanuman Darwaaja' & the fourth one is called 'Maha Darwaaja'. Out of this Hanuman Darwaaja is the most ancient of all the doors. Between Narayan & Hanuman Darwaaja there are two godowns which were used for storage purpose as a granary. This will be a perfect day out for you and your family or friends.

You will be served a healthy breakfast 

Starting point: Malavali Railway Station

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468 Ratings Ratings
Visapur Fort Trek, Book Now @ 36% off & Get 800 Cashback
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
₹1,664 ₹1,064

Visapur fort offers a majestic view from the height of 3556ft. Located in Maharashtra near Pune district, the trek to Visapur is one of the best treks to do in Monsoon.

About the Trek:

The trek starts from Mumbai early in the morning. The trek offers several stunning views of lush green valleys and small or large waterfalls. You will find decorated architecture, the old house, caves, and ruins of a large stone-built house which is also known as Peshwa's palace. There are several temples around the fort, but you will notice that most of the temples are dedicated to Hanuman as he was the patron deity of Visapur fort.

You can also witness the ten feet long iron gun of Queen Elizabeth. Trek to Visapur will refresh your mind as well as your body. The difficulty level of the trek is easy but still, there will be a professional guide with you, who will assist you while trekking.


Endurance: Low
Difficulty: Easy
Group Size:
Age Limit:
14-45 Years

Pickups and drop off points:
Pritam Hotel Near Flyover Dadar
Yogi Hotel, Diamond Garden, Chembur
Vashi Below Main Bridge
McDonald, Kalamboli Panvel

Malveli railway station near Lonavala 

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Easy Trek to Korigad Fort
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
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About the Activity:
Enough of going to Lonavala to visit Tiger Point and Bushy Dam. See a very different and offbeat side to this hill-station. Join in for an easy hike to Korigad Fort!
Captured by Chatrapati Shivaji in 1657, this fort went to the British after a prolonged seige in 1818. Several ruins of old structures within the fort still exist, and it's walls are still completely intact.
Start the walk through a jungle and trek up to the fort with a view of Amby Valley below. Atop you will get to see two lakes on the fort, Goddess Korai Devi temple,  Several smaller temples dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva,  six cannons - the largest of which is called the Laxmi Toph and view of Amby Valley

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30 Ratings Ratings
Tung Fort Trek | Book Online @ ₹1050 & Save 25%
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
  • 1D
  • Lonavala
₹1,400 ₹1,050
Lonavala is a hill station near Pune and Mumbai with lots of waterfalls, lush green hills, and dense forests. It is the best place for trekking and nature lovers. Masala chai with Spicy Vada pav is the specialty of Lonavala. 

About the Trek:
The fort is also known as Kathingad meaning “difficult fort” due to the difficulty in climbing. The trail is in a ruined state, loose boulders, narrow steps cut in the rocks and narrow route on the edge of the mountain throughout add to the difficulty while trekking. If you are a beginner in terms of trekking then you need to take an experienced trekker along with you. It generally takes around 1 hour to reach the top from the base and approx 45 minutes to descend.

Breakfast and Lunch will be included in the package. 

Start time: 
9.00 am

How to reach:
The Tung fort is located near Lonavala and you can easily reach here by any private transport.

Maximum occupancy: 50 Pax
Minimum occupancy: 4 Pax
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28 Ratings Ratings
Katraj to Sinhagad Night Trek Flat 23% off
  • 1N
  • Pune
  • 1N
  • Pune
₹1,300 ₹999
The trek route from Katraj to Sinhagad is considered to be a famous trek route which consists of the picturesque beauty of a series of mountains and hills. The trek route is ideal for both amateurs and professional trekkers and is capable to satisfy the cravings of the adventure lovers with a scope to test physical fitness, stamina, and will-power.

About the Activity
The Night Trek activity from Katraj to Sinhagad contains an adventurous and thrilling experience for adventure lovers which leads to the top of Sinhagad Fort. The activity starts from the Katraj Tunnel Top (Old) and lets you travel through a chain of mountains for a distance of 16 km and ends at Sinhagad, which is famous for many significant battles.
The Night trek experience lets you experience the mesmerizing beauty of the mountains with enjoying the soothing moonlight.

How to Reach
The trek route is based at a distance of 27 minutes from the pick-up location. You can easily reach the pick-up point with the help of convenient public and private transportation.

The Night trek package includes complimentary breakfast with tea to enhance your experience.

Duration: 1 night

Departure/Return Point: Kinara Hotel, Near Katraj PMT bus stop, Pune.

Departure Time: 9:00 pm (Please arrive 15 min before the departure time)

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359 Ratings Ratings
Trek to Rajgad Fort @ 899 Only
  • 1D
  • Pune
  • 1D
  • Pune
₹1,199 ₹899

Pune has a wide variety of natural getaways in its proximity. There are a bunch of natural resorts away from the hustle bustle of the main city. From majestic fort treks to calm resorts, Pune has everything in its proximity.

About the trek

Rajgad fort, also known as King of forts is set at an altitude of 4182 feet. Located at 40 km away from Pune, this fort offers a breathtaking view with amazing trekking experience. The fort can be divided into four different parts based on Geographical terrain and fortification, and each part has its significance and history. This trek is perfect for monsoon season, as the surroundings get raffishly green. The trek starts from the village called Gunjavne. An experienced guide will assist you to this trek and will let you know about the history behind it. Apart from the thrilling trekking experience, you will be served Pithala Bhakeri, which is a famous dish from the local cuisine. Apart from this, you will be served a delicious lunch and breakfast
How to reach

Pick up and drop off facility is available from Mumbai and Pune.

Departure/Return Point: Deccan for Pune And Dadar railway Station for Mumbai.
Departure Time: 6:00 am (Please arrive 15 min before the departure time)

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334 Ratings Ratings
Vasota Trek in Maharashtra
  • 1D/1N
  • Pune
  • 1D/1N
  • Pune
₹2,313 ₹1,850

About the Activity:

Also known as Vyaghragad, Vasota Fort is one of the famous forts for trekking in the Sahyadri. Vasota Fort trek in Maharashtra is known as one of the best treks of this region because of its wilderness and beauty. As the fort is situated near Konya Wild Life Sanctuary, the fort is surrounded by thick forests and river which makes the destination an ideal one for trekkers to delve into its beauty and forget about the distance they cover. Associated with Maratha history this fort still has its historical charm which gives time to Trekkers to explore the fort and go for sightseeing after reaching the top of the fort. The fort also offers breath taking view of the Konya Backwaters and the forests of the wildlife sanctuary.

Maximum Altitude: 3842 ft.

Temperature Range: 13–27 °C

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263 Ratings Ratings
Torna Fort Trek | Book Torna Trek @ ₹800 Only!
  • 1D
  • Pune
  • 1D
  • Pune
₹1,100 ₹800

Ride to this adventure with Uber at a special price. Book Now to receive the unique code.

About the Activity:

  • This moderately-challenging trek is a favourite among adventurers.
  • The trekking expedition takes place under the full moon's light, and is the highlight of the trip.
  • Trek to the historic Torna Fort, and spend the night in a temple.
  • The additional sightseeing tour of the fort is bound to enthrall, and the Budhla Maachi and Zunjar Maachi cliffs around the fort make this an ideal weekend trek!
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,403 metres
  • Reporting Time: 9 AM
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127 Ratings Ratings
Camping Behind the Waterfall with Harishchandragad Trek in Malshej Ghat @ 1720 Only
  • 2D/1N
  • Ahmednagar
  • 2D/1N
  • Ahmednagar
₹2,220 ₹1,720

Mumbai is one of the busiest city of India, the lightning-fast life of the city is harmful to mental health. There are various getaways near Mumbai. One of these scrumptious getaways is Harishchandragad in Malshej Ghat. A trip at this beautiful spot will make you forget about your busy life in the bustling city of Mumbai.

About the trek

Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Harishchandragad fort trek is one of the favorite destinations for trekkers, especially during monsoon due to its pleasant temperature and picturesque greenery. The main attraction of this trek is the Konkan Kada, which is an enormous 4671-foot high concave cliff. The cliff is in the shape of Cobra's hood. You can witness the majestic panoramic view of the surrounding hills. Visit the holy Ganesh cave during your trek.

Apart from the breathtaking trekking trail, you can also indulge in the bonfire and the music night. After the difficult trek, you will be provided a delicious refreshment. If you are an adventure junkie then you can indulge in the thrilling rappelling adventure.

How to reach

You can reach Kasara by any kind of public or private transport.

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22 July 2019
Place: The scenery there is really breathtaking. All the hills and the lake view is amazing. The place makes you stay there for life long. If you really want a peaceful, beautiful and close to nature place then this place should be on your bucket list. Hospitality: The host Rahul Slave was really humble and a cheerful person to talk. They will try to give their best by providing all kind of basic needs and anything you could ask for at such a remote place. Food: The starters are really amazing. I enjoyed the food as a non-vegetarian. I was really impressed with the tea and poha breakfast. I recommend you to try the breakfast. Activities: They have multiple activities including DJ, Bone Fire, Cricket, Archery, Boating, Badminton, Karaoke etc.
06 May 2015
We had a great time at the Bhimashankar Trek. The trekking was quite good and interesting. It was awesome. We had a really lovely time here. It was so worth every penny spent. The trek trails, the surroundings, the backdrop were all just WOW! It was completely worth every penny spent. I personally want to visit here again. The trek was well organized too; thus enhancing the whole trek experience. Thinking back there are no negative experiences at all. It was perfectly a great and a nice experience. The rates were also not that costly and it was definitely worth the time and money we spent on this vacation. I am so recommending this to everyone out there.
10 August 2015
We had a good trekking experience here in Lonavala. Pune and Lonavala are places that can be viewed in a couple of days. While we planned for a long vacation here, we chose to have a beautiful planned itinerary which involved this trek, and we are super glad that we took it. Regarding the trek, it was a great experience.
11 January 2016
Bhimashankar Trek In Maharashtra is one of its kind of a special trek that is such a country side trek. One can’t experience such a trek generally in other trek trails. Lonavala is by itself a beauty and this trek adds more grace to it. I had a great time at this trek. I personally loved the trek trails so much that I am planning to do this trek again sometime. As a trekker, you will experience bliss as the trek takes you back to the good old country trek experience. As a nature lover I had a great time with the surroundings.
27 June 2015
The trek was fun and exciting. The locality and surroundings were brilliant. I have been to many treks but this trek was one of the best trek I ever had. I seriously recommend this trek to all those who want to go out with friends. Worth spending on this trek :)
Baladitya Varman Ashtavinayak Tour from Pune
I booked the Ashtavinayak trip from Pune and we visited all the eight temples of Lord Ganesh and the temples were renovated very well and there is also a lake Shree Vighnahar Ganpati Temple where boating is available.
It is one of the best trips of my life. If you love adventurous and trekking place then you will love to visit Lonavala and Khandala, The views are brilliant and the vibe nice and Lonavala lake is very beautiful lake, surrounded by mountain. The scenery is very heart warming, I instantly fall in love with the place.
17 February 2020
It was our first experience there on trekking. Thrillophilia package includes guide so we have a good guide there and he helped us well during this entire trek. The food they gave is quite nice and delicious. Bhimashankar was my personal favourite place in this trek. Our group was of 12 people but we all enjoyed it nicely. Good place and Highly recommended.
21 February 2020
Very beautiful place with lots of scenery, the relaxing and calming sunrise was mesmerizing and we loved it. Our guide was a funny and amazing person, he was also taking care of the group and briefed us well about the way and do’s. we had a group photo at the top and the trek was very memorable, will look to do these types of treks again. Thanks
26 February 2020
Nice place with a well-mannered guide, I booked it from Thrillophilia for me and my sister, the trek went super fantastic and we had a good company there with us. The only problem was waking us early but as u reach the Bhimashankar, you will feel alive. Must try.

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People Also Ask About Pune

  1. Which are the best easy treks near Pune in winter?

    1. Rajmachi Fort Trek: Located at a height of about 2,710 feet above sea level, the Rajmachi Fort Trek is one of the most popular trekking trails near Pune. With its easy climb, this trail can be attempted by both beginners as well as experts. The 16 kilometer long climb offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Konkan plains, along with a trail through Buddhist caves, temples and erstwhile fort ruins.

    2. Lohagad Fort Trek: The Lohagad Fort trek is one of the most picturesque winter treks near Pune. The Fort itself is located at a height of about 1,033 feet above sea level, and commands a picturesque view of the lush, green surroundings. The climb is easily accessible and well demarcated, and the trek is one of the easiest winter treks near Pune for beginners.

    3. Rajgad Fort Trek: A short and quick trek, the Rajgad Fort trek offers the best of all things- steep terrains, great heights, fantastic viewpoints and a smattering of old caves and temple ruins. The Rajgad Fort itself is situated at a height of about 4,000 feet above sea level, and is spread over four separate buildings.

    4. Sinhagad Trek: A much loved destination for trekking near Pune in winter, Sinhagad is a popular fort dating back to the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji. This trek is best suited for the winter as well as the monsoon months. The climb to the Fort is fairly easy, and has a drive-along option as well.

    5. Kothaligad Trek: Also known as the fort of Peths, Kothaligad is a popular trekking spot near Pune. The Fort itself is an architectural marvel, and contains wonderful relics and cave paintings dating back to the 18th century. The climb to the Kothaligad Fort is a fairly easy one, making it a popular destination for trekking near Pune in winter.
  2. Which are the best moderate treks near Pune in winter?

    1. Kalavantin Winter Trek: Kalavantin Trek is a two-part climb. The trek begins with a climb to the Prabal plateau, which is a fairly easy and scenic trek in itself. Following a short rest on the plateau, the trail proceeds to climb along the Kalavantin Pinnacle, which is an almost 2,000 feet tall rock spire, narrow steps leading up to the top.

    2. Visapur Fort Trek: Located at an elevation of over 3,000 feet above sea level, the Visapur Fort is a twin fort to Lohagad. The climb to Visapur begins from Lohagad, and is the former is steeper than the latter.

    3. Garbut Point Trek: The Garbett Point trek is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts interested in trekking near Pune in winter. A secluded vantage point with views of a beautiful, open valley on one side and dense jungles on the other side, this trek is one of the most fun winter treks near Pune.

    4. Vasota Trek: The Vasota trek near Pune is one of the most exciting winter treks available here. Rising tall among the dense green forests of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, the Vasota ranges mesmerizes with its beauty, and offers one of the most adventurous trekking experiences.
  3. What is the best time to go treks near Pune?

    The best time to go for treks near Pune is either during the winter months, between November to January, or during the monsoon months, between July to October. During this time, the weather remains pleasant and provides the ideal conditions required to participate in the treks.
  4. How difficult is Rajmachi trek?

    The Rajmachi trek is one of the easiest treks available near Pune. It can be attempted by absolute beginners. The trek begins from Udhewadi. There are two routes to reach Rajmachi fort from here, one through Tungarli and the other through Karjat. Both routes to Rajmachi provide a scenic trail, with sights of waterfalls, fort ruins and temples in store.
  5. Which are the best easy monsoon treks to do near Pune in winter?

    1. Purandar Fort Trek: Situated at a height of about 1,390 meters above sea level, the magnificent fort is best explored during the rains. The trail to the fort is fairly easy, and commands spectacular views of the surrounding valleys.

    2. Tikona Fort Trek: An enchanting hill fort located in the Kaval region of Maharashtra, the Tikona Fort boasts of an immense architectural beauty. The easy trail to the Tikona Fort makes the trek one of the easiest ones near Pune.

    3. Korigad Fort Trek: Set at an altitude of about 3,050 feet above sea level Korigad is a famous hill fort in Lonavala. The trekking trail takes you through jungles, across two ponds and caves. The climb is scenic and beautiful, and can be attempted by experts as well as beginners.

    4. Mahuli Fort Trek: The Mahuli Fort trek is one of the most secluded trekking destinations in Pune. The fort is located on a solitary hill in the western side of the Sahyadri ranges. The trekking trail is popular for the majestic lake situated in the heart of the hills, much loved by trekkers for its serene and tranquil surroundings.
  6. Is it safe for a solo female to trek in Pune?

    Yes, it is safe for a woman to trek solo in Pune. The treks are generally conducted in big groups, and the locals in these regions are known for their friendliness and hospitality.