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    Image Credit: moyan - Flickr

    Goa has always delighted tourists in India and abroad because of the wide array of activities on offer. From pristine beaches to thrilling adventure sports, this tropical paradise is a preferred destination. However, with all the revelry and excitement in the air, it becomes necessary for travellers to exercise caution when on holiday here. Therefore, it becomes necessary for tourists to heed some basic instructions which will make holidaying in Goa, a pleasurable experience.

    Listed below are some useful tips that ensuressafety in Goa whilst enjoying every bit of the beach capital:

    1. Be cautious about documents and money

    Image Credit: Allan Donque - Flickr

    While embarking on a trip to Goa, ensure that you carry cash and the important documents in plastic or in a water-proof bag to avoid water seeping in and dampening them. A money belt around the waist is also a great option for those who tend to be a little clumsy with carrying money or documents in hand. One of the best ways to carry money is through traveller’s cheques as they can be exchanged at almost all locations. ATM cards are also one of the convenient and reliable source of carrying money.This is among the best safety tips for a safe holiday in Goa.

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    2. Stay in a group

    Image Credit: John Ragai - Flickr

    Travelling to Goa in a group can be a fun experience especially with a group of friends. However, make sure to always keep track of your friends group when in Goa because there is always a chance for the visitors to get lost in the crowd.

    Also, in such cases, it gets quite risky to mingle with strangers or wondering alone. While chilling out at a beach party or a bar, there is a high possibility of coming across different types of people. Most of them may be friendly and cordial, but only a handful can or should be trusted. It is always better to stick with your own group and enjoy a safe holiday in Goa.


    3. Women safety

    Image Credit: Dick Vos - Flickr

    Goa is a beautiful tropical paradise that can be quite unsafe for women travelling alone. Therefore, women are advised to wear their purses diagonally across their bodies to safeguard themselves against pickpockets who lurk in certain areas. It becomes impossible to pickpocket a purse which is draped diagonally. Also, women are also cautioned against visiting isolated areas. There are not too many areas that are not teeming with people during the peak season, but there is a likelihood of a woman going into areas that are deemed ‘unsafe’.  A lot of women also carry mace with them for protection.

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    These tips, among others, will give tourists and local travellers a clear understanding about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ to follow when on vacation in Goa. If you stick by them, you can be assured of a safe holiday that will be sure to give you memories that will last you a lifetime. 


    4. Say ‘No’to Drugs & Smoking

    Image Credit: byung kyupark - Flickr

    The use of certain drugs and other intoxicants are now banned in Goa. In case, if someone is found using these intoxicating substances, they might have to face rigorous punishment as well as fine too.

    While on a vacation or any other holiday trip to Goa, it is always advisable to stay from the illegal drugs and other such intoxicants, whose possession has been declared illegal and is committed to severe punishment. Also, while strolling around the public areas like parks, gardens, bus stands and other similar places, avoid smoking or getting indulged into any such acts that might lead to punishment.

    Goa is undoubtedly the paradise for partying, having fun with family and friends, merriment and enjoy numerous of activities. While on a trip to the beach capital, make sure that you abide by all the legal conditions and maintain the best level of safety in Goa.


    5. Swimming Safety

    Image Credit: yetmandu - Flickr

    Be it the beaches or the playful waves of Goa, both of them hold the charm and allurement of getting the visitors into the sea. However, before getting indulged into swimming, the visitors should take care of certain conditions.

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    In case, you are travelling during the monsoons, you need to be careful about the level of the waves and the current. Swimming in the absence of the life-guards or the experts might prove to be risky and should not be undertaken.

    Avoid swimming around the beaches that offers a wide range of water sports or similar activities. Chances are there, you might end up colliding with the moving objects which can spoil the cheerfulness of the day. Also, going for swimming after a heavy meal is never a good choice.


    6. Water Sport safety

    Image Credit - Steven Worster - Flickr

    Water sports in Goa area popular past time owing to the thrilling nature of the activity. They can quickly get dangerous if the correct safety precautions are not adhered to. For most of these activities, life jackets are required. Also, there are lifeguards available at most beaches to ensure that no unfortunate happenings take place. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the safety of the water sport you are planning to indulge in. These activities are usually presided over by a guide that provides the requisite safety information.

    Tourists are also advised to wear comfortable clothing when opting for any of the water sports as it makes it even more enjoyable. This is also among the best tips for a safe holiday in Goa.


    7. Be your own guide

    Image Credit: Nevile Zaveri - Flickr

    In case, you are hiring a tour guide, try your best to enquire about the organization or agency, the guide is related to. Get the maximum information about the guide or the organization in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances and happenings.

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    Also, before embarking on a trip, try to get enough information about the places to visit in Goa. With proper knowledge about the whereabouts, the pain and cost of hiring a guide will decrease. In short, be you own guide, follow the tips for a safe holiday in Goa and enjoy the best of your vacation.


    8. When travelling

    Image Credit: Vijay Sonar - Flickr

    If you are opting for your personal vehicles, make sure all the required documentation are in the proper place. Avoid any unwanted harassments from the local cops by misplacing any of the necessary documents.

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    One of the commonly found incidents on the Goan roads are the ‘drink and drive’ incidents. Before you need to take a drive, make sure you are sober enough to surpass these kinds of embarrassing moments and follow all the criterion of safety in Goa.


    9. Skin care

    Image Credit: idealbeautyacademy

    While vacationing near the beaches, ensure to carry sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to avoid getting tanned or encounter giddiness. It is also important to note that the temperatures in summer and winter can really be extreme and so make it a point to always carry sunblock.


    A vacation in Goa can bememorable for all the right reasons or it could all go wrong because you may have not heeded the warnings. Always remember to keep these tips for a safe holiday in Goa and enjoy all that the place has to offer.