Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara Overview

Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara is one of the must-visit tourist places in Kullu, located near the hot springs at Manikaran. It holds sacred significance for both Sikhs and Hindus. Situated amidst nature, the temple emits positive vibes, making it one of the famous landmarks in Kullu.

The presence of the hot springs and the beautiful temple promises a profound sense of tranquility and peace. Like all other gurudwaras, this place is meticulously maintained by the internal staff, ensuring cleanliness and orderliness.

The holy place dates back to the 16th century when Guru Nanak visited Manikaran. Legend has it that when Guru Nanak's disciples were hungry and lacked fire or hot water to cook, he instructed one disciple to lift a rock. To their amazement, a hot spring emerged, allowing them to cook their food. Since then, this area has been revered and believed to shower blessings upon every visitor.

No physical fire is used to cook the rice and curry provided at this place; the geothermal heat suffices. The Gurudwara captivates tourists with its architecture and beauty, showcasing age-old art and architecture from the 16th century. Visitors interested in witnessing century-old masterpieces will find an excellent example here.

Amidst the majestic landscapes of Kullu, exploring the Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara is a highlight of Himachal travel packages. The spiritual aura intertwined with natural marvels offers a unique experience.

Location: Bank of Parbati River, Kullu, India.

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Hot Springs at Manikaran: The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Hot Springs at Manikaran is 40.9 km and it takes nearly an hour and 20 mins to travel.

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