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Malana Tour Packages

Malana tour packages offer a satisfying vacation to all age groups. As the first beam of sunrays quarried over the snow-covered pinnacle and outreached the interiorscape of the Dragon Guest House, a group of men stirred their way forward. All night long, these men have been drinking beer and happily smoking hashish until the next morning. As the hour of the day swayed ahead and reached the noontime, they lit up their hashish and continued smoking until sleep outmaneuvered them. This is one of the instance delineating the essence of the place Malana, a tourist place bringing travelers from far off.

Set in the lush of nature fostering greenery and essence of life bestowing mind glazing sight of snow covered mountains and peaks of the Parvati valley which is originally nine thousand five hundred feet above the sea level, Malana calls to be a vacation destination for many travelers. Possessed to be the city of mesmerizing hashish in the globe, the natives of Malana have been keeping enormous secrets to themselves about the place. Known as the treasure of India, Malana exhibits a different variety of cultures, heritage, and traditions. Malana is located in the North East of the Kullu range. Considered to be a completely sequestered place, Malana is a remote hamlet that draws a number of hashish smokers to spend their vacation with ease, comfort, and tranquillity. But definitely Malana, the hamlet is more than this.

There is a hidden story of Malana construing a secret that makes this place all the more interesting and attractive for the tourists to visit. Even after being overtaken by the time of fast moving technology accompanied with globalization, this hamlet remains secluded and tranquil from the pedestrian population. One of the oldest hamlets, Malana stands through the democracies of the globe handling the affairs and issues on its own. Basically, Malana is a primitive land that is covered by captivating, majestic and enthralling peaks of Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani, attracting tourist to this location from afar. These are among the best destinations in the Malana Tour Packages.

  • d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 10th September, 08th October, 12th November and 16th December, 2016Enjoy an ecstatic trek to Malana from Kasol, the favourite tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. This is a three day package giving you ample time to meander through the cold regions around the Parvathi valley.Meet and mingle with the local people in Kasol, stroll through the magnificent trails around the Parvathi valley and relish the bewitching sights of Malana village along with a visit to Manikaran.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation from Kasol and return.

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  • d5 Days n4 Nights

    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 09th September, 07th October, 11th November and 15th December, 2016Enrol and enjoy the most exhilarating trek trip to Malana from Delhi, also covering Kasol, the favourite tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh with this five day package.Have a great time with a lot of trek lovers in your group while you meet and mingle with local people in Kasol, while you stroll through the magnificent trails around the Parvathi valley and while you enjoy the sights of Malana village along with the sweet moments that would be created in Manikaran.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation from Delhi to Kasol and return.

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  • l
    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Destinations:Cherished as one of the most interesting treks Malana Village Trek is a must do trek for you. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and safely hidden from the eyes this trek has been attracting a lot of people lately. The high mountains of the Himalayas hold some of the best secrets and one such secret is this majestic village in Malana. It is believed that the villagers residing in this village are the descendant of the great Alexander the Great’s soldiers. The scenic beauty of the region together with the uniqueness of the villagers makes it very interesting. You can see the uniqueness in the lifestyle and social structures of the villagers.  These villagers have their own administration and are considered as the oldest republic in the world. Although the people do not mix with the other people they are extremely proud of their culture. The beckoning valley, the scintillating streams and the mountains at the background are just perfect for everyone. You will have the best time at night, gazing at the billion starts right up above you. Malana is around 21kms from Kasol and your trekking trail takes you through some of the majestic scenes of the region. Feast your eyes on the Distance Mountains and listen to the birds chirping as you continue your trek.  For reaching Malana you will have to cross over Chanderkhani Pass. Your trekking trails take you through beautiful alpine pasture and soak in the beautiful view of the high mountain peaks. There might be a few steep ascend during the trek but the beauty of the place will never let you down. Spend some time by the small streams and get close to nature while you head out for this one of a kind amazing trek to Malana Village.About the Trek:- Indulge in this exciting 6 days 5 nights trekking expedition in Malana village in Himachal Pradesh and get a chance to explore the amazing beauty of this region.- Start your tour after getting picked up in an air-conditioned bus from New Delhi to Manali which will be an around 12 hours journey.- Get down at Patlikuhal and then take a jeep ride to Rumsu base camp, which is a 10 km drive.- During the trip, visit Gowrishankar temple, Tripura Sundari, Roerich art gallery and explore the peaks of Ali Ratna, Friendship peak, Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba.- Also, enjoy the trek to Chandrakhani Pass and Malana that are locations of complete serenity.- This package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trek.

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  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    Good 3.0

  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Destination: Located at an elevation of around 3,660m, the Chandrakhani Pass makes it for an astounding trek experience in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Originating from the scenic Naggar settlement, which is located around 21km from Manali, the trail that leads to the pass is known for its enchanting beauty and appeal. From the pass, one can enjoy the fantabulous views of the Deo Tibba, Parbati and Pir Panjal peaks. Also, jotted with luscious groves of pine, deodar, golden oak and cherry, this pass boasts as one of the most scenic and pictorial passes in the country. About the Departure with Details: The Chanderkhani Pass trek will give you a feeling of isolation from the rest of the world as some of the trails are hidden from the human eye. Over the 8 exciting days of the trek, you will be making your way through breathtaking viewpoints and meandering trails through the thick forest of firs and oaks. Each and every step of the trek is bestowed with astounding views of the towering peaks and makes it for an unforgettable experience! On a whole, this trekking expedition will get you acquainted with the serene, pictorial and heavenly environs of Himachal Pradesh and its natural wonders.

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  • l
    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Destinations: Naggar, a quaint and picturesque settlement in Kullu district is a must visit destination in Himachal Pradesh. Located around 22km from Manali (and 246km from Shimla), this scenic hamlet makes it for an amazing cycling and trekking experience. Embraced with the rustic charm of the Kullu Valley and the enchanting beauty of the Parvati Valley, it also boasts of being one of the hotspots for nature, adventure and leisure travellers. The Malana trek boasts of  wonderful terrains, appealing passes, lush thickets around this settlement which entice the cyclists and trekkers from across the world to try their riding and trekking skills here in Naggar. Also, as this pictorial village acts as a connecting route to some of the religious and tourist spots like Bijli Mahadev Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple, Chanderkhani Pass, Rashol Pass and Malana, it has become a much sought after destination in Himachal Pradesh. Duration of the Tour: 5N/6D Meal Types: Vegetarian Activities: Cycling, Trekking, Sightseeing Highest Altitude: 3,660m

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Malana

  • Which are the best trekking tours in Malana?

    The trekking tours in Malana are as follows:

    • Malana trek tour to Chanderkhani pass

    Chanderkhani pass lies in Kullu Valley which is well clustered and covered with small villages and hamlets. A tour from Malana to Chanderkhani pass would make you envision various worth watching sights like the Jamlu temple and various small hamlets delineating inimitable culture and traditions of the place.

    • Malana trek tour to Harish Thakur:

    A trek to Harish Thakur would be a mesmerizing one as the tourists can witness the culture of the place that is too gripping. To visit Harish Thakur, there is a narrow fine entrance in form of a small tunnel that had been quarried enabling people to move into the dark, tranquil inn. The professional owner at Harish Thakur is amiable who offers delectable food to the travelers like parathas, chutney, pickles and a hot steaming beverage.

    • Malana trek tour to Jamlu Rishi:

    Jamlu Rishi also constitutes to be one of the gripping places for the tourist to visit and feel relished. The architecture and the entire wooden set up of the houses are unique. Though the temple here is newly constructed, it attracts a considerable number of crowd to this particular place.

  • Which are the best camping sites in Malana?

    Camping sites in Malana are as follows:

    • Malana Magic Valley
    • Alpine treks and Hotel Trekker's nest
    • 360 Paragliding Camp Ground
    • Camp Jungle Brooks
    • Himshell Expedition Eco-Friendly Camping
    • YHA Base camp for jalori pass trek

  • Can I do a cycling tour in Malana?

    Yes, you can go for a Malana Circular Trek with Cycling. On your way, you will view infinite sight viewing sights. Manala, a scenic hamlet endeavors the tourist with the best cycling experience. The Manala trek exhibits a wide variety of wonderful and captivating terrains, lush woods, appealing and enthralling passes around the entire settlement enticing trekkers and cyclist from across to this place to experience the best. The pictorial hamlet portrays to be a connecting route to a great number of tourist and religious spots. On your way cycling, you are sure to witness religious sites and places like Rashol Pass, Gauri Shankar Temple, Bijli Mahadev Temple and Chanderkhani Pass. This destination is considered to be a much sought after destination in Malana.

  • Which are the best cultural experiences in Malana?

    Malana exhibits enormously distinct culture which is unique in itself. The natives residing in Malana consider themselves to be the descendant of Alexander and therefore depending on this stance their local court rules and system follows the antiquated Greek system even today. The people of Malana consider themselves to be high above and superior from the rest of the people. Due to this particular reason, they do not let anyone come in physical contact with them. The natives have their own specific language known as Kanashi which is considered to be spiritual, sacred and blest and natives from other hamlet are not allowed to speak this language. Moreover, the natives residing in this hamlet are so restrained that they do not permit the tourist to enter the sacred temples or religious places because they consider outsiders to be untouchables. There is a list of restrictions which the natives residing in this place follow and abide by.

    •    According to the rules delineated by the villagers, no tourist or native of the place are allowed to fix nails on the trees as fixing nails can damage and destroy the tree in totality.
    • No one can burn woods in the hamlet for any reason.
    • Outside the thickets, the natives and tourist are only allowed to carry dry branches and twigs.
    • Also, hunting of any animal in the wood is prohibited.
    • If in case a wild species attack the herds of goats and sheep of the native then the hunter has the license to kill the animal. In case, if the animal is a bear, then the hunter is supposed to offer the fur of the animal in the Bhandara.
    • The intervention of Police, in any case, issue or affair isn’t allowed. But however, if the accused feels the need to involve the Police in the matter then he is supposed to pay a total fine of 1000 INR to the village counselor.

    Therefore the cultural experience here in this village is unique, independent and based on interventions which are mostly right but there exist few stances where the natives are completely wrong.

  • What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Malana?

    The top attractions in relation to the sightseeing tours in Malana are as follows:

    • Kullu Valley
    • Parbati Valley
    • Rashol Pass
    • Nagar
    • Chanderkhani Pass
    • Malana Nallah Stream

  • Can I trek to Chandrakhani Pass from Malana? Is it a difficult trek?

    Yes, you can definitely trek to Chandrakhani Pass from Malana. The trek isn’t difficult but certainly, it is a long one. Trekking to Chandrakhani Pass from Malana takes around five days. The trip begins at Naggar after a short ride from the Manali.

Traveller Tales From Malana



07 September 2015

Hi guys, I am from manali, live in bangalore. I am proffesional Sales guy who deal with fortune 500 companies and sell them events. parvati valley- guys just visit once, then parvati valley will call you again n again. note: never ever share negative vibes- vth people, natuire and animals. karma - himalayas run on.. give respect, be good to yourself, eat smoke cream, decide what you want in life...m goin to orrow valley..ryte now i am in offfice itrs raining outside, tmorow m gonna on the high way to valley..m gonna leave the office everything, need some tyme for myself...never ever give up in life..i believe in good deeds. Cream ol u get in himalayas. the pure malana cream, tosh balls,manali finger, chapati,charas sticks many more diffrent types of cannabois sative.. do not carry much money vth not stay in hotels, keep calm and stay in tents wherever u wanna be, just travel, explore, click n keep clean. u know what u do not need any reviews to go up there. ol u need is love towards yourself, n if u r really thinling to do smthing in your life or u have done something just go n spend some days over there. its not about parties or about the stfff, kts ol about nature. Get Connect to nature feel the parvati gestures and take care of it... do not hesitate to talk to anyone. Respect the culture of malana- they have there own rituals, as bieng himachali i know how much it matters to them, do not disturb any creature,just be the good soul, do goood deeeds, fukc u cant even imagine how crazy awsome blessed u gonne feeel once yuh up there.. best way to go parvati valley- delhi to manikaran volvo in night from delhi u gonna reach early morning 6-7 at kasol. get down , smoke some joints think wt uh wanna do, wanna go malana coool! Its really good if yu have guide vth youh. coz there are lotts of things u need to care about. may be there vl be no wifi bt u will find better conmnection. Love peace trust believe power...boooom


Inder Gandhi

29 September 2015

Kasol and Malana were two places that I had always dreamt of visiting and damn this place is beautiful. Malana is a typical village that has more number of foreigners than Indians. Loved the entire village trek. View is great, people are awesome. Loved the entire trek.


Anusuya Gowda

09 March 2014

Malana had always been on my 'Wish-list', finally got a chance to visit this hippie land. Amazing village- more than localids you see Firangis here. Loved the entire trek. The place is so beautiful and calm, not one I felt the need of coming back.


Ramesh Acharya

17 July 2014

Loved the trek..though trek was a little diffiuclt,,but the scenic beauty and the peace it provides is worth the penny spent and pain taken for the trek.Its a must visit place at least once i n a lifetime!!


Pran Adiga

06 January 2016

Had an awesome trek here. Very well conducted and professionalism at its best. NOT one thing went wrong and that is really saying something!


Vrund Malik

25 August 2014

I'm regular to Malana for obvious reasons but this time I decided to do something different I went through village trek and damn this place is absolutely beautiful - the tiny hamlets and the people are equally welcoming and warm. Loved the experience, did something different and felt great.

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Malati Varman

13 September 2014

Malana Village Trek is something that I never even read about. Recently, I saw a FB share from an acquaintance but beautiful and popular Trekking spots in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is near Chandra Khanni Pass. Apart from the beautiful trek, the tribal village of Malana is very gorgeous and rich in culture and heritage. This village is one of the oldest democracy in the world. This trek ends at the Baralacha Pass on the Manali-Leh road. After which we took a bike ride to Leh.

  • 1462355244_malana_trek_67.jpg
  • 1462355244_malana_trek_28.jpg

Shridevi Dhawan

24 April 2015

Malana trek is the beautiful trek that lies slightly ahead of the most beautiful Chandra Khanni Pass. This tiny village of Malana is an isolated community that has a custom language, separate democracy and laws, and it is governed by a parliament called Koram. This trek was both informative as well as interesting and adventurous.

  • 1462355210_malana_trek_50.jpg
  • 1462355210_malana_trek_01.jpg

Gauraang Iyer

03 June 2015

The trek across the Chanderkhani Pass to Dadru makes you feel like you are in a different form of heaven and this made me feel like i was on top of the world for a change! It feels so nice to break away from the mundane city life and go for something as amazing and exciting as this! In fact, we even got to enjoy the sights of the musuems and the different art galleries here and since my spouse loves culture of different countries, this was a truly amazing experience.

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