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Browse through a wide range of Kullu rafting packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book the best water rafting in Kullu packages with the best of inclusions designed to pamper you on your Kullu trip.

Everyone has heard of the popular Kullu-Manali Holiday option, which includes the adrenaline-filled adventure of river rafting in Kullu. It is recommended for families and individuals, as it is one of the best vacation experiences you can ever have. Kullu, also spelled Kulu, is located in Himachal Pradesh and is the capital of the state’s district of Kullu.

The district experiences cold winters that last from about December to January, with evenings and mornings being particularly cold. Snowfall may also occur during the wintertime, with temperatures dropping to approximately minus four degrees. The duration of the summer season is approximately four months that is May to August. But, the most pleasant weather in Kullu has usually experienced during the months of October and November.

Located at approximately 1279 meters, Kullu offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities and adventure activities. The Beas River flows through the beautiful Kullu Valley, which is also called “Dev Bhumi” or “Valley of the Gods”. Situated between Manali and Largi, it offers Kullu river rafting in addition to beautiful forests, natural scenery, temples and orchards. Furthermore, the river rafting provided in Kullu include different types of tour options, which are described in the paragraphs below. The Kullu-Manali White Water Rafting Tour starts at Banjara in Kullu district and includes three options - a long ride, medium ride, and short ride. The distance, cost, and duration vary according to the type of ride you select, i.e. twelve, six or four kilometres respectively. The white water rafting takes place along the stretch where the two rivers, Bias and Parvati, merge and become one

One of the most sought-after Kullu River rafting Tour is the one that takes place on the River Bias, starts from Pirdi and is a fourteen-kilometer ride. The duration of the whole tour is about an hour and thirty minutes and ends in Jhiri in Mandi district. As always, upon reaching the starting place, safety and security measures are announced clearly and necessary equipment is distributed properly. In addition, thoroughly trained professional guides, as well as a safety crew on kayaks, accompany you to ensure your safety.

The Sightseeing and Rafting Adventure in Manali Tour is a unique and wonderful tour that combines river rafting with sightseeing and takes place in Kullu and Manali. The river rafting is in Kullu and it consists of a superb seven-kilometer ride surrounded by the magnificent snow capped mountains. The sightseeing is conducted in both Kullu and Manali and the places visited include Manikaran and Kasol. The duration of the tour is one day and private vehicles are provided for the sightseeing part of the tour.

The Rafting at Pirdi in Kullu Tour is another option for river rafting in Kullu and the duration of the Tour is approximately 45 minutes. It is meant for beginners or amateurs too, who have either little or no river rafting experience. The tour also ensures that experienced or expert river rafting enthusiasts have an equally thrilling, exhilarating and utterly memorable experience. The Rafting Adventure in Kullu Tour gives you two options to choose from, which consists of either a sixteen-kilometre ride or a six-kilometre ride. Based on the one you choose, the Tour is going to last for approximately either one-and-a-quarter hours or forty-five minutes. Accordingly, the prices do vary but in case of both options, professional guides are provided.

The Rafting Expedition in Beas River, Himachal Pradesh Tour is a river rafting in Kullu tour that also provides two options, which consists of a seven-kilometre ride and a fourteen-kilometre ride. Accordingly, the prices along with the total duration of your tour vary, depending on the option you decide to choose. In addition, this tour is for both amateurs with little/no experience and experienced persons having a fair amount of experience. The White Water River Rafting in Kullu-Manali Tour is an exciting whitewater river rafting experience includes a fourteen-kilometer ride that lasts for approximately one hour and thirty minutes. Professional guides with proper training accompany you for the duration of the ride for ensuring your safety. This ensures that you can have an adrenaline filled adventure of a lifetime in a proper and safe manner.

The Great Himalayan National Park Expedition Tour combines multiple activities into one and provides them to you over a period of eight days (seven nights). These include river rafting in Kullu, rock climbing, trekking, paragliding, rappelling, river crossings and demonstrations on fishing, and bird watching. In addition, camps with bonfires and English-speaking tour leaders and certain expenses/fees, material/equipment and meals to complete the experience.

The tour also includes a visit to the incredible Great Himalayan National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This gives you the opportunity to see the vast array of different species of flora and fauna that the park encompasses. The fauna includes a wide variety of species that fall under categories like arachnids, mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Similarly, the wide variety of flora species is divided under herbs, fungi, shrubs, conifers, orchids, rhododendrons, oaks, and medicinal plants. The tour additionally covers particular expenses with regards to the Park, to allow you to have an extraordinary time here.

It is the whole combination of activities or opportunities that make this tour different from the others and particularly special. The Great Himalayan National Park is a place everyone should be able to explore and experience, as it is breathtaking. Together with adventurous river rafting and other exciting and enjoyable activities, the whole package provides an extraordinarily wonderful and memorable experience. Thus, Kullu offers a wonderful variety of river rafting opportunities for you to choose from and indulge in.

Some of the Tours specifically focus on river rafting and provide both amateurs as well as experts an exhilarating experience. However, others provide a more special and unique package by combining river rafting with other marvellous and utterly memorable adventures. In addition, they can provide other facilities like professional guides, transport or meals, which do vary among the different tours. But, whichever tour you ultimately decide to choose, it is bound to provide memories you can cherish for a lifetime.

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Rafting Adventure in Kullu Flat 20% off



Location: KulluTimings: You can avail the activity anytime between 10:00 AM to 04:00 PMIf you are looking for something that can set your soul free and can take you on an exciting, bumpy ride, a rafting adventure in Kullu is sure made for you. Here the package offers you the rafting trips that lasting for 7 km. This trip enables you to experience the rapids of the ever torrential waters of Beas, which further adds to the whole excitement factor of river rafting.For an amazing adventure experience with a instructor is certainly the best and wholesome way of getting your fill of thrills here.You'll arrive at the starting point and get the briefing on the activity. You must listen to this very carefully as the instructions are for ensuring that you get the best of experiences here. This will be followed by a gear check before you put it on. Then the rafts are lowered in the river and everyone climbs in it. And then, you raft.This activity is suitable for age group of 16 years to 45 years.How to reach: It is located at about 39 km from Mall Road Square of Manali and you can reach here by either taking public transport or by hiring a private cab. 

461 Ratings


461 Ratings

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River Rafting And Paragliding In Manali



Activity Timings: 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.River Rafting Duration: 30 minutes.Paragliding Duration: 10 minutes.Total Duration: 1 Hour and 30 minutes.About River Rafting And Paragliding In Manali:Kullu, the Valley of Gods located between the majestic Himalayas and enchanting river Beas offers you an extensive range of escapades, two of the most famous are river rafting and paragliding. River raft under the glory of the sun where the water cools you down and later on fulfils your dream of flying at a height of around 8200 ft by grabbing this package.The cool breeze, views of the majestic Himalayas, the sheer feel of flying and getting a bird's eye view - all of it makes it an absolutely magical experience altogether. Be a bird set free for freedom and a mermaid living to enjoy the water.

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53 Ratings

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INR 1,985

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Adventure is out there and I am happy to have lived something as exhilarating as river rafting in Kullu. Awesome experience, fantastic rapids, and rafting at such good price
I was first time rafting in Kullu and it is an amazing experience with the best price offered here. Once in a lifetime experience. Must go for Kullu river rafting.
So much fun in just half an hour time. I always long for adventure sports because I feel I have it in me, the adventure bug and river rafting in Kullu was so exciting. It was a total adrenaline-pumping experience. Thank you guys at Thrillophilia.
I went with my office team and it was an official trip organized by our organization, loved our time together. It was so refreshing for all of us to scream and laugh and be happy in the waves and rapids and then river cruising in the clear water of river Beas. It was a much needed break from work.
I was solo tripping in the Manikaran district of Himachal when I had this urge of getting into something adventurous and then I contacted the team of Thrillophilia to know if a solo traveler can get on one of the rafts without a group; they said its fine, he can join any of the groups which is less numbered at the start point of the trek. I went and loved the experience of meeting so many young adventurers like me on my solo journey. All thanks to Thrillophilia for making it smooth and easy.
15 November 2020
It was an amazing experience. I have been taken on a solo ride by the person guiding me and he is so polite and humble and above all highly professional. It was almost a dream come true for me for having such rafting experience. It's really a value for money, safe and sweet journey everyone should experience once in a lifetime.
"We booked for the same day and after calling at thrillophilia, our booking was confirmed, we were given a great rafting guide who guided us very safely and completed full 7kms without cheating on us which most guides do there but our guide was very very good.. He even let me dip in the water. it was a great experience. We will definitely recommend this. "
It was a safe sport for a first timer, anyone can try. My confidence level increased after such an energetic ride. Totally worth the cost
It was a fun way to celebrate the togetherness of my family, rafting together with family is such a bliss. All thanks to the team of Thrillophilia for such a good deal
Adventure of a lifetime, loved how we heaved and tossed and almost fell into the river and then got all scared but gripped on to the paddles again and conquered the raving river.

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People Also Ask About Rafting in Kullu

  1. Where can I do river rafting in Kullu?

    Rafting tours in Kullu are the first pick if you are touring the region. If you wish to go for rafting in here, then you can hit up to the Beas river, where you can pump up your adrenaline rush with the rafting tours.

    This 7 km rafting is once in a lifetime experience and is a group excursion. When the water level rises too high or gets too low, the sport becomes inaccessible. Mostly in the months of July and August rafting is shut down.

  2. Is it safe to do river rafting in Kullu?

    River rafting in Kullu is absolutely safe and something which sets it apart is the safety gear. From well-inflated life jackets to trained professionals, you can have all of the safety measures when it comes to enjoying water sports. Even if you are trying it for the first time and don't know swimming, still you can enjoy this sport.

    Also, even if you wish to enjoy body surfing, you can witness it. The city has almost nil crime rate and is very safe with easy access to the hospitals and police stations.

  3. Can I bring my camera or video camera while doing rafting in Kullu?

    Yes, one can bring their own camera to capture pictures, but it is advised not to take the camera as it might fall in the water if you lose the grip. Most of the rafts have trained professionals which not only give you instructions but also make amazing videos with their cameras.

    If your phone is waterproof then there is no need for anyone, as this service is paid if you take it from the operator.

  4. What should I wear while having rafting?

    If you have planned to witness the River Rafting in Kullu, then the first thing you must take care of is the attire you are wearing. The fabric must be very comfy and second of all a proper sports attire is preferred. You need not to wear anything in the foot, as you can land up directly on the raft. Even if you wish to wear then rubber slippers are favorable.

  5. What is the best time to do rafting in Kullu?

    Talking about the best time to experience the gushing white waters in Kullu, is from September to June, as in the monsoons the sport is shut down and cannot be experienced. At this time, the water level rises and it is not safe to raft in this season.

    One should always visit the city, when it is the best time, as at this time you can make the best of memories and region is weather-friendly.

  6. If I can't swim, can I still go rafting?

    The answer is absolute Yes. Even if you are not a trained swimmer then you need to worry about rafting, as you have to sail with a boat and not swim. Apart from this, you can also enjoy body surfing as that also does not require swimming techniques. Knowledge of swimming is indeed an aid, as you can enjoy the sport even more and dive deep inside the icy-cold waters.

  7. What is the price for river rafting in Kullu?

    The charges of rafting in Kullu, are very minimal starting from INR 500 onwards per person and one boat can accommodate for about eight people, which makes it easier. The best part is you need not stand in the queues or wait to reach out to the town, as you can book the tickets at a nominal charge online.

  8. Can We do river rafting in Kullu in December?

    Yes, you can enjoy a thrilling session of river rafting in Kullu in December. Around this time, due to winters, the pressure of water slows down and provides the best flow for Rafting.
  9. Is there any age restriction for the rafting in Kullu?

    Yes, you need to be above the age of 14 to enjoy a day rafting in the crystal waters of Kullu. Also, one’s between the age of 14 to 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.