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  • There are numerous places to visit in Bir Billing, which will give you the much- needed relief from the city heat and pollution. Bir is popularly referred to as the Paragliding Capital of India, which is also highly popular as an ecotourism center. Billing is the site from which paragliding takes place and Bir is the site for landing; together it is known, Bir Billing.

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    Bir is a place that serves as home for many Tibetian refugees. It is full of monasteries and Buddhist stupas, which enhances the serenity of the place. Many Buddhists and Tibetan monks reside in these monasteries and have offered their lives to daily prayers and meditation. They believe offering prayers to the Al-Mighty is the only way to attain salvation. 

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    As the sweltering heat is creating havoc in most places these days, everyone wants relief from the scorching sun. What can be a better place to beat the heat other than a beautiful hill station like Bir Billing. Bir Billing is far away from the bustling crowd of the city. A silent valley adorned by the beauteous extravagance of Mother Nature. A place filled with lush greenery and fresh air. This is a small village located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India.

    There are a lot of places to visit and a number of things to do at Bir Billing, which makes it a popular yet less crowded hill station. A walk around the place will not only give your eyes a soothing treat but there are also a number of fun & adventurous tour activities that you can undertake here to quench the thirst of your adventure seeking spirits. Read this article well to get a comprehensive idea and guide to Bir Billing.

    There are a number of fun activities which you can undertake and a number of things to do in Bir Billing which will make you stay there worthwhile. Besides being a visual retreat and a paradise for the mind, the place also offers you with an opportunity to take part in a lot of sports and fun activities.

    Top things to do and places to visit in Bir Billing:

    - Paragliding
    - Deer Park Institute
    - Trekking 
    - Camping
    Chokling Monastery

  • Top Things to Do in Bir Billing

  • 01Paragliding in Bir Billing

    Paragliding in Bir Billing

    Bir Billing is known as the official paragliding capital of India. Paragliding is one of the most extensively popular adventure activities that take place at Bir. The gigantic Himalayan range covering the city makes it an apt place for paragliding. 

    The first ever paragliding championship was being hoisted at Bir Billing. The weather and smooth winds of this place are perfect for air gliding sport. You will feel no less than a free bird flying across the mountain ranges, gliding through the clouds. Bir Billing has a cloud base of 4000-6000 meters and is perfect for the activity of paragliding.

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  • 02Shop at the Bir Road

    The market area of Bir is famous for it's numerous and varied range of stuff that you can shop from. It is supposedly the busiest place of the town which sprawls with a number of shops during the morning and early evening hours. 

    Locals of the place run these shops and it serves as a mean of income for them. Mostly the income there is generated by tourist visits. Apart from various other things, the best leisure thing to do in Bir Billing is to shop till you drop. You can pick up a wide range of stuff starting from junk jewelry to woolen garments that are being handmade by the locals of Bir Billing.

  • 03Hang Gliding

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    Before paragliding was introduced, Bir Billing was known for the sport of hang gliding. It is equally exciting and adventurous as paragliding. Every year the locals of the place and adventure enthusiasts organize an event of hand gliding at Bir. 

    It is not an easy sport and it requires prior training to it. It mainly makes the use of air current without power engine and the glider is suspended with a harness and is run down on the hills in an inclined motion. If undertaken under proper supervision and training, it is sure to provide you with a lifetime of amusement and frolic.

  • 04Travel by Toy Train

    Traveling around the small and beautiful town in a toy train is one of the best parts to be in Bir Billing. A 30 minutes ride on a toy train gives you an opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of the town which is collaged by the Himalayas.

    The toy train plies around the town during the morning hours till early evening. You can undertake a ride by the toy train just after your lunch to spend your afternoon in a leisurely yet beautiful way.
  • 05Camping


    If you visit Bir and stay inside the four premises of a hotel you are surely missing out an exquisite experience of enjoying your vacation in the lap of nature. If you want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the place, go for camping. 

    It is a divine experience that is beautiful way beyond words can express it. Camp Oak view in Bir helps you to enjoy an explicit experience of camping. It is situated at a distance of 3 km from the town of Bir. Camping at Bit will provide you with a magnificent opportunity of enjoying the raw beauties of nature without any disturbances.  

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    Paragliding, Short Trekking and Camping in Bir Valley

    Paragliding, Short Trekking and Camping in Bir Valley

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  • 06Trekking


    What can be a better and exciting activity other than trekking when you are in the mountains?  Bir Billing is the perfect place for you if you are an adventure enthusiast and trekking has always been your dream. 

    There are a number of tours and travel packages which offers a complete trip of Bir and its surrounding places at reasonable prices, which starts from eight thousand rupees per person. You can stay at tents and go for early morning treks under trained supervision and proper guidance. 

    These packages offer you trained guides who are experts in the field of trekking and other mountain adventure activities. So you don’t need to worry if you are a novice in the activity of trekking. You can put your faith in them for a holistic experience.

    Paragliding in Bir Billing with Trekking

    Paragliding in Bir Billing with Trekking

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  • 07Mountain Biking

    Mountain biking is one of the most adventurous sport you can undertake in this hill station. Riding in the mountains and hilly areas can be an uproarious task.  There are especially skilled drivers who are trained to drive in the hills because driving in the mountains is far more difficult than driving in the plane areas. 

    However, if you are a brave-heart and want to enjoy your trip to the mountains to the fullest do try out the mountain biking. There are agencies and shops in Bir Bazar which rent out bikes. There are expert riders who can even accompany you if you want them to. Biking through the serpentine rocky mountain roads is a lifetime of an experience and should not miss out on it at any cost. 

    You just need to be a little careful and make sure you are not in an inebriated state when you plan to go for a bike ride on the hilly roads.  

  • Must Visit Places in Bir Billing

  • 08Deer Park Institute

    Is one of the main place of tourist attraction among the various places to visit in Bir Billing is the Deer Park Institute. It is located in the Kangra district of Bir. The institute offers various programs and courses on meditation, philosophy, art, and culture. It is rich in displaying the cultural enthusiasm of the place which is filled with Buddhist culture. Every corner of the place with the big painted stones oozes out the rich heritage of the Buddhist cultural history. A walk around the place can give you the much needed mental peace which you have been craving for long.

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  • 09Chokling Monastery

    The Chokling Monastery is situated in Bir and is the epitome of beauty and cultural exuberance. A short visit inside the premises of this monastery is sure to leave you to spellbound and will enhance your yearning to leave the city and reside here amidst the peaceful ambiance. 

    There is also a retreat center inside of it, where you can take refuge, far away from your hectic city lives. The entrance to the monastery is decorated with sculptures and painted stones which bears the stories of numerous Tibetan monks and their lives. 

    A sprawling lush green lawn in front of the meditation center with multicolored flags fluttering in the air create a symphony of beauty and divinity, which is too unique to be true.

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  • 10Dharmalaya Institute

    Among other places to visit in Bir Billing, Dharmalaya Institute is a popular one. It is a charitable organization which is devoted to education and empowerment for a compassionate and peaceful living.

     It is an eco-campus which offers numerous environmental programmes which teaches about the conservation of the environment and how to safeguard it from any kind of disaster. It is located at a distance of 4kms from Bir Bazar.

    It offers programmes like sustainable development and organic farming. It offers both short-term workshops and long tenure programmes. It also offers a number of vocational courses along with courses and classes in yoga and meditation.

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  • 11Sherab Ling Monastery

    Bir Billing is a place which is splurged with monasteries displaying the Tibetan culture and its influence on the place and its people. Among other monasteries, Sherab Ling Monastery is the one which is highly popular because of the meditation courses that it offers to the tourists as well as to the local people. It offers both long term and short term courses in meditation and yoga. 

    The local people say it is very valuable and significant for restoring ones mental peace and for maintaining good mental health. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful clusters of colorful flowers and lush greenery which adds to the flamboyance of the place. If you follow a comprehensive guide to Bir Billing you will see the various monasteries are the best places to spend your day amidst sheer peace and solitude.

  • 12Bir Tea Factory

    A guide to Bir Billing cites the spectacular beauty of the tea gardens and tea factory of Bir. The Bir tea factory is located in the central area of Bir Bazar. The climate of Bir Billing makes it an ideal place for the tea plantation and tea growth. 

    The slopes and the hilly region is perfectly apt for tea manufacture. Varied kinds of tea are grown and are processed under particular conditions in the Bir Tea factory. It is famous for organic tea plantation. 

    It is also a visual treat to the tourists visiting Bir to look at the slopes nurturing the tea plantations and women and young girls in rows plucking them with the huge baskets tied to their heads.

  • 13Tibetan Colony

    Established in the early 1960s It is a Tibetan refugee settlement in the Himalayan village of Chowgan. It is situated on the outskirts of the town of Bir. It was established after the exile of Dalai Lama and other refugees from the land of Tibet. It is a major spot of tourist attraction in Bir as it is a place which is filled with many monasteries. 

    It also has a handicraft center which has a varied range of handmade products by the locals of the place. They are sold at a reasonable price. You can buy various products from there and carry it back as a souvenir for your friends and relatives. 

    Many tourists put up here because it has a lot of guest houses and pretty little cafes where you can spend a quiet evening sipping a hot cup of coffee in the chilled weather and chat to your heart’s content.

  • 14Bajinath Temple

    Baijnath is a town in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 50 kilometers from Dharamshala. A guide to Bir Billing says that the town got its name from the very famous and an ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Baijnath), which is situated there. 

    History says the temple was constructed in the prehistoric era of 1204  AD and has been continually taken care of by several different devotees since then. There are long inscriptions on the walls of the temple which are now almost ineligible but bear testimony to the historic glory of the temple. Being such an old temple it has a lot of ferie stories associated with it which interests tourists visiting the place.

  • 15Drukpa Kagyu Monastery

    This monastery resonates with the Tibetan culture and teachings of the Tibetan heritage that the Tibetan colony of Bir Billing is famous for. It has a lot of inscriptions and stone sculptors which has documentation of various sects and sub-sects of Tibetan culture. 

    It bears lineage to the culture of the Tibetan monks and the tradition has been carried forward by the next generations of Tibetan monks. A visit to this monastery will accustom you with the place’s historical and aesthetic significance. 

    Besides this, it is also a place of angelic beauty which will soothe your mind and rid you off from any mental turbulence.

  • 16Chowgan Tea Gardens

    The hills are always the perfect place for tea plantations. Bir Billing is also no exception in this regard. The hilly terrains and the weather and climatic conditions of the place make it an apt place for extensive tea cultivation. 

    Chowgan tea gardens are one such tea plantation area where different varieties of tea are grown and nurtured. Tea grown in this garden is being packed and exported to different parts of the country. Tourists paying a visit to Bir especially go to Chowgan Tea plantation to buy huge amounts of packed tea which are sold at a very reasonable price and are a guarantee of money and taste.

  • 17Himalayan Film School

    The Himalayan film school is another major attraction of the Bir Billing hill station. It offers a number of courses in yoga and meditation and a number of other rehabilitation courses too.

    A lot of local children are enrolled in the school. It also offers the sports of paragliding an hand gliding.
  • Other Essential Information About Bir Billing

  • 18How to Reach Bir Billing

    Bir has located approximately at a distance of 50 km southeast of Dharamshala. It is 14 km south of Billing, which lies on the way to the Thamsar Pass leading to Bara Bhangal. Kullu Manali Airport at Bhuntar is the nearest airport from Billing. The nearest railway station is at Joginder Nagar, from where Billing can be reached by a half an hour taxi ride. 

    Bir can be reached by an hour ride from Dharamsala too. You can also access the Pathankot junction, which is about 85 km away from Dharamsala. There are Volvo buses which ply from Delhi to Dharamsala and take an approximate time of about ten hours. You can reach Bir from Dharmasala within 2 hours by road.

  • 19Best time to Visit Bir Billing

    Being a hill station it has a moderately cool climate throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the place is in the summers, during the months of April-June. The winters are not a good time to visit the hill station because of the chilly weather and the temperature which drops down to negatives. The monsoons are also not a good idea because of the heavy rainfalls which result in landslides.

    So if you are planning for your next holiday destination, you should definitely explore the pristine valleys and the lofty mountains of Bir Billing. It will give you the much-needed break from the cacophony and listlessness of the everyday life where we hardly have time to admire nature and its relentless beauties.

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