15 Places To Visit in Pelling 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Pelling Tourist Places

Sangachoeling Monastery, Darap Village, Singshore Bridge, Rimbi Waterfall, Kanchenjunga Fall, Khangchendzonga National Park, Kaluk, Pemayangtse Monastery, Rabdentse Ruins, Tashiding Monastery and many more.

A small town filled with a natural beauty that is almost breathtaking in its magnitude, Pelling is a great place to visit in Sikkim. There are many wonderful places to visit in Pelling and a stay here can never be uneventful. From adventure activities to spiritual retreats to immersive strolls through natural parks, Pelling is a place full of potential enjoyment. The town is fast becoming a popular tourist attraction not only as a result of all these features but also because of that indescribable air of magic that surrounds it no matter what you do there.

Tall snowy mountains look down benignly at this little town and waterfalls and lakes send forth their twinkling music through the landscape. Pelling is a great adventure and spending a few days here is a wonderful way to enjoy your Sikkim vacation. Of the many places to visit in Pelling, monasteries are the most prominent. Buddhism holds great sway in the entire state and this is aptly commemorated by the many monasteries that stand proudly in Pelling.

Many of these monasteries are considered to be among the important monasteries of Sikkim, and their halls contain a wealth of ancient Buddhist treasures in the form of paintings, sculptures, artefacts and books. Visiting these meditative buildings is a thing you cannot miss in Pelling. 
There are several beautiful natural water bodies all around Pelling too and these add to the delight of the stay in the town. Nature reigns supreme in the region and the days you spend here will be among the most rejuvenating of your lives.

Here is a list of best places to visit in Pelling:

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A town rich in monasteries and biodiversity, Yuksom is one of the many great places to visit in Pelling. The little town offers its visitors a wealth of activities for perusal including monastery visits, waterfall sightings, and adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling and hiking. Enjoying the serene loveliness of Yuksom is a beguilingly easy task which makes the days pass by in a pleasant haze. 

The joy of lounging beside the many grand falls like the Kanchenjunga Falls, Phamrong Falls and Rimbi waterfalls is only surpassed by the delight of mediating in the monasteries vibrating with peace. The Rabdentse Ruins are close to Yuksom as is the Khecheopalri Lake. Many popular treks also start from Yuksom, one of which is the Yuksom-Dzongri trek-a high altitude trek along the Rathong Chu River in West Sikkim.

Location: Yuksom, West Sikkim, India

Price: Approx. INR 500-2000 for accommodation

If you are planning a visit to Sikkim, you cannot miss out on Gangtok, There are many wonderful places to visit in Gangtok which make it one of the best tourist destinations in India.

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Pemayangtse Monastery

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Located right opposite Sangachoeling Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery is another equally important Buddhist shrine in Pelling. It is an old monastery which has been standing tall since 1705. It is one of the most famous shrines in West Sikkim and a must visit when in the region. This monastery operates under Nyingma sect of Tibet Buddhism and controls all other monasteries of the same sect. The architecture of the monastery is beautiful and appealing to the eye. Many paintings and sculptures form a part of its elegant setup, and statues of Padmasambhava and his two consorts are prominent in the monastery. 

The beauty of the monasteries interiors is magnificently complemented by the beauty of the Himalayan exteriors. Peace and serenity wash over you when you are at this monastery. Not only can travellers trek up to the top of the ridge where the monastery is located, they can also choose to engage in the Rani Dhunga Jungle Trek which begins from this location. If you are visiting in February, plan your visit so as it coincides with the Cham dance festival celebrated here. You should not miss a visit to this tourist place in Pelling when in the town.

Location: Pemayangtse, near Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

The best way to discover the enthralling landscapes of Sikkim is to engage in the adventurous trek with Gangtok Tour Packages.

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Sangachoeling Monastery

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One of the most important attractions in Sikkim, Sangachoeling Monastery is the oldest monastery in Sikkim and a crucial Buddhist shrine in the region. It was constructed in 1697 by Gyalwa Lhatsum Chempo, a follower of the Nyingmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery features stunning paintings, statues, unique clay statues and scriptures enshrined in a solemn silence that is very soothing to the senses. Spending a couple of hours in this monastery simply being conscious is one of the best experiences you can have in Pelling. The other-worldly beauty of the monastery in addition to the breathtaking views that can be experienced from the location makes it a place rich in natural wonder. The monastery is located at the top of a high ridge and eager travellers can also hike up to the top.

Location: Pemayangtse, near Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Explore one of the best trek routes in Sikkim by booking Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

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Kanchenjunga Fall

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The magnificent Kanchenjunga Falls are one of the best places to visit in Pelling. Set amidst the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas, these waterfalls are a delight for the senses. The green and white beauty of the setting soothes the eyes while the steady twinkling of the water is music to the ears. The falls are accessible by the road through a climb of approximately 50 to 60 metres is necessary in order to reach the main waterfalls. There are plenty of tea and Maggi stalls all around, which make for a delightful picnic near the waterfalls. Photographers will also find the photogenic nature of this place absolutely ravishing.

Location: Kanchenjunga Falls, Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Rs 5 per person for local guides

Timing: 8 am to 6 pm.

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Rabdentse Ruins

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Rabdentse was the second capital of Sikkim from 1670 to 1814 and has therefore played an important part in its history. The Rabdentse Ruins are a reflection of this proud history that was wiped away siege of the Gurkhas. There is not much in terms of remains to be seen here. Only stubs of buildings remain standing for the most part and the only living entities are the tourists who visit it. But visiting the Rabdentse Ruins when in Pelling is an absolute must because the breathtaking location offers some of the most magnificent views of the Kanchendzonga mountain ranges in West Sikkim. It is a spectacle that should not be missed. 

The 20-minute walk from Pemayangtse Monastery to the ruins takes you through a gorgeous natural setting that adds to the joy of the expedition. The mingling of the past and the present in the Rabdentse Ruins is a great reason to spend an afternoon here.

Location: Geyzing, close to Pemayangtse Monastery, Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

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Tashiding Monastery

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Part of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the Tashiding Monastery is an important monastery on the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit in Pelling. Featuring a lovely location as it sits in between Rathong chu and the Rangeet River, this monastery is one of the holiest pilgrimage spots in Sikkim. Peace and solitude fill every corner of the monastery and make a trip here one rich in meditative beauty. This monastery is best visited with the aid of a local guide who knows all myths and legends of the place well. Since the Tashiding Monastery is associated with several legends, local insight into them will be invaluable. Bhumchu festival, one of the most important festivals in Pelling, is also celebrated here.

Location: Yuksom, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

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Rimbi Waterfall

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You will come across the gushing stream of white that is the Rambi Waterfall on your way to Khechopalri and Yuksam. It is a scenic natural setup full of natural beauty. The waterfall is a large one and is encased by lush greenery. Spending an hour at this location is a great way to enjoy yourself in Pelling. The picturesque setting makes for a wonderful photography spot too.

Location: Rimbi River, approx. 5 Km from Darap Village, Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 8 am to 6 pm.

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Darap Village

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8 kilometres away from Pelling, on the route to Khecheopalri and Yuksam, lies the scenic Darap Cherry Village. A small and quaint destination, Darap village is inhabited by the Limboo Community along with the Bhutias, Chettris, Tamangs, Rais, Gurungs and Lepchas. Framed by the majestic peaks of the Himalayan ranges, this village is a scenic retreat away from the bustling rush of the cities. Travellers can enjoy the village with the help of the many dainty homestays that are located here. A stay in the village is not just an opportunity to enjoy nature but also to be a part of the local community. You can enjoy games with the children, churn butter with the locals, process cheese in an old-fashioned way, hike extensively, lounge by the riverside and engage in other routine activities around the village. Visiting the ancient Limboo traditional house is another popular pastime.

Location: Darap, Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Homestays cost between 500- 3000 INR per night

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Sewaro Rock Garden

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A little distance away from Pelling lies the quaint Sewaro Rock Garden. It is a pretty, picturesque spot that makes for a great resting place between your Pelling adventures. The garden is a manicured space filled with fountains, resting sheds, avenues, and well maintained, structured rocks. A small cafeteria is also to be found in the garden. Spending an hour or two exploring this garden is a good way to add variety to your trip in Pelling.

Location: Sewaro Rock Garden, Hills Area, Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

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Singshore Bridge

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Singshore Bridge is one of the most amazing places to visit in Pelling. It is the second longest suspension bridge in Asia and has to be experienced to be believed. While the bridge itself is a bridge like any other, the beauty of the entire set is the biggest attraction of the place. The Singshore Bridge is long and connects two green mountains to each other. A deep gorge spreads out underneath the bridge and tall mountains tower above it.  The entire setting is one worthy of inspiring awe and wonder into the individual. No vehicles are allowed on the bridge which makes it especially wonderful for simply experiencing the gorgeous sights all around. Spending some hours on the bridge and exploring the jungles around it makes for an absolutely lovely outing in Pelling.

Location: Approx. 5 km from Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free entry

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

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Khecheopalri Lake

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Khecheopalri Lake, also known as Kha-Chot-Palri, is a natural lake near Pelling. It is one of the must-visit attractions in Pelling. Brimming with legends, the lake is revered by both Hindus and Buddhists for its mythical associations. Legends associate the place with Guru Padmasambhava, Lord Shiva and Goddess Tara apart from other important mythical figures. The Khechoedpaldri hill near the lake is also considered to be a sacred spot for many. Visiting the lake is a beautiful experience since nature and silence reign here undisturbed. The peaceful shores of the lake are a welcome home to many unique birds and the surrounding forests of bamboo add to its exotic delights. 

If you are trekking on the Yuksom-Dzongri-Goechha La trekking corridor, the lake will be one of the places you visit. Going to the lake with a local guide is a good idea because it will allow you to completely understand the history of the place. If you visit it in October, you will also be able to enjoy the ritual Chho-Tsho festival that is celebrated on the lake.

Location: Khecheopalri Lake, Pelling, West Sikkim, India

Price: Free

Timing: 8 am to 6 pm

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Kanchenjunga National Park

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Of all the tourist attractions in Pelling, Kanchenjunga National Park is the grandest. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this park offers visitors a magnificent chance for immersion into the depths of nature’s bounty. With sprawling forests, breathtaking glaciers, exotic birds and animals, and gorgeous views, a visit to Kanchenjunga National Park is an experience of a lifetime. The best way to enjoy the beauty of this place is by engaging in extensive trekking. There are several popular trails in the national park. 

The Yuksom - Tshoka – Dzongri trail, the Bakim - Dzongri - Thangshing - Samuteng - Goechala and Dzongri Base Camp - Rathong – Khangerteng trail is among the most popular trails in the national park. Trekking takes at least 6 to 7 days to complete but this can vary depending upon your route. However, every minute spent inside the park is a gift to yourselves, so enjoy it thoroughly.

Location: Near Chungthan, Gangtok, India

Price: Indian nationals- INR 200 per person for 7 days; INR 30 for each extra day

           Foreign nationals- INR 400 per person for 7 days; INR 75 for each extra day

Timing: Open 24 hours

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A beautiful, other-worldly destination in the foothills of West Sikkim, Kaluk is a small village comprised mainly of Nepali, Bhutia and Marwari settlers. Far from the bustling chaos of the major commercial centres, this leisurely village has a unique energy of its own. Travellers looking to enjoy the solitude of Pelling will find a perfect destination in Kaluk- you can stay in comfortable homestays, take in the relaxation offered by the mountains, engage in sundry activities with the locals, and just enjoy the meditative beauty of the village. When in Kaluk, make sure to visit the Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary as well as the Rinche pong monastery, the third-oldest monastery in Sikkim. The Singshore bridge is also close by. Hiking around Kaluk exploring different places is another magical way to enjoy the loveliness of nature there.

Location: Kaluk Village, near Gyalshing, West Sikkim, India

Price: Approx. INR 500- 1500 for accommodation

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Changey Waterfall

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A delightful, gurgling waterfall in the Western region of Sikkim, the Changey Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in Pelling you definitely should see. Its foamy white waters falling from a height of 300 metres to the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves are magnificent to experience. The falls disappear mid-way into the dense greenery that surrounds them on all sides, only to emerge beguilingly from unexpected corners. Dainty clusters of villages surround this waterfall, making it a unique sight to gaze upon. Whether you are sitting by the falls, hiking around them or even rappelling near them, a visit to the Changey Waterfalls will be a visit to remember.

Location: Approx. 10 kilometres from Pelling, West Sikkim, India  

Price: Free

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

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Renowned for its views, Ravangla is a small tourist town that lies mid-way between Pelling and Gangtok. It is one of the great tourist places in Pelling, especially in the summer months from April to July, when the natural beauty of the place bursts into bloom. Hosts of exotic birds’ flock to the forests around the town including laughing thrushes, babblers, cuckoos and hill partridges as well as the rare species of the satyr tragopan. Glorious forests of rhododendrons flourish promisingly on the slopes and dashing orchids colour the land with their vibrancy.

 There are several opportunities to engage in adventure activities around the town, especially in rock climbing, rappelling, and trekking. The trek to the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary also begins from Ravangla. Tourists also come to the town especially to gaze upon the glorious view visible from here- Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Pandim, Mount Siniolchu, Moun Kabru among others can also be gazed upon from this town.

Location: Ravangla, South Sikkim, India

Price: Approx. INR 1000- 5000 for accommodation

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People Also Ask About Pelling

  1. Which are the best monasteries in Pelling?

    1. Sangachoeling Monastery: Dating back to the seventeenth century, the Sangachoeling Monastery was established by Lama Lhatsun Cehmpo. From paintings to unique clay statues, this monastery boasts of having various age-old artefacts.

    2. Pemayangtse Monastery: Having its traces back in the 1600’s, the Pemayangtse Monastery is one of the very famous places to visit in Pelling. Majorly known for its architecture, this monastery is also believed to be a spiritual retreat for the tourists.

    3. Tashiding Monastery: Famous as “The heart of Sikkim”, Tashiding Monastery is a religiously sacred place and has been attracting tourists from all over the world. This is the place where Bumchu Festival is celebrated, which is one of the most famous festivals in Buddhism.

    4. Sanghak Choeling Monastery: One of the most famous places to visit in Pelling, the Sanga Choling Monastery is One of the oldest Monasteries in Pelling. having no roads connected to it, one is required to climb up hill for around 45 minutes to reach this location.
  2. Which are the places to visit in Pelling in April?

    1. Yuksom: The town of Yuksom is one of the most famous  places to visit in Pelling and is known for its abundance of biodiversity and the array of ancient monasteries. From a perfect stay to an array of adrenaline rushing activities, everything is available here.

    2. Kanchenjunga Falls: Away from the heat of the city, this waterfall can turn out to be the best spot where you can enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating day. The gushing stream creating a pool below will offer you many spots to click pictures at.

    3. Sewaro Rock Garden: This pretty and picturesque garden is known for its serenity and the wide area which is perfect for small picnics. Fountains, resting sheds and various avenues further make its vicinity even more charming.

    4. Kanchenjunga National Park: Spend your day traversing through the lush green biodiversity of Kanchenjunga here. Get a chance to spot various rare species of animals and birds while you set up your camp here.
  3. Is Pelling worth visiting?

    Yes, if you are interested in the architecture of old monasteries and are a nature lover then Pelling will offer you various featured locations. Being home to a Kanchenjunga Wildlife Sanctuary and one of the oldest monasteries - Sanghak Choeling Monastery makes a visit here worth all the time and money.
  4. Which is better: Lachung or Pelling?

    Both the places are better in their own ways. While Lachung is the spot for adventure seekers, backpackers and solo travellers, Pelling is for the ones who are travelling with families and looking for kid friendly spots.
  5. What is the best time to visit Pelling?

    The months between September to May are considered to be the best time when one can enjoy a vacation in Pelling. This is the time when the climatic conditions are perfect and the temperature stays pleasant. The other months are the ones when the location experiences monsoons which can further restrict various sightseeing trips and activity options.
  6. Can we see Kanchenjunga from Pelling?

    Yes, Pelling offers a very close view of Kanchenjunga standing like a guard with its lofty hills.
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