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3 Days Budget Sikkim Trip with Nathula Pass

3 Days Budget Sikkim Trip with Nathula Pass

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5 Days Gangtok Darjeeling Tour Package

5 Days Gangtok Darjeeling Tour Package

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6 Days North Sikkim with Lachen Lachung - Thrillophilia Exclusive

6 Days North Sikkim with Lachen Lachung - Thrillophilia Exclusive

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7 Days Tour of Gangtok, Pelling & Darjeeling

7 Days Tour of Gangtok, Pelling & Darjeeling

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6 Days Enthralling Group Tour of Sikkim

6 Days Enthralling Group Tour of Sikkim

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8 Days Romantic Tour of Gangtok, North Sikkim and Darjeeling

8 Days Romantic Tour of Gangtok, North Sikkim and Darjeeling

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9 Days Sikkim Bike Trip

9 Days Sikkim Bike Trip

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10 Days Captivating Sikkim Trip : Thrillophilia Exclusive

10 Days Captivating Sikkim Trip : Thrillophilia Exclusive

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  • If you are thinking about experiencing some Adventure in Sikkim then you can be sure of not being disappointed. This Indian mountain destination is known for its natural beauty and great culture. The alpine forests, glaciers, and the brilliant hills will captivate all of your senses quite surely. However, that’s not the only thing that you can expect in Sikkim. This is a place where the adventure lovers will have the most exciting time. From letting yourself get wet in the Teesta River to discover the mountains and forests on foot, there are a lot of exciting and challenging things to do in there.

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    The diversity in its adventure opportunities is one thing that makes the activities even more enjoyable. When there are trekking routes that are for everyone, there are also trekking options that are quite challenging and will surely satisfy the thrill addicts. The same is true for the cyclists and the climbers. Everyone can indulge themselves in some form of adventure in Sikkim and create the best memories. There are many professional adventure tour organizers in the city who can arrange the safest and most well-planned adventure
    tours in Sikkim for you.

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    Whatever form of Adventure Activities in Sikkim you take part in, be sure of being well prepared. Keep a map with you all the time and bring food and water for your journey. If you are a trekker then you need the right gears too. There is a
    lot to do in Sikkim and you mustn’t miss any of it.

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    Here are some of the best adventure activities in Sikkim:

  • 01Goecha La Trek

    Goecha La Trek

    The journey to the height of 4940 m is surely one of the best trekking experiences you can imagine. It takes you about 10 days to complete the full trekking path, at the end of which you will be welcomed by the clearest and most majestic view of the Kanchenjunga.

    During the trek, you will cross other great summits, rivers, and green forests. The trek starts from Yuksom which is 6 hours’ car ride from NJP railway station. Goecha La Trek is one of the most sought-after activities in Sikkim and is counted among the best adventure in Sikkim.

    Location: This high mountain pass is located in the Himalayan range.

    Price: It costs 14,500 per person.

    Timing: October to November is the best time.

    From gushing waterfalls to sprawling forests, from solitary monasteries to austere mountains, Gangtok offers a range of awe-inspiring things to do for visitors

    Goechala Trek, Sikkim, 2019

    Goechala Trek, Sikkim, 2019

    NNNNN2425 Ratings

    d10 Daysn9 NightslYuksom


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  • 02Rafting in Teesta

    Rafting  in Teesta

    River Teesta is the major river in Sikkim and it’s rightly known as the lifeline of the Sikkim region. Near the Teesta Bazar area, the river creates the perfect setting for Adventure in Sikkim with rafting. The adventure enthusiasts must take part in this exciting activity.

    There are two options available for people who know swimming and for people who don’t. There are expert rafters who work there and they are always present with the tourist who goes for river rafting in Teesta. The river here isn’t too dangerous either.  

    Location: Triveni, near Teesta Bazar.

    Price: Rs. 900 per person.

    Timing: December to June is the best time for rafting there.

    Take a refreshing break your monotonous lives with Gangtok Tour Package to visit the most picturesque destinations in the North East.

    White Water Rafting in Teesta River, Sikkim

    White Water Rafting in Teesta River, Sikkim

    NNNNM32 Ratings



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  • 04Paragliding is Gangtok

    Paragliding is Gangtok

    Paragliding is fast becoming the most popular adventure activity in Gangtok and a few other parts in Sikkim. The thrill and the exciting feeling of freedom are two things that make gliding a preferred sport for the adventure enthusiasts.

    The paragliding points in Gangtok have trainers who will fly with you if you are new to it. The paragliding experts can rent and fly the glider on their own. The view from the sky is mesmerizing.

    Location: Pangthang, Bojoghari village, and Tashi View Point

    Price: Rs. 4500 for high altitude flight and Rs. 2500 for medium altitude flight per person.

    Timing: May to October.

    Don't miss to check out our guide on the places to visit in North East India on your holiday.

    Paragliding in Sikkim: Soar High in the Sky

    Paragliding in Sikkim: Soar High in the Sky

    NNNNM25 Ratings



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  • 05Bungee Jumping at Singshore Bridge

    This bridge is Sikkim’s highest bridge, hanging at a height of 198 m. this surely creates a perfect opportunity for bungee jumping. If you want to experience the joy and thrill of jumping from a suspended bridge then this is a must place to visit on your trip to north east.

    The bridge connects two mountains, which offers a wonderful view of greenery. If you are new to bungee jumping then the experts will help you to learn the techniques and enjoy it fully. Bungee Jumping is one of the most sought-after activities in Sikkim.

    Location: It’s located in Uttarey Village, which is 5 km from Pelling.

    Price: 500 per person.

    Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM, all year long.

  • 06Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

    This 90 km long trek takes about 11 days to be completed and it’s a moderately tough trekking route. This trek is considered one of the most fulfilling and magical adventures in Sikkim experience. Adventure lovers from around the world take part in this journey.

    The trekking trail is delightfully challenging and offers some great sights of the Himalayan Range. The trek starts from Yuksom and ends in Bakkhim. The trail changes in beauty and geography ever few hours.

    Location: At 5200m in the Himalayan range.

    Price: It costs 14,700 per person.

    Timing: Mid September to October and Mid March to June.

    For more info, check out out guide on trekking in gangtok

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek 2019, Sikkim

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek 2019, Sikkim

    NNNNN439 Ratings

    d11 Daysn10 NightslGangtok


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  • 07Dzongri Trek

    Dzongri Trek

    Situated in 4200m, this 50 km trek surely is one of the most exciting and beautiful trekking experiences in Sikkim. This trek is comparatively shorter than the other popular trekking trails in Sikkim but its high altitude and the terrain makes it one of the most adventurous ones too. 

    It takes about 8 days to complete the trek. The journey offers some challenges and even more sights of natural beauty, including the stunning view of the Himalaya. It starts at Yuksom.

    Location: It’s located in Gangtok.

    Price: 24900 per person.

    Timing: March to mid-June and September to November.

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    Yuksom Dzongri Trek in Sikkim, 2019

    Yuksom Dzongri Trek in Sikkim, 2019

    NNNNN770 Ratings

    d11 Daysn10 NightslGangtok

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  • 08Yak Ride near Tsomgo Lake

    Yak ride is one of the most popular Adventure in Sikkim. They may look fierce but Yaks are very gentle creatures. Tsomgo is a glacier lake and the surroundings stay covered in snow during the winter season. You can rent a Yak from the nearby market area and enjoy the view from its back.  

    Location: It’s located about 40 km from Gangtok.

    Price: Riding a Yak to the bridge costs 40, to the viewpoint 80, to the village 100, and all the way to Kemthang costs 250. Taking a photo will cost you Rs. 10.

    Timing: Winter season is the best time.

    You can also check out our detailed article on the best destinations to visit in meghalaya, which can help in planning your trip. 

  • 09Cable Car Ride in Gangtok

    Cable car rides are always great fun. The one in Gangtok is set between two mountains and the view from the ride is unforgettably spectacular. The cable cars take up to 24 passengers. Make sure that you are one of the first ones to get in because you need to be beside the windows for the best view. There are 3 stations to take a ride from.

    Location: Deorali in Gangtok is the lowest point to ride the cable car.

    Price: It costs Rs. 110 per adult, Rs. 70 per kid below 6 years, and free for kids below 3 years.

    Timing: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM every day.

  • 10Cycling on Silk Route

    Cycling on Silk Route

    If you are looking for the Adventure in Sikkim then the cycling tour to the Silk Route can be one of your best choices. The journey starts from the Sillery Gaon. You can reach there by car from the NJP railway station. 

    There are professional tour organizers who will provide you with the cycles and other necessities. The week-long tour offers some of the best views of the mountains around Sikkim. You will camp overnight in specific halts set by the organizer where you can restock your food and water. 

    Location: Old Silk Route, East Sikkim.

    Price: Rs. 20,800 per person.

    Timing: It takes 7 days.

    Here's our guide on the most famous tourist spots in Cherrapunji, for your holiday. 

    Silk Route Cycling Tour

    Silk Route Cycling Tour

    NNNNM25 Ratings

    d7 Daysn6 Nights

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  • 11Sandakphu Trek

    Sandakphu Trek

    Located on 11940 feet, this is one of the most popular and enjoyable treks in the area. It’s a heaven for all those who are looking for Adventure Activities in Sikkim and want to enjoy a moderately tough terrain while taking in the gorgeous beauty of the mountains and forests.

    You have to travel to Manebhanjan by car. The trekking starts from that point. You can visit the national park on your way, and stay in the camping sights during nights. The view of the Everest and Kanchenjunga will accompany you.

    Location: it’s in Darjeeling District.

    Price: Rs. 9000 per person.

    Timing: It takes 6 days. Best timing is November to December.

    Sandakphu Trek, 2019

    Sandakphu Trek, 2019

    NNNNN639 Ratings

    d6 Daysn5 Nights


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  • 12Hang Gliding in Sikkim

    Hang gliding is a very popular activity among the thrill seekers. This Adventure in Sikkim fulfils one of the humans’ oldest dreams, flying. For this, you surely need an appetite for adventure and a strong heart.

    Gliding over the beautiful mountains and alpine forests will surely make your visit to Sikkim a remarkable one. If you are new to hang gliding then the trainers will guide you. You can rent the necessary equipment from the gliding points.  

    Location: Yumthang and Jorethang.

    Price: Rs. 2500 per person. Video recording will cost you extra.

    Timing: Mid May to October, early morning to afternoon.

    Also explore our guide on the top places to visit in shillong on your next vacation. 

  • 13Helicopter Ride

    Sightseeing from a helicopter is surely one of the best adventures in Sikkim and a great way to discover a place. When you are in Sikkim, you must buy tickets for a helicopter ride to get the perfect bird’s eye view of the area. The mountains, alpine forests, and the Mountain Rivers will lay below you the fascinating sight. A helicopter can carry up to 5 people.

    Location: Gangtok Valley, South Sikkim, West Sikkim, North Sikkim, and Kanchendzonga.

    Price: Depending on duration, the 15 minutes to 75 minutes’ rides can cost from Rs. 18000 to Rs. 90000.

    Timing: 7 AM to 9 Am, all year long.

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  • 14Caving in the North Lha-Ri-Nying Phu

    North Lha-RI-Nying Phu is believed to be one of the holiest places in Sikkim. The cave takes you inside the Himalayan Mountains, which itself is an adventure of a lifetime. The challenging steps and slopes inside the cave surely will add to your thrill.

    Even if you are not a religious person, the trek to the mouth of the cave surely will satisfy your need for a thrill. Exploring the cave will complete the adventure to remember.

    Location: It’s located in the north of Tashiding, near the Tashiding Monastery.

    Price: It costs Rs. 4500 per person.

    Timing: March to June and October to November.

  • 15Singalila Trek

    Singalila Trek

    Starting from Bagdogra, this more than half a month-long trek is one of the fascinating treks in India. The long trekking trail goes through some of the most beautiful points like Pelling, Chiwa Bhanjyang, Pare Megu, Tikip Chu, Lamuney, and Thangshing.

    The challenging but fulfilling trekking trip is joined by hundreds of trekkers every year. However, because of its length and difficulty, the trek is for you only if you are completely committed. But, the end result surely justifies the efforts.

    Location: Darjeeling.

    Price: Rs. 41,999 per person.

    Timing: It takes 17 days to be completed. Winter season is the best time for the trek.

    Singalila Trek, Sikkim 2019

    Singalila Trek, Sikkim 2019

    NNNNN670 Ratings

    d17 Daysn16 NightslDarjeeling

    Starting from


  • 16Green Lake Trek

    Green Lake Trek

    The 35 km long trekking trip takes about 13 days because of its stiff terrain, which is also what makes it an Adventure in Sikkim that must not be missed by the thrill seekers. when the highest altitude you will reach during the trek is 5000 m, the trail will challenge your trekking skills.

    If you are looking for adventure then surely this particular one will keep you engage and satisfy your needs to be thrilled. Apart from trekking and camping, a ropeway ride is also included in the journey.

    Location: North Sikkim.

    Price: It costs 65,000 per person.

    Timing: The trek takes up to 13 days.

    Green Lake Trek In Sikkim

    Green Lake Trek In Sikkim

    NNNNN400 Ratings

    d13 Daysn12 NightslGangtok

    Starting from




Goecha La Trek

Goecha La is a high mountain pass in the Himalayan range. The trek starts at the sleepy little town of Yuksom in West Sikkim. The town is very pretty with lush green surroundings and a salubrious weather to go with it. You can shop for all supplies at Yuksom before beginning the trek as this is the only place where you will get to buy all your necessary items.

Furthermore, before trekking the Goecha La, you will have to do two things, first make an entry at the local police station and second pay the permit fees at the forest check post. Usually the agencies take care of all these hassles and you will not have to bother about them.

The first phase of the trek to Goecha La will take you from Yuksom to Sachen. Yuksom is situated at an altitude of 5,700 feet and Sachen is situated at an elevation of 7, 200 feet. The trekking trail passes through a route of immense natural beauty. You will come across lush green fields, valley of the Rathong River and thick forests. From Sachen you will need to climb ahead to Tshoka which is at an altitude of 9,650 feet.

This trek is quite enjoyable in the initial phase but becomes tryingly steep towards the later phase. On reaching Bakhim, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Yuksom valley. As you trek on ahead, you pass through Dzongri and Phedang. You will also be able to enjoy the beauty of some of the densest rhododendron forests in India and get a breathtaking view of the highest mountains in the Himalayan range. You will pass through the beautiful Samiti Lake which will mesmerise you with its sparkling blue waters.

The entire journey from Yuksom to Goecha La is a treat to the eyes. Despite being a test of physical stamina, the route is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes that you can come across while trekking in the Himalayas.

Best Season: September- November & March-April
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
Max. Elevation: 5002 m
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