10 Beaches near Kuta For A Perfect Sunny Gateway!
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Water Sports In Bali

Beaches near Kuta Bali

1. Batu Bolong Beach
2. Pandawa Beach
3. Balangan Beach
4. Kelan Beach
5. Seminyak Beach
6. Sanur Beach
7. Geger Beach
8. Jimbaran Beach
9. Dreamland Beach
10. Tuban Beach

Bali is brimming with extraordinary beaches that provide the best scenic views, adventures, and experiences. Make note of visiting all the best beaches near Kuta in Bali to enjoy the best summer of your life. Get a nice tan and some cold drinks while relaxing along the scenic shores of Geger Beach and Dreamland Beach. You can also indulge in surfing and swimming in the midst of the beach's waves, which will make your day even more delightful.

The exotic beaches of Kuta like the Batu Bolong Beach and the Kelan Beach are known for the variety of water adventures they offer and the glistening nightlife they have. Plan a trip to Seminyak Beach, the most vibrant and colourful beach in Bali, with all of the luxuries, food, and drinks to enjoy. In addition, Pandawa Beach, which dates back to the legendary era of Mahabharatha, is a must-see hidden gem in Kuta for all of your perfect memorable photos. Check out Bali budget packages for an affordable yet unforgettable experience.

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Best Beaches Near Kuta


Sanur Beach

This golden and tropical beach near Kuta, Bali is the ideal place to visit on your Indonesia trip if you want to learn about the island's unique culture and natural landscapes. Sanur beach is a sandy panorama with crystal blue waters and some of the best breathtaking views in Bali. It is brimming with vibrant and colourful boats, local food stalls, and a variety of fun activities.

This beach is a great place to relax in the sun and watch the sunset, and unlike other beaches, it is not overcrowded. You can have the best time with your family during the day and at night near the seashores, while playing, singing, or simply enjoying the delicious food. Swimming can also be done during the daytime.

Location: Sanur, Pantai Sanur, Bali 

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Batu Bolong Beach

Bali is the best place in the world for beach vacations, and Batu Bolong Beach is just one of the amazing beaches. Located at the end of Canggu's busiest strip, it is well-known for the brown and grey sand that is strewn across the beach, attracting both locals and tourists.

Batu Bolong beach is surrounded by some of the most popular and well-known boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and bars in the area, including 'Old Man's' and 'The Lawn,'. It is a fun and joyful place to enjoy the sunsets and hangout, which makes it one of the best family beaches near Kuta.

Location -  Dalung, Kuta Utara, Indonesia 

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Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is another fun beach near Kuta, Bali. This beach is hidden among the Badung mountains. Pandawa Beach, named after the five brothers of the Mahabaratha era, Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Sahadewa, and Nakula, offers spectacular views of the extensive Indian Ocean. Locals sometimes refer to it as Kutuh Beach. It's a lovely scenic spot to unwind and soak up the rays. It's an active spot for both tourists and locals, as well as for a casual picnic.

You can also participate in fun beach activities such as water skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and some others. It's a great place for romantic couples and families to spend time together.

Location: South Kuta, Indonesia 

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Balangan Beach

Image Credit : Tom Booth

Balangan Beach is a well-known beach in Kuta, Bali, that serves as a dreamland for many beach and nature lovers who want to relax, sunbathe and surf the waves. This picturesque location features golden sands and sparkling blue water. It is also an advanced surf break, but beginners and intermediates can surf in it. The limestones surrounding the beach are just as beautiful and picturesque as the waters themselves.

Climbing on them and relaxing on them allows you to enjoy the best tropical atmosphere and sea breeze. While sunbathing, sip some fresh coconut water. Also, don't forget to enjoy the nightlife, bonfires, and beach fun at sundown.

Location:  Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia 

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Kelan Beach

Kelan Beach is one of the most beautiful attractions in Bali, and it is located near Kuta. It is an incredibly beautiful place to enjoy the marvellous sunsets and nightlife. This white sand, clean, and steep beach is the perfect spot because it allows you to relax. Visitors can also enjoy the local seafood and beach activities. You can also have fun playing, building sandcastles, or simply dipping your legs in the water.

Also, take a seat on the restaurant's shady terrace or on the beach with your feet in the sand to take in Jimbaran Bay’s panoramic views decorated with the vibrant fishing boats in your sight. This location is ideal for a romantic sunset dinner or candlelight evening as well.

Location: Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia 

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Seminyak Beach

Among all the extraordinary beaches near Kuta, Seminyak Beach is just one of the most luxurious beaches in Bali. The wide sandy beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas, horseback riding, bars, and a lively nightlife scene are just a few of the attractions that draw many visitors to this place. Many colourful umbrellas can be found scattered throughout the beach, which are used by people to avoid tanning.

The beach is thriving with the best beachside resorts, trendy restaurants serving local and international cuisines, and world-class pubs where you can party all night and day. You can also treat your taste buds to some delectable local street food while on the trip. This beach is one of the most fashionable beaches in Bali.

Location: South Bali, Indonesia 

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Geger Beach

Geger Beach, a stretch of golden sand in southern Nusa Dua, is a true gem and a magnificent beach near Kuta. This beach, like Pandawa Beach, is less crowded and an offbeat gem. The beach is clean and provides panoramic views of the crystal clear waters and waves. Another feature that distinguishes it from the other five-star resorts in Nusa Dua, is the beach's cultural and historic ambiance.

You can easily find accommodations because this surrounding area is now filled with high-end resorts. Enjoy surfing the waves, picnics, and a fun time relaxing under the sun with your family on the beach.  Also, don't miss out on the seafood delicacies available on the pathway near the beach.

Location: Desa Adat Peminge, Nusa Dua, Indonesia 

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Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is an ideal and family-friendly location for your families, children, and group. It is a vast beach near Kuta with yellow, brown, and white sands and calming and soothing water waves. You can also relax and have fun by swimming and sunbathing at this place. Don't forget to apply sun protection before going out in the sun. You can also find some calming shade under the vibrant green coconut tree groves.

There are also amazing coral reefs, luxury hotels, and sunbeds to have a great experience. In addition, the Jimbaran Beach coastline is teeming with mouthwatering grilled seafood and a plethora of other local delicacies to enjoy. Mostly, this beach comes alive at night when there are a lot of people.

Location: Kuta South District, Bali, Indonesia 

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Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach, as the name suggests, is a heavenly paradise for everyone in Bali. It is a beautiful beach with white sand that stretches for over 100 meters and is leaned against a steep white stone cliff with an amazing view of the Indian Ocean. This beach near Kuta is very appealing to tourists, including surfers, because it provides a dramatic, tranquil, and spectacular sunset view that creates a romantic atmosphere, making it one of the most popular destinations for tourists every day.

The limestone landscape also offers a stunning panoramic view and a picturesque setting for all viewers. However, this beach charges some entry fees from its visitors which differs for locals and foreigners.

Location: Bukit Peninsula, Bali, Indonesia 

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Tuban Beach

This is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful beaches in the area to visit and explore during your trip to Indonesia. It is a long stretch of nice white sand spread across the beach, accompanied by the soothing sound of ocean waters.  It also is a sandy beach with outrigger fishing boats from the local community.

Visitors to the area can also plan a stay at one of the nearby large hotels. You can get a variety of delectable dishes to eat and try at the local stalls, as well as the famous Bali drinks.

: Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 

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People Also Ask About Kuta

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Kuta?

    1. The Beachwalk Shopping Centre: Beachwalk Shopping Centre, located very close to the beaches near Kuta, is a fantastic shopping arcade with a classy open-air mall that has famous international chain stores, book stores, beauty salons, restaurants, and a central garden. It's a cool fun play zone that anyone can enjoy. You can also take a tour of the area, get a massage, go surfing, play golf, and do a variety of other activities.

    2. Kedonganan Beach
    For those who have enjoyed the beaches near Kuta, Bali, Kedonganan Beach is yet another must-see on your trip. This beach is a wonderful place to spend time with your loved ones while on vacation. The local restaurants on the outskirts of the beach are also known for serving authentic seafood cooked in the traditional Indonesian style at the beach. 

    3. Kuta Beach
    It is a well-known international beach with long golden sand paths and nearby clear water. It is a beautiful nature and adventure lover's destination where you can also enjoy various types of water. When the sun sets, the beach becomes the ideal setting for a romantic candle-light dinner. You can savour the delicious seafood while sipping your new favourite cocktail in Bali.

    4. Kuta Night Market
    Do you know why, as the sun sets, the Kuta beach becomes a bustling place with many people? It's all because of the fantastic markets that surround the beach. It is one of the most popular places in Kuta because you can buy clothes, accessories, perfumes, drinks, delectable food, and much more.

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  2. What are the best things to do in Kuta Bali?

    1. Enjoy the thrills of Waterbom Park: Make the most of your trip by visiting the most exciting waterpark near Kuta. It is a full-service family entertainment centre with a variety of water rides and pools for all ages. You can also relax on the beach chairs or eat snacks at several of the park's cafes and refreshment areas.

    2. Enjoy the Upside-down World in Bali
    Amaze yourself and your family by visiting the best place on your trip, Bali's Upside Down World. It's a fanciful photography-friendly location with upside-down scenes and furniture arranged on the ceiling. It's a fun and exciting place to visit because of the quirky installation of the decor products.

    3. Enjoy a traditional performance at Kuta Theatre: 
    After taking in all of Bali's natural beauty, it's a good idea to explore the island's art and culture. There are numerous theatres in the area that regularly host a variety of traditional and classic shows showcasing their culture. Local performers in traditional costumes can also be seen performing arts such as the Legong dance, magic shows, plays, acts, and much more.

    4. Take in delightful cocktails: 
    This location is also well-known for the drinks and cocktails it serves to visitors. So, when in Bali, simply savour many amazing, bold, and vibrant drinks to keep your trip fun and lively. These are mostly available along beach coastlines at night, when the beaches are packed with people.

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  3. Is Bali worth visiting?

    Yes, Bali is worth a visit because of its natural beauty, clear waters, temples, culture, and so much more. The island's landscape also includes many magnificent mountainous areas with scenic lakes, pouring sacred rivers, flowerbeds, lush greenery, gorgeous waterfalls, and secret canyons.

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  4. What is the best time to visit Bali?

    The best months to visit Bali are from April to September, because these are the summer months on the island. However, because of the chilly water breeze, Bali is comfortable all year, making it an ideal travel destination all year. Further to that, the rainy season makes it difficult to travel and swim in the beach waters.

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  5. What are the best Bali tour packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

  6. What are the other activities to enjoy in Bali that you can book through Thrillophilia?

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We booked a package to Bali as our honeymoon trip. It is a beautiful places, with mesmerizing mountains and alluring beaches, it was good and hassle free trip with the best of management possible. Would love to travel with the guys again.
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