Upside Down House Indonesia Overview

Allow yourself to be fooled by the Upside Down House of Bali, which greets you with its surreal decor and furnishings. It has seven different rooms in which objects are purposefully positioned upside down to entertain guests. You can take selfies in funny stances or appreciate the gravity-defying views available in these rooms, themed as kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

Upside Down World in Bali features seven specially designed rooms with décor and furnishings that are simply and purposely upside down. It's a place where you may have a good time with your family and friends while striking a variety of unusual stances.

When you flip the photos over, it appears as if you're performing gravity-defying acrobatics.

Selfie sticks won't work here, but don't worry: friendly personnel will be on hand to assist you in framing the perfect image. The master bedroom, the kitchen and dining area, and the laundry are some of Upside Down World’s most popular theme rooms.

There's also the 'Balinese room,' which has intricate woodwork carvings and old furniture which is set at a 90-degree angle. This room is best suited for couples, who frequently strike a slightly intimate stance in which one sits on the couch holding a cup while another scales the wall 'pouring' tea from a teapot.

Upside Down World, Bali is a great site to shoot some unique photos, but knowing how to set up poses and get the greatest perspectives always helps. A tripod is also useful for allowing everyone to participate. The staff can lead you through the perplexing rooms, and recommend widely accepted poses if you can't come up with your own.

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• This one-of-a-kind display will turn your life upside down with its jaw-dropping exhibitions.
• Take lots of photos with your loved ones in numerous places, ranging from the colorful master bedroom suite to the necessary laundry room.
• Come over with your family and friends for an interesting indoor activity that is appropriate for all ages.
• For a unique bonding experience with your group in Bali, visit the island's own Upside Down World.
• Pose against the museum's intriguing exhibits and let your imagination wander.

How To Reach

The Upside Down World is located at a distance of about 45 kilometers from the city center of Bali which would take around 1.5 hours to 2 hours to reach by a rental cab or self drive vehicle.

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Best Time To Visit

As this is an indoor activity, you can visit this place all through the year. The most preferred time for the exploration of this indoor place is from 11:00 AM in the morning to 02:00 PM in the afternoon as you will come across less crowds.

You can choose to capture cool snaps with your group in the intriguing upside down world when it's hot outside.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Upside Down World:

  • Bajra Sandhi Monument: The Bajra Sandhi Monument was constructed in 1987 and it is situated at the city center of Denpasar which acts as a testament to the struggle and pain of the Balinese residents during the conflict. The shape of the bell used in religious processions and ceremonies is symbolized by the word Bajra.
  • Within its four walls, the monument has retained many cultural characteristics of Bali and narrates the stories and customs of generations of Balinese people, making it one of Denpasar's most famous tourist attractions.
  • Le Mayeur Museum: Le Mayeur Museum is one of the preserved exhibition halls that has been kept in the loving memory of Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres who happens to be one of the famous painters of the 19th century. During your visit to the museum, you will come across a number of artwork of Adrien as well as get a chance to dive deep into his unique techniques. The building was once upon a time the residence of the artist where he lived with his wife Ni Pollok. After the death of the artist in 1958, the house was donated to the people and later converted into a museum. 
  • Sakenan Temple: Sakenan Temple is one of the must-visit attractions located close to the Upside Down World as it is known for its influence into the Hindo-Balinese Culture. Pilgrims float to this unique attraction from all over the world during the 210 day celebration of the piodalan jubilee. The temple has been subjected to several restorations in the past but the authentic Balinese art and architecture is still preserved. 
  • Bali Provincial Public Museum: Bali Provincial Public Museum happens to be one of the most sought after places to visit nearby the Upside Down World in Bali. This place is very much famous among the culture and history lovers as it offers insights into the ancient culture and traditions of Bali. Being one of the oldest monuments and main exhibition hall, it has got more than 10000 exhibits that have got connection to the life and culture of local people.

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Point of Interest for Upside Down House Indonesia
Click Photo That Makes World Turned Upside Down

Click Photo That Makes World Turned Upside Down

Tourists visit the upside down world in Bali to click some stunning yet strange photos to let their friends go mad about. With great poses, you will be able to make out some stunning snaps that come out as if you are defying the rules of gravity.

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3D room

3D room

The 3D room is designed specifically for couples visiting the intriguing upside down world. They can click some amazing moments with the help of the staff members or else posing at a tripod perfectly.

The most common pose in the 3D room is one sitting on the couch holding a cup while the other partner scaling the wall would be pouring tea from the teapot.

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Visit different rooms of various themes including bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room

Visit different rooms of various themes including bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room

The upside down world has got a number of themed rooms starting from a master bedroom suite, kitchen area, living room, dining room, and laundry area to attract visitors heading over to Bali.

Spending time at this unique place would definitely be a great memory with your loved ones as you will get to indulge in some group activities and with the help of the staff members you can capture some great shots. 

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Tourism Board Alliances

Upside Down House Indonesia FAQs

Is it okay to use my camera?

Yes, you are allowed to use your camera to shoot some of the brilliant shots with your group in this intriguing upside down world.

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Why is the Upside Down World so special?

The Upside Down World is very much special among the tourists and locals as they get a chance to shoot some amazing snaps being positioned upside down, as if they are defying gravity.

The upside down world has also got a number of rooms packed with all essentials making you feel like you are living in a world that has been turned upside down.

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