Abandoned Plane, Kuta: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Abandoned Plane

In the fascinating city of Bali lies the mysterious abandoned plane. It has been discovered that a Boeing 373 plane has been parked in a private property land in Bali. After it was revealed, tourists from across the globe have piled up in large numbers to witness the charming absurdity the plane is. No one knows how the plane got there, not even the localites, even though it sits in the vicinity of a residential area and next to one of the largest highways of Bali.

The place is surrounded by tourists who have to pay a set amount at the entrance of the gate to enter the plane and relish its supremacy. Guarded by a security guard who owns the lease on the planes for 10 years, this abandoned Boeing 373 is most commonly used as a selfie station for travelers. 

The plane from the inside looks exactly like a Boeing aircraft. It has a smooth setting and a clean environment with no branding, host or pilot. Although the spot right now is nothing but an enigmatic attraction for tourists who love to spend some time inside the parked aircraft, the future holds a different plan. It is said that the plane will be converted into an exquisite restaurant and a flight simulator in the coming years.

Now that sounds enticing. The place has slowly grown into a major attraction for tourists and as more people know about it, the more fascinated they are. 
At the end of the day, the abandoned planes serve as the perfect destination for an escapade.  With no plans to move anytime soon, you can always put this in your to-do list for your next Bali trip.

How to Reach Abandoned Plane

The Abandoned plane is approximately 18 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is found in very close proximity to the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway and is even closer to Pandawa Beach. There are various Cabs and bus services that run between the airport and Pandawa beach.

One can simply get down here and walk towards the Abandoned plane, it should not take one than 10 minutes to reach.

What Not to Miss at Abandoned Plane

Places to Visit near Abandoned Plane

There are a number of exciting tourist spots in the vicinity of the Abandoned Plane. 

1. Uluwatu Temple - 
Found on the dazzling cliffs of the city, providing a mesmerizing view of the enchanting sea, Uluwatu temple is an ancient Hindu temple set up near the Abandoned Airplane. Visitors relish a great time praying and spend quality time appreciate the soothing atmosphere of the place. Tourists can also enjoy the daily traditional dance show that is practiced in the temple's premises. Calm and comforting, Uluwatu temple is a must-visit in Bali. 

2. Seminyak Beach -
The bedazzling Seminyak beach is a favorite tourist spot among many visitors. Encapsulated with tons of shacks and activities including water sports to enjoy, the place is a spot for all kinds of leisure lovers and active adventurous. The beach also holds a number of bars and the nightlife here is something one cannot simply miss. 

3. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park -
Bali's finest, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Culture Park is one of the most enchanting tourist spots on the island. It is said that the enormous monument of Garuda Wisnu watches after Bali and shields it. The sculpture is an embodiment of the Hindu lord Wisnu. The entire park is encapsulated in more than 60 hectares of land and holds a variety of flora and fauna much enjoyed by various visitors. 

4. Dreamland Beach -
Found in the coasts of the Bukit Peninsula, the Dreamland beach is a fascinating place adored by thrill-seekers. From surfing through the rising waves of the ocean to enjoying a chilling swim, there is much to do at Dreamland Beach. Cafes and restaurants are in abundance near the beach and many can also enjoy the alluring sunset the waterfront offers. In short, the Dreamland beach is absolutely delightful and must be in everyone's Bali itinerary. 

Other Essential Information About Abandoned Plane

Bali, Indonesia, near the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula.

-Timings: All throughout the day. 

-Price:  $5 for locals and for foreigners 

Tips for Visiting Abandoned Plane 

There are some imported reminders to be considered before you visit the place. 

1. Carry cash, you may have to pay a certain sum of money to enter the place. 

2. Don't forget to click a lot of enigmatic pictures inside the plane. 

3. Carry water and snacks if you are planning to stay there for a while. 

4. If you want to learn some interesting stories about how the plane came into existence, do have a word with the localites. 
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