The Shell Museum Overview

The Shell Museum in Bali, established in 2009, showcases an extensive collection of shells, fossils, and shell-crafted items. With three floors, it houses over 10,000 shells and 100 fossils from Indonesia and around the world. Highlights include ancient cephalopods and marine invertebrates. Maintained at optimal temperature and humidity, it offers an educational experience alongside typical tourist activities.

The one and only museum for preserving the precious shell varieties with amazing colors, shapes, and sizes in the Indonesian archipelago is the Shell Museum. It was started back in 2009, and currently stands as one of the most prominent attractions to visit with our Bali tour packages. The museum proudly displays 100-year-old fossilized specimens as well and items crafted out of the shells and it is one of the popular places to visit in Kuta

Highlights: There are three floors and they preserve the abundant collection of seashells from Indonesia as well as from different parts of the world and the museum consistently grabbed the attention of conchologist or normal tourists and locals from the moment it was opened. The first floor is made gorgeous with a gallery of lamps, home ware and other similar items made out of shells and mother of pearl and you can purchase the most beautiful and intricate items here.

The second floor has an enormous collection of ancient fossils of different sizes and shapes. Among them, the Madagascan cephalopods that are estimated to be more than 300 million years old are also included.

Also, you will see the specimens of extinct marine invertebrates, trilobites etc here. Finally, on the third floor, more colorful items are places to admire like sea urchins, starfish, sharks etc. Totally, there are around 10000 shells and more than 100 fossils sheltered under the roof of this museum.

The room temperature and humidity levels are maintained properly to keep the specimens without decaying or getting damaged. The lighting inside the museum is moderated to prevent the specimens from discolouration. It provides an educational alternative to the common dining, surfing, shopping etc.

Opening hours: The museum will be open on all days from 09:30 am to 09:30 pm

Location: The address of the museum is Jalan Sunset Road 819, Kuta.

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