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Located on the ‘Blue Mountains’ or the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is popularly called as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. Standing elegantly at a height of 2,240 metres, Ooty boasts of its colourful valleys, panoramic hills and its exotic range of flora and fauna. Ooty resorts 5 star hotels offer the most delightful stay to all its visitors and offer them the most pristine outlook of the town.

Given below is a vibrant list of the luxury resorts in Ooty that will add more colour to your stay Ooty :

Ferrnhills Royaal Palace, Resort

Luxury Resorts in Ooty-Ferrnhills Royaal Palace Resort

Amongst Ooty resorts 5 star, this resort is spread over forty acres of verdant greenery and is one of the finest luxury Resorts in Ooty. The Ferrnhills Royaal Palace was the summer retreat centre of the Mysore Maharaja. Now this palace is a thriving resort that offers five star facilities and comforts within a serene and tranquil ambience. The resort has a wide range of luxury suites, and amongst all the suites, the Super Luxury Suite is the most comfy suite.

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Each of the suites here is designed to perfection and has a distinct identity. The rooms are comfortable decked and spacious and are overwhelmed natural lighting. The restaurant here is called the Curry and Rice restaurant. The highlight of this restaurant is that it serves dishes that related to the primate Ooty. The restaurant also offers eclectic mix of fusion foods that include Anglo-Indian delicacies as well.

Fern Hill, a Sterling Holidays Resort, Ooty

The resort offers a quaint but luxurious ambience in the blue hills of the Nilgiri region. The very first impression of the traditionally decked sloping roofs and terracotta tiles will catch hold of your attention. The resort is a combination of excellent facilities that reverberate with luxury and comfort, and gives it a distinct identity amongst luxury Resorts in Ooty. You can plan for lots of activities from here as well such as visiting the mountain side to enjoy an idyllic picnic.

Located on the Kundah House Road, Fern Hill, this resort has more than 150 rooms. The Fern Hill, A Sterling Holidays Resort follows a membership approach where rooms are given to members and non-members. Nevertheless, all rooms have balconies and provide excellent views of the world outside.

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A range of amenities are provided here at this Ooty resorts 5 star hotel. The Travel Desk ensures that all your travel arrangements are made. Be it sightseeing, camping, trekking, arrival or departure, all aspects of your travel is arranged in advance. A gift shop inside the resort provides you enough choices to shop for gifts and souvenirs. You can also visit the library, which has an interesting collection of books.

Inside the resort there is a play area for children with see-saws, swings, and merry-go-rounds. Although strictly not for children, adults can enjoy the facilities as well. A host of indoor and outdoor game facilities are provided in this resort. You can play caroms, chess, badminton, and squash. Outdoor sporting facilities include cricket and cycling.

In the evenings you can sit around a bonfire and enjoy the blissful moments of togetherness or solitude. There are facilities in the resort to enjoy discotheque parties as well. This resort is regularly used for marriage functions and business meetings. There are conference halls here that can accommodate hundreds of people and are well equipped with the modern amenities.

Kurumba Village Resort

Kurumba Village Resort

This resort is named after the ‘Kurumba’ tribe and it reflects the strong heritage and rustic charm of this ancient tribe. This resort offers many types of accommodation facilities.

At the Kurumba Village Resort, you can stay in the Kurumba Cottage, Suite, or Jacuzzi Suite. The Kurumba Cottage has been designed luxuriously with exotic interior decorations and thatched roofs. Pyramid shaped interior with king-sized beds and brightly painted walls add to the charm of dwelling, back in the period of the Kurumba tribe. Every room of the cottage is equipped with a balcony, wherein the railings are ornamentally designed.

The colours used are mild brown and lemon yellow to inspire an earthy look and feel inside. The Kudumba Suite is a well-equipped place of stay that incorporates the rustic energy of the tribe. The Jacuzzi Suite has bathrooms equipped with private Jacuzzis.

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If accommodation facilities have inspired you, then the dining facilities will surely excite you. When you enter the restaurant you can’t help but notice the high ceiling and thatched roof of this enclosure. The menu offered here is multi-cuisine. This restaurant is a gourmet lover’s delight. Expert chefs dole out fusion food that will keep you asking for more.

Kurumba Village Resort

The Kurumba Village Resort has several unique characteristics; one being the spice garden of the resort, which grows cloves and pepper. Called the spice sanctuary, this place also has enough jackfruit and rosewood trees.

The resort administration provides you something called Wishineering. This program is essentially a collection of activities that you can do while staying here. You can have a private dining experience, go on excursions, learn to cook tribal foods, dine on a tree top and several other activities.

Well, this is not the end of Kurumba Resort. While in this resort, you can also dine in a cave, take a herbal bath filled with eucalyptus plants, cloves and rose milk, trek through the forest and take a spice plantation tour.

Space Inn Resort, Ooty

Space Inn Resort Ooty

Ooty has an interesting history. It was discovered by some British soldiers in the early part of the eighteenth century. The Space Inn Resort is one such place in Ooty that you will love to discover and not be disappointed for sure. The resort is only a six minutes drive from Ooty.

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Spread over six acres, the resort have excellent accommodation facilities that includes the villas and cottages. The list of facilities here are impressive with a multi cuisine restaurant on location and wall to wall carpeting. Room services are round the clock. The resort also arranges for activities such as horse riding, boating, bonfire, camp fire and horse cart expeditions.

This resort is ideal for a honeymoon stay and offers multiple honeymoon packages. The resort is located on the Governor Shola Road, near Fernhill Palace and is one of the best places to experience the bliss of romance in the lap of nature.

Fortune Resort Sullivan Court, Ooty

Fortune Resort Sullivan Court Ooty

The lush green hills, luscious pine trees and the picture-perfect ambience of Ooty hold the charm to enchant its visitors. In these pristine backdrops, spending precious moments of solitude or togetherness becomes a dreamlike experience. The Fortune Resort Sullivan is located in these idyllic surroundings and is the proud possessor of all the divine qualities of Ooty.

The resort is set amidst blushing hills that reverberate with all the vivacities. Situated on a hill slope, this resort is bejewelled with a vibrant and colourful garden. The verdant and sprightly lawns here stand testimony to the artistic beauty of Ooty’s captivating nature.

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There are more than 60 rooms here; some are Standard and some are Fortune Club rooms. All places of stay offer excellent views of the external surroundings. You can view the vast stretches of the picturesque slopes from the windows of the rooms. All rooms are decked with impressive amenities and are ornamented with contemporary décors. These well-appointed rooms have round the clock concierge and housekeeping service.

Located on the Selbourne Road in Ooty, the Fortune Resort Sullivan Court features a multi cuisine restaurant named the Pavilion. It is a round the clock restaurant serving food at any time you walk in. This is an ideal place to enjoy a midnight meal if this idea excites you! You can also sample exotic drinks at the Selbourne’s Bar. The bar has a generous collection of the finest liquor brands.

A well equipped health club and a spa helps the visitors to revive and relax. For the kids, the resort houses a separate playground area that features video gaming consoles. The groovy and electric home theatre systems of the Fortune Resort always find their admirers.

Elk Hill Resort, Ooty

Located on the Ramakrishna Mutt Road, the Elk Hill Resort provides excellent accommodation facilities for the discerning travellers amongst all the other luxury Resorts in Ooty. It is only 2.5 km from the Ooty Railway Station. The resort is located in the vicinity of Doddabetta Peak, Ooty Lake, and Dolphin’s Nose.

This hospitality and service here are personalized and have received good reviews from international visitors as well. The well-appointed rooms of Elk Hill Resort are impressively designed to provide the best of luxury and comfort to the visitors; concierge and room service are round the clock.

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Juniors Suites are rooms that have unique interiors. Their uniqueness lies in the lightly coloured walls that are glossed with light pink and cream blushes. Beautifully fitted wooden floorings and exquisite lighting adds to the beguiling magnificence of these rooms.

While the Deluxe Suite is yet again a well-appointed and elegantly decorated, Luxury Suites are spacious than the other suites. The ceilings have beautiful curvatures with colourful curtains. The intricate lightings add more glows to the interiors and radiate the vibes of luxury and comfort.

The Elk Resort also brags out as one of the best resorts in Ooty when it comes to serving food. It serves most of the regional and authentic cuisines of Ooty. Expert and highly skilled chefs of the resort always ensure that their foods should always cuddle the taste buds of their guests.

Room-delivery is one of the best services in this resort. The coffee shop opens early in the morning and closes just before midnight; you can step anytime during the day or till the moment before it settles down for the day. A stay at the Elk Hill Resort provides you a comprehensive experience that can inspire you for a revisit.

Club Mahindra Derby Green, Ooty

Club Mahindra Derby Green Ooty

The beautiful backdrops of Ooty are best witnessed when visited. No amount of superlatives is enough to describe the naturalistic splendour of this place! The elevation of Ooty makes this town one of the popular holiday destinations in India. At more than 2,000 meters above sea level, when you will be checking-in into this resort, you can hear the clouds murmuring overhead.

Located at the heart of Ooty, stunning views of the surrounding valleys, hills, and waterfalls are the attractions of this resort. The fondness of the resort has made it one of the major landmarks of Ooty.

The facilities in this resort are a combination of luxury and rustic elegance. The contemporary amenities co-exist with old world charm that pervades this resort. Given that this building is a colonial structure, every aspect of this building has been refurbished. Care has been taken, not to disturb the old colonial charm and retain the primitive appeal of the resort. The views from here overlook the adjoining race course.

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The resort has a total of 90 rooms, provided with a multi-cuisine restaurant called ‘Ascot’ and an ayurvedic spa called ‘Svaastha’. This restaurant offers an electric fusion of various cuisines from various corners of the world and serves food, all through the day. The spa is the perfect place to feel the vibes of rejuvenation and relaxation.

The resort administration organizes various activities for their patrons. Some of them are adventure activities such as safaris, nature trails, boating and kayaking. You can also opt for camping at popular camping sites. Outdoor sport facilities such as cricket, golf, and badminton are also available. The resort is a comprehensive one for an extended stay of leisure and relaxation.

Deccan Park Resort Ooty

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Ootacamund or Ooty has a myriad list of luxury Resorts in Ooty. The Deccan Park Resort is one of the best resorts in Ooty. This resort guarantees you an unforgettable staying experience amidst all the finest amenities of life.

The accommodation facilities here are salubrious with a combination of cottages and double rooms. The interiors and exteriors of these places are impressively designed, keeping in mind that the level of comfort should be of supreme. It can suit the taste of the most discerning travellers.

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The hygiene standards at this resort leave no stone unturned in providing guests, a spic and span environment. Olives, the restaurant in Deccan Park Resort serves exotic vegetarian food. Visit the Downtown lounge bar to be served your favourite drinks in a relaxing ambience. The health club is fully equipped with a state of the art gym.

You can play snooker, chess, caroms, and chess here. Outdoor sports include basketball and cricket. Bonfire facility is provided to let you enjoy the cold evenings beside a burning mass of firewood.

The resort also arranges sightseeing tours, wherein you can visit the different sightseeing spots in Ooty. This is an opportunity for you to combine a salubrious stay at the Deccan Park Resort with quality visits to Ooty’s scenic delights. Given the unique settings of this resort, it is an exotic place to conduct weddings; business conference and banquet facilities are also available here.

The resort is located at Theetukal near the North Lake Road and is amongst the best luxury Resorts in Ooty. There are more than fifty rooms, divided into Standard and Supreme rooms. The resort has all amenities that you can ask for. There is travel desk facility that allows you enjoy your vacation without worrying about making reservations for sightseeing expeditions. Laundry services are provided and this is helpful if you are staying for weeks together.

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15 October 2019
It was a truly amazing experience for me and my friend. We reached the place before the check in time but still without a hesitation the staff managed to accommodate us in our tent leaving us enough time to explore the beautiful surrounding and embark on our own adventure. The surrounding area was not even close to what we expected.. the beauty and the calming sound of nature itself is enough to make you forget all your troubles and the busy life. We were visiting ooty for the first time and we came across this out of nowhere and booked it right away and when we reached the place the next day we realized it was more than what we had expected for such a cheap price. The tents are comfortable and the staff is really kind and helpful which is a major plus point. This is a must try for all kinds of thrill seekers, adventure hunters, friends, family or simply anyone who is looking to get away from the busy life And escape into serenity.
17 April 2019
Great place to watch nature in fullest. The view from the top will amaze you. it was a memorable experience for the group. just the trek was tiring but it was worth it. there were small streams and waterfall allover and a perfect place to enjoy with my friends. also, a night stay was very refreshing away from the city. do this trek i am sure you will all love it like i did.
09 October 2019
Truly an amazing experience. Beautiful campsite, friendly and helpful staff, calming surrounding. A must try for all kinds of thrill seekers, adventure hunters, friends, family or anyone simply looking to get away from the busy life and escape into serenity.
28 November 2015
This was such a fun trek. Firstly, it was all easy peasy and not much of a challenging or tiring ones. Plus, it was a day trek that was neither too short nor too long. If you are planning to have a trek with family, then this is the right one.
22 September 2019
"it was a nice stay.. location was gud.. and their staff was friendly and supportive.."
26 March 2020
The Kotagiri Trek by Thrillophilia had everything that I wanted from a trek. As a solo traveller who thrives on budget tours and tries to enjoy different places as much as possible, this trek to Kotagiri was a major tick on my bucket list. From adventurous forest trails to walking alongside ice-cold river paths, it is safe to say that not just me, but everyone in the trekking group enjoyed this trek a lot. The support staff, guide and even the whole process (from the booking to the post-trek service) was an organised one, thanks Thrillophilia. The most enjoyable experience for me was sleeping in the cosy tents on the sleeping beds and gorging on the yummy food. With this trekking tour by Thrillophilia, they have surely gained a permanent customer who is going to keep coming back to them to go for more such exciting and adventurous tours.
16 March 2020
My wife and I love to go on different treks whenever we get the time. This time, we were looking to go on a trek somewhere near home. Thanks to Thrillophilia, we found out about the Kotagiri Trek, which seemed perfect to us. With over 20 percent discount and such affordable rates, the trek also included accommodation, food and a guide. This was nothing short of a sweet deal for us! Soon after we decided to do the booking, we were surprised to find out how easy and smooth the entire process actually was. Everything, right from the booking procedure, to the mode of payment was easy and without any issues. Thrillophilia even made sure that we were taken care of during the Kotagiri trek in Ooty, which not many people look after. It is due to them that not only we could enjoy such an amazing trek, but also capture the sights of such beautiful waterfalls and tea estates, that too near our home.
02 March 2020
"accommodation was awesome, manager and the staff were simply superb and kind. must go place\n\nthanks for the gloves"
13 January 2020
A great experience. The Driver was very good at his job. He knew the route and landmarks well. he was helpful and provided all the information that we asked. Car was comfortable and well maintained. Overall we enjoyed the trip very much. Thanx a ton for wonderful experience
21 December 2019
It was such a beautiful experience we had a lot of fun exploring the beautiful Ooty. It was overwhelming to be in the lap of nature, Thanks Thrillophilia for wonderful time.

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