Best Places To Stay in Ooty

Ooty Tour Package

Duration Price
Logan Camp, Ooty2 days & 1 night
INR 2,500
An Adventure Getaway into the Woods of Ooty2 days & 1 night
INR 2,100
A Relaxing Retreat Amidst Kalhatty Ghats Of Ooty2 days & 1 night
INR 1,299
A Boutique Stay Tucked Amidst Tea Plantations of Kotagiri2 days & 1 night
INR 1,699
Hilltop Cottage Stay With Waterfall Views in Ooty2 days & 1 night
INR 1,899
Stay in a Century Old Colonial Bungalow in Ooty2 days & 1 night
INR 999

Ooty has been a popular holiday destination for hundreds of years and remains so even today. Because of the vast number of tourists who visit the place every year, there are numerous places to stay in Ooty. All of these accommodations enhance your experience of its pleasant, England-like weather and the general natural beauty of Ooty. These places are designed to be the perfect recluse from the hectic city life.

Ooty, being a popular tourist destination for travellers from India and abroad, has several hotels, resorts, inns, villas and homestays that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a luxury stay with private balconies that offer stunning views of the Nilgiri Hills, or a rural, camp-like accommodation for a truly nomadic experience, you can have it all when you are in Ooty. There are hotels and inns located at all the major tourist spots in the city that offer convenient transportation facilities without crowding the natural scenic beauty of the place

Top-rated hotels can also be found in areas that are a little farther away from the city centre. This is ideal for peace-seekers and those who travel to Ooty to take advantage of its serenity, silence and solitude. No matter what your budget, you can find hotels within your means and also near an area that you are comfortable with.

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Ooty Stays FAQs

Which is the best area to stay in Ooty?

If you want to explore and make the most of Ooty, the best area to stay in is central Ooty, in areas like Coonoor Road, Charing Cross, and Doddabetta Road. Although, Ooty is brimming with hotels and resorts that you can choose from, all of which are located at convenient distances from all the local attractions.

Where can I go for camping near Ooty on a budget?

Which are the best hotels near Botanical Gardens?

Some of the best hotels near Botanical Gardens include: 

1. Colonel’s Inn: The hotel features modern amenities such as room service, private balconies and a shared garden. 
2. Ponmari Residency: The hotel is centrally located and comes with complimentary breakfasts as well as room service. 
3. Two Seas Residence: A scenic property located at a mere distance of 700m from Botanical Gardens, this hotel is equipped with facilities such as an in-house restaurant to make your stay comfortable. 
4. Astoria Residency: The Astoria Residency is one of the best places to stay in Ooty that provides parking, laundry, WiFi, and room service to its guests. 
5. Wyoming Heritage: These small cottages provide a wonderfully scenic stay, complete with private cottages, free WiFi, free parking and much more.

Which are the best resorts in Ooty?

Some of the best resorts in Ooty are:

1. Destiny the Farmstay: 
Located in Avalanche Valley, this resort is complete with 25 state-of-the-art rooms which come equipped with their own fireplaces. 
2. WelcomeHeritage FerrnHills Royale Palace: This is a luxury 5-star resort which is built over an area of 50 acres, where you can find the best amenities and world-class services. 
3. King’s Cliff: One of the oldest resorts in Ooty is King’s Cliff which is situated on top of Strawberry Hill. You will find some of the best views from this resort. 
4. Savoy Hotel: Stay in 19th-century style English cottages in this resort, apart from enjoying other amenities such as a tea-lounge, a dining room, a bar, and much more. 
5. Sinclairs Retreat: Get spoilt in the very lap of nature in one of the many rooms, suites and private villas in Sinclair’s Retreat that is situated away from the noise and crowd of Ooty.

Which are the best hotels near Doddabetta Peak?

The best hotels near Doddabetta Peak are: 

1. Meadows Residency: Comes with room service, laundry and free parking.
2. Fortune Retreats: The hotel has its own private villas and other forms of luxury accommodations. 
3. Forest View Cottage: This hotel offers some of the best views of the surrounding forests and valleys. 
4. Vista Suites: You can enjoy some of the best views of the surrounding hills and forests from your private balcony at this hotel. 
5. Sherlock Hotel: The hotel comes with its own lawn, private villas, room service and much more.

Which are the best luxury hotels in Ooty?

Some of the best luxury hotels in Ooty include: 

1. Glyngarth Resort: Amenities here include an infinity pool, hill-view rooms, jacuzzis, lunch and dinner a la carte, etc. 
2. Savoy Hotel: There are several amenities at this hotel. Some of them are private lawns, suites and private cottages, free parking, in-house restaurant, etc. 
3. Kluney’s Mystique Ville: Amenities include free WiFi, evening entertainment, swimming pool, free breakfast, hiking, etc. 
4. WelcomeHeritage Ferrnhills Royale Palace: Amenities like Airport transfers, private cottages, suites, conference room, private WiFi, etc. make this a great place to stay.
5. Club Mahindra Danish Villa: Amenities include local tours, private balconies, swimming pool, etc.

Which hotels are closest to Peelamedu Airport?

The hotels that are closest to Peelamedu Airport are: 

1. Hotel Chenthur Park: Located at a distance of 1.3 km from the airport
2. Fairfield by Marriott: Located at a distance of 1 km from the airport 
3. The Arcadia: Located at a distance of 1.6 km from the airport
4. The Castello Residency: Located at a distance of 2 km from the airport
5. The Orbis: Located at a distance of 2.7 km from the airport

Which are the hotels near Ooty Lake?

The hotels closest to Ooty Lake are: 

1. Treebo Trend Sky Dale Inn & Suites: This mid-level resort offers a range of affordable rooms with some of the best lakeside views in Ooty. 
2. Hotel Darshan: Enjoy unparalleled views of the lake from your private balconies at the Hotel Darshan in Ooty 
3. Astoria Residency: Located at a serene and peaceful area, the Astoria Residency is a short walk away from the Ooty Lake. 
4. Hotel Welbeck Residency: Hotel Welbeck has an in-house restaurant with other modern amenities and is located just 1.4 km from the Lake. 
5. Hotel Sapphire Garden View: This hotel is located just 800m from the lake and has rooms with great views.

Which of the hotels in Ooty are pet-friendly?

Here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Ooty:

1. Sherlock Inn: Apart from being pet-friendly, you can also find a green lawn and private cottages in this hotel. 
2. Destiny Farmstay: The rooms in this hotel offer some of the best views and is surrounded by a large, green lawn, perfect for walks with your pets.
3. Ganga’s Sri Balaji Cottage: An affordable homestay with hygienic rooms and excellent service, this is one of the best-rated budget hotels in Ooty. 
4. La Niebla Farm Resort: You can relax with your pet while watching the rolling green valleys of the Nilgiri Hills from your private verandah. 
5. Skylark Inn: This serene and secluded hotel offers the perfect refuge to you and your pet when you are in Ooty.

Which are the top cheap hotels in Ooty?

The best budget hotels in Ooty are: 

1. Sterling Ooty Fern Hill: Despite being one of the most beautiful hotels in Ooty, it is also one of the cheapest, offering a great range of food and services at competitive prices. 
2. Meadows Residency: It is a clean, professional and well-equipped hotel that is bound to be well within your budget. 
3. The Willow Hill: This is the perfect place to get the private cottage experience at less than half the price of an actual private cottage in Ooty. 
4. Gem Park: An affordable hotel with some of the best amenities at this price is exactly what you need to make your stay in Ooty comfortable and memorable. 
5. FabHotels Khems: Despite being a budget hotel, the rooms are big, clean, well-equipped and come with all the modern amenities you need.

Which hotel in Ooty has spa facilities?

The following are some of the hotels with a great in-house spa: 

1. Ponmari Residency: Their in-house spa offers a range of services including facials, massages, baths, soaks, saunas and much more. 
2. Sterling Ooty Fern Hill: Apart from an in-house restaurant and an activity room, they also have their own spa. 
3. Glyngarth Resort: You can check out their spa along with their jacuzzi and their infinity pool for a truly unforgettable experience. 
4. Club Mahindra Derby Green: Club Mahindra has one of the best and most well-equipped spas in Ooty. 
5. Gem Park: Apart from some world-class service, a gym and other activity centres, Gem Park Hotel also has a spa that offers the perfect place to unwind during your holidays.

What are the top family-friendly hotels in Ooty?

The top family-friendly hotels in Ooty are: 

1. Sinclair’s Retreat: Complete with family-friendly rooms that offer amazing views, this is the best place to stay in Ooty if you are visiting with family. 
2. La Flora Amberley: A professional staff, great environment and convenient location make this a great place to stay with your family. 
3. Woodberry Residency: The gorgeous hotel with all its amenities and family-centric activities makes this place a home away from home. 
4. Fairstay Holiday Resort: Explore all the local attractions in Ooty with your family from this conveniently located hotel. 
5. La Montana: La Montana is a series of small cottages which is perfect to stay in with your family in privacy and serenity when you are visiting Ooty.

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