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About Kovalam

Kovalam – the beach town located by the beautiful Arabian sea can be found situated within the boundaries of Thiruvananthapuram city of Kerala. There is much incredible beauty that lies within this city. One of the main reasons why this place is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in India is because of its beaches.

Not many know but there is great historical background pertaining to this beach town. Kovalam first received prominence when the Regent Maharani of Travancore, Sethu Lakshmi Bayi constructed the first beach resort known as the Halcyon Castle during the 1920. The place then started gaining increasing attention as tourists from all over the world started flocking to Kovalam. The major phase where Kovalam shot into limelight was during the 1970’s when hippies all teh way from Ceylon came to Kovalam.

Like mentioned previously, Kovalam is a popular holiday destination mostly due to the beautiful beaches that it houses. Where there are beaches, there are beach resorts that make up for a very enthralling stay experience in a certain place. The Vizhinjam sea port is located approximately 3km away and is quite popular for the delicious food items that it has to offer. For instance, the wide range of fish items that the tourists will surely love. Apart from that, the ancient hindu temples, the big grandeur churches and the beautiful mosques comprises the spiritual bit of an experience in Kovalam.

Kovalam gained the title of being the most prominent tourist spot especially during the hippie era. It still continues to hold a great position in terms of being the most popular holiday destination in India. Tourists all the way from Europe and Israel come flocking to this perfect location in hopes of having the time of their lives.
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Kovalam FAQ's

Travel Advice:

  • Choose your stay carefully: No matter what location or destination one plans on spending their holidays at, it is essential that certain travel tips are kept in mind. Hence, if you’re still in the stage of hatching your plans for Kovalam, make sure that you plan well and plan well ahead of time. Make a good, well-researched note of all the important information like accommodation options, local transportation, hospitals, restaurants, resorts and more. It is quite obvious that you’d want to experience a hassle-free journey if you’re actually spending money on your holidays.

  • Transportation: When it comes to transportation in Kovalam, there is very little that you need to worry about. The holiday destination is well connected and one can easily make use of the local transport while visiting different locations within the space. However, what is better advisable is to ensure a private fare while you’re in the region. The simple reason for this tip is that it becomes much easier to visit the places around at one’s own convenience. Cars and bikes are easily available on rent at these places.

  • Water and eatables: Travellers travelling to any destination in the whole have the potential of developing the travellers’ diarrhea. People consume contaminated water or food and fall sick. However, make sure that you have bottled water throughout your journey in Kovalam.

  • Drinking laws: If you are a frequent alcohol consumer, there is a little problem that you may face in Kovalam. The consumption of liquor is banned since August 2014. Chief Minister of the place, Oommen Chandy had announced back in 2014 that the state has implemented a permanent band on the consumption of alcohol. However, if you do want to make ends meet – there are always ways to do so. You just have to be smart enough to figure them out.

Things to do in Kovalam:

  • Explore the rocky croppings of Hawah Beach: Kovalam is filled with many beaches. Chief among them is the Hawah beach. Hawah beach, also recognized by the name – Eve’s Beach ranks second in being one of the most popular locations in Kovalam. The place is also quite common for fishermen to conduct their fishing activities.

  • Emancipation at the Lighthouse: The Lighthouse beach is located on the southern most portion of Kovalam. It is perhaps, the most frequented beaches by tourists that come flocking from all over India and the world. The main reason why the place is called Lighthouse is due to the old Vizhinjam lighthouse that is located at the beach. Check it out while taking a nice, sweet stroll through the beauties of this beach.

  • Water activities at Samudra: Another popular location in Kovalam is the Samudra beach. It is quite popular for the number of water sports activities that the place offers. One can go swimming, boating or even simply walk by the waves of this beach. Located in the southern side of the Kovalam, it is away from the hectic life that throngs in the heart of this city.

What will you like in Kovalam:

  • Chilling by the Karamana River: Karamana river originates from the Sahyadri Range and the river flows through the outskirt region of Kovalam. Lining the place quite spectacularly, this is the perfect location for those who are interested in having a relaxed time by the place.

  • Appreciate the architectural genius of Halcyon Castle: This place was once upon a time predominately ruled by the Dutch and thereafter, the British. These folks may have gone away but their remains still prevail in the location. Visit the Halcyon Castle to understand just what we are referring to.

  • Explore art at the Kovalam Art Gallery: What better than this? Enjoy the beautiful art while visiting the Kovallam art gallery. This is one of those must-have experiences in Kovalam. Discover art that is truly ethnic to the place.

  • Spiritual oneness at the beautiful temples of Kovalam: There are numerous temples located in Kovalam such as the Thiruvallam Parasurama temple and the Vishinjam Rock Cut Cave temple which the visitors can visit every once in a while to gain spiritual oneness with themselves.

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What are the best water sports to do on the Kovalam tour?

1. Kayaking: Kerala is a beautiful tourist destination where the tranquil backwaters enchant visitors. It is also one of India's most beautiful kayaking spots. Kovalam, which is connected by a network of backwaters, is a great kayaking location in God's Own Country. Kovalam kayaking isn't simply about rowing the quiet backwaters! Kayakers can visit local villages, walk through paddy fields, mingle with residents, do bird watching, and participate in a variety of other activities while on their wonderful journey through Kovalam.

2. Surfing: Plan a trip to God's Own Country between December and March if you're an adrenaline junkie who wants to experience the thrill of surfing in Kerala. During this time, water sports lovers can enjoy the fresh breezes while surfing the Arabian Sea's powerful waves.

3. Rafting: If you're an adventure seeker visiting Kerala in the months of June, July, August, or September, you may participate in this adrenaline-pumping activity at a variety of locations. Though the rapids are not as challenging as those found in Rishikesh and other rafting places, river rafting in Kerala is thrilling and exciting in its own right. Some of Kerala's most popular rafting spots are the Tejaswini River in Kannur, the Vythiri River in Wayanad, the Iruvanjhipuza and Chapuza rivers in Thusharagiri, and the Bhoothathankettu River in Ernakulam.

4. Catamaran Sailing: A catamaran is a tiny wooden boat that resembles a yacht but has a hull on either side, and it is largely utilised by the fishing population in Kerala. It is greatly preferred by fishermen who go deep into the sea for fishing because of its increased agility, balance on splashing waves, and docility.

Kovalam Reviews

Pragati Manchanda
Reviewed: 13 Oct 2023
This was really an awesome trip. We enjoyed a lot. We took premium package and the stays and breakfast buffet was really good. I believe driver is the person who defines how our trip would be, because I have been to other parts of India and I know the issues that happens because of driver. But our d... Read More
Pragati Manchanda
Pragati Manchanda
Pragati Manchanda
Pragati Manchanda
Pragati Manchanda
Pragati Manchanda
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Monali Monali
Reviewed: 24 Dec 2023
Food was very good and yummy.driver knows everything about Iternary
Monali Monali
Cherryla Bhutia
Reviewed: 15 Sep 2023
We had a very nice experience...loved Alleppey the most 🥰
Shareefuddin Sayed
Reviewed: 26 Jun 2022
Specially the hotels arrangements are very good
Juhi Juhi
Reviewed: 21 Aug 2021
A stay at the Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village Resort is sure to give you the peace and calm that you are looking for on a trip. Located near the beach, the resort offers some of the most beautiful views of the sea and surrounding natural landscapes. Since I had travelled here amidst covid, I als... Read More
Udai Varrier
Reviewed: 17 May 2021
We booked a room at Aadisaktthi from Thrillophilia. Our package included the room as well as all meal options. The resort was beautifully designed with well maintained amenities. Food here was very good as well.

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