Stone House Ooty Overview

The first building to be constructed on the lands of Ooty that marked a new beginning of a new phase in the city, Stone house is one of the most consequential pieces of architecture to be built in Ooty. The tales of how the edifice came into existence goes way back when John Sullivan, the Collector of Coimbatore, stumbled upon the mesmerizing beauty of Ooty and believing it to be an extraordinary tourist destination in the future built the very first English House (Stone House) as his residence.

The Stone House has now become one of the greatest tourist spots in all of Ooty and visitors in large numbers visit the place every year and relish its sublime allure and magnificent construct. Encapsulated with lush green tropics, ravishing mountains and enchanting landscapes, the Stone House is also celebrated as a sightseeing spot for many travelers. 

If that wasn't fascinating enough, the house also homes an ancient Oak tree that, some belief, has stood there since Sullivan landed the first brick of Stone House in Ooty and hence, the tree is named Sullivan’s Oaktree. Although the Stone House is a part of the Government Art College, it doesn't stop you from visiting the place, visitors are always welcomed here. 
So, if you are looking for a fresh site to explore, the Stone House is the answer for you. Perfect for a weekend getaway with family and friends, Stone House in Ooty is the ideal destination for your next family outing. Remember to carry your camera to click some memorable pictures.

How To Reach

At just 2.7 km from Ooty City Center, the Stone House is fairly close and can be traveled using a variety of modes. Visitors can use a private taxi service that runs through the entire city. The taxi will drop the travelers directly outside the stone house in not more than 20 minutes. There are other options too, visitors can choose to take shared auto and van services to get to Stone House. These are much cheaper and take almost the same time. 

However, it is important to note that there are no local buses that run between Ooty City Center and Stone House. So you will have to choose another option. If you are driving yourself, you can travel via the
Veterinary Hospital Rd and NH181. The streets can get really clustered during the peak hours in the city. So, if you want to cut through the traffic visiting the place in the middle or early morning is the best.

It will not take you much time to reach and you can simply have a quick ride to the Stone house and explore it. Additionally, when it comes to exploring the Stone House itself, it can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. So, plan your travel and your trip accordingly. While traveling you can also ask for directions from localities. They are really supportive and helpful towards tourists.

Other Essential Information

- Location:
Stone House,  Stone House Area, Stone House, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643002

- Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Everyday

- Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

- Distance from Ooty city center: 2.7 KM 

History of Stone House

Founded in the year 1822, the Stone House also known as the English House was built by the Collector of Coimbatore, John Sullivan. When he planned on exploring the Ghats of Ooty it was then he discovered the sheer delightfulness of the city and planned on constructing his very first bungalow, the Stone House. From here began the modernization of the city that slowly developed into a prominent tourist spot.

It is also believed that John Sullivan bought a 1-acre land where later the Stone House was built in 1 rupee from the Todas. Additionally, just at the forefront of the house is an Oak Tree. The tree, named as the Sullivan Oak Tree is one of the oldest trees in the city. The estate is now a property of the Government Art College and is found under its premise and is open for visitors. Surrounded by a number of natural enigmas including the tranquilizing landscapes and mountains, a visit to this place is an absolute must. The best time to enjoy the place is during the wintertime when it's wrapped in snow, delivering an alluring view. 

Places to Eat Near Stone House

Hungry? Pause your exploration of the Stone House and take some time to enjoy a buffet of great dishes at various restaurants found near the place. 

1. Turntable Restaurant - Serving a wide selection of cuisines including South Indian, the Turntable restaurant is perfect for a dining experience with large group of friends or families. Visitors specifically enjoy the authentic taste of south Indian delicacies the restaurant provides. If you are visiting Stone House, the Turntable restaurant is the perfect place for a fine lunch. 

2. Golden Cypress Hotel - Pocket-friendly and delicious food, the Golden Cypress Hotel is the best budget restaurant. The restaurant provides ample space and has very friendly customer service. Additionally, the place serves a variety of Indian and Chinese cuisines among other dishes. 

3. Mohan Restaurant - Best known for serving genuine South Indian style dishes, the Mohan restaurant is quick at serving methods, cost-effective dining options, and warm and very welcoming service. Visitors, especially the ones on the go can have a quick bite to graph here. 

4. The Planter’s Paradise - The perfect spot for a scrumptious lunch, the place is in close proximity to the Stone House. During peak hours the restaurant, sometimes, fills up with tourism and localities but only due to the delicious delicacies the restaurant serves.

The Architecture of Stone House

A great illustration of stonework in the ancient times, the Stone house is highly celebrated for its style of architecture. Apart from the Sullivan Oak in the front yard, the house is surrounded by lush green landscapes and tropics including a vast garden at the backyard of the house too. The entrance of the house is also embedded with carefully curated bushes that pave a way for the visitors towards the entrance.

Looking at the construct of the house we find that the entire house is equipped with
red clay roofs, wooden doors and windows and some areas constructed with bricks (as restoration). All in all, the entire architecture is an absolute delight to discover and explore. 

Travelers' Tip before visiting Stone House

The best time to enjoy the place is during the winter season between November and January as the place can sometimes be covered with snow which looks absolutely stunning. 

2. There is much to explore at Stone House, so reach the place early and spend some time here. 

3. There are a number of restaurants near the place which you can visit for a post-tour feast. 

4. The best way to reach Stone House is by taxi or auto service. 

5. Learn a bit about the Stone House before you visit. The place has a rich historic value and knowledge about the place before you pay a visit will give you better insights into its architectural and historical integrity. 

6. Loitering is strictly not allowed and should definitely not be practiced. 
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