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Ooty Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Ooty?

The most popular and best tent stays in Ooty to enjoy the beauty of nature and thrilling outdoor activities are enlisted below:

1. Adventure campsite at Upper Thalayathimund: The serene and isolated campsite at Upper Thalayathimund amid the Blue Nilgiri Hills and the fabulous Lovedale valley. It is located at a distance of 5 km away from the ATC bus stand of Upper Bazar on the Tiger Hill Road.

2. Picturesque campsite at Ooty valley: The Ooty valley view campsite is in the middle of the majestic Western Ghats. It is situated about 22 km away from the Ooty bus stand and offers spectacular views of the tea gardens and forests.

3. Campsite amid tea gardens: The campsite at Doddabetta in the Karrimodakku region of Ooty. Situated at a distance of 9 km away from the Ooty bus stand, the 4-acre site is encircled by the beautiful tea gardens and the mighty Western Ghats.

4. Camping on a Hilltop: Located on the outskirts of Ooty, the campsite is present on a magnificent hilltop. It provides enchanting views of the deep valleys, green meadows and the sprawling forests.

5. Campsite within a dense forest: Another campsite located at the outskirts of Ooty, quite near to the city. Placed at the middle of a dense green forest area, it offers scintillating views of the valleys, forests and waterfalls.

What is lowest & highest price of a tent in Ooty?

The lowest price of tent stays in Ooty is approximately INR 1250 per adult and INR 625 per child that includes camping, mattresses, breakfast, campfire, indoor and outdoor games and books for reading.

The highest price is approximately INR 2850 per adult that includes camping, sleeping bags, towels and pillows, indoor and outdoor games, activities such as trekking, cycling, forest safari and campfire, and meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee and snacks.

How much does it cost for a tent stay in Ooty?

The price ranges for a tent stay in Ooty ranges from INR 1250 to INR 2850 per adult. All the packages include well-maintained waterproof tents to accommodate 2, 3 or 4 persons, sleeping bags, breakfast and games. The higher packages include several adventurous activities and meals for the day.

Is smoking and alcoholic beverages allowed?

No, both smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the tents in Ooty. You are expected to follow the instructions strictly to avoid cancellation of the tour.

Can I get my own food in a tent in Ooty?

Depending on the tent stay package prices and inclusions, the operators provide either complimentary breakfast or other meals like lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages. If you are opting for lower price ranges, then you need to carry your food or purchase with additional costs.

For higher price ranges, you need not worry as the food for the entire day will be provided as part of the package.

Are tents waterproof?

Yes, the tents at all the campsites of Ooty are waterproof to ensure you are warm and dry throughout the entire stay. The tents are well maintained and hence there are no risks of being affected by the weather conditions.

Are Pets allowed during the tent stay in Ooty?

No pets are not allowed during the tent stay in Ooty. The tour packages and camp destinations at the hilltops and valleys are designed to accommodate adults, children and even toddlers but not any pets.

Is Tent stay in Ooty safe for couples?

Yes, the tent stay in Ooty is safe for couples. The tents are camped in safe and secure zones with 24 X 7 security provided by the forest officials. No disturbances have been reported in any of the camping sites till date. Separate sleeping bags and mattresses are provided to each person for personal privacy and comfort.

Ooty Tent Stays Reviews

Eekalabya Devar
Reviewed: 14 Mar 2020
I booked my camping tickets in advance from Thrillophilia. We were a group of 12 friends who wanted to go camping. This place brings you close towards nature and that will calm your mind. I really want to thank everyone involved there.
Bhisham Deshpande
Reviewed: 07 Mar 2020
This place is amazing for nature lovers. We had a great time. In the morning we had an amazing breakfast there. We saw various animals there as well. I loved the morning walks there as well. The staff was very helpful. Thanks.
Sanya Abbott
Reviewed: 03 Mar 2020
You should really visit this campsite once in a lifetime. It was highly organized. The Manager there was very humble along with the whole staff. They were very helpful and provided us with amazing hospitality. We did bonfire in the evening and enjoyed it with everyone there. It was an amazing trip i... Read More
Jaimini Somayaji
Reviewed: 29 Feb 2020
I spend time there with my friends at this lovely campsite. This place is located away from the worldly noise and provides calmness and peace. There was a bonfire in the evening that we all enjoyed. The best time was the morning walk and breakfast after that. I really want to thank Thrillophilia for... Read More
Tanya Naik
Reviewed: 25 Feb 2020
The Staff provided great hospitality within the campsite. I really loved the ambience of this place. It was a very cost-efficient place. The morning time was amazing there, you can see the sunrise and listen to birds chirping and wind rustling. This place provides calmness into the mind. I am going ... Read More
Manisha Rajput
Reviewed: 09 Jun 2019
"very good experience ,staff so good morning everyone Dilip,Raja ,Shiva had the best and soothing experience.Thank you thrillophilia"
Manisha Rajput

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