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Best Camping Tours in Ooty

Camping in Ooty is about calling home to a pitched tent amid the uninterrupted views of the Nilgiri hills.  Ooty is also knowns as Udhagamandalam has many places to visit on your camping sojourn. The massive artificial stretch of water with floating boats in the man-made Ooty lake tops the list. You can trek the slopes of the Rose Garden which sprawls with over 2,000 varieties of Roses and  Elk Hill for refreshing your mind. Bathing in the filtered sun rays amid the deep Eucalyptus groves, sauntering across the unparalleled meadows and posing in the well-pruned tea gardens is what a camping holiday in Ooty looks like!

This hill station is more like an escape that will make you fall in love with life once again, the beauty alter something in you. As you walk on the hills you will come across a palette of mesmerizing sights, the clouds play hide and seek amid the Nilgiri hills and the local women will be seen plucking tea leaves. Camping outings are mostly accompanied with bonfire nights, glorious sunrises and chilly nights under the naked sky. There are many ready-to-move-in campsites which offer a luxuriant natural setting with food, bonfire, and other essential amenities.

Camping anywhere in Ooty may not be possible due to the stringent forest laws but there are operators running various campsites where you can strike a deal if you want to pitch your own tent. Embark on a trekking expedition to Fern Hill or Tiger Hill and enjoy camping for a night under the starlit or clear sky. Camping in Ooty can be scary at times when you wander dark forest groves and venture into the wild, so it is always better to go in groups. But the bliss of camping in Ooty is that you make a home away from home in the wilderness of nature, try to live with natural settings and fight your fears while you get out in the dark to watch the sky speckled with a million stars.

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