30 Honeymoon Places in Maharashtra For A Romantic Trip!
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Resorts In Lonavala
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Resorts In Mulshi
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Resorts In Karjat
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Resorts In Igatpuri And Nashik
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Resorts In Alibaug
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Resorts In Mahabaleshwar

Romantic Places in Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala,Pawna Lake, Kamshet, Igatpuri, Karnala, Karjat, Kolad, Kashid, Pune, Nashik, Ratanwadi, Alibaug, Panvel, Panchgani, Khandala, Matheran, Alibaug, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad and many more.

Are you seeking the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra? There are a plethora of choices wafting for you. You can opt for verdant hills or gorgeous beaches or you can also choose luxurious greenery or diverse historic places. Irrespective of the area you decide, you and your partner are guaranteed new memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

As there is no shortage of romantic places in Maharashtra and it sometimes becomes difficult to make a decision. So, depending on the choice and taste you can choose your destination. Khandala or Kamshet is famous for its majestic hills while Alibaug and Kashid is known for its mesmerizing beaches. People visit Ratanwadi and Tamhini ghat to escape the city traffic and the routine chaos with their love. But if you want to surprise her with a thrilling trip you can visit Kolad or try trekking in Malshej Ghat.

Here is the list of honeymoon places in Maharashtra :

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This small hill station surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range is one of the most popular honeymoon places in Maharashtra. Once the summer residence of the British Raj, today Mahabaleshwar is popular for its scenic beauty, vast hills and extensive strawberry farms.

Attractions & Activities: Admire the Sahyadri range surrounding the Elephant’s Head Point with your loved one or relive history at Shivaji’s Pratapgarh Fort. Witness nature in full bloom at Kas Pathar with over 850 varieties of flowering plants. Head to the strawberry farms and spend your day picking fresh produce for some sweet memories.

Best time to visit: March to June and October to December

Distance from Mumbai: 247 km

Distance from Pune: 125 km.
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Another one of popular Maharashtra honeymoon places, Panchgani is another hill station in Maharashtra. Originally established as a retirement home for the British, today this hill station attracts large number of tourists for its scenic beauty, mythological significance and popularity with Bollywood as a preferred shooting location

Attractions & Activities:
Head to Table Point and you may just be able to meet your favourite actors. Or walk a little distance to the Devil’s Kitchen, believed to be used by the Pandavas during their exile. You can also visit the Mala Food unit and Mapro Gardens and experience extensive strawberry farms.

Best time to visit:
September to February

Distance from Mumbai:
244 km

Distance from Pune:
101 km.

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Surrounded by the Karla caves, Bhaja caves and Bedsa caves, the name literally means resting places carved from stone.

Lonavala is ideal for those looking for secluded honeymoon places in Maharashtra. The house of Big Boss Malayalam Season 1 was set here on an undisclosed estate.

Attractions & Activities: Lonavala lake is not to be missed in any season. An ideal monsoon picnic spot, the lake dries up during summer and winter and gets covered by grass, making it perfect for romantic walks. Spend an entire day at India’s largest adventure park, Della, and enjoy more than 52 adventure activities.

Best time to visit: October to May

Distance from Mumbai: 83 km

Distance from Pune: 66.5 km
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Coupled with its twin hill station, Lonavala, Khandala is one of the most preferred Maharashtra honeymoon places. Perfect was those quick romantic getaways, Khandala welcomes you with hills, lakes and waterfalls.

Attractions & Activities: A favourite for hikers, trekkers and rock climbers, Duke’s Nose also attracts tourists for the panoramic view of Khandala and the Bhor Ghat. Head to Sunset Point for a romantic respite.

Turn the pages of history at Ancient Jail where the founder of St. Xaviers College was kept by the British as a prisoner of war. Spend some time with in nature’s lap at Bhushi Lake.

Best time to visit: October to May

Distance from Mumbai: 82 km

Distance from Pune: 71 km

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The smallest hill station of India, Matheran was developed by the Britishers as a respite from the Indian summer. When looking for honeymoon places in Maharashtra, Matheran is ideal for people who wish to avoid crowded places.

Attractions & Activities: Do not miss the toy train ride that will take you through the scenic beauty of Matheran. Horses and hand-pulled rickshaws are the only transport that is why the best way to explore is on foot. Head up to the Echo Point to hear your own, you guessed it, echo. Charlotte Lake is another popular destination for picnics and walks.

Best time to visit: October to May

Distance from Mumbai: 42.5 km

Distance from Pune: 80 km

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If tall coconut trees and extensive sandy beaches is your idea of ideal Maharashtra honeymoon places, then Alibaug should be your choice. Popular as ‘mini-Goa’ this coastal town was once an important part of the Maratha empire and the British rule.

Attractions & Activities: You cannot run out of beaches and forts in Alibaug. Alibaug beach, Kihim beach and Nagaon beach each have their unique beauty and are a photographer’s delight. Alibaug Fort is a testimony of the valour of Shivaji Maharaj. The Magen-Avot synagogue is proof of the large Jewish community in the area and a popular tourist attraction.

Best time to visit: November to July

Distance from Mumbai: 95 km

Distance from Pune: 143 km

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Standing at the Konkan coast, Karjat is amongst the preferred honeymoon places in Maharashtra because of its proximity to Mumbai and Matheran. River Ulhas originates here making it popular for adventure sports. And with a large number of farm houses in the area, stay will never be a problem.

Attractions & Activities: Kondana Caves and Bahiri Caves are ideal for trekking. Opt for river rafting in River Ulhas for that adrenaline rush. Head to Kondeshwar temple to thank Lord Shiva and marvel at the architecture. Kothaligad Fort is the best option to get the full view of nature around you.

Best time to visit: July to September

Distance from Mumbai: 62 km

Distance from Pune: 101 km

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This is one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra for all history lovers. Named after Aurangzeb after he took over the city, Aurangabad is popular for mangoes and Paithani silk.

Attractions & Activities:
You can’t miss the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, both containing some rarest examples of Indian painting. Bibi Ka Maqbara, built in the image of the Taj Mahal, is the resting place of Aurangzeb’s wife, Dilras Banu Begum. Daulatabad Fort remains the only fort that never got captured by any military. Head to Panchakki, a 17th century mill with a library that has been opened after 70 years.

Best time to visit:
October to March

Distance from Mumbai:
334 km

Distance from Pune:
235 km

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Kamshet is the ideal choice if looking for a respite from the urban life. With mud, thatch and reed huts, Kamshet should be on the list of couples who are looking for adventurous honeymoon places in Maharashtra. Surrounded by paddy and sunflower fields, this is the perfect getaway from the usual crowded places.

Attractions & Activities: Do not miss on paragliding in Kamshet. Once on the ground, visit Bhairi Caves, Tower Hill and Kondeshwar Cliff for those amazing trekking experiences. Reach the Shinde Wadi Hills to admire nature’s beauty. Take a lazy stroll along the Pavana Lake or just camp there.

Best time to visit: October to May

Distance from Mumbai: 102 km

Distance from Pune: 49 km

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Located on the banks of River Kundalini, the tiny village of Kolad is gaining popularity on the honeymoon places in Maharashtra list as an adventure sports and nature walk destination. The Kolad railway station is a landmark as it is the first station on the Konkan Railway line started in 1998.

Attractions & Activities:
River Kundalika is your one-stop for white water rafting, kayaking, camping and other related outdoor adventure sports. Stay at one of the resorts or tents in the jungle and enjoy nature walks. Soak in the beauty of the powerful Tamhini Falls, Kolad Dam and Bhira Dam.

Best time to visit: June to March

Distance from Mumbai: 122 km

Distance from Pune: 145.5 km

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Chaul tops the list of historical honeymoon places in Maharashtra. A former Portuguese city, today most of it is in ruins. But it continues to attract tourists due to its historical significance. A small village in the town continues to speak Portuguese Creole.

Attractions & Activities: Filled with Portuguese ruins and churches, Chaul reeks of history at every turn. Korlai Fort and Chaul Fort are sights to behold and hold cultural significance. Chaulo Kadu Lighthouse is the ideal spot to get a view of the entire town. Revdanda Beach is a must-visit for all nature lovers for that perfect sunset.

Best time to visit:
February to November

Distance from Mumbai: 109 km

Distance from Pune: 156 km



If looking for hills, lakes, valleys and forts all in the same place, head to Igatpuri. Brought to global attention since the establishment of the International Centre for Vipassana meditation, Igatpuri is synonymous with natural beauty and tranquillity and it is one of the beautiful honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: Bhatsa River Valley and Camel Valley, surrounded by hills and natural rock formations, are ideal places for a quiet picnic. Go for long walks at the serene and majestic Arthur Lake. Stand at Kalsubai Peak, the highest peak of the Sahyadri range of hills. Tringalwadi Fort stands as a testimony of the valour of the Marathas and the Mughals.

Best time to visit: October to February

Distance from Mumbai: 121 km

Distance from Pune: 247 km

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Established as a state by Tarabai in 1707, today Kolhapur is famous for its handicrafts. Legend has it that the city was named after the demon Kolhasur as per his dying wish to have his death place names after him and it is one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: The view of the city from Rankala Lake is breath-taking. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s statue at Bindu Chowk is a major tourist attraction as it is the world’s first statue of Ambedkar.

Head to Kolhapur Film City to watch your favourite actors in action. Do not miss New Palace, a landmark museum that displays memorabilia of various Kolhapur rulers.

Best time to visit:
June to February

Distance from Mumbai: 376 km

Distance from Pune: 233 km

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Popular as a fort city, Karnala is a living witness of history. Alongside, a prominent bird sanctuary and mesmerising natural sites, make it a popular honeymoon destination in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities:
Karnala Fort is a place of historic significance and a favoured trekking point. Pandu Tower inside the fort gives you an unforgettable view of the surrounding hills and the valley.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit for nature lovers and bird watchers. Ambarnath Shiva Temple is a 1000-year old temple of Lord Shiva that attracts thousands of devotees during Shivaratri. Take a small detour and head to the Elephanta Caves.

Best time to visit: October to April

Distance from Mumbai: 50 km

Distance from Pune:
123.5 km

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Clear white sand and blue water, Kashid can give any foreign location a run for its money. The beach city is perfect for those looking for a calm, secluded honeymoon destination. Head to Kashid to avoid overcrowded tourist locations and it is one of the famous honeymoon places in Maharshtra.

Attractions & Activities: No less than beaches of Mauritius, Kashid Beach is what dreams are made of. Go for long walks or lie down in the sun, this is the perfect place for a calm holiday. Phansad Bird Sanctuary is a perfect retreat for birdwatchers. Don’t miss the local shops for handicrafts and souvenirs made of sea shells and coconut shells.

Best time to visit:
October to February

Distance from Mumbai:
125.5 km

Distance from Pune:
173 km


Tamhini Ghat

A mountain pass connecting Tamhini and Mulshi, Tamhini Ghat is ideal for that quick getaway into nature. Surrounded by lakes, forests and waterfalls, this place is meant for nature lovers and couples looking to spend some time away from their busy lives and it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra.        

Attractions & Activities: Make a stop at Mulshi Dam for the beautiful backwaters and the waterfalls. Follow the waterfall and you will reach another gorgeous site, the Palse waterfall. A temple dedicated to Goddess Vanjai attracts tourists for its serene beauty. Sinhagad Fort, site of Shivaji’s historic Battle of Sinhagad, gives a complete view of the city below.

Best time to visit: July to September

Distance from Mumbai: 143 km

Distance from Pune: 53 km



Get away from the demanding city life to this peaceful village of Ratanwadi. A total count of 30 to 40 odd houses spread across the village make it an ideal destination to get away from city crowds and it is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: Take long walks along the streams flowing through the village. Amruteshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva attracts believers and non-believers in equal numbers.

Constructed in black stone and lime, this is an architecture to behold. From the village trek up to the 200-year old Ratangad Fort across streams and mountains. Camp the night in the natural caves around the fort.

Best time to visit: September to May

Distance from Mumbai: 179 km

Distance from Pune: 187 km



Popular as the Orange City, Nagpur should be on your list of historical cities. Established in 1703 by the Gonds, Nagpur today is the second capital of Maharashtra. Named after River Nag that flows through the city, Nagpur is home to the 118th infantry battalion of the Indian Army and it is one of the amazing honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: Find peace at Deekshabhoomi, the largest hollow dome that is the centre of Buddhism practice in the city. Tekdi Ganesh Mandir is another interesting spot, believed to be a self-manifested temple. Shrine of Baba Tajuddin is an architectural beauty. Don’t miss the orange orchards and the Saoji cuisine.

Best time to visit: October to March

Distance from Mumbai: 809 km

Distance from Pune: 711 km

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Once an important seat of the Maratha and the Mughal empire, Pune is today the cultural hub of Maharashtra. From prominent Marathi plays to the Film and Television Institute of India to the famous Fergusson College, Pune is also an education centre and it is one of the famous honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: Head to Shaniwarwada to relive the valour of the Marathas. Don’t miss the most popular gate, Mastani Darwaza, built for the exclusive use of Bajirao I’s wife Mastani. Get a taste of Bajirao-Mastani’s love story at Mastani Mahal, now also a museum. Visit Hanuman Hill, a reserve, to be one with nature while in the city.

Best time to visit:
July to February

Distance from Mumbai: 147 km

Distance from Pune:

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Getting its name from Dhenu Gram that means village of cows, Dahanu is home to beautiful beaches and chikoo plantations. As part of the Tribal Tourism program, Dahanu is perfect for those wanting to experience the rural life. Don’t miss the local speciality, chicken bhujing and it is one of the famous honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: Parnaka Beach, Agar Beach and Chikhale Beach are three popular destinations. Each with a unique character, these beaches are ideal for quick weekend getaways. Visit Laxmi Narayan Temple to witness the architecture of the Peshwa era. Head to the numerous chikoo, capsicum and coconut plantations for a taste of fresh produce.

Best time to visit: December to February

Distance from Mumbai: 141 km

Distance from Pune: 269.5 km



Complete with beaches and forts, Murud is a popular tourist destination for couples. Murud is testimony to historical battles and is home to the Koli fishing community.

Attractions & Activities:
Murud-Janjira remains the only undefeated fort on the western coast. Three huge canons are a major attraction of this fort. The Palace of the Nawab is a must-visit if you want to experience royalty. Ghosalgad Fort gives a complete view of the waters and was used as an outpost. Enjoy the beauty of betel nut, cashew nuts and black pepper plantations. Visit the Koli fishing village to experience their lifestyle.

Best time to visit: October to February

Distance from Mumbai: 239 km

Distance from Pune:
209 km



Known as the ‘Wine Capital of India’, Nashik is also popular due to its religious significance. One of the sites of Maha Kumbh held every 12 years, Nashik attracts thousands of tourists. The growing wine industry has only boosted the numbers over the years and it is one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities:
With 45 wineries, take a trip to Sula Vineyards and the surrounding grape plantations. Maha Kumbh is both the best time to visit because of its religious significance. Nasik Caves witnesses a large number of tourists interested in its architecture. Recently, a 108 ft Statue of Ahimsa was also erected in the city.

Best time to visit:
October to March

Distance from Mumbai: 166 km

Distance from Pune: 212 km

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Surrounded by River Pravara, waterfalls and mountains, Bhandardara is a traveller’s delight. Filled with forts, dams and lakes, this small hill station is ideal for adventure sports.

Attractions & Activities: Home to the highest peak in Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai, Bhandardara is a favourite spot for hikers and trekkers. Arthur Lake is the ideal place for picnics and easy hikes through the forest.

Randha Falls, falling from a height of 170 ft, will leave you mesmerised. Ratangad Fort is of historic value as Shivaji’s favourite fort. Wilson Dam is worth a visit as one of the oldest dams in the country.

Best time to visit: June to September

Distance from Mumbai:
165 km

Distance from Pune: 172 km

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India’s first planned hill station, Lavasa has been inspired from Portofino, a popular fishing village in Italy. With top-class hotels, sports arenas and surrounding hills, this is the perfect combination of nature, beauty and luxury.

Attractions & Activities: This is the perfect getaway for adventure sports lovers who also love the luxurious life. Enjoy a variety of thrilling sports in a safe environment with your children at Xthrill Adventure Academy. Water babies can head to Lakeshore for everything from lazy boating to courageous kayaking. Camp here with your family and friends and try your hand at archery and rifle shooting.

Best time to visit:
September to March

Distance from Mumbai: 187 km

Distance from Pune: 57.5 km
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A trek to the Rajmachi Fort will take you to the hidden landscapes of the region that will spellbind you. The Fort was built back in the 17th century and is one of the best trekking spots of Maharashtra. It is snuggled in the Karjat region and was built in the era of Shivaji Maharaj. From here, you can take a look at the Borghat which is a historic trade route and extends spectacular views. Apart from this, it is one of the best places to visit in Khandala.

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Panvel City happens to be a municipal corporation in Raigad district of Maharashtra. This city is also termed as the gate of Raigad as it is the first city that one would pass through while entering Raigad from the East. The city is located on the banks of Gadhi River which connects to the Arabian Sea.

It is an incredible tourist destination as it remains cool and comfortable all though the year making it convenient for tourists to plan out trips. Being at this city, you will get to enjoy the natural rawness, serene beauty, alluring lush greenery, and much more.

Panvel is located at a close proximity to Mumbai which means there are a lot of places of tourist interest where you can marvel along with your loved ones. In the course of your visit, you must explore Prabalgad Fort, Major Ashtivinayak Mandir Ballaleshwar Mandir, 165-years Old Beth El Synagogue Panvel, Peaceful Vibes of Adai Waterfalls,  Famous Hindu Shrine Khandeshwar Shiva Temple , Haven For Birdwatchers Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Kalavantin Durg.

Panvel city can be considered as one of the best place in Mumbai for adventure seekers as you can explore the nature and mystic waterfalls, get in touch with your spiritual side, indulge in architectural sightseeing, birdwatching, take a sneak peak into historical architecture, have some fun in the water park, learn about culture at Beth El Synagogue Panvel, trekking and sightseeing.

The climatic condition of Panvel city remains moderate all through the year with pleasant atmosphere perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. 

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Famed for being the port town of Maharashtra, Ratnagiri City is located on the shores of Arabian Sea. A very big exporter of Alphonso mangoes, this place has been a very important business centre for Maharashtra. Having the Sahyadri Range on its other side, this town remains loaded with the best of nature’s bounties. Having its location on the shore, the places like the beaches, ports and lighthouses altogether add to the beauty of this town. Ratnagiri is dotted with numerous such locations which are picture perfect and are ought to be the perfect spots where people can relish the best of nature.

From lakes to rivers and mangroves, this small town is loaded with a big array of waterbodies. Be it the ancient forts like the Jaigad Fort or the locations related to India's struggle of freedom like the Tilak Ali Museum, Ratnagiri is loaded with numerous places perfect for sightseeing tours. Many beaches like the Mandwa Beach and the Pandre Samudra also attract various tourists with their white sandy shores and coasts dotted with palms. If wishing to indulge in some of the most adrenaline rushing activities then Ratnagiri will make sure that you are provided with the proper dosage of thrill.

The pristine beaches surrounding it are loaded with various activities you can try your hands on including boating, swimming and many others. Being a port city, the town of Ratnagiri is surrounded by waters on its one side, thus making its climate moist in the summers. Due to high levels of precipitation, the rains remain high as well, thus making winters the best time to enjoy a vacation here. The average temperature of Ratnagiri remains close to 20 degree celsius and can go up in the summers. Overall, the climate here is pleasant enough for you to enjoy hassle free sightseeing tours.

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The Buddhist caves that cover a large area of Wai is one of the stellar reasons why you should visit this hill station in Maharashtra. The vast farming land beyond which you can see mountains till as far as your sight can reach makes it an eye-catching place to be in.

You might find your schedule a bit tight with several places to visit here like dams, forts, caves, temples, and lakes.

Activities: Boating, sightseeing.

How to reach:

From Mumbai & Pune: You can take a train to several central stations like Satara or Jejuri from where you can hire private cabs or travel by state transport bus.

Best time to visit: September to May.

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A Portuguese colony since 1523, Daman is an island town that attracts tourists because of its historic significance. It also has the most technologically-advanced Coast Guard air station in the country and it is one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Attractions & Activities: Daman provides a number of nightclubs, so you can spend the night dancing. Nani Daman Fort provides the highest observation point in the town.

The catholic cemetery inside the fort will take you back in time. The Moti Daman Fort, built to protect the city against the Mughals, is a popular tourist attraction. Jampore and Devka Beach are ideal for long walks and gorgeous sunsets.

Best time to visit: October to March

Distance from Mumbai: 177 km

Distance from Pune: 305 km

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People Also Ask About Maharashtra

  1. Which are the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra?

    1. Karjat: Nestled among the lofty mountains, the cozy city of Karjat is the best place to bond with your partner. You can opt for sightseeing during the day and indulge in exciting Fort venturing trips at night.

    2. Tamhini Ghat: If solitary is what you seek in your honeymoon, then Tamhini Ghat and the picturesque view of the nature surrounding the place will steal your breath. Here, you can spend some quality time with your partner and take in the ethereal beauty of nature.

    3. Wai: Buddhist caves and lush greenery will greet you and your partner at Wai. If you both have a passion for adventure, you can try camping here.

    4. Khandala: With ancient caves, gorgeous lakes, mesmerizing valleys, and majestic peaks, Khandala is one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra. Apart from the fame that Bollywood brought, Khandala is the perfect place to make new memories, admire nature and partake in adventurous activities.
  2. What are the romantic things to do in Maharashtra?

    1. Stroll along the beaches of Alibaug: You can visit Alibaug with your partner and take romantic strolls along the beaches, and sample the local cuisine. Moreover, you can also explore the Jewish culture and traverse the various sea forts.

    2. Experience paragliding in Kamshet: Located in the enticing Western Ghats, Kamshet is a romantic place that caters to the taste of nature lovers and adventure fanatics. You and your partner can create new memories by experiencing paragliding.

    3. Take in the culture of Chaul: If you and your partner have a love for history, then the cultural significance of Chaul will excite you. You can visit the various forts, lighthouses, and other significant sites in this Portuguese-influenced city.

    4. Admire the beauty of nature in Ratanwadi: Want to spend some alone time with your partner away from the chaotic buzz of the city? Then, Ratanwadi will fulfill your desire with panoramic views, beautiful streams, historical Ratangad Fort, and the holy Amruteshwar Temple.
  3. Which are the romantic places in Maharashtra to visit in the monsoon?

    1. Bhandardara: Picturesque views and the opportunity to partake in trekking have made Bhandardara even more appealing. However, you can also spend some cozy moments relaxing with your partner during the monsoon.

    2. Mahabaleshwar: Lush greenery and enthralling views of the mountain peaks make Mahabaleshwar one of the most romantic places to visit in the monsoon. You can explore the various tourist sites with your partner and admire the alluring beauty of nature.

    3. Kolad: If you and your partner have a passion for the thrill, then visiting Kolad during the monsoons will be an experience of a lifetime. The natural beauty of the place flourishes during rainfall, and you can also partake in river rafting.

    4. Lonavala: Despite the popularity and crowd, the beauty of Lonavala and the surrounding nature is undeniable. You can visit Tiger Point during the monsoon, and take in the breathtaking beauty of nature while holding hands with your partner.
  4. Which are the best hill stations in Maharashtra for couples?

    1. Matheran: Situated at an altitude of about 800m, the magnificent hill station of Matheran is the best place to admire picturesque sunset and sunrises. You can set up romantic dates and make new memories with your partner.

    2. Panchgani: From boating to paragliding, Panchgani offers a plethora of activities for tourists. Furthermore, you can visit various attraction sites such as Dhom Dam, Sydney Point, Rajpuri Caves, etc., with your partner.

    3. Igatpuri: It is the weekend getaway of every couple of Pune and Maharashtra as it is an attractive hill station with pleasant weather and foggy winter which is the most romantic setup you can have. There are many tourist spots that you can explore like Tringalwadi Lake, Camel valley, Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, and many more.

    4. Malshej Ghat: With numerous waterfalls, lakes, forts, and gorgeous mountain views, the hill station of Malshej Ghat is the perfect romantic destination for couples. You can opt for trekking, or you and your partner can hold hands and visit the various tourist spots.
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03 January 2021
Bikram Prasad Bhandardara Camping
We were 5 people and went on the next day of Christmas. It was the best experience so far in lake side camping. The staff namely Ramrao Rathod and Baldeo were very much helpful. He alloted our tents. Tents were clean and bedsheets and woolen blanket were provided. After checkin we had our evening snacks which was Tea and Maggi. We went back to our tents. Ramrao fired up bonfire around 7. We sat around and after an hour he brought kebab sticks for BBQ. The weather was very good. Got to see both sunset and sunrise. The food was great. Veg and Non Veg both options were provided. Lightning was dim which was just perfect. Can't get better. We danced till 12 am midnight. Went to the lake in evening. Clicked some great photos. The trip was memorable and will surely visit next year in winter season.
11 November 2015
An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.