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Maharashtra Tour Packages

Maharashtra Tours

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This is Mumbai as you have never seen it before: calm and peaceful. While the rest of the city is only just beginning to wake up, we take advantage of the empty streets and cool air to explore South Mumbai by cycle. The tour starts at 6 AM and as you wind our way through the back lanes, we’ll visit must-see Mumbai sights like the Gateway of India and CST Station as well as some hidden gems like Sassoon Dock and Bombay Panjrapole (cow sanctuary). At the end of the tour, you’ll stop for a well-deserved South Indian breakfast of dosa, idli, upma, and much more.Safety is the number one priority on
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About the Activity: Known to many as 'one of the largest slums in Asia', we prefer to think of Dharavi as Mumbai’s beating heart. It houses about one million of Mumbai’s inhabitants and its industries have an annual turnover of approximately US$ 665 million. Through this walking tour, visitors experience a wide range of these business activities: recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap factory, leather tanning, poppadom-making and many more. You’ll also visit the residential areas of Dharavi. People from all over India have come to live in Dharavi, making it a microcosm of India. Th
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About the activity: Mumbai's wide streets and narrow lanes are alive with activity. In front of colonial buildings, alongside temples, and everywhere in between, vendors shout from carts selling everything from colourful birds and flowers to traditional Indian clothes and food. We'll guide you through the chaos and introduce you to Mumbai's must-see markets such as Crawford Market and Mangaldas Market as well as some lesser known ones such as Flower Alley. Along the way we’ll also visit some of the oldest lanes in Mumbai and their most famous temples.The tour begins from Regal Cinema at around
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Traveller Tales From Maharashtra


Dakshayani Naik

09 April 2015

Many unknown and unseen pictures of Mumbai was revealed during our tour. In today's world, we are so much attracted towards all the glamour and hardly bother about those faces who brings us these glamour. But while we were walking down the narrow and bustling lanes during this tour, we got to see the real picture. Everyone must try this tour and witness the very original pictures of Mumbai that are hardly brought in the focus.

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Gajbaahu Sinha

30 August 2017

An energetic night tour of Mumbai I have ever done. It was a creation of new friendships. People from different parts of the city were in the group. Though I am from Mumbai itself, I never found Mumbai this beautiful before. Many of the sights have seen before only but the night views of them were absolutely dashing. I went with my son and he was also enjoying it. Good coordination and friendly approach from everyone in the team. They gave refreshments too after the tour. Kamala Nehru Park and the view of Marine Drive from the top made my day. Short but exciting trip for two hours. Nightlife is remarkable in Mumbai.


Dhanesh Achari

30 August 2017

Food of Mumbai is our favourite and this street food tour made our day beyond imagination. We have never been to these streets before but had the best taste of Vada Pav. There was another ten people from various sorts of life and we could see everyone was thoroughly enjoying it. But thinking whether a street food tour costs this much or not. Since we booked for two, there was a discount. But still if you go alone, I think it is a little overpriced. Yet, the tour made me and my husband so happy. We came to Mumbai only six months ago and this was surprising sightseeing too.


Deeksha Chattopadhyay

30 August 2017

I have been staying in Mumbai for 2 years now but never explored the markets here. So I booked this amazing market tour in Mumbai. The tour started from Regal Cinema at around 03:30 PM. It was ana amazing experience for all of us. The Archetypal-Gothic architecture was very beautiful. We also visited the Mangaldas Market or the ‘Mecca’ for fashion designers and the 100 year old flower market which known as the Flower Gallia. We also visited the Goddess Mumbadevi and Bombay Panjarpole. Our tour ended after 2 hours. All together it was a great trip and I really loved it.


Akshainie Kaniyar

30 August 2017

Mumbai in just 4 hours was unbelievable!!! Nice one… come up with such things in future too. Thanks Thrillophilia for suggesting this to us. We had a fun time together. We are from South India and visited Mumbai for a seminar and one friend suggested to do a bus tour to see around Mumbai and thus this tour happened. Well managed by the organizers. Though there were normal commuters in the bus, it was not a problem for them or us. Chor Bazar was simply amazing. How crowded it is but still we did not feel exhausted or bad. All over it was a great trip.


Heema Ganaka

30 August 2017

It was a nice trip to go back to the village days of my childhood. Full of energy and enthusiasm. It was great fun to take part in the village activities like ploughing and all. Such a nice feeling at the end of the day. Tasty village food too. I did not want to come back. But I think, the cost of the package was more than I expected. Still, it was a good package with a lot of things to do. It will be a great thing for you too guys to have a day with the tribal people living in these villages. You will feel so calm and peaceful. Try this tour once.


Sheela Joshi

30 August 2017

I went on this amazing bicycle tour in Mumbai which was really one of the best. The booking was done instantly and it was an easy process. I along with my four friends went on this cycling tour. We started at around 06.15 AM. Oh I tell you guys mornings are always the best in Mumbai. We took some of the unknown roads which is away from the hustle and bustle. We covered some of the famous places like CST Station, Crawford Market, Mumbadevi Temple, Bombay Panjrapole etc. Altogether it was a great trip. Would love to go for it again.


Dayaananda Bhattacharya

16 March 2015

It was morning time when we started pedalling and got to enjoy the morning beauty of the city that never sleeps. After arriving at the dock, we witnessed the fishermen getting busy with their catches. Visit to Bombay Panjtapole was also very exciting along with a visit to Mumba Devi Temple. After all these, we also ride around Marine Drive, Crawford Market, and several other stunning places. The 4 hours spent on cycling along with the guides and instructors was just an unforgettable experience!


Puneet Sinha

16 April 2015

Konkan Diva Fort Trek Near Pune is a great and an interesting trek. The trek was complete fun and it was interesting. I loved the whole trek. I never thought Pune is such a nice vacation spot. All I thought about Pune was that it is a nice spot to hang out watch movies, drink, and have fun. However, within some kilometres of drive from Pune, there are a lot to explore and have fun with. I totally loved this travel filled Pune that surprised me. This trek is something that shouldn’t be missed.

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