Bhaja Caves Overview
Next, in the list of places to visit in Khandala is the Bhaja caves which are a cluster of 22-rock cut adobes of tranquility. These are located slightly away from Kamshet and were built back in 60 BC. Out of the 22, there is one main cave  “Chaitya” that features a prayer hall and is an epitome of peace.

The caves are surrounded by lush green blankets of nature and are a delight for wandering souls. The texture of the caves is rugged and the entire region remains cool. Make sure that you capture amazing pictures, as the frames it offers are great.

Essential Information:

Location: Bhaje Caves Road, Near Bhaja Village Maval District, Lonavla, 412106

Best Time: Throughout the year

Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Price: No entry fees.

If you are looking for any historical yet exciting location to visit in India - Bhaja Caves is for you. Bhaja Caves are located at Lonavala, Maharashtra, that are dating back to 160 BC. These 22 groups of rock-cut caves are considered to be subsisting from the second to the first century BC.

The Caves were developed during Satavahana's rule and are the biggest Hinayana Buddhist temple in India. Adorned with the classic Indian rock-cut architecture of the era, the architecture of these caves narrates the actual culture and tradition of India and the ancient Indian period. The topmost captivations of these caves are the Stupas, which have the caves carved profoundly outside and inside both.

Furthermore, lush greenery all around the caves creates a spectacular aura that pleases many eyes. Also, there is a magnificent waterfall close to the cave that offers you a chance to take a delightful dip into it. The visitors will discover an unusual cluster of 14 stupas, nine in exterior, and five in the interior of a smaller cave. Thus, Bhaja caves are the go-to destinations for all those who are history enthusiasts. It will prove to be an amazing sightseeing trip to the past glory of mythological India.

How To Reach

By Train:
 The nearest railway station from Bhaja Caves is Malavli, which is 3 km away. You can catch a local train to reach here. You can likewise board a train from Mumbai or Pune to arrive at Lonavala then catch a local train from Lonavala to Malavli. Bhaja caves are at around 3 km from the Malavli station.

By Road: 
Bhaja caves can be easily accessed via local buses running from Lonavala to Karla caves. Bhaja caves are 10 km away from the Karla caves. So, for an onward destination, one can take an auto. From Khandala also you can hire a taxi or auto to reach Bhaja caves.

By Air: 
Take a flight for Pune and choose any of the train or road travel convenience as per your choice for reaching Bhaja caves.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Bhaja Caves is from the Autumn season to the Spring season, i.e., October to March. During Autumn, it will be a fantastic time for the tourists to visit this place as the weather will be calm and cold and not hot, unlike in summers.

The visitors can roam in the caves without hesitating and stressing about the sweaty warm weather. The people can cherish a reasonable span of time in these caves in winters. Further, the spring season would lit up the caves with beautiful flowers all around and chilling breezes to feel jolly around.

Other Essential Information

Shopping at Bhaja Caves 

Visitors will discover that there are a plethora of markets, malls, and street shopping experiences available near Bhaja caves. You can buy items such as saree, jewelry, artifacts, leather goods, cheap clothing, footwear, food items, and souvenirs. Also, the markets provide an amazing culinary experience with plenty of restaurants and bakeries dotting the streets. So, shopaholics can fulfill all their shopping desires here by visiting the following locations:

1. Phoenix Market City
2. Amanora Town Centre
3. Laxmi Road
4. MG Road

Places to eat near Bhaja Caves 

1. Sports Bar-
It is a Bar cum cafe that serves finger food items such as Wiches and Burgs, Pizza, Pasta. Also, the famous Indian chaat is available too in this cafe like Bhel puri, Pani puri, Dahi puri, Bhelpuri, Rajkachori, Samosa chaat. So, satisfy your gastronomic cravings here.

2. Rama Krishna- 
It caters to casual dining cuisines – fast food, North Indian, Mughlai, and Beverages. You can enjoy both nonvegetarian and vegetarian food in here.

3. Hasty Tasty Lonavala- 
It provides you all with an exquisite quality of fast food items like chili potatoes, Momos, Kathi Rolls, Soups, and Noodles. Both teenagers and adults would surely love to have lunch or dinner here. The services and staff are friendly and active.

4. Cream Centre- 
One more casual dining venue offering North Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Street Food. You can devour mouth-watering starters such as Nachos, soups and salads, Khau Galli Vada, etc. You will also love sizzlers here, such as Mexican Fajita Sizzler, and Chef's Oriental Special Sizzler.

Places to stay near Bhaja Caves 

1. Greenwood Countryside Resort- 
It's a couple-friendly resort presenting beautiful ambiance and a huge open-air swimming pool. The rooms are fully outfitted and well maintained.

2. Vista Mirabella- 
If you are searching for luxurious accommodation, this one is an ideal choice. The fully furnished villa, swimming pool, and lovely view from the rooms all make it a great staycation option.

3. The Adarsh Hotel- 
It is the nearest location from Bhaja Caves that is budget-friendly as well. The outdoor pool, on-site restaurant, gym, family, and a kids' play area satisfy the guests perfectly.

4. Neel Resort- 
Neel Resort is an awesome choice in an affordable range. The resort is set amidst the lush greenery with well-manicured laws, swings, and spacious rooms.

Travelers' Tip before visiting Bhaja Caves

There should be some necessary things that tourists must carry during the sightseeing trip to these caves, such as a backpack, camera, goggles, jackets, hats/caps, medications, sun care creams. 

2. You can also visit some other places adjacent to Bhaja caves like Lonavala, Khandala, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, and Pune, which can be covered in a whole day trip. 

3. Tourists can choose to travel by bus, train, or by air to travel to Bhaja caves from their respective places. 

4. It will take you around 2 - 3 hours to explore the whole Bhaja caves.
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Bhaja Caves FAQs

Who built Bhaja caves?

Bhaja Caves is also popular as the "Buddhist caves" that was built by the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. Neighboured to Lonavala in Maharashtra, the construction of these caves began in the 2nd century BC, and it got completed by 2nd century AC.

Adequately, 22 caves were built in these 300 years time span. But, due to certain reasons, only a few of them are open to visit by tourists or locals alike.

How do I get from Bhaja caves to Lonavala?

Bhaja caves are 12.1 km away from Lonavala. If you travel by road via a car or taxi, then it will take 27 mins for you to reach Lonavala from Bhaja caves. If you select to travel by train, you have to board a train from Malavli station, which is just 3 km away from Bhaja Caves to Lonavala.

Total 18 local trains are running between this route to help you reach from Pune railway station to Malavli station. You can take an auto or taxi for onward destination.

How many caves are there in Bhaja caves?

There are 22 caves in Bhaja caves in total. These were constructed in 200 BC by carving huge rocks. These were designed in such a way to conclude sculptures illustrating various styles.

How much time does it take to visit Bhaja caves?

Two to three hours is an adequate amount of time to be spent in exploring Bhaja caves. These are the ancient caves of India forming the ennobling background of Indian tradition. One can come here with friends, family, or even with colleagues to have a delightful time exploring this historical place.

How can I go to Bhaja caves from Pune by train?

The nearest station to Bhaja caves is Malavli, which is around 3 km away from Bhaja caves. There are about 18 trains easily accessible for you to travel from Pune local train railway station to Malavli railway station. These trains from the Pune railway station would help you reach the Malavli local trains station just in 1 hr 9 min.

Is there any entry fees for Bhaja Caves?

Yes, there is an entry fee for Bhaja caves for the visitors that is non-returnable. For Indians, the entry fee is INR 15, and for Foreigners, it is INR 200. You can also book tickets through online websites so that you can visit the place without any hassle. Also, the visiting timings set for the Bhaja caves are 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Is photography allowed inside Bhaja Caves?

Yes, photography is indeed allowed in Bhaja caves. The exceptional art of these caves depicting the beauty of Indian culture is worth to be captured in your cameras and your mobile phones. The memories of seeing these elegant pictures of the beauty of the caves are thus to be cherished later.

The photoshoots of you standing in front of these sculptures will be loved and appreciated by everyone on your social media handles. The pictures of caves will undoubtedly fulfill the desire to create your aesthetic feed.

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