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Best and Unique Places to Stay in Maharashtra

Best Places To Stay In Maharashtra

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About the activity : If it is pure and raw adventure that you are looking for, then you need to head for an exciting white water rafting and stay experience in Kolad. Apart from the adventure sports, you can also enjoy an exciting array of historic sites around the place.  The Kundalika River flows through the rugged terrain of the forested hills and through the farms and offers a golden opportunity to enjoy a rafting tour for beginners. This river on the international scale is rated as a grade IV river, making its rapids pose a challenge for the ardent water sports lover.You will
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About the Activity:Soma offers one of the best Wine tour experiences in Nashik. The vineyard is located between the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam and Sahyadri Ranges. It offers you a pleasant perspective of the grand vineyards where you can engage yourself with a plantation walk and get a heady dose of fun with vineyard visits and tastings. While here, you can also savour in the delightful nourishment from Culture Kitchen, the in-house eatery that serves exclusive soul food and other delectable cuisine. An epitome of luxury, romance and solitude, Soma Village is the perfect getaway destination
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About the Experience:Head to engage with nature once again to feel the rejuvenating experience at Kalyani Village water park that is located amidst the mighty hills and on the banks of the river Tansa in Thane.Kalyani Village Resort is an ecological and community aware water park that offers the exact feeling of a rural village. The hospitality you can feel here would will let you come back again and again.The place is an ideal one for a family picnics, school excursions for students and camping. It houses 3 large swimming pools, separate kids pool, Rain dance floor with DJ, River promenade, Aa
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Traveller Tales From Maharashtra


Chandani Mishra

19 April 2016

The entire vicinity was extremely rich with natural beauty. But the diving experience stole all the attention. There were a lot to see under water and once you are there, you will never feel to get back to the shores. But one thing, we should be careful about conserving the beauty of the marine life and stop water pollution. Or else we will end up losing this beauty.

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Anilaabh Bharadwaj

12 December 2015

This was the ideal fun and luxury stay after a long time here near nature with friends and cousins. This was the perfect getaway that I wanted, to be immersed in the different activities that will take one to a whole new world. True, this was a whole new pollution free beautiful world in this place. This was a space to gather a strong community of like-minded people share warm stories, and imbibe the values of an organic lifestyle. We also got to cool off at the several waterfalls close by, and we also did some reading and a bit of snoozing amidst pristine woods. Yes, you might think that these are things that happen in novels. But no, these can be real too. I had a great time here, and I am sure that most of you guys would too. By the evening, we dropped by at the charming local markets, and the Jawahar Palace, at close proximity to this truly soulful retreat to do some amazing shopping. It was a nice experience. Coming to the stay aspect, the food was good, and the rooms were clean. The bathrooms were well maintained too. This is what one looks in a trip primarily.


Udit Pothuvaal

24 September 2015

The main aim of Gandhar Eco Lodge is to allow people to relish the rural culture amid a highly comfortable setting. We got to stroll around the silent lanes, and observe the the blend of natural solutions in construction of the shacks, water-heater systems, among others. Nothing matches a quaint walk on the beach that we took. It was completely unwinding. We also indulged in Rangoli with fellow travellers and tried our hands at statue-making. It was a great time of relaxation for all of us. We completed the tour by watching a movie in the local 'cinema' hall, and this experience was icing to the day. This was indeed a slice of rural India during our charming stay here.


Kalpana Talwar

18 August 2015

The stay in this package is in a 4 star luxury resort, which was as good as 5 star. This was sprawling across for 100 acres. There are some amazingly brilliant backdrop of rugged forests. There is also the beach of Kashid, which is just a stone's throw away. This felt like almost a private beach to this resort. We walked along the beach in the evenings and nothing is as romantic as these walks. As my husband is an artist, he sat down to paint the sunset on his canvas. It was beautiful to watch him create magic. After this we took a dip in the swimming pool and went to the spa to revel in a soothing massage and rejuvenate ourselves.


Karen Sharma

13 March 2017

Tucked amidst the surrounding hills, a linguistic description of Camp Temgarh will do it very little justice. Only a visit to this serene place will satisfy the longing, wandering soul of a city-dweller. Built with bricks of love and bound by a cement of incomparable hospitality, the place is perfect for small and large groups to relax, retreat, refresh and rewind. With enough space and amenities for leisure, the place is also an incubator for the artist's mind, imagination and inspiration. Good food, sound of the wind, soothing green to the eyes, comfortable rooms (cottages, tents, etc.)... What else could one ask for?


Govinda Pandey

13 August 2015

Vine touring is famous these days, and yes this is actually great at Nashik, I forced my boyfriend to take me to this place as my college buddies had been there already and were praising like anything. We as a couple enjoyed this tour completely, if you have to enjoy you need to stay for a couple of nights. We were lucky that we visited this place during the vine festival time and so we got to a chance to taste some of the best varieties of vine over here, in fact my boyfriend bought many new varieties of vine for our close friends. Nice place to visit.


Rajinder Kapoor

18 November 2015

This place is situated on Mandwa-Sasawane Road. The place we stayed was called the Countryside Resort. It was a perfect getaway to stay in the arms of nature. It was a great and an interesting weekend. It is a perfect melange of unique design, modern day hospitality, and old world simplicity. This is exactly how I always want my weekends to be. This is located close to the Mandwa beach, so it was easy for us to enjoy water sports on the shoreline. This was the best trip that I had in the recent times.


Trilochana Trivedi

29 February 2016

To have a weekend out from our busy schedules, we took this deal. It was like a second honeymoon. We spent a lot of time by the pool. We also were served amazing cocktails by the poolside. As the whole resort was full of couples or family, it was a nice and safe locality. We loved the way the room was set up. It had a great ambiance. I wish to take this again soon. I also enjoyed the food here it was pretty good. Apart from all these, the rates were affordable too.


Mangala Menon

11 August 2015

I 'm a big time 'water baby'. prior to Tarakarli I've had snorkeling experience at Goa and Andaman's. Ofcourse those places have options but what I liked bets about snorkeling at Tarakarli was that this place is still unknown and so no crowd no waiting....and you have ample time to enjoy yourselves. Amazing experience, descent place...a good start for those who are just beginning to explore the aquatic world.

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