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It is often said that stony thoroughfares leads to the beautiful landscape. Have you ever imagined a state where your bike becomes the extended part of your body as you maneuver over roots and rocks? If we are talking about the best biking tours in Maharashtra, Mumbai is your go-to spot. It is a euphoric and enchanted point in time. To get a whole new perspective on the city and its abutting natural scapes, set yourself up to sprawl your wings for the weekend to experience adrenaline rush along with the splendid panorama of nature when the dazzling rays of the sun are blocked by the clouds, the azure sky becomes grey, chilly sugary breeze tampers your skin and refreshing aroma of wet mud makes you sway. Mumbai, the bustling city of Maharashtra takes its weekly off on Sundays when the idyllic environs are perfect for a cycling trip. With negligible amount of daily traffic, office goers or regular chaos, travellers can explore some notable and unconventional precincts of the city. Biking is the ultimate alternative to understand the what, how, when and why of the city. Come and drive into the heart and mind of the beautiful Mumbai city and explore the true fabric on this trip where you can roam around paradigmatic lanes of the Mumbai city.


Maharashtra has a boon of attenuate pinnacles, rivers blowing a gasket and inmost seaway. Bikers love trails and more trails undoubtedly. And to handle those trails, the fundamental requirements are physical strength and stamina. Usually, the alleys for biking aren’t decided. It is completely dependent upon the travellers and wannabe bikers. Besides Mumbai, it is full of amazing places and routes which are excellent for road trips and the best biking tours in Maharashtra. Besides, the local residents are blessed with the lustrous and soothing roads to appreciate and admire biking. One can explore the entire city and take a glance at various tourist attractions from Gateway of India to Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Essel world, Mani Bhavan, Siddhivinayak temple and what not? Roaming and exploring around the entire city is a task requiring a lot of energy. And without chewing nosh and nibble, no human will able to visit all the places. Food is an integral part of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage, and no visit to the state can be considered complete without sampling a variety of its specialties. Every meal should take you on a journey of exploration.

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