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Arya Devar
Reviewed: 20 Aug 2021
My friends and I visited Igatpuri as a post graduation vacation. We opted for the Quad Cottage at Rainforest Resort through Thrillophilia. Everything was arranged for us by the time we arrived at the resort, so we didn’t have to bother ourselves with anything. We’re all really looking forward to tra... Read More
Sreerag Parayil
Reviewed: 13 Mar 2021
We booked the Grand Resort stay from Thrillophilia while visiting Igatpuri. The tour package arranged everything in advance, including the booking of the choice room. It also included several sports.The rock climbing adventure was the absolute highlight of the trip for me!
Devi Pilla
Reviewed: 10 Mar 2021
We were literally surrounded by the incredible rainforests of the Sahyadri when we stayed at the Rainforest Resort. All our travel needs were impeccably addressed and our rooms were also very comfortable!
Bhudev Banerjee
Reviewed: 20 Feb 2021
I love luxurious accommodations in quaint places and the Manas Resort in Igatpuri is the perfect haven for solo travellers like me. Thrillophilia took care of all my travel needs from beforehand and my retreat was nothing but peaceful.
Subrajit Jena
Reviewed: 02 Feb 2021
Manas Resort was quite the experience! Apart from being a fantastic resort in itself, Manas features a private petting zoo as well. We were able to book a stay at the hotel at extremely affordable rates with Thrillophilia. The package gave us access to all of the resort’s best amenities, including t... Read More
Vijit Sharma
Reviewed: 08 May 2021
The superbly priced offer by Thrillophilia helped us know and experience this wonderful resort. Its superbly maintained rooms, coupled with the luxury amenities offered, really made our weekend.

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