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  • The beaches in Konkan are just what a holidaymaker and city slicker needs to calm down, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best! The Konkan coastline that runs for a whopping 720 km along the coastal lines of Maharashtra, presents the wary visitor with much to enjoy, explore and discover.

    Marked by the Western Ghats on one end and the Arabian Sea on the other, Konkan is indeed a beautiful gem protected between the two. The beaches are well known for being noncommercial but yet well-connected escapes from the city and are truly stunning. Go on and explore the beauty of these coasts on your next tour!

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  • 01Ganpatipule Beach

    Ganpatipule Beach
    Image Credit : abhi9736 - Flickr
    Take a break from the city and escape to the beautiful shores of the Ganpatipule Beach. Known around Maharashtra for its calming waves and deep blue sea, this is one of the most preferred destinations for holiday makers and pleasure seekers. The deep azure of the seas will definitely calm your nerves frayed by the city.

    There is also a Ganpati temple situated on the shores of beach, which account for its name. The idol is said to have materialized out of the ground in a perfect shape and features intact. Located at a distance of approximately 330km from both Mumbai and Pune, the beach has always enjoyed a preferred status amongst the beaches in Konkan.
  • 02Guhagar Beach

    Guhagar Beach
    If your heart calls out for you to be at one of the pristine and untouched shores of the beaches in Konkan, then head out to Guhagar. Among the initial few beaches on the Konkan coastline, it is cosseted between the Vasishthi River and Jaigad Creek. This is the place where the white sand beauty of Konkan actually begins.

    The beach is located between two hills and is shielded by the Suru trees. The beach and the town are very well known for its quiet environment and products of Alphonso mangoes, coir items, coconut and betel nuts. The beach of Guhagar is easily reached from Chiplun, which is a railhead and is very well connected by road.

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  • 03Harihareshwar Beach

    Harihareshwar Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr
    One of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai, Harihareshwar is an old coastal town that has a prominent Shiva temple at its façade. The rocky beaches of this coast are a delight to explore! The Savitri River enters the sea at Harihareshwar and thus the town has assumed a religious as well as scenic importance.

    The town alone has two beaches of which one is 2.4km long and the other is 2km long. In the arms of nature and at the foothills of the Sahyadris, Harihareshwar is the perfect beach holiday destination.
  • 04Velneshwar Beach

    Velneshwar Beach
    Coming to Velneshwar is almost like finding a hidden cove of treasure that is full of natural beauty! The beach is a small cave sheltered by coconut and palm trees. Bordered by the beaches of Guhagar and Ganpatipule, it is slowly becoming one of the most preferred beaches in Konkan.

    Velneshwar is one of those places where fronds of coconut and the relatively safe sea water make it an ideal escape for pleasure seekers and holiday makers. Located at around 250-300km away from Mumbai and Pune, it is well connected to both by road. Bet at peace with nature and welcome the serenity that Velneshwar will offer you.

    The beach is also identifies by a Shiva Temple which is famous for its divine and quiet air. This temple is around 1700 years old and is impeccable clean.
  • 05Tarkarli Beach

    Tarkarli Beach
    Situated at the convergence of the Karli River and Arabian Sea, Tarkarli is best known for its golden sand beaches and crystal clear blue sea. The uninterrupted coastline is one of the most preferred holiday destinations for couples, friends and families. Tarakarli has also gained prominence for the scope of adventure activities, water related sports and gorgeous spots for relaxation and sunbathing that it offers. 

    The beaches of Konkan are always nore beautiful and serene during the months that follow the monsoons and it is no different for Tarkarli, the hills, jungles and coast dons on a gorgeous mélange of green, gold and blue. The vast open sea, a few fishing hamlets dotting the scene and the occasional sight of Dolphins pouncing out of the clear blue waters to catch a glimpse of the skies above is certainly breathtaking!

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  • 06Dive Agar Beach

    Dive Agar Beach
    Get a much needed taste of seclusion, calmness and being far away from the maddening crowds and civilization in Dive Agar. Situated on the western coast of Konkan, this gorgeous destination offers you with unparalleled views of the surroundings and the horizon that will certainly perk up your soul.

    A true place for nature lovers, the beach is kissed by the azure blue seas. Unspoiled and shielded by tall trees of Suru and coconuts, the beach is certainly a quiet and calm getaway into the arms of sun, sand and nature. Savor the fantastic cuisine, taste the local delicacies, take home some fresh catch and have an unforgettable time at Dive Agar.
  • 07Awas Beach

    Awas Beach
    Amongst all the beaches in Konkan, this is perhaps the one that has remained safe from the vagaries of nature, wildlife or modern disturbances. Seeming much like the Dive Agra beach, Awas is also shielded by coves of hills and locally grown tall trees and plants.

    One of the most pristine beaches in Konkan, it has along and uninterrupted coastline littered with beautiful flora and fauna.  Catch the mesmerizing view of the sunset over relatively clean and clear waters and take back an experience worth cherishing for life.

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  • 08Sasawne Beach

    Sasawne Beach

    If you are looking for some charm of the coastal live son your next visit to the beaches of Konkan, then Sasawne has to be topmost on your list. Although it easily connected to Mumbai by road, the more ideal and picturesque way to get here is to take a ferry or a catamaran to Mandwa Jetty and then head off for a half an hour drive to Sasawne.

    The ideal way to experience the quiet charm of Sasawne is to stay at one of the local homestays and smack your lips to the taste of delicious coastal cuisine and some local gossip!

  • 09Malvan Beach

    Malvan Beach
    Image Credit : Jay Patil - Flickr
    A town located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Malvan is especially renowned for its cuisine and proximity to the Sindhudurg Fort in Maharashtra. Located at a short distance of 7km from the beaches of Tarkarli, tourism in the area is high primarily because of clean beaches and long and uninterrupted coastline.

    Enjoying a typically coastal climate, an escape to Malvan is just what you need to taste adventure, enjoyment and pleasure all in one go.The beach is also very safe for swimming and merrymaking. 
  • 10Revdanda Beach

    Revdanda Beach
    On the off chance that you have picked Revdanda as your destination of choice amongst the beaches in Konkan, then rest assured that you have made the right choice! Revdanda is a place that is a getaway to the Revdanda fort which can be easily reached from the beach.

    The place holds high importance as it was here that St. Francis delivered his first sermon in India. The haven still exists on the fortification and reminds one of a period in history that is long past! The sand on the shores of Revdanda is pale and soft, giving the beach its distinctive beauty and character and making it a perfect place for camping in the night!
  • 11Shrivardhan Beach

    Shrivardhan Beach

    Feathery sand at your feet and cool waters lapping at your toes, Shrivardhan Beach is as perfect as a beach getaway can be. The beach is very well known for the stunning and intricately built promenade that has washrooms, facilities and clean and fresh facilities. The beach is not very populated since it falls off the tourist maps.

    The beach is a mix of black, golden and white sands and is a rainbow of colours on the coast. Majorly a part of the fishing village, the soft and fine sands present a perfect escape.

  • 12Alibaug Beach

    Alibaug Beach
    The sun kissed beaches of Alibaug, albeit a little crowded offer a perfect escape in the sun and sand charms of Konkan. The food of the land and the beauty of the coastline are what have made this fort a preferred destination for holidays amongst all the Konkan beaches.

    This coastal town offers up more than a few unspoilt and unexplored beaches on its coastline, which is like a blessing for a beach loving bum!  Despite heavy tourism, the destination is gorgeous getaways. Alibag can be effortlessly reached from Mumbai as it is at a mere distance of 82km.

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