10 Best Places to Visit in Chakrata - 2024 (Photos & Reviews)
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Dehradun wears a secluded hilly town, Chakrata, which is situated at 2,118 meters above sea level, surrounded by coniferous forests sliding out of the Himalayan range and blessed with many places to visit in Chakrata. The scenic cantonment hill station makes for a weekend gateway, ideal to spend some serene time with nature away from the city life.

Located in the terrains of Uttarakhand, the tourist places in Chakrata make for an exploratory and adventurous eye.
Not only can one get mesmerised into the serene gardens of the Ram Tal or wear an investigative hat to ponder over mysteries of Budher caves but there are many activities like camping in the wilderness of Hathni Kund, bird watching in delightful Tiger Falls and submerging in the river while rafting at Yamuna Adventure Park that is as bewitching. Along with many photo opportunities in the forests of Deoban, Chakrata is an upcoming destination to experience.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Chakrata:

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Chilmiri Neck

Chilmiri Neck is the highest peak in Chakrata fenced by lush green deodar forests. Known as the Sunset View Point, the view also includes a majestic view of the enchanted Himalayan peaks - Bandarpoonch, Rohini and Swarg - that enhance the visual journey of the sun’s descent. Considering the height, the temperature is much colder than Chakrata.

Chilmiri Neck seems like a big flat land on top of a hill enough for a picnic or to relax — spend time with family or just walk around observing the pleasant ambience. Apart from paranoiac views and the sunsets, the Chilmiri is explored by birdwatchers.

Location: Near 
Chakrata market.

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The word ‘Deoban’ comes from “Deo” meaning Deodar trees and “Ban” meaning forest. Known for treks and forest trails, the sunlight lush of shadow and light in between the army of pine trees is a tourist delight. The pleasant blots of light form popular camping spots.

Located at a height of 2200 meters to 3025 meters above sea level, the Deoban witness scenic terrains - Vyas Shikhar is the highest peak and gets the marvellous views of the distant Himalayas. With engaging peaceful quadrants that reflect inner peace, Deoban also known as ’Gods own Forest’(Devban), is one of the picturesque 
places to visit in Chakrata.

Kanaser Range


Yamuna Adventure Park

Situated on the purest part of Yamuna, with clean river slates and amidst the cliffs and ranges, Yamuna Adventure Park, located in Chakrata, is one of the popular places to visit in Chakrata.The upper stretches of Yamuna offer a fast and furious retreat for the adventurous water sports enthusiast. On one hand, the charming river, rich with round pebbles, and on the other resident green backdrop of mountains forms the perfect getaway for camping, hiking, trekking, rappelling, swimming and river crossing.

With ample stay options, this relatively unexplored river provides a plethora of activities, the tourists could also indulge in oar boating, surfing and cliff jumping. The cost of the activities can be obtained on request.

Location: Yamuna Bridge


Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

Ram Tal Horticultural Garden is located on Chakrata-Mussoorie route,  9 km away, and is one of the popular tourist places in Chakrata.With a symphony of green lushes like lichen, ferns, with varieties of climbers, conifers, flowering plants and several woody trees like Rhododendron (Burans), many tourists visit the garden as a picnic spot.

With sightings like Black-headed Jay, Grey Treepie and Oriental turtle dove, Ram Tal is popularly visited by the birdwatchers. The main attractions in the horticultural garden are the vast expanse of green lawns, the apple garden and the natural pond.

Location: Nagaou
, Uttarakhand.


Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls is a perched but magnificent waterfall located amidst hilly terrain of Chakrata.Untouched by the hustle of commercialisation, the Tiger Falls is known for trekking and for serene ambience for a picnic.With clean spurs of water plunging from the height of 312 feet above the sea level, it is also amongst the highest waterfalls of Uttarakhand.

The five-kilometre trek trail from Chakrata to the Tiger falls is dotted with views of the lush forest, rich exuberant greenery and with crowned pearls of oak and rhododendron trees. Heaven for birdwatchers and nature lovers, the chanting waterfalls in tune to the chirping of birds makes the Tiger Falls, one of the most popular
 places to visit in Chakrata

Kanaser Range, Chakrata



Koti-Kanasar is a picturesque location marked ideal for a picnic or a honeymoon. It is surrounded by a dense green forest-the green meadows allure tourists and make it perfect for an excursion.A little town Koti Kanasar is also situated here with few houses.Kanasar is known for maintaining very old Deodar trees, exceptionally well. Asia’s biggest Deodar tree with a circumference of 6.35 meters is present in its woodland.

Popular for trekking, treks to Buder Gupha takes 2 hours and Deoban takes 3 hours from Kanasar 
About 3 km away from Kansar is a Forest Rest House, placed creatively on a slope, this gives segregated coloured hallmark of the terrains.

Location: Kanasar range.

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Hathni Kund

The Hathni Kund is set overlooking the Yamuna River in Yamuna Nagar region of Haryana State.  The cascading water body spitting out of the Himalayan foothills of Paonta Sahib residues into these plains of Haryana. It was built to create a water system and was completed in June 1999.

Hathni Kund is a hub hosting activities like rafting, camping and body surfing along with wildlife tracts for adventure sport. Apart
 from adventure, bird watching is very popular. The peaceful calm surrenders of the reservoir fill 31 types of waterbird. The presence of a restaurant helps in attracting tourists to stop-over here in longer journeys.

Location: Major district marg.


Kimona Falls

The quiet, meditative perched inlands to rejuvenate, Kimona fall, placed in the surroundings of Himalayas are situated 2kms away from Chakrata. They are surrounded by dense Oak wood trees and are an untouched and unexplored magnificence in Chakrata town.A small trek from the town will lead to this moist vista waterfall of 35 meters height.Some tourists enjoy rappelling down with water, others spend a picnic or spend time reflecting in the atmosphere.

The place makes mornings sing with paradise-like harmony tuning out time and place. Most visitors visit early during the day to feel this. The winters are way cooler and frosty, hence the best time to visit Kimona fall is in Summers.

Location: Near 
Chakrata market.


Budher Caves

Situated at a distance of 30 km from Chakrata, Budher caves are one of the most popular places to visit in Chakrata. The caves, also known as Budher Gopha, have both historic significances and are also a spot that churns adrenaline.Since the caves were discovered by a German national Miola, the caves are also known as Miola Caves. The 150kms long caves are believed to be dug by Pandavas during their exile before Mahabharata.

Formed out of limestone rocks with brilliant stalagmite and stalactite formations, with a
  difficult task of navigation, the Budher caves are still not completely explored. Hence making them a popular spot for spelunking or exploring or caving

Bagani, Uttarakhand.


Moigad Fall

Close to Chakrata, situated on the Delhi-Yamunotri Street, is the milky stretch of Moigad falls ideal for an outing and relaxing scenic encounters with nature.  Tourists enjoy taking blissful drives into the milky water sweats surrounded by the dense forest and enchanting loudly in-between the hills. The tranquil fall itself is 50 meters long and is one of the popular places to visit in Chakrata.

It is recommended to carry supplies as the falls are uninhibited by commercialisation.

Location: On Yamunotri road.

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03 October 2019
vijay sharma Nag Tibba Trek
It's been a great journey for all of us and also this was our first ever trek and we all give a big thanks to Thrillophilia who provide us great service like their food, transport service, camping facility and their treck guide and the all facilities from their side is up to the mark ..and we really enjoyed there ....we all had a great memory. One suggestion for those who planned for nag tibba trek is "not an easy trek specially from nag tibba camp to nag tibba summit it's difficult ...it's really difficult ...
24 December 2020
amit sharma Nag Tibba Trek
I was on this trek on this weekend (19-12-2020) . Nag tibba trek start from Pantwari village. This trek is in two parts Pantwari to Nagtibba base camp ?? Nag tibba base camp to Summit or nah tibba peak. We started in afternoon on day one to base camp, so it took approx 2.30-3 hour to reach to base camp. There we had snack and enjoyed sunset ????. We also had campfire and music, then we went for sleep. Next day early morning, around 3am, we started trek for Nag Tibba Summit for the sunrise ????. This was around 4 km trek, so it took us 3.30 to to reach on peak. 2km out of 4Km was snow trekk, this was freezing cold ???? and slippery trekk. After reaching to peak we witnessed the mesmerising beauty of snow ?? covered mountains ????. This is highly recommended trek to the people who enjoy trek and travel.
Ankita Sharma Nag Tibba Trek
"Nag tibba trek is such a breather amidst this chaotic routine life that we live. it's a perfect set up having amazing people who host you and make you comfortable throughout the trek. \n\nWe started from Delhi and all the aspects regarding travel booking, cabs and pick up is managed by the Thrillophilia team in an impressive manner. They are helpful and most importantly available the whole time.\n\nThe trek begins with a moderate walk and climb till the base camp on the first day you reach. You get packed lunch from the team. And this grand welcomed by an amazing view of sunset from such pristine heights.\n\nEveryone is allotted a quechua tent either on single basis or twin sharing. The night sets up with a warm bonfire with all the people around and hot served dinner. The next day trek begins early morning so take adequate sleep. Anyone who can walk every day can do this trek. It's a good way to start and know who trek gets done. The climb is moderate and is accompanied by a guide who in my case was an amazing person. He told so many stories, his own life narratives and history behind the whole place. The summit ends up with a breath taking to view from where you can see the Sahaydaris and Himalayas out far. It's just an amazing experience altogether. \n\nThings to remember. \nCarry less things as you yourself carry it. It's one night and two days so pack light.\nCarry small packs of toiletries and cosmetics. Do carry water bottle. Torch.\nDuring winters, carry gloves, scarves and good thermals.\nPreferably wear hiking trousers and shoes (you can easily get one from decathlon store or app) , makes it comfortable hike. Carry water. \n\nPLEASE DON'T THROW PLASTICS AT THE CAMP OR DURING THE TREK."
25 October 2018
Abhinav Kumar Nag Tibba Winter Trek
Nag Tibba Trek is a weekend trek and can be easily accessed from nearby places as Dehradun is well connected. The first half day was journey in the traveller from Dehradun to Pantwari (Base village to start the trek). I will suggest you to take Anti Altitude sickness or anti vomiting tablets to avoid vomiting on the way. Also, it is an easy trek for seasoned trekkers but do some physical fitness training before going on this trek (or any other trek) if you want to enjoy all the moments of the trek. Less stamina and tiredness often result into leaving the trek in between and dissatisfaction. Day 1: Dehradun to Pantwari and Nag Tibba Base Camp: I went on this trek with my friend Sunil and we had really good time there. First day half of the day we spent in traveling from Dehradun to Pantwari in a Tempo Traveller which was arranged by the tour operator. After reaching Pantwari we started our trek to the base camp. It was an easy trek of 4 Kms which we covered in 3-4 hours on a leisurely pace. We had our lunch on the way. (Paratha, Aloo Sabji, Chocolate, sweet and Fruity). Liked the food. Tents at the base camp were comfortable and food was great. Try and explore the sides to take good pictures. Day 2: Base Camp to Nag Temple, Nag Tibba Smmit, down to Pantwari and back to Dehradun So this day you need stamina. Total distance trekked was around 14 Kms- Base Camp to Peak and Back- 10 Kms Base Camp to Pantwari Village- 04 Kms We started early morning at 4.15. Trek guides were Ravi Chauhan and Gambhir Chauhan. These guys did really great job managing the group. Thumbs up to both. Gambhir is a seasoned trekker and trained from the prestigious Nehru Mountaineering Institute. He is having good knowledge of trekking and the terrain. Both of our guides were very friendly. First we went to the temple. I was surprised to know that every year in Rainy Season, a festival is organized there and villagers come there to take blessings of Nag Devta (Serpent God). From temple we went to the Nag Tibba Summit. On clear days, you can see beautiful snow covered peaks including Gangotri, Kali Choti (Black Peak) and Dhauladhar range. Start as early as possible from the base camp if you don’t want to miss the view as the day passes, visibility gets poor. After spending some time at the peak we started descending and reached to the base camp in 2 hours. Trekking down in hills is a bit tricky because of the slippery slopes and pebbles but enjoyable. After having our lunch at base camp we moved down to Pantwari village and then back to Dehradun in the traveller. We came back with a beautiful memory. Thanks to Thrillophilia for your continuous support and friendly gesture. Meals were testy and stay was very comfortable. I will suggest trekker to go prepared with winter clothing and the basic things like torch etc. so that you can enjoy the trek. P.S. - Running water washrooms are not ready yet.
Nishant Singh Kedarkantha Trek
"Undoubtedly one of the best Winter treks with mesmerizing views in Uttarakhand. "
Dr Ashutosh Srivastava Kedarkantha Winter Trek
"well managed trip"
16 March 2021
Brieona Acharya Kedarkantha Trek
This was the very first trek of my life and Thrillophilia made sure to make the best of it. A traveller picked us up from Dehradun and we reached Sankri around 4 pm. Mr Bachan Rana made sure we were well instructed and equipped. Our trek guides Mukesh sir and Prakash sir were amazing and made sure no one is left behind. Not having an active physicality, I was always the last one to reach the base, but they made sure I didn't feel left out and helped me with the snow and the rocks. I also made great friends with every member of my group and by the end of the trek, we were one big family. We never would have guessed in our wildest dreams that they would be serving us gulab jamuns and pasta on our trek. They really outdid themselves while catering to our needs. The tents were already pitted and were as warm as they could be. Our group was the first to make it to the summit, watch the sunrise and then slide back. We got to see rainfall, snowfall and a gazillion of stars (a sight I can never forget) on this trek. The bonfires were a cherry on the top. I never knew how badly I needed this trek, an internet detox that really helped me catch up with myself. I would definitely rate this trek a 6/5.
15 March 2021
Ankit Jain Kedarkantha Trek
It was my first experience of trekking which was really good, the transport provided was good, food was good, Guide Raj and Sachin were too good they supported and took care of all the group members nicely throughout our trek no one should be left while trekking or missed entertained our group and kept motivated, stay provided while jungle stay was also good.
Moinak Sau Nag Tibba Trek
"It was a very good experience. Only thing on the start they don't start from dehradun ISBT, rather they start from prince chawk, which was not informed clearly. "
10 February 2021
Gaurav kumar Kedarkantha Trek
Trip was so awesome aur food itne acche ki expect nhi kar skte aap ki itne upr bhi aapko aise food provide kr skte h breakfast lunch evening breakfast and dinner sab bhot hi Accha hai Thank you thrillophilia

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