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  • Dehradun wears a secluded hilly town, Chakrata, which is situated at 2,118 meters above sea level, surrounded by coniferous forests sliding out of the Himalayan range and blessed with many places to visit in Chakrata. The scenic cantonment hill station makes for a weekend gateway, ideal to spend some serene time with nature away from the city life.

    Located in the terrains of Uttarakhand, the tourist places in Chakrata make for an exploratory and adventurous eye.
    Not only can one get mesmerised into the serene gardens of the Ram Tal or wear an investigative hat to ponder over mysteries of Budher caves but there are many activities like camping in the wilderness of Hathni Kund, bird watching in delightful Tiger Falls and submerging in the river while rafting at Yamuna Adventure Park that is as bewitching. Along with many photo opportunities in the forests of Deoban, Chakrata is an upcoming destination to experience.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Chakrata:

  • 01Chilmiri Neck

    Chilmiri Neck

    Chilmiri Neck is the highest peak in Chakrata fenced by lush green deodar forests. Known as the Sunset View Point, the view also includes a majestic view of the enchanted Himalayan peaks - Bandarpoonch, Rohini and Swarg - that enhance the visual journey of the sun’s descent. Considering the height, the temperature is much colder than Chakrata.

    Chilmiri Neck seems like a big flat land on top of a hill enough for a picnic or to relax — spend time with family or just walk around observing the pleasant ambience. Apart from paranoiac views and the sunsets, the Chilmiri is explored by birdwatchers.

    Location: Near 
    Chakrata market.

  • 02Deoban


    The word ‘Deoban’ comes from “Deo” meaning Deodar trees and “Ban” meaning forest. Known for treks and forest trails, the sunlight lush of shadow and light in between the army of pine trees is a tourist delight. The pleasant blots of light form popular camping spots.

    Located at a height of 2200 meters to 3025 meters above sea level, the Deoban witness scenic terrains - Vyas Shikhar is the highest peak and gets the marvellous views of the distant Himalayas. With engaging peaceful quadrants that reflect inner peace, Deoban also known as ’Gods own Forest’(Devban), is one of the picturesque 
    places to visit in Chakrata.

    Kanaser Range

  • 03Yamuna Adventure Park

    Yamuna Adventure Park

    Situated on the purest part of Yamuna, with clean river slates and amidst the cliffs and ranges, Yamuna Adventure Park, located in Chakrata, is one of the popular places to visit in Chakrata.The upper stretches of Yamuna offer a fast and furious retreat for the adventurous water sports enthusiast. On one hand, the charming river, rich with round pebbles, and on the other resident green backdrop of mountains forms the perfect getaway for camping, hiking, trekking, rappelling, swimming and river crossing.

    With ample stay options, this relatively unexplored river provides a plethora of activities, the tourists could also indulge in oar boating, surfing and cliff jumping. The cost of the activities can be obtained on request.

    Location: Yamuna Bridge

  • 04Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

    Ram Tal Horticultural Garden

    Ram Tal Horticultural Garden is located on Chakrata-Mussoorie route,  9 km away, and is one of the popular tourist places in Chakrata.With a symphony of green lushes like lichen, ferns, with varieties of climbers, conifers, flowering plants and several woody trees like Rhododendron (Burans), many tourists visit the garden as a picnic spot.

    With sightings like Black-headed Jay, Grey Treepie and Oriental turtle dove, Ram Tal is popularly visited by the birdwatchers. The main attractions in the horticultural garden are the vast expanse of green lawns, the apple garden and the natural pond.

    Location: Nagaou
    , Uttarakhand.

  • 05Tiger Falls

    Tiger Falls

    Tiger Falls is a perched but magnificent waterfall located amidst hilly terrain of Chakrata.Untouched by the hustle of commercialisation, the Tiger Falls is known for trekking and for serene ambience for a picnic.With clean spurs of water plunging from the height of 312 feet above the sea level, it is also amongst the highest waterfalls of Uttarakhand.

    The five-kilometre trek trail from Chakrata to the Tiger falls is dotted with views of the lush forest, rich exuberant greenery and with crowned pearls of oak and rhododendron trees. Heaven for birdwatchers and nature lovers, the chanting waterfalls in tune to the chirping of birds makes the Tiger Falls, one of the most popular
     places to visit in Chakrata

    Kanaser Range, Chakrata

  • 06Koti-Kanasar


    Koti-Kanasar is a picturesque location marked ideal for a picnic or a honeymoon. It is surrounded by a dense green forest-the green meadows allure tourists and make it perfect for an excursion.A little town Koti Kanasar is also situated here with few houses.Kanasar is known for maintaining very old Deodar trees, exceptionally well. Asia’s biggest Deodar tree with a circumference of 6.35 meters is present in its woodland.

    Popular for trekking, treks to Buder Gupha takes 2 hours and Deoban takes 3 hours from Kanasar 
    About 3 km away from Kansar is a Forest Rest House, placed creatively on a slope, this gives segregated coloured hallmark of the terrains.

    Location: Kanasar range.

  • 07Hathni Kund

    Hathni Kund

    The Hathni Kund is set overlooking the Yamuna River in Yamuna Nagar region of Haryana State.  The cascading water body spitting out of the Himalayan foothills of Paonta Sahib residues into these plains of Haryana. It was built to create a water system and was completed in June 1999.

    Hathni Kund is a hub hosting activities like rafting, camping and body surfing along with wildlife tracts for adventure sport. Apart
     from adventure, bird watching is very popular. The peaceful calm surrenders of the reservoir fill 31 types of waterbird. The presence of a restaurant helps in attracting tourists to stop-over here in longer journeys.

    Location: Major district marg.

  • 08Kimona Falls

    Kimona Falls

    The quiet, meditative perched inlands to rejuvenate, Kimona fall, placed in the surroundings of Himalayas are situated 2kms away from Chakrata. They are surrounded by dense Oak wood trees and are an untouched and unexplored magnificence in Chakrata town.A small trek from the town will lead to this moist vista waterfall of 35 meters height.Some tourists enjoy rappelling down with water, others spend a picnic or spend time reflecting in the atmosphere.

    The place makes mornings sing with paradise-like harmony tuning out time and place. Most visitors visit early during the day to feel this. The winters are way cooler and frosty, hence the best time to visit Kimona fall is in Summers.

    Location: Near 
    Chakrata market.

  • 09Budher Caves

    Budher Caves

    Situated at a distance of 30 km from Chakrata, Budher caves are one of the most popular places to visit in Chakrata. The caves, also known as Budher Gopha, have both historic significances and are also a spot that churns adrenaline.Since the caves were discovered by a German national Miola, the caves are also known as Miola Caves. The 150kms long caves are believed to be dug by Pandavas during their exile before Mahabharata.

    Formed out of limestone rocks with brilliant stalagmite and stalactite formations, with a
      difficult task of navigation, the Budher caves are still not completely explored. Hence making them a popular spot for spelunking or exploring or caving

    Bagani, Uttarakhand.

  • 10Moigad Fall

    Moigad Fall

    Close to Chakrata, situated on the Delhi-Yamunotri Street, is the milky stretch of Moigad falls ideal for an outing and relaxing scenic encounters with nature.  Tourists enjoy taking blissful drives into the milky water sweats surrounded by the dense forest and enchanting loudly in-between the hills. The tranquil fall itself is 50 meters long and is one of the popular places to visit in Chakrata.

    It is recommended to carry supplies as the falls are uninhibited by commercialisation.

    Location: On Yamunotri road.

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Chopta-Tungnath Trek

Chopta Tungnath trek is a relatively unexplored trekking destination, which is known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The trek towards Tungnath, the 3 from Tungnath takes you to Chandrashila, which is situated at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level.

Chopta is blessed with rich flora and fauna as it is located in the midst of dense forests, with a beautiful floor of rhododendrons, interspersed by deodar and pine trees. During the first one and half kilometers, you will pass through a sea of brightly coloured rhododendrons and silver oak forests. Following this the vista opens to green alpine meadows which take you to the Tungnath temple.

According to folklore, the arms of Lord Shiva are believed to have emerged here. On trekking a kilometer further ahead, you will reach the Chandrashila peak from where you get spectacular views of the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas glistening in the sun rays. The grassy meadows of the region make it an ideal spot for camping too.

Chopta is well-connected by roadways connecting Guptakashi and Gopeshwar. The weather is lovely and the views are simply breathtaking.

Best season: May to June and August to September

Duration: 3 Days

Altitude: 3680 m


Deer Park

After Rajaji National Par, Malsi Deer Park is the most visited wildlife centre in Dehradun. This is a mini zoological park turned out to be one of the favourite picnic spots or hangout places in the city, ideal for family outings or school excursions. The herds of deer meandering freely in their habitat through the scenic Malsi reserve forest area ensures an amazing sight before the eyes of its visitors, incomparably beautiful. Unlimited number of birds can also be found inside the park together giving a mind blowing views. For kids, there are fun rides and space for games also. The weekend witnesses the flooding of people towards the park. The park is situated just 10 KM away from Dehradun city at Mussoorie Road.

Tapkeshwar Temple

Dehradun houses one of its most visited temples, Tapkeshwar where Lord Shiva is the presiding deity. Blessed by natural extravagant sights abundantly, the prominent feature of this temple is the main Shivlinga that is kept sacredly inside a cave.

The temple resides by the side of thick forests and the natural cave drops water from the roof little by little to give away the Shivlinga more beauty and in turn it appears as an amusing spectacle. The temple is existing in a location which is easily accessible, it is hardly six kilometers away from the city.

Shivratri is the biggest festival celebrated at the temple when thousands of pilgrims come and pay tribute to the deity. The cool sulphur- water springs are an additional feature the temple proudly possesses within it. The devotees will take a bath in these springs before they enter inside the temple.

Guchhupani, Rober's Cave

An authentic picnic spot for fun lovers and couples, Gucchupani or as officially known as Cobber’s Cave in Dehradun. The cold springs inside a natural cave are the attractive factor of Gucchupani, the unusual springs go underneath through some places inside the cave.

There are a number of small and large waterfalls as well exhibiting the natural beauty at its level best and thus a thorough refreshing time will be promised to its visitors, regardless of the season. The cave is located just 8 KM away from Dehradun city, one can reach until Vijaypur by bus and then have to take a trekking route of 1 KM to reach the caves. As the caves with rifts in it give away the best soothing time to mind and body especially during summer.

Asan Barrage

A barrage located at the confluence of Eastern Yamuna Canal and Asan River is Asan Barrage in Doon Valley, Dehradun. The barrage contributes well in the process of electricity generation and the dam is the reason for the creation of the Asan Reservoir or Dhalipur Lake. An adorning spot for bird lovers, the surrounding acts as a haven for 53 species of native birds and 19 types of migratory birds. Recently this man-made wetland is declared as a bird sanctuary as well.

The Asan River also has a prominent significant when we talk about Asan Barrage as the river is a combination of different streams in the Doon valley. GMVN water sports complex near the barrage is quite famous for providing the thrilling water activities like water skiing, rowing, paddle boating, kayaking, double waters skiing, mono-skiing and motor boating.

Robber's Cave

Witness the miracle of Nature at the Robber’s Cave, which is approximately 8km from Dehradun. Robber’s Cave is a 600 M elongated naturally formed cave. A river passes through this cave making this place a perfect picnic spot for family and friends. 

The weird and wonderful thing about this place is that a stream of water miraculously appears in the Robbers Cave and vanishes under the ground and then reappears a few yards further.  It is a very pristine and peaceful place and hence intrigues several tourists. Robber’s cave is a must-visit place when in Dehradun.

Timings- 7 AM to 6 PM


Rajaji National Park Wildlife Safari

Do not forget to add Rajaji National Park to your things to do in Dehradun list. If you are a nature lover, then this place is a heaven on earth for you. Capture the mesmeric panorama and the flora and fauna in your cameras. This place is an abode to approximately 400 species of birds.

There are also several animals in the Park like the Tiger, Leopard, Himalayan Bear, Cheetah, hog deer, barking deer, Leopard Cat, Civets, Himalayan Yellow-Throated Marten, Sloth Bears, Pythons, King Cobra, Common Krait, Indian Cobra and the Monitor Lizard, Asian Elephant and many more. The best way to travel around the park is to go for the wildlife jungle safari and explore the wilderness with family and friends.

Safari timings - Morning 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM,Afternoon 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM.


Shopping at Tibetan Market

Lighten your pockets a little, because things to do in Dehradun are incomplete without Shopping. The popular Tibetan market is based near Parade Ground Road and also near Rispana Pul in Dehradun.These markets are extremely well-known for its multi coloured woollen garments.

They are run by the Tibetan community and their culture is showcased in the handicrafts and Garhwali jewellery sold here. One can also purchase stunning wind chimes and a variety of wooden art pieces. Savour the delicious momos and the popular hot noodles with butter soup, served at the Tibetan Market. So collect some souvenirs and cherish the memories from Dehradun.

Timings- 10 AM to 10 PM

Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve

Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is an ideal gateway for anyone who relishes a walk in the lap of the nature. It is adventurous and fun.

Location: Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is spread over a land of 100 acres on the Mussoorie Dhanolti road close to Jabarkhet. The reserve lies at a distance of 15-km via taxi ride from the heart of the hill-station of Picture Palace.

Highlights: It boasts of some half a dozen, 3-4 km well marked hiking trails that are used for the guided nature walks, bird watching along with trail maps and pocket field nature guides.

Tip for visitors: Do carry your own eatables and lots of water since there are no tea stalls for you to refresh yourself. There are no tents, hotels or premises for you to rest.

Cost: The entry fee to the Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is very nominal. There are annual membership plans to ensure that there is no uninvited walk-ins.


The idea of an ideal vacation is to admire the exquisiteness of the environment and to attain peace in its captivating aura. Witness nirvana at Sahastradhara in Dehradun and forget about all your tensions and stress. It is popularly known for its serene vista.

The word Sahastradhara means 'Thousand fold spring'. The beauty of this waterfall during the rainy season is spellbinding. The water here contains Sulphur and is said to have medicinal properties. The magnificent waterfall and the alluring atmosphere make this place a perfect getaway. Spend some quality time with your peeps here and share some joyous moments.

Timings- 7 AM To 7 PM

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