15 Things to Do in Parvati Valley: 2024 (Starting from ₹500 Only)

Things To Do in Parvati Valley

Walk along the Parvati River, Visit Manikaran Sahib, Trek to Kheer Ganga, Experience Hot Spring at Manikaran, Visit Chalal, Tosh Valley Trek, Explore Malana Village, Binge on Israeli Cuisine, and more.

If you are looking for
things to do in Parvati valley, then you will be spoilt for choice because of the number of unique activities you can enjoy in this gorgeous place. To start with, it is a trekker’s paradise, because of the many unique trekking trails such as Tirthan Valley and Pin Parvati valley trek that can take you to popular viewpoints and hidden natural treasures in the area. Parvati Valley is also home to a unique culture and an exciting activity consists of visiting places such as Malana, Chalal Village and the Parvati Shangri-La Festival to experience this place like a local.

There is no dearth of adventure options as well if you’re wondering what to do in Parvati Valley, Apart from trekking you can also try your hand at camping, river rafting and rappelling in the many rivers and rivulets that flow through the valley.  It is a place that is brimming with natural attractions such as caves that are worth exploring, and hot springs where you can unwind and relax, all of which come together for a truly memorable vacation in Parvati Valley.

Here is a list of things to do in Parvati Valley:

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Walk along the Parvati River

Unlike the loud and voracious water of the Beas River, the Parvati River gives you a mesmerizing view of the lovely Parvati Valley and the neighboring forests on both sides, with pine trees towering high above them. During the monsoon seasons, the waters here lead to a steep gradient from where the water gushes rapidly to form rapids that would send any avid rafter and water sports enthusiast running for his kayak.

To get through to the other side of the river, you need to cross a rickety old wooden bridge, which in itself is a thrill of sorts. Enjoy the sights of this beautiful aquatic pride of Himachal Pradesh as you relax on one of the high boulders on the banks of the river and simply take in the views. 

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Visit Manikaran Sahib

Image Credit : wikimedia.org

About the activity: Yet another destination marking its place in the list of serene lands is, Manikaran. Settled in the Parvati Valley, at an altitude of 1760 m, this lovely town attracts visitors from all the divisions. Manikaran Sahib the Sikh pilgrimage, is a site with tremendous religious significance and is visited by devotees from all over the region. Furthermore, the suburbs of this picturesque destination are divine and, excellent for harmony dwellers.

Location: The exact address of Manikaran Sahib is Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105.

Timings: It is open all the time, from sunset to sunrise.

Entry fees: There is no entrance fee for Gurudwara.

Trek to Kheer Ganga

Image Credit : Flickr

If you are seeking for some adventure and thrill, then trekking at Kheer Ganga is one of the most awesome things to do in Kullu. Situated in the Parvati valley, this place is endowed with a fascinating landscape making it a perfect destination for trekking. 

After this tiresome yet adventurous journey, one can experience the relaxing natural hot water springs here. Kheer Ganga is also a pilgrimage hub. It is said that Karthik, the son of Lord Shiva meditated at this pristine place for approximately a thousand years. The place is open to visitors for only seven months a year and proffers comfortable accommodation facilities.


Experience Hot Spring at Manikaran

One of the most exciting things to do in Parvati Valley is visiting the holy Gurudwara and experiencing the hot spring at Manikaran. The water of this spring is considered extremely holy, especially by the Sikh community and devotees from all over the country visit this place for a holy dip.

The food of the “Langar” or the Sikh Community Kitchen, is cooked with the hot water of this spring. The hot spring is enriched with minerals and contains amazing medicinal powers as well.

Location: Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh.

Visit Chalal Village

While wondering what to do in Parvati Valley, you can make your way to Chalal village which can turn into an incredible adventure. The activities, sights and nature views that you can enjoy in the rustic and quaint village of Chalal are one of the best things to do in Parvati Valley.

A breathtaking 30km-long trek brings you to this village, which is the perfect place to soak in the local culture and even enjoy some parties. The food is delicious and typically spicy middle-eastern food to spice up your mood with the misty ambience of the place. You must try the falafel, hummus and the pita bread here. This place is also considered as the base for the hike to Rasol.

Location: Chalal, Himachal Pradesh, 175105.
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  • Kasol
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Starting time of the trek: 10:00 AM on day 1

End time of the trek: 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM on day 2

Camping Location: Tosh Village, Himachal Pradesh

Indulge your visual senses as you take on the Tosh valley trek, a trail that will take you across the periphery of the mighty Himalayas. A village at the end of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is situated at a height of 7,874ft and leads to the beautiful Pin Parvati Pass. The Tosh River here is an offshoot of the Parvati River, which suckles into the main river at Pulga. An amazing point to note here is that the valley of Tosh is actually home to a tributary of the river Parvati, which also goes by the name River Tosh. This means that as soon as you arrive at a point after the trek to Tosh, where a smaller river stream is feeding its waters into the grand Parvati Valley, you have arrived at the beginning point of Tosh Valley.

Quick Facts:

Temperature Range:
The average temperature here ranges between 2°C and 7°C and dips below the freezing point in winters.

Tosh Valley Trekking distance: 6 km

Tosh Trek Difficulty Level: Easy 

Starting and Ending Point:
 Barshaini, Kullu

Best time to visit Tosh Valley: April to October would be the best time, though pleasant weather can be seen throughout the year. November to February would be a good time to see snow and experience freezing cold.

How to reach the campsite?

You have to report at Barshaini which is the starting point of the trek and it is around 22 km from Kasol. Many local transports and private cabs are available from Kasol to reach Barshaini.

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Explore Malana Village

Exploring the ancient Indian village of Malana is one of the most unique things to do in Parvati Valley because of its colourful culture and scenic natural beauty. Situated parallel to the Parvati Valley, this recluse village is still untouched by modernisation and maintains its own social structure, rituals and customs.

The village is rich in cannabis plantations and is famous for its ‘Manala Cream’ which is obtained from the cannabis plant. While this is an important draw for tourists to this village, it is also a place that is serene and surrounded by lakes, mountains and forests that make it a perfect retreat for travellers.

Location: The Malana Village is situated at a height of 2,652 metres, on a remote plateau by the side of the Malana River.

Binge on Israeli Cuisine

Imagine viewing the beautiful Himalayas and the other snow-capped mountains as you binge eat shakshouka, lemon cakes and other types of exotic Israeli cuisine. There is a reason that Kasol is known as the mini Israel of India.

From the quaint cafes to the loud street food in the area, Kasol offers you a golden chance to dine on amazing food and have a great conversation about the weather. Visit the ‘Turquiose Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen’ for amazing cuisine that will have you weak in the knees. Enjoy desserts like ‘Hello to the queen’ and ‘Hello to the king’ whilst you are at the Evergreen restaurant and café.

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Trek to Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park is situated in the Kullu District and trekking there is one of the most interesting things to do in Parvati Valley. The park was established in 1984 and is now home to innumerable flowering plants and over 375 different species of animals and birds.

The trek route through the National Park is known as the Tirath Valley Trek. The terrain is moderate to advanced, and it takes a total of seven days to complete the route. The total distance covered by the trek route is approximately 76km and needless to say, it is quite an adrenaline rush for adventure-seekers and travellers.

Location: Forest Office Road, Shamshi, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, 175126.

Enjoy the Parvati Shangri-La Festival

Unmistakably one of the most enjoyable things to do in Parvati valley is letting your hair down and dancing the time away at the famous Parvati Shangri-La festival. The festival boasts of well-crafted playlists and internationally renowned DJ’s, a conglomeration of music, art and culture and other interesting events like Laser Shows, firework displays, flea markets, camping activities, yoga and ayurvedic sessions and of course, an incredible spread of local food and beverages.

Location: Sky Haven, Katagla, Kasol, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh 175126.
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About the Activity:

  •  Delight in this amazing trekking expedition to to Rudranag, from Pulga, that enables you to enjoy the wild natural beauty of this region.
  • Trek through beautiful lush-green thickets – rivet in this amazing trek that provides you with ample natural beauty.
  • This is a great opportunity for naturalist and wildlife lovers as this trek provides you with frequent spotting of rare and beautiful wildlife species.
  • Enjoy the various stop overs and dhabas near Rudra waterfall which provides delicious food and different cuisines.

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  • Kasol
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Camping Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India
Check-in time: 10:00 AM 
Check-out time: 09:00 AM 

Kasol has emerged out to be the crowd's favourite escape into the Himalayas. Nestled in the lap of the brilliant and quaint Parvati Valley of the favourite vacationing state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is famous for the unmatched green beauty of the region. This tour takes you on a trekking and camping expedition in the very best of Kasol. The camp is located next to the river, making the experience all the more quaint and tranquil. Go for a short trek to the Chalal which is also known as the little Amsterdam of Kasol the overall experience becomes one of extreme brilliance.

About the Riverside Camping In Kasol:

- Begin your Kasol riverside camping experience by arriving early in the campsite and post breakfast, start on the trek to the amazing and quiet Chalal.
- Spend some time in the town by the river. This place is famous for crazy parties that are organized here.
- Trek back to the campsite and enjoy around a bonfire as the river roars past the campsite.
- Have your dinner in the woods and under the stars before you settle in for the night of your camping experience.
- In the morning, check out of from the camp to bring the trip to an end.

How to reach the campsite:
The Kasol riverside camp is around 3 km from Kasol bus stand. You can board a private or public transport to reach the campsite.

: It is available in two variants.
1. Camping with Attached Washrooms and meals(Quad Sharing)
2. Camping with Common Washrooms and meals(Double Sharing)
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Chill at Hype Music Festival

Image Credit : youtube
A package that brings together a variety of fun experiences for you, Hype Music Festival in Kasol is one of the most popular events held here. Apart from a matchless selection of musical performances by globally renowned DJs, you can look forward to immersing your senses in barbeque, bonfire, and other fun activities.

The trippy decoration and light effects help to enhance the vibes created by the psychedelic tunes and beats. This amalgamation of festivities with the cool atmosphere of the hills creates an unforgettable experience, making it one of the most enjoyable things to do in Kasol.

Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

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Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol

Whenever we hit any new destination, the first thing we think of is what to buy from there so we take it all back as souvenirs of our time there. And believe it right away that Kasol is an amazing place to add some of the best collectibles to add to your house, memories, and even your wardrobe. 

Many markets in Kasol, especially the one at Bhuntar are a great place to include on your list of places to go when the shopping bug bites. Collect semi-precious stones, t-shirts, woolens, aromatic oils and sheets, rugs, carpets and much more to add to your pile from Kasol, so when you go back, you will know that there is some part of Kasol still with you.

 Bhuntar Bazaar Rd, Sainik Chowk, Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh

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People Also Ask About Kasol

  1. What are the best adventure activities to do in Parvati Valley?

    If you want to know what to do in Parvati Valley, you should know that this place boasts of innumerable adventure activities that you can enjoy, and it is a trekker’s paradise. Here are some amazing activities you can enjoy here:

    1. Trekking: Naturally, the most exciting adventure activity in this mountainous region is trekking and there are many famous treks you can sign up for. Some popular treks include Tirthan Valley Trek, Mantalai Lake Trek, Tosh Valley Trek, etc.

    2. River Rafting: One of the more thrilling adventurous things to do in Parvati Valley is river rafting. There are several rivers in the region, and you can go river rafting in places like Kasol, Parvati River, Kullu Manali, etc.

    3. Rappelling: Rappelling is a great way to take advantage of the rocky landscape in Parvati Valley. You can climb the mountain faces in Kullu, Manali and Kasol if you want to enjoy rappelling in Parvati Valley.
  2. What are the best treks in Parvati Valley?

    Parvati Valley is ideal for trekking and there are a number of great treks you can take at various levels of expertise. Here are some of the more popular ones:

    1. Tirthan Valley Trek: The Tirthan Valley trek is one of the unmissable things to do in Parvati valley. The route goes along the fresh river Tirthan and you can enjoy splendid views of the Himalayas during this trek.

    2. Chandrakhani Pass Trek: The Chandrakhani Pass Trek originates from the picturesque Naggar settlement which is approximately 21km from Manali. The entire trek is dotted with lush green mountain forests and you can also view the majestic Pir Panjal Peaks, Deo Tibba and the Parbati mountains.

    3. Pin Parvati Valley Trek: The Pin Parvati Valley Trek is one of the more challenging things to do in Parvati valley. Starting at the base camp of Kaza, this trek route covers a difficult terrain at an elevation of 17,457 feet. The trek is 12 days-long and takes you to some incredible viewpoints along the way.
  3. What are the best places for camping in Parvati Valley?

    A list of what to do in Parvati Valley is incomplete without a camping trip. Here are some of the places for camping in this region:

    1. Parvati Wood Camps: The Parvati Wood camps are situated on the Manikaran Road in Kasol, which offers various amenities like the bonfires and music, a restaurant, parking, power sockets and heating facilities. It is also one of the more affordable camps that can be enjoyed by those who have never camped before as well.
    Price: Starting from INR 500 per person.

    2. The Orchard Camps: The Orchard camps are situated at a 5-minutes-walking distance from the main market in Kasol. The Orchard camps are trendy and chic camps, with amenities like hot spring bath, garden and enthralling view of the surrounding mountain ranges. Camping at Orchard camps is one of the most popular things to do in Parvati valley for the youth who travel in this region.
    Price: Starting from INR 2,000 per person.

    3. The Jalpa Camps: The Jalpa Camps are situated in Choj, 2km from Kasol city centre. If you want an authentic taste of the authentic hippie culture of this region, then this is the place to go camping.

    With bright colourful tents and delicious, home-made delicacies this camp is like no other, with additional amenities such as an outdoor dining area, a pet-friendly environment and safe deposit boxes. The camp also organizes other exciting outdoor activities like the walking tours, the bike tours, cycling, fishing and hiking.
    Price: Starting INR 800 per person.
  4. What is the best time to visit Parvati Valley?

    The best time to visit Parvati Valley is during the months of April, May, October and November. This is the time when the temperature remains pleasant during the day and cool during the night and you can avoid heavy rainfall or the extreme winter cold.

    Summer season occurs between March and June with the temperature varying between 22 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius. The days experience bright sunshine with cool and pleasant nights. Since Kasol is a mountainous region, the climate is most pleasant during this time of the year and is the best time to visit the valleys to enjoy trekking and hiking.

    Monsoon lasts between July and September with the temperature varying between 15 degrees Celsius to 25 Degrees Celsius. During this time, Parvati Valley experiences occasional thunderstorms and heavy showers.

    Winter time occurs between December and February with the temperature varying between 0 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. The days are usually cold and dry and the nights are extremely chilly.
  5. Is Parvati Valley safe?

    Yes, the Parvati valley is absolutely safe for all the trekkers, provided everyone follows the rules and the guidelines strictly. It is a beautiful place to visit and is frequented by tourists from all over the world who come to experience the unique culture, the multitude of adventure activities and the beautiful, scenic views of the Himalayan Ranges.
  6. What is Parvati Valley famous for?

    Parvati Valley is known to all as the remnant of the Hippie trail in India. Parvati Valley is home to flowering valleys, prominent tourist towns like Manali and Kasol, a unique amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan heritage and its picturesque mountainous terrain. Himachal Pradesh is also famous for its reputation in mild narcotics and Parvati Valley along with the village of Malana are most prominently known for the same.
Newly Added Kasol Experience

Kasol Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Kasol
Shashi Kumar Kheerganga Trek
"It was a wonderful journey and enjoyed a lot and welcome gesture was good and the guides were good"
16 February 2020
Hey hi! I'm Divya. This was my experience with Thrillophilia and it was amazing. They've responded always whenever I needed them. About this trip, firstly Kasol is a very beautiful place and the camp we were staying at is located Riverside, a very beautiful location and the hosts are lovely ppl, very friendly, camp in Kasol. They've taken us on Trek to Chalal .... This is a trek trail that goes along the river up to the village of Chalal. And next day was the Kasol trek. It is the beautiful trek that I've experienced till now ( not that I've climbed many mountains and hills). It was covered all over with snow. The views were amazing.. We had a guide trekker who took us on the trek. Overall it was a wonderful experience!!! Thanks to Thrillophilia, sincerely!!!!
Amandeep Kaler Kheerganga Trek
"One of the experiences, which will always remain in my memories. Kheerganga is a trek which is beautiful, not so tough, tiring but the moment you reach the destination, you forget it all and you feel that you have reached a different realm altogether. I can still feel the fresh air hitting my face up there. anyone who can trek 4-5 hours continuously, please do not miss this place.\nand our trek guide is VICKY a very good person\n"
17 August 2019
Vivek Vivek Tosh Trek
Highly satisfied with my maiden camping experience at HIM CAFE.. Realy awe-inspiring views around the camp. Decent food to get in a hilly terrain. Pawan-caretaker is too friendly and caring. Tents were clean and safe.. Day 1: Reached the camp by 2.00 pm checked in the tent. Started trek to Tosh village after a Powernap at the tent. Tosh village is too beautiful that it couldnt be penned down. Wittnessed aome melting snow while sunset which is an imsane experience. You can enjoy at cafes at Tosh before your way bck to the camp. Had dinner. Enjoyed Bonfire. Day2: If you are trekker then use this day for an early morning trek to a stunning water falls which is little above the Tosh village. Come back for a sun kissed breakfast. I had Kheerganga in my list so i started to Barshaini which is the starting point of the Kheer ganga trek. So its ideal to stay at Tosh before/after a trek to kheerganga. Amenities at camp: Food Tents Cafe Kitchen Clean washrooms And what not amazing sceneries around. An amazing one day backpacking experience which could carry lot of insane memories. Happy Trekking..
ROSHNI PRASAD Kheerganga Trek
"The agent Ramesh Sharma was very very good, he was very genuine and helpful and polite.. He helped us keep our luggage safely. The trek is definitely great but our guide was not so helpful but the trail was itself leading to the destination. Our guide left us on our way down and was not seen thereafter.. The lodging and food on kheerganga was quite good. The guide was giving us a twin share small tent but that could be easily wet if it rained, so we asked him to provide us a bigger tent and he did.. Kheerganga is astoundingly beautiful. Must visit.. "
Had a great sar pass trekking experience.
10 February 2021
My first stay at iverside camps and it was amazing. The vibe here is different. You can do all the activities on the campsite. My stay was for a day but i extended it to 4 days just because of 2 friends i made at the camp - 4G(yashpal) and gajjubhai(gajender). The two most amazing, sweet, caring, and honest guys in kasol. They’ll help you with everything. Highly recommended
08 February 2021
Thank you thrillophilia for such amazing experience. I never thought camping is so much fun we reached easily to camp with help of map then they asked to get ready and we all trek for chalal forest which is almost 3 kms experience was so beautiful we crossed the river then by forest route we went to kasol market then we roamed here n der and came back to camp then we had tea we had beautiful dinner at bonfire it was full moon looked so beautiful then we had chitchat our camp was so comfortable then early morning we had breakfast and tea besides river view was so peaceful and even breakfast is so tasty thank you thrillophilia for such great experience I would say once of d best experience I had .
12 January 2021
We were a group of 7 people and we decided to take this adventure trip. We were really happy with the locations, camps, and the people we met there. The only issue we faced was that the camp owners try to fit in more and more people in a single camp. Apart from that, the place was very scenic and engrossing with the river flowing on one side. We were lucky that we witnessed snowfall there. Our trek to kheerganga got canceled due to snowfall but they took us to a trek of Grahan Village which was equally beautiful. This would be your lifetime experience, walking on snow covered paths, drinking water from the natural streams, holding the hot cup of tea and sharing a common washroom. We got a great guide as well to help and cheer us throughout the trek. Overall, it was a tour with a lot of memories and fewer expenses. So, yeah definitely go for it.
12 January 2021
We were a group of 7 people and we decided to take this adventure trip. We were really happy with the locations, camps, and the people we met there. The only issue we faced was that the camp owners try to fit in more and more people in a single camp. Apart from that, the place was very scenic and engrossing with the river flowing on one side, beautiful bonfire set ups and soothing music.We were lucky that we witnessed snowfall there. Our trek to kheerganga got canceled due to snowfall but they took us to a trek of Grahan Village which was equally beautiful. Overall, it was a tour with a lot of memories and fewer expenses. So, yeah definitely go for it.

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