20 Incredibly Attractive Tree Houses to Spend Your Valentine’s Day

In the age of costly hotels and luxurious resorts sitting atop a tree and relaxing seems like an odd idea at first. If you look at it from an adventurous point of view though, the story seems a lot clearer.A tree house lets you live your deep seated fantasy you have long harbored since childhood.Sitting on tree swinging your legs without a care in the world it almost seems like an offbeat travelers delight!

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Why not then take it a step further and wow your special someone this valentine with an overnight stay in one of these luxurious treetop abodes that are sure to give any top notch hotel or resort a run for their money? We have compiled the list of best tree houses around the world which are sure to put a smile on the face of your loved ones this valentine’s day.

  1. Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

    m_Treehotel,Harads,Sweden 1

    Sitting four to six meters above the ground just outside Harads village, these futuristic looking cabins are a modern interpretation of a childhood fantasy with a touch of class from a team of leading swiss architects. The treehotel consists of five treetop suites each with its own set of ingenious architectural quirks which make them all special in their own rights.

    m_Treehotel,Harads,Sweden 2

    You can indulge in dog sled travel during your stay while getting a glimpse of Northern Lights is common in this part of the country. Fishing and kayaking is also a common form of entertainment although it can only be enjoyed in the summer.

  2. Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Mexico

    m_Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Mexico

    The playa viva is not your ordinary mexican beach resort.It is completely devoted to sustainibility and runs on hundred percent solar energy complete with 200 acres of restored land to promote biodiversity. The resort is known to serve health conscious food and offer healthy activities like yoga and massages.

    The biggest ‘coolness’ factor for this resort comes from its treehouses which have been specially designed to maximise the sea breeze coming in from the ocean and thus cutting off the need for artificial air-conditioning. If natural is the way you want to go then Playa viva is as good a choice as any in this world.

  3. Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Hinchinbrook Island, Australia

    m_Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Hinchinbrook Island, Australia

    This resort is situated inside the 96 acres national park which features lush green forests,rugged mountains and coarse sandy beaches. It is no wonder thus, that natural beauty abounds all around this small collection of treehouses in the middle of the park. Each of these treehouses comes equipped with a private kitchen where you can cook a quick treat for your special someone just get some extra brownie points!

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  4. Tree House Lodge, Limón, Costa Rica

    m_Tree House Lodge, Limón, Costa Rica 1

    Another eco-friendly entry on this list, the Tree House Lodge is a beachfront property created from the fallen trees from the jungles of Costa Rica. It is built around the roots of a sangrillo tree and consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen and a shower.The rooms are solar heated to match its sustainability theme. Snorkelling and kayaking are two main attractions for the people staying at this resort while couples who want to spend some quality time can relax at the treehouse with nothing but the nature as company.

    m_Tree House Lodge, Limón, Costa Rica 2

  5. Tsala Treetop Lodge

    m_Tsala Treetop Lodge 1

    The magical allure of Tsala is irresistible to those who appreciate exclusivity, fine fare, romance and adventure. With beautiful private suites and villas, breathtaking views and forest seclusion, unique architectural design and excellent personal service, it is a fantastic get-away destination for those who like to indulge in the finer aspects of life. Equipped with their own swimming pools, these treehouses are the perfect example of nature mixed with luxury.

    m_Tsala Treetop Lodge 2

  6. Chewton Glen, Hampshire, UK

    m_Chewton Glen, Hampshire, UK 1

    The treehouses in Chewton Glen are hidden from the public eye in a canopy of trees.From their balcony, guests are high above ground; far from everyday life. The interiors let nature in. Huge windows give a panoramic view through the canopy to the valley beyond.The floor to ceiling glass interior provides you with the panoramic view of the forest and you are greeted with the first rays of the sun each morning. The Chewton Glen treehouses are truly a modern masterpiece and should be high on every traveller’s list.

    m_Chewton Glen, Hampshire, UK 2

  7. Winvian, Litchfield Hills, CT

    m_Winvian, Litchfield Hills, CT

    A Connecticut treehouse suspended 35 feet above the ground, this treehouse is a childhood fantasy turned grown-up haven. It’s like climbing into a wonderful, elaborate and highly confidential location, a place of playful colors and bizarre angles. The first floor bedroom has a king-sized bed, a gas fireplace, steam shower and Jacuzzi. The second floor lounge has a wood-burning fireplace, a queen-sized sleeper sofa, a full bar and a beautiful view of the forest below.

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  8. La Cabane en L’Air, France

    m_La Cabane en L’Air, France

    A group of nearly 200 Treehouses spread across France, this collection of treehouses covers a vast area from Normandy to Provence. You are literally spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a treehouse to stay. The activities available are hot air ballooning and mountain biking while you can also spend your stay in the middle of the lake on a single tree for peace and tranquility.

  9. Tongabezi,Zambia

    m_Tongabezi,Zambia 1

    Part of a large resort boasting several types of facilities, the tree house is a secluded spot that invokes exotic daydreams. A hidden path starts at the end of a large swimming pool and winds along a cliff face, leading to the house. The open-space interior is discreetly sectioned into the sleeping area and living room, which can also be used for private dining and lounging. The lodge is particularly beautiful at dusk when the last rays of sun illuminate the beautiful zambian landscape for one last time.

    m_Tongabezi,Zambia 2

  10. Nothofagus Hotel and Spa

    m_Nothofagus Hotel and Spa 1

    Set against the scenic beauty of patagonians and the Andes, This hotel is actually a seven story treehouse with each floor having a separate accommodation. Floor to ceiling windows and private balconies offer you the nicest possible view from the comfort of your room while the sun sets over the mountains in the distance. They also provide forest showers, spa and a massage routine.

    m_Nothofagus Hotel and Spa 2

  11. Free Spirit Spheres

    m_Free Spirit Spheres 1

    Definitely one of the more unique ideas on this list, the free spirit sphere is a giant sphere suspended by ropes on a tree like a huge pendulum. These rooms will rock you to sleep every night while the forest sings soft sweet lullabies of silence into your ears. Each of the 3 rooms available provide you a bed, a chair and some extra space and to be honest that is all you will need when spending a night inside one of these gazing out into the horizon.

    m_Free Spirit Spheres 2

  12. Lion Sands Resort

    m_Lion Sands Resort 1

    Equal parts frightening and exciting, this tree house is situated in the middle of a national park known for its population of lions. Although the house is open but it is deemed to be pretty safe due to the abundance of security measures and the proximity to the main lodge. A ranger is always a call away from the tree house in case of an emergency. This tree house is an all natural affair with no electricity and wi-fi and so, is advisable only to the most hardcore nature loving couples.

    m_Lion Sands Resort 2

  13. Lake manyara tree lodge

    m_Lake manyara tree lodge 1

    This is the only lodge  which gives you an unspoiled look into Tanzania’s natural beauty.  Each suite is surrounded by ancient mahogany forests which makes it easy to realize why it is such an attractive proposition.  Whether you are in the bedroom, or out on the spacious deck, each suite is meant to look like it is floating in the middle of a green river. The major attraction of this forest is the protected species of the elephants who give you a special ride around the forest for a minimal cost. Manyara Tree Lodge is truly a celebration of all that is beautiful about nature.

    m_Lake manyara tree lodge 2

  14. The Ariau Amazon Towers

    m_The Ariau Amazon Towers 1

    Nestled in a canopy of trees above the Amazon River, th Ariau Amazon Towers is the jewel of the Amazonian Rainforest and the only hotel resort built completely at treetop level in the Jungle.Carved out of the Amazon Jungle, the hotel is an awe-inspiring escape with beautiful wooden towers linked by catwalks through the Brazilian Amazon. Surrounded by the tropical landscape and playful macaws and monkeys, Ariau Towers houses a myriad of facilities, including observation towers, panoramic auditorium, amphitheaters, a cyber café, a gift shop, treetop swimming pools, restaurants and bars.

    m_The Ariau Amazon Towers 2

  15. Tranquil Resort,Wayanad

    m_Tranquil Resort,Wayanad 1

    Tranquil Plantation resort is a incredibly relaxing and unique tree house hideaway in the middle of a magnificent 400 hectares of plantation with cardamom, java, vanilla etc. The tree house is apart of a plantation bungalow which has extensive verandas with eye-catching furniture and plants.At a height of 35 feet from the shift out and looking over a beautiful landscape, it has a bed area, a bathroom and a verandah providing a amazing viewpoint of the residence.

    m_Tranquil Resort,Wayanad 2

  16. Bangkok Tree House

    m_Bangkok Tree House 1

    Consisting of 12 simple rooms at the heart of the capital of Thailand. Bangkok tree house is full of unique ideas. Be it a room with no roof and walls or a bed floating in the middle of no where, the planner sure knew how to keep people on the edge. While admittedly not for everyone, it is surely a  must try for anyone looking for an offbeat experience this valentine’s day.

    m_Bangkok Tree House 2

  17. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club

    m_Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club

    Built near a new buddhist themed park which comes complete with its own pagodas and temples, the Sanya Nanshan resort is a perfect retreat for the spiritual couple this valentine’s day. Offering beach access as well as multiple lessons in ecological conservation and buddhism, staying here is surely going to leave a long and healthy impression on both you and your significant other.

  18. The Big sur

    m_The Big sur 1

    You have seen birds nestle comfortably in their own nests when the sun goes to rest every evening. How about you BE the bird for a day? The Big Sur lodge in California lets you do exactly that with its nest shaped tree houses which protect you like a cocoon from the outside world, and what better than absolute privacy for the two of you on the romantic occasion of valentine’s day.

  19. The Aviary, Lenox, MA

    m_The Aviary, Lenox, MA 1

    The Aviary is a two storeyed suite with a private covered terrace for your seating pleasure. It is situated on 22 acres of parkland in the Berkshire mountains. The entrance to the tree house on the second floor is through the circular stairs which originate from the lavish central hall on the ground floor.

    m_The Aviary, Lenox, MA 2

    Equipped with modern amenities like a soaking tub and an entertainment system, the Aviary is a modern mix between the rugged charm of the treehouse and the comfort of modern day luxuries.

  20. Cabanes als Arbres

    m_Cabanes als Arbres 1

    The more traditional type of a tree house, this resort in Spain offers you a glimpse into what it is a like to live inside an actual treehouse. They are plain and simple inside with minimum frills added and offer plenty of incentive to let people do their own thing. The tree houses are surrounded by a farm from late 1300’s and is a well known retreat for people who find beauty in simple things in life.

    m_Cabanes als Arbres 2

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