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Frequently Asked Questions

About the destination:

Udaipur is a city of lakes, and is also known as the ‘Venice of the East,’ for its splendorous beauty. There are many places to see in Udaipur and you will experience an amazing time visiting palaces, lakes, ghats, and temples. This is not a place for water sports or adventure activities. This is considered to be one of the most romantic getaways in Rajasthan, India. You can take a helicopter ride and get a panoramic view of the city as well as take the bicycle tours around the city. You can also opt for jeep safaris, enjoy spending time by the magnificent lakes, enjoy shopping for artifacts, and get a view of the stunning history of Udaipur.

Udaipur is a cusp of esoteric culture, intriguing history, glorious havelies that meets the urban demands of the modern world. Night life at Udaipur is not to be missed. This city is active 24 hours. While you enjoy walking tours at most of the tourist places in the city, you can spend nights partying at the swankiest clubs and bars in Udaipur. There are also many places nearby Udaipur that you can visit, like the Mount Abu, Kumbalgarh, Chittorgarh, and Jalore wildlife sanctuary.

Travel advice
  • Avoid travelling to this beautiful city in summer, because it is the hottest during this time.

  • Carry ethnic clothes, cameras, water bottles, cash in hand, and flat footwear when you visit Udaipur.

  • You can reach Udaipur by flight, bus, and train from various cities in India.

  • Always bargain when travelling in auto rickshaws and shopping, as they overprice the tourists.

  • It is best to take guided tours to visit places of interest in Udaipur. They come with the pickup and drop facility at the hotel.

  • Do not wear skimpy clothes when taking tours, as you will be started at.

  • Keep the dress code to causal and ethnic when in the city during daytime as well as partying at night.

  • You do not have a lot of water sports and outdoor activities to do in Udaipur, except for taking jeep safaris and trekking in a few areas.

  • If you are willing to go camping in the nearby places, carry backpacks with trekking and camping gear.

  • You will find budget hotels as well as luxurious resorts to stay at Udaipur.

  • You must always book accommodation prior to your travel to Udaipur.

  • The Maharana Pratap Airport is the airport 20 kilometers away from Udaipur, and you can reach here by flight from most of the cities in India.

Drinking Laws

You can get drunk in hotels, clubs, and bars. Udaipur is a conservative city. Do not ask for drinks at a restaurant if it is not in the menu. Most of the restaurants are vegetarian, and you must not drink while walking or taking tours in Udaipur.

Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss

Touring palaces, havelies, and monuments

City Palace of Udaipur on the Lake Pichola, has its grandeur spread across the entire arena. The structure and design of the palace is built with a fusion of European, Chinese, and medieval architecture. You can, especially, take a closer look at the dome, gates, and arches, and towers of this palace. It is a milieu of palatial courtyards, majestic corridors, lush gardens, and beautiful pavilions. The great King Maharana Pratap was born at this palace.

The Udaipur Lake Palace is one of the most stunning tourist attractions of this city. Jag Niwas Island is the place where this palace is located, surrounded by clear blue waters of Lake Pichola on all the sides. You can enjoy sightseeing the pink stone works, arches, and architectural delights of this palace. It also has business centers, banquet halls, café, lounge, and many amenities for visitors and businessmen.

The Sajjan Garh Palace which is on the hilltop gives a countryside appeal to its construct and surroundings. Bagore ki Haveli on the Ganguar Ghat depicts the regal life led by Maharajas of Udaipur. Inside the haveli, you will see artifacts and games, jewelry boxes, and many items used by the Maharajas of Mewar from the era they ruled this kingdom.

Lakes, gardens, forts, and museums

Udaipur is the city of lakes, and you will see many beautiful and well maintained lakes around the city. Lake Pichola is the most popular on whose adjoins lay many palatial structures, gardens, and monuments. You can take boat rides at the Fateh Sagar Lake. There are small islands, observatories, and parks, situated on this lake which is an ideal picnic spot for families.

Saheliyon ki Bari is a beautiful garden with lush greens, flowers, and fountains. Shutterbugs can take beautiful photographs at the Ambrai Ghat situated on the Lake Pichola. Sunsets here are the most beautiful here. The Vintage Classic Cars Museum is located 1 kilometer from the City Palace and showcases the car collection of Maharaja from all over the world.

Temples and nearby places

Udaipur has a rich heritage and religious tone spread throughout the city. You can visit the famous, Jagmandir that is made in marble, has gardens, and courtyards. The Jagdish Temple is yet another holy place to visit near the City Palace. Its main deity is Lord Vishnu. You will also find smaller shrines of Lord Sun, Shiva, Ganesh, and Goddess Shakti. 22 kilometers from Udaipur is the Eklingji Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a double storyed temple with splendid architecture. You can also visit Kumbhalgarh which is 65 kilometers away from Udaipur for sightseeing forts, camping at the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary, and trekking. You can also enjoy the sound and light show at this fort.

What you will like there

Day tours and sightseeing

You can take walking or cycling tours to visit palaces, havelies, and all the historical monuments in Udaipur. The palaces are magnificent and have the most interesting blend of architectural sections. You can also take guided trekking tours in the nearby areas. Lakes are the most splendid to view and take boating rides.

Shopping, food, and nightlife

You will get to shop for all the tribal jewelry, arts and crafts at the Shilpagram. Pottery items, hand woven fabrics, products made by local artisans, all kinds of handicrafts, and sculptures, are available at this place. You can visit the swankiest pubs in Udaipur and have a great time at the clubs and bars at night. Get a taste of the most authentic Rajasthani cuisine at most of the restaurants and Dhabas in Udaipur.

Aerial tours and horseback riding

Many tour packages are available to take an aerial tour in a helicopter to get a view of the city. You can also take short courses in horseback riding in Udaipur. There are no water sports like scuba diving, and water rafting available as you can enjoy the scenic view of the lakes.

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