25 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala - 2021 (Photos & Reviews)
There are many wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala flocked with exotic birds, and reeked with aged moss-laden trees and deep-rooted mangroves. Some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries are Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary (also known as Periyar wildlife sanctuary), Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, and Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary.

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It becomes quite difficult to put all the sanctuaries in one list since every sanctuary has something unique to offer. What you will find common in every sanctuary in Kerala is the rich flora and fauna, cruising backwaters, rivulets and swamps, river branches fringed with thickets of mangroves and greenery all around. Common prevailing animals found in Kerala are elephants, sloth bear, leopards, lion-tailed macaques, Malabar giant squirrel, sambhars, wild cats etc.

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Some of these sanctuaries come under UNESCO worlds heritage sites such as Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Safari rides are highly recommended when visiting any of the sanctuaries in Kerala, take ample time to enjoy the jungles to the core.

Check out the list of best wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala:

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Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist hot spots in Kerala. Spread over an area of 675 sq km, this wildlife sanctuary is a reservoir of several endemic, rare and endangered species of animals.

Named after the Periyar Lake, which is located within the sanctuary, this wildlife reservoir is home to 1800 flowering plants, 171 grass species, 143 species of orchids, 35 species of mammals and 265 species of birds. 

Teeming with animals such as elephants, sambar, langurs, stork etc, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent place to spot some really interesting wildlife such as the Malabar Giant Squirrel, flying squirrel etc, lion-tailed Macaques etc. 
You can indulge in trekking and boating at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or take an elephant ride into the jungle.

Best time to visit -
 November to April.

Nearest railhead
 - Kottayam

Nearest airport 
- Madurai

Nearest town
 - Kumily

Location: Kumily, Thekkady.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is situated in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Blessed with rich flora and fauna, the sanctuary offers excellent opportunities to experience Kerala wildlife in their natural habitat. Situated adjacent to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is now under consideration of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to be declared as a World Heritage Site. 

Apart from 39 species of mammals, 16 species of amphibians, 268 varieties of birds, 61 species of reptiles and 124 types of butterflies, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to four indigenous tribes that have made their colonies in the sanctuary.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the Parambikulam Sanctuary is the best place to sight animals such as Lion Tailed Macaques, King Cobras, storks, rollers etc. 
Trekking is allowed within the forest but you will need prior permissions. There are watchtowers constructed within the sanctuary to help visitors in sighting wildlife.

Best time to visit
 - November to April.

Nearest railhead
 - Palakkad

Nearest airport
 - Coimbatore

Nearest town
 - Palakkad

Location: Parambikulam Road, Anappady, Thunakadavu, Palakkad 678661


Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is situated between two rivers Cheruthoni and Periyar. This is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala and is situated at a distance of 40 km from Thodupuzha and spread over 77 sq kilometres. Covered in a dense canopy of evergreen forests, the sanctuary is home to a wide range of wildlife.

The wildlife of Idukki includes animals such as Sambhars, Wild Dogs, Jungle Cats, Tigers etc. Trekking is possible within the forest with prior permission from the forest department. You can also enjoy boat rides in the rivers which provide a panoramic view of the surroundings. 

Best time to visit
 - December to April.

Nearest railhead
 - Kottayam

Nearest airport -
 Madurai Airport

Nearest town
 - Thodupuzha

Location: Vellappara, Painavu, Idukki, Kerala 685603


Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over 90 sq km in the Idukki district and is distinct from other sanctuaries due to its thorny scrub forest. This sanctuary receives rain for only 48 days in the year and hence this peculiar vegetation. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on either side of the Marayoor-Udumalpet Road and is famous for sandalwood forests and waterfalls.

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is under consideration for being declared as a World Heritage Site. There are watch towers inside the sanctuary from where you can observe animals. You can also enjoy nature walks, trekking or camping inside the sanctuary.

Best time to visit
 - December to April.

Nearest railhead -

Nearest airport
 - Nedumbassery

Nearest town
 - Ernakulam

Location: Munnar - Udumalpet Road, Munnar, Kerala 685612


Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an extension of the Bandipur National Park and is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere. Comprising of thick deciduous forests, the sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals including tigers, leopards, elephants, wild dogs, civets, bears etc. You can enjoy elephant rides within the forest. Spread over 344 sq km, this sanctuary is part of the Wayanad Plateau. 

The area experiences a salubrious climate. There is a beautiful valley called Lakkidi situated within the sanctuary and experiences the highest average rainfall in Kerala. The sanctuary is also home to tribal groups consisting of the Paniyas, the Kurumas, the Adiyars, Kurichyas, Ooralis and Kattunaikkans.

Best time to visit
 - June to October.

Nearest railhead
 - Kozhikode

Near airport
 - Kozhikode

Nearest town
 - Sulthan Bathery

Location: Bathery- Puthupally Road, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592


Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Much smaller in comparison to other Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary spreads across 9.06 sq km. It is situated near the Agasthyakoodam hill which gets its name from the Sage Agastya. Home to a large variety of wild animals including tigers, leopards, sloth bears, elephants, sambhars etc, and the sanctuary offers opportunities for lion and tiger safaris. 

The sanctuary also has an Elephant Rehabilitation Centre and a Deer Rehabilitation Centre. There is a crocodile farm within the sanctuary, which was established in 1977. This farm is home to about 20 mugger crocodiles.

Best time to visit
 - October to March.

Nearest railhead
 - Neyyattinkara

Nearest airport
 - Thiruvananthapuram

Nearest town -

Location: Kallikkad, Kerala 695572


Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

The Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 53 sq km and is located at about 50 km from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. The forests of the sanctuary occur in the catchment area of the Peppara dam which stands across the Karamana River, is something to see in the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

The sanctuary is known for its thick forests, eucalyptus plantations, crystal clear streams and rugged terrain. It is home to a wide variety of species such as tigers, panthers, wild dogs, mouse deer etc and to about 13 native tribal groups that are still untouched by civilisation.

Best time to visit
 - October to March.

Nearest railhead -

Nearest airport -

Nearest town -

Location: Thiruvananthapuram-Ponmudi Road, Thiruvananthapuram.


Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the northernmost part of Kerala.  In comparison to other wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, this sanctuary has a number of hill ranges that have an elevation between 50 m to 1145 m. The highest peak is of Katti Betta and its slopes are covered in lush semi-evergreen forests. 

Being a part of the Western Ghats, the 
Aralam Wildlife sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna and has a huge variety of plants and animals. You can spot leopards, jungle cats and different kinds of squirrels in these wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

Best time to visit -
 June to October.

Nearest railhead - 

Nearest airport -

Nearest town
 - Kannur

Kannur, Kerala 670674


Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is one of the eco-sensitive wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. Almost 18 acres its land is embedded with thick mangroves which are also the roosting sites of migratory as well as home birds.  The sanctuary is christened as ‘the green lung of Kochi’ due to its central location.

Sprawls right behind the Kerala High Court building in Kochi, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is also blessed with scenic backwaters landscapes. A survey study conducted in 2006 reported the presence of 194 birds of 32 varied species.

Best time to visit:
Winter season, especially the month of January, February and March witness the arrival of migratory and exotic birds.

Nearest railhead:
Ernakulam South Railway Station.

Nearest airport:
Nedumbassery International Airport, Kochi.

Nearest town:

High Ct Rd, Ayyappankavu, Kochi, Kerala 682031


Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary

Caressed by the branches of Periyar river which is Kerala’s longest river stream, Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary is a low-land forest which is flocked by more than 500 bird species.

Some of the highly populated birds in this region are Hawk Eagle, Orange-headed Thrush, Blue Kingfisher, Jerdon's Nightjar, Indian cuckoo, Oriental Darter, Created Woodpecker, Whiskered Terns, Black Headed Oriole, Bronzed Drongo, Grey-fronted green pigeon, Yellow-browed bulbuls etc. Mammals such as Leopard, Sloth Bear, Elephants, and Jungle cats dwell in this small strip of forest which sprawls on the Northern bank of Periyar river.

On the emphatical recommendation by Dr Slaim (a famous ornithologist), Kerala Government established this sanctuary in the year 1983.

Best time to visit
: Throughout the year. It is always advisable to avoid monsoon season since it pours heavily in Kerala.

Nearest railhead:

Nearest airport: 

Nearest town: 

Kothamangalam-Pooyamkutty Road, Nyayapally PO, Thattekad, Kerala 686681


Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

For animal lovers, there is yet another place which you should definitely visit once in your lifetime. Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Western Ghat is one of the hot spots among the people in Kerala. This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of around 85.067 sq km inclusive of the Chimmeney Lake. The sanctuary is an abode to elephants, sambars, gaurs, Malabar squirrels, sloth bears etc.

Get astonished as you witness the flora and fauna of this sanctuary which is also blessed with scenic beauty. Soak in the serenity as you visit this sanctuary and click some of the best pictures of wildlife. There are around 39 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles, 14 species of amphibians, and 31 species of fishes. 

Best time to visit: November to April.

Nearest railhead: 

Nearest airport: 
Cochin International Airport.

Nearest town: Thrissur

Chimmini Dam Road, Dist. Thrissur, Pariyaram, Kerala 680304

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Mauthanga Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as the Waynard Sanctuary is a rainforest which is most visited by the people. This sanctuary was established as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1973. It is one of the second largest sanctuaries in Kerela.

The deciduous forest is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. You will find wild animals like tigers, panthers, civet cats, jungle cat, wild dogs, elephants etc. You can also find peacock, babbler, cuckoos, owls, woodpeckers, jungle fowls etc. Don’t miss a chance to visit this amazing wildlife sanctuary on your next visit to Kerala.

Best time to visit: June to October.

Nearest railhead: Wayanad

Nearest airport: Calicut

Nearest town: Sultan Bathery

Location: Sultan Bathery 673592

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

If you are a bird enthusiast then you should definitely visit this bird sanctuary in Kumarakom. This bird sanctuary is best known for the migratory birds. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 14 acres. It is maintained by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. 

You will get to see a variety of local birds like waterfowl, cuckoo, owl, egret, heron, cormorant, moorhen, darter, and brahminy kite. As it is known for the migratory birds, you will find migratory birds like Siberian crane, parrot, teal, lark, and flycatcher.


Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, located in the northern side of Wayanad, beckons you to explore its vast dense regions and engage in wildlife. You can find a wide variety of flora and fauna. Thopetty Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1973. This wildlife sanctuary is bestowed upon with rich wildlife and green vegetation.

One can find a variety of rare birds and endangered species in this sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuary comes under Protect Elephant. The interesting thing about the sanctuary is that you can clearly hear a herd of elephants crossing the road as you stroll through the forest.

Best time to visit: November to May.

Nearest railhead: 

Nearest airport: 
Karipur International Airport at Calicut.

Nearest town: 
Sulthan Bathery 

Tholpetty, Kerala 670646

Eravikulam National Park

Spread across the area of 97 sq. km amidst the picturesque Devan Hills, Eravikulam National Park is an amazing place to witness the biodiversity of the shola-grassland ecosystem. While visiting the Eravikulam National Park, you can have the sight of endangered South Indian goat, the Nilgiri Tahr. Apart from this, the other fauna includes Nilgiri langur, tiger, Indian bison, leopard, and many more.

Although the national park is divided into three areas, viz. the core area, the buffer area and tourism area, visitors are only allowed in the tourism area, known as Rajamalai.

Best time to visit: 
September to November and from April to June.

Nearest railhead: 

Nearest airport: 
Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Nearest town: 

The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated amidst the mesmerizing mountainous plateaus of Western Ghats, the Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is just 20 km from Manathavady in Wayanad. The Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to myriads of exotic birds and animals species and highlights rich Kerala wildlife. Some of the major animal species that you find here include tigers, spotted deer, bear, elephants, bison, jungle cat, bison, civet cat, monkeys, wild boar, panther, wild dog, and many more.

Apart from the animal species, there are many birds species too in the Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, some of which include kingfisher, black bulbul, laughing thrush, jungle fowl, peafowl, woodpecker, myna and many more.

Best time to visit: December to May.

Nearest railhead: Thalassery

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport.

Nearest town: Kalpetta

Location: Mananthavady, Kalpetta

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Spread over an array of islands amidst the mesmerizing hillocks, where the holy Kadalundi River meets the Arabian sea, the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala and is locally known as Kadalundi Nagaram.

It is the abode to more than 100 species of native birds and approximately 60 migratory bird species. Some of the most famous bird species that you can sight here include terns, seagulls, sandpipers, turnstones and many more.

Best time to visit: November to April.

Nearest railhead: Kadalundi

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport.

Nearest town: Kadalundi 

Location: Near Kadalundi Railway Station, Kadalundi, Kerala 673302

Silent Valley National Park

With an area of 237.52 sq km, the Silent Valley National Park is situated at the Northeastern corner of Palakkad district. The Silent Valley National Park is the core of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is the home to more than 1000 species of flowering plants, 34 species of mammals, 128 species of beetles, 200 species of butterflies, 400 species of moths and many more.

Students from the life sciences filed biologists and professional scientists can do their research in the Silent Valley National Park due to its rich variety of flora and fauna.

Best time to visit: December to April.

Nearest railhead: Palakkad

Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport.

Nearest town: Palakkad

Location: Wildlife Warden, Silent Valley Division, Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala 678582

Anamudi Shola National Park

The Anamudi Shola National Park is an elegant national park, situated amidst the lush green forest of Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala and highlights rich Kerala wildlife. Declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, the Anamudi Shola National Park is spread across the area of 7.5 sq km.

The national park has three shola reserve forests, viz. Mannavan Shola Reserve, Idivara Shola Reserve and Pullardi Shola Reserve. Some of the major wildlife species that you can have the sight of here include langur, flying squirrels, leopards, civet cats, giant grizzled squirrel, tiger, elephant and many more.

Best time to visit: October and March.

Nearest railhead: Pollachi Railway Station

Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport.

Nearest town: Idukki

Location: Kanthalloor-Perumala Road, Kannan Devan Hills, Kanthalloor, Idukki.

Mathikettan Shola National Park

The Mathikettan Shola National Park is spread across the area of 12.82 sq km and is located at a distance of approximately 130 km from Madurai in the Idukki district of Kerala. Know as the heaven for wildlife photographers, the Mathikettan Shola National Park is home to myriads of wildlife species some of which include wild elephants, tigers, panthers, giant grizzled squirrel, spotted deer, Nilgiri tahrs, flying squirrels and many more.

During your visit, you can also have the chance to sight various species of snake-like vipers, rat snakes, cobras, pythons, etc. It is advisable that you wear proper clothing and footwear to protect yourself.

Best time to visit: November and March.

Nearest railhead: Theni Railway Station.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport.

Nearest town: Idukki

Location: Poopara Village, Idukki.

Pampadum Shola National Park

The Pambadum Shola National Park is the smallest national park in Kerala and is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, which include 22 species of trees, 16 species of climbers, 74 species of herbs, 9 species of mammals, 14 species of birds, 93 species of moths and 100 species of butterflies.

During your visit, along with the sight of an elephant, wild boar, common langur, gaur, sambhar, you can also witness some of the rarest animals like Nilgiri Marten, Indian wild dogs and Niligir Marten.

Best time to visit: April to September.

Nearest railhead: Aluva

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport.

Nearest town: Aluva

Location: Pampadam National Park Road, Vattavada, Kerala 685615

Peechi - Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary

The Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala and is located in the Thrissur district. It is spread across the area of 125 sq km and is home to some of the most exotic Kerala wildlife.

The Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is the home to approximately 25 species of mammals, which include tiger, jungle cat, leopard, Indian bison, and Asian elephant. You can also witness some of the most beautiful bird species in the Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary during your visit.

Best time to visit: October to March.

Nearest railhead: Thrissur Railway Station.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport.

Nearest town: Thrissur

Location: Thrissur, Peechi, Kerala 680304

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

The Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is yet another beautiful wildlife sanctuary in Kerala that is the home to some of the most beautiful animals in the country. It is located in the southern part of Kerala and is covered with tropical semi-evergreen forest.

The primary wild animals that you can witness here include lion-tailed macaques, deer, sambar, leopards, bison, elephants, langurs, tigers and many more. The Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary has thick forest cover, which also possesses some of the most exotic plant's species and is spread across 100 sq km of area.

Best time to visit: March to July.

Nearest railhead: Kollam Railway Station.

Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport.

Nearest town: Thenmala

Location: Shendurney Wildlife division, Thenmala, 691308

Kurinjimala Sanctuary

Situated amidst the lush green mountains of Western Ghats is the Kurinjimala Wildlife Sanctuary, the home to some of the most beautiful animals in the country, some of which include Tiger, giant squirrel, sambar, gaur, Nilgiri wood pigeons, Nilgiri tahr and many more.

It is also one of the most loved hotspots for various adventurous activities like rappelling, trekking and is extremely amongst thrill seekers.

Best time to visit: September to May.

Nearest railhead: Aluva Railway Station.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport.

Nearest town: Idukki

Location: Devikulam Taluk, Idukki.

Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kalimpuzha National Park is the abode to more than 1600 breeds of flora and approximately 34 breeds of fauna. Some of the major animal species that you can find in the Kalimpuzha National Park during your visit include Nilgiri pipit, white bellied blue flycatcher, grey-headed bulbul, Nilgiri wood pigeon, ample tailed grass wabler, and many more.

Moreover, if you are lucky, you can also have the chance to witness some of the snake species like a cobra, viper, rat snake, etc.

Best time to visit: October to June.

Nearest railhead: Palakkad Railway Station.

Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport.

Nearest town: Nilambur

Location: Nilambur, Malappuram, Kerala.
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It Was an Awesome Trip To Munnar , Pros: Traveling On Month Of July (monsoon Season) Make The Place More Special . The Place Where The Camping Held Has Given Stunning Panoramic View Of The Western Ghats and the Valley of Theni. On Way To Campsite You Can Also have A Chance To Encounter With Wild Animals Which is also an Thrilling Experince. The Dinner and Breakfast Which Provided By the Tour Company Was Quiet Decent. Memorable Moments And FunFilled Trip Is Guarantee . Cons : Food are Really Expensive on Outside Of The Campiste Residency If You Are Planning A Other Activities Than Camping Beware Of The Activities You Pick bcoz In Some Places( Example :Elephant Safari,Etc..) They Charge You More Than It Deserve Since I Had Private Tour I Did Not Have Problem With Restroom Facilities (because Campsite Was Near The Building Of The Tour Company ) I havn't Seen Any Restroom On The Places Of Group Tour Camp So Please Enquire Before The Begging Of Your Camping. --- At Last One Line Decrption --- " Nature Always Wears The Colors Of The Spirits " Live In The Moments In Munnar Have A Good Life :)
16 April 2015
Paragliding was a an absolute delightful experience for me. it was my first time and intially it was a little scary but when you start your flight its amazing. also the pilot was really friendly and explaining me everything from important points about the place and his experience of flying. best parts was when he was doing stunts like flying 360 degree. it was a very memorable experience.
04 November 2020
Arun is really a gem of a person. He is very informative, really kind and soft spoken. He shared knowledge about tea plantation and Munnar history too. Arun is also a good photographer and he captures amazing shots. The view is lovely as fog passes by. Also the trek is amazing given the distance and route. Arun also managed to provide a light snack and lunch on our way and we spent a fantastic time. The seven hills Lakshmi trek is really beautiful way to look at beauty of Munnar. Highly recommended.
11 October 2020
Ideal spot for family and friends to experience a complete riverside vacation at a very reasonable price.
25 May 2015
My money spent on this trip was totally worth it and i strongly recommend this as a holiday point for you.Especially i liked that ride on the houseboat, which is a typical and very famous tourist attraction in Kerala and you gonna love that too.
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Very good experience. Camera battery was weak and he hence our on air video was not fully captured.
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We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.The Jeep Safari was a very thrilling experience.The tent stay was perfect and the food was good.I would definitely recommend it for a group of friends ,looking for a weekend getaway.Kindly contact the host before reaching the campsite since network will not be available there.
21 January 2021
Stunning view, great place, great staff, helpful BUT Cottages need some repair/maintenance Linens are old and worn out and FOOD isn't good at all. I would still rate a 4 star for its view, location, and friendly staff. TO the management, please work on the food at the least and also some maintenance of the room, linen, rest assured you have a great location to always cash on tourists across all seasons.
We went to Wayanad for a family trip and booked this farmhouse from Thrillophilia at the best price as compared to other sites. The location of stay was nice, the scenic views from the room were amazing, The rooms were spacious, comfortable. The food served at the stay was so yummy, totally loved the food, they even arranged bonfire in the evening, it was a great experience.
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