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The world is getting more and more educated by the day and people have started paying more attention to the importance and impact Wildlife and Nature has on mankind. Human beings are taking it more seriously to protect both and speak for their rights, ensuring the conservation all over the globe. In India, one of the easiest methods of educating this importance has been the conduct of Wildlife Safaris into the open all over the country. Most of the safaris in India involve hopping onto a vehicle and going about the jungles to see the animals in the wild. A unique safari that has caught the attention of many are the Camel Safari tours in India, where you hop onto a camel and go about exploring nature.As we know that the Camel is the ship of the desert, it is a little obvious that these safaris can be experienced only in states sharing the Thar Desert i.e. mainly Rajasthan, Gujarat, and parts of Punjab and Haryana.


One might wonder what is there to explore in the desert other than dry soil, sand dunes and cactus bushes for a great distance. People visiting India or Indians visiting the Thar Desert will be amazed to see the population in these rural regions. There is a lot of learning about culture and traditions in-stored during the Camel Safari tours in India. Picking the best Camel Safari tour in India can be a tricky one for you. Thrillophilia can organize these Camel Safari tours at the prime locations of the desert. While the Sam Sand Dunes is an extremely common spot among the tourists to go for these kind of safaris, this place is more commercial and crowded. For a more peaceful and undisturbed experience, Khuri Village situated in the Desert National Park would be an ideal alternative.

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