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Jeep-safari Tours in India are perfect for nature lovers. Jeep Safari is one of the rare modes of travel that can make you feel adventurous and offer you a fun ride at the same time. The wind gushing through your hair, the oxygen from the trees in the forest, everything gives a fresh feel and sets a serene environment. When on a Jeep Safari tour, one can set their own pace, make as many stops as they want. It is the best combination of comfort, adventure, and fun. India is one of the places that is known for its diverse Flora and Fauna and perfect to opt for Jeep Safari Tour. It has more than 10, 000, 0 species of wildlife and plants. This makes India as one of the top places to experience Jeep Safari. One can go through the rainforests of Munnar or go through the deserts of Jaisalmer on Jeep Safari. Then comes the wildlife sanctuaries where one gets to witness majestic animals like tigers, lions, elephants and so on. The fact that you travel in a small group of, say about 6, in an open Jeep makes such kinds of safari more thrilling and gives an adrenaline rush.


The best time for such trips is in the morning just after sunrise. The wind is cold yet feels warm because of the sun's Ray's. One can hear the chirping of birds and enjoy nature at its fullest. However taking a Safari through the deserts is best during sunset when the red-orange rays of the sun make the desert look like an enchanted place and when the temperature has dropped a bit. Going on a Jeep drive with friends is all about being spontaneous and doing something different. One can set their own tour and just ride for hours enjoying the nature. Taking a Jeep drive through the mountains is yet another feeling. Seeing the auspicious mountains all over and the bumpy ride makes you forget all worldly troubles and drowns in the serenity of nature. One can't help but fall in nature after one such ride.

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