Best Photography Tours in India

India Photography Tours Packages

Duration Price
Delhi Heritage Photography Tour2 hours
INR 900
Candid Photoshoot in Coorg1 hour
INR 4,949
Couple Photoshoot in Nainital1 hour
INR 4,099
Photoshoot in Bangalore For Couples1 hour
INR 4,500
Romantic Couple Photoshoot In Goa1 hour - 2 hours
INR 2,779
Couple Photoshoot In Goa2 hours
INR 3,389
Couple Photoshoot In Coorg1 hour
INR 4,500
Couple Photoshoot In Rishikesh1 hour - 2 hours
INR 3,338
Couple Photoshoot In Mussoorie1 hour
INR 7,000
Couple Photoshoot In Dharamshala1 hour
INR 4,300
Jeep Safari Tour Of Kaziranga National Park13 hours
INR 6,700
Couple Photoshoot in Kabini1 hour - 6 hours
INR 3,649

Photography tours in India are a treat for all the photographers worldwide. Capturing perfect moments, serene landscapes, perfect sunsets and much more behind the lenses is one of the favorite things to do for a photographer. They have this wanderlust to travel and capture all magnificent sights they witness and keep the magic in their heart through their cameras. For such desirous photographers, there are hundreds of tours planned every year all over the world which helps them witness the majestic places and capture them. The activity of photography is something that helps one keep themselves composed and express themselves through the photographs taken by them. Out of all these tours, the ones planned in India have turned out to be some of the best.. One can travel for days and still not be tired of the beauty and magic found in different places in India. One of the most famous hiking tours taken by photographers would be one which involves snow camping and hiking in Manali.


Through the mountains, one gets in touch with their inner selves and are able to capture the snow-capped mountains behind their lenses almost perfectly. Next, comes the romantic shoots that take place along the beaches of Goa. To walk by the shore when the sun is just about to set, would make anyone feel romantic and full of love. This is one of the best places to carry out couple photo shoots before weddings or for other events. Delhi is known for sightseeing and family tours where one can capture family moments in the most amazing manner. Then there is Chennai in the land of Temples where a mystical walk can fulfill many desires of a photographer. How can one forget Rajasthan and Gujarat when talking about photography tours in India. Being able to capture the culture and flavors found in a Rajasthani village can give any photographer a deeper insight in life. These are just some of many tours that a photographer should definitely go on.

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India Photography Tours Reviews

Hiroo Swaroop
Reviewed: 26 Jan 2024
The team was coordinated very well. We guys reached a little late at the site of the shoot. But the local photographer Shydan was very patient and also when it was too and dark he waited until our cab arrived. The location was absolutely serene and our photos too our really beautiful. Thank you guys... Read More
Subhrajyoti Das
Reviewed: 03 Nov 2023
Very professional. Our overall experience has been really good!
Pavan Saga
Reviewed: 04 Jun 2023
Shivam Sharma
Reviewed: 29 Mar 2023
It was my first experience with Thrilophlia and it was literally pretty smooth. I was guided by several customer support Exicutive alongs with Operations till my photographer. Glad with the services and looking forward to receive the content (photos and videos ) which mentioned on package
Wisnu Visvanathan
Reviewed: 03 Feb 2023
We have come across thrillophilia in our search for activities to be done at Goa and was taken by the offer for photoshoot, we went with low expectations with the reasonable price. However, we are blown away with such an amazing experience, the photographer is really cool and accommodative, super pr... Read More
Dhwani Dhwani
Reviewed: 25 Feb 2023
We loved it , it was best 2 hours during our stay in goa ‘ it’s indeed a best of memoirs . 

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