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Centuries ago, in 563 BC, one of the greatest figures in world history was born. Called Siddhartha Gautama, this man went on to become the founder of Buddhism. That’s why it is no surprise that Lumbini is a part of the World Heritage Listed. The place has a huge spiritual-cultural significance and attracts Buddhists and pilgrims from all over the world.

Highlights:The spiritual heart of Lumbini is Maya Devi Temple. This is the place where Queen Maya Devi gave birth of Gautama Buddha. Close to the place you will find pillar of Ashoka, one of the main proponents of Buddhism, along with stupas and its ancient ruins. A number of monks in saffron-robed clothing can also be seen. This temple is set in the park grounds, which is known as Lumbini Development Zone. Japanese architect Kenzo Tange began designing it in 1978 and the work is still in progress, including landscaped lakes and monasteries. When you visit here, don’t rush and take a few hours to look around.

: Near Bhairawa, Nepal.
Siddha Gufa
You wouldn’t mind a half day trip to this mysterious cave in Nepal. Some peculiar looking Stalactites and Stalagmites which has quite beautifully adorned the place will not fail to catch your attention. However the silence of the cake is seldom broken by chirping of some bats and whistle which makes this place to be a must visit in Nepal.

Difficulty Level
: High, reaching this place involves trekking which will be approximately of one and a half hour and the stony steps are a little slippery which is why you need to be extra cautious for the same.

: Rs 200.

Best time to visit
: March and May
Bardia National Park
Bardia National Park is a virgin park with an amazing wildlife opportunities. Spotting elephants and rhinos are quite common in the National Park. You will find an increasing number of tigers too which makes it even more exciting for you to enjoy this Bardia National Park. Hence it is also considered to be one of the highest tiger habitat. It is one of the places where you will witness an undisturbed wilderness. It was one of the royal hunting reserve too.

: Rs 679 to Rs 747 are approximately the prices of the lodges nearby. 

Best time to visit
: October.

Difficulty Level
: Medium, just follow the instructions of the guide
A small and a beautiful city located at the foothills of the Mahabharata range is the city of Dharan. The city is beautifully surrounded with beautiful roads and natural beauty which makes it one of the best destination to visit, when you are in Nepal. It is an important pilgrimage centre for most of the Nepalese too. It has long been the Gurkha Recruitment Centre.

: You can explore the popular tea growing region Dhankuta which is quite popular in Nepal.

: It is one of the important sub metropolitan city in eastern Nepal.

Best time to visit
: October to February.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
The only hunting reserve in Nepal is the Dhorpatan hunting reserve. It is surrounded by ‘Dhor’ or marshlands and this reserve was constructed with the aim of protecting some of the important species of Nepal. If you climb up, you will notices that the major portion of the area is snow capped. If you have a religious bent of mind you can visit the place during the month of August where a religious fair is held and is attended by all the locals of Nepal.

: The reserve is the best place to locate blue sheep.

: Baglung district of Dhawalagiri Himalayan range.

Best time to visit
: March to April.

: License and the local permit will together cost you $2000 and if one hunter wants to hunt 1 Himalayan Tahr then the cost would be $8900.
Langtang National Park
It is the first Himalayan National Park with rich flora and fauna. The national park is the most appropriate place for hiking too. It is the catchment area for Trisuli river along Sun Koshi river. Mostly the populations are Tamang who are from the ancient Nepalese race.

The national park is highly uncrowded which makes it the best national park for the occasion. The nearby lodges are operational during winters only. People may have high altitude sickness so you should carry your medicines accordingly.

: There are three main trekking routes in this place Langtang Valley, Helambu and Gosaikunda Lake.

Best time to visit
: Mid October to Mid December.
: Rs. 1000 entry fee.
: Nearest city is Kathamandu.
Ghandruk Cultural Trek
Sometimes, a trek goes beyond the natural beauty of a place to capture the cultural aspects of a region. And that’s what Ghandruk Cultural Trek is all about. The stunning trek gives you an opportunity to romance with the cultural and natural scenery of Ghandruk, where you can walk through the ridges, villages and forests.

Highlights: The place is full of Gurung inhabitants, who are friendly, warm people with their own unique culture. The opportunity to eat, drink and meet these people itself is a wonderful, once in a lifetime event.

Location: Ghandruk town.

Things to keep in mind
:This cultural trek is easy. However, you have to keep in mind that you get a fleece jacket with a wind-stopper for this trek. Don’t forget scarves and sun-hat. Carry a basic first aid kit, a day pack, trekking poles and hiking socks for the trek. Stay safe with thermal bottoms.
If you are searching for something incredible, then trek to Banthati is an option an you. The backpacking trip usually involves a number of other destiantions, including Ulleri, Banthanti and Nangathanti. The treks can be anywhere from 4 days to 10 days long.

:The sun rises quickly in this place, which makes it easier to explore the panoramic views. Apart from the trek, you can enjoy buying artistic products, beautiful handmade jewelry at the place. The trek is pleasant, with pure spring water, stacked stones and plunge pools right by your side.

Location: Ulleri.

Things to keep in mind:Since this trek tends to long and moderately difficult, you need to get comprehensive gear for the trek. This includes carrying walking boots and a day pack. You might even need to have sleeping bags, first-aid box and water bottles with you. Don’t forget to carry safety equipment.
Tsume Valley Trekking

Located against the majestic backdrop of Ganesh Himal and Buddha Himal ranges is the Tsum Valley, which is perfect for beginners’ trekking experiences. The valley, which occupies 1663 square kilometers is well known for its cultural diversity and magnificent panoramas of the mountains around. The place is popular for its Buddhist culture and traditions as well.

Highlights:The trek is not just an adventure. It is also a spiritual experience. The sacred pilgrimage valley here is home to Buddhism as well. When you pass through the valley, you get the opportunity to climb Arughat, visit Gumba Lungdang and then ascend to Soti Khola before going back to Arughat. The trek can last for anywhere from 12-21 days.

Location:Starts from Kathmandu.

Things to keep in mind:Ensure that you carry winter clothing, hiking socks and boots, carry a first-aid box, sunscreen, water bottle, a hat and trekking pole.

Gosaikunda Pass Trek
Up for a trekking challenge? Then Gosaikunda Pass Trek is what you need to explore! Gosaikunda, located in the Langtang National Park is a stunning alpine water lake that rises to an altitude of over 4000 meters. The challenging trek pass is perfect for seasoned trekkers and is great for people who want to explore religious or spiritual side of Nepal.

: Gosaikunda Pass Trek includes a trip to the lake, where you will discover how the lake was the abode to several Hindu deities, including Shiva and Gauri. The waters from the lake has been known for their mystic properties in both Ramayana and Mahabharata. A significant place of interest for trekkers, the place is known for its steep ascent as well as famous valley views.

Usually the trek starts from Dhunche Village.

Things to keep in mind
:Ascend is steep, so people can get altitude sickness. Make sure that you carry first aid boxes.
Arun Valley Trek
Off beaten trails in Nepal are perfect for those who seek to enjoy calmness and serenity of nature. Arun Valley is one such place. The non-touristic place is great for trekkers and you get significant views of Mount Everest and hundreds of mountains that can be viewed with naked eyes. The trek, which requires stamina and fitness is recommended for experienced and seasoned trekkers.

 Highlights:One of the best parts about the trek is that the length can be largely determined. Most travelers opt to trek in this region for 15-20 days.

:The trek begins from Kathmandu valley, from where trekkers usually fly to Tumlingstar and then start with the ascent towards Tipchaur.

Things to keep in mind
:Make sure that you have practiced trekking before embarking on the trip. Carry basic items like water bottle, trekking pole, hiking socks and boots, sunscreen lotion, hats, sleeping bags and fleece jacket.
Makalu Base Camp Trek
It is the most challenging trek and that too on the world’s fifth largest mountain, Makalu. The trek begins from Tumlingtar and you have to walk from Chichila which is a three hour drive from Tumlingtar. Although it is a little exhausting but every bit of it is worth the effort.

: You can enjoy some of the most beautiful mountain peaks such as Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Chamlang along with others.

: It is an hour’s flight from Kathmandu.

Best season
: February, March, April, September, October and November.
Difficulty Level
: Medium.

: US$3095
Upper Dolpo Trek
Experience the sixth stage of Great Himalayan Trail which is the Dolpo Trek. This place is richly loaded with authentic Tibetan culture. It is one of the most inaccessible treks in Nepal.You can meet several Tibetan nomads who will help you in exploring many Buddhist sites. Since the topography of this place is quite rugged so it becomes very difficult for them to do this trek.

: Phoksumdo Lake is one of the finest lake you would have seen in the world.

Best time to visit
: March to May and September to October.

: You can get regular flights from Kathmandu to Upper Dolpho.

: The permit cost will be somewhere US$700.
Manaslu Circuit Trek
It is one of the most popular tea house trek. You will find many popular tea houses strung buttons away. This is the most challenging trek with the most rugged topography. If you are not bounded by time then you can even explore the Bamboo forests at Arughat which is the starting poing of the trek. You can even enjoy the spectacular view of Larkya La Pass.

: You can explore the beautiful village of Sama beneath the pass of Tibet. This village has beautifully crowned the Manaslu Mountain too.

Best time to visit
: March to May and September to November.

: US$2495. 

Difficulty Level:
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
If you are a true mountaineer, you can’t miss the chance to be a part of this expedition. Due to high level of precipitation the peaks of Kanchenjunga is mostly glaciated. You can simple enjoy an epic scenery which is truly going to leave you jaw dropped.


: Preservation of the rich flora and fauna is also important and you will get to witness them too during trekking. It is difficult to comprehend the scale of both valleys and mountains here.

Difficulty Level
– High.

Best time to visit
: October and November.

: USD$985 per person.
Mera Peak Climbing
You will find many trekking tracts in Nepal but you simply can’t miss the opportunity to make you way toward this alluring Mera Peak Climbing. It is often believed that the person who has climbed the highest peak of Africa can actually think of making an attempt to climb Mera Peak.

: You have to board a short flight to the mountain airstrip of Lukla.

: When one enters the Hinku valley you will find some incredibly amazing places to explore. 

Best season to visi
t: October to Mid-May.

: $1425.

Difficulty Level
: High, since you need an adventurous mind and body to do this climb.
Yala Peak Climbing
If you are trekking for the first time then this Yala Peak climbing is the shortest climbing trip. You can have the thrilling adventure of trekking and climbing of peak in the Langtang region. The beauty of the trek lies in the fact that this tract can be covered within limited amount of time.

: You can enjoy some of the breath-taking views of beautiful mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Lenpo Gang, Dorje Lakpa and many more.

Difficulty Level
: Easy, it doesn’t require any climbing experience.

: US$ 1790.
Ramdung Peak
Ramdung will provide you longer expedition into the indulging Himalayas. You can team up this trek with Pacharmo and get into the Teshi Lapcha Pass.

: Don’t forget to witness the Everest region which has accompanied some of the world famous treks and mountaineering explorations. s a cluster of peak. You can also experience the Sherpa villages like that of Na and Beding which is going to make you even more excited.

Best time to visit
: Spring and Autumn.

Difficulty Level
: Medium

: $1295USD

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Nepal Things To Do FAQs

What are the various activities that can be done in Nepal?

Nepal is a land of various exciting activities that gives a traveller or an adventurer a nostalgic thrill. There are many activities that a tourist can do and along with that many beautiful and extravagant places to visit, while his or her stay in the land of mountains.

  •       Exploring the Pokhara lake
  •       A trek to the Everest base camp
  •       A visit to Patan
  •       Sunset at Annapurna Circuit
  •       Trip to Kathmandu
  •       The Langtang Trek
  •       Exploring Bhaktapur
  •       Sightseeing at Gokyo Lakes
  •       Finding peace at Lumbini
  •       Experiencing the Chitwan national park

What are some of the best adventure sports in Nepal?

People ask what is there to do in Nepal and we answer a lot many things that will make you go bananas over the place. The adventure country is filled with some exciting thrills to be experienced by the travellers and the adventurers. Some of the most exciting things are listed below.

  •       White water rafting
  •       Jungle safari
  •       Bungee jumping
  •       Mountain biking
  •       Paragliding
  •       Canyoning
  •       Zip flyer
  •       Heli skiing
  •       Everest sky diving
  •       Rock climbing

What are the famous trekking routes in Nepal?

Being surrounded by many beautiful mountains and lakes, going on a trek in the country is a magical experience that every visitor should experience. The country is famous for different kind of adventure and trekking activities that is why it provides some of the best trekking experience in the world.

  •       Everest base camp
  •       Annapurna Circuit trek
  •       Manaslu Circuit trek
  •       Ghorepani Poon hill trekking
  •       Langtang valley trek
  •       Upper Mustang
  •       Kanchenjunga base camp trek
  •       Annapurna base camp trek
  •       Gokyo Ri trek

·       Upper Dolpo

Which are the famous trekking spots in Nepal?

Do you want to get lost amidst of the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains while exploring the nature? Then going on a trekking exploration in Nepal is what you should do. Nepal provides the best and unique trekking experience in whole Asia with its beautiful camping and trekking experience with its best programme. Below mentioned are some of the spots/vendors you can get in touch with:

  •       Earthbound Expedition (Kathmandu)
  •       Happy Treks Nepal – Day tours (Pokhara)
  •       Nepal Eco Adventure (Kathmandu)
  •       Mountain Monarch Adventure
  •       Trekking team pvt. Ltd
  •       Mosaic adventure
  •       Nepal hiking team
  • Himalayan glacier trekking

What are the best locations for river rafting in Nepal?

Have you ever experienced rafting against the roaring waves of the rivers, going against the current, feeling the thrill? If not, then it’s time for a brand new experience in Nepal. The Himalayan country gives the best river rafting experience that are found nowhere in the whole Asia.  We have here some best places in Nepal to go exploring the river currents.

  •       The sun kosi
  •       The Trisuli
  •       The Tamur
  •       The karnali

·       The Kaligandaki

Where can I do bungee jumping in Nepal? Is it safe and what is the cost?

Jumping from an estimated height to the depth of the mountain with the help of a rope tied on your waist, is known as bungee jumping which is the most thrilling adventure one can ever experience. This thriller activity is done under the extreme supervision of many trained bungee jumpers who are experienced in their work so there is minimum or no danger to your life.

·       Bhote Kosi:  The place is just three hours drive from Kathmandu. Situated in the Tibetan border organised by the Ultimate Bungee Shuttle. The best time to go bungee is during the month of September, October, November and March. The price of one person for a bungee experience is 8200 if you are Indian or a Chinese and for locals, it’s 5500 rupees and for the foreign travellers it is 90 Euros.

What is the best time to go for Mount Everest Trek? What will be the cost of a Mt. Everest trekking expedition?

Mount Everest is one of the major attractions of the Himalayan country which serves as the major trekking and mountain climbing site in the world. The best time to visit the exquisite place is during the month from January to March. During this time the weather is not too cold and hazy and it becomes best for climbing and trekking. The cost of the trek depends upon the time and days one wants to go for climbing, although the cost of the Everest Base Camp trek starts from INR 40,000 onwards.

How far is the Everest base camp from Kathmandu? What is the best time for EBC trek?

The Everest base camp from the city of Kathmandu is not so far, it is in the distance of just 154 km from the city to the base camp. The EBC trek provides the best programme for the adventurers to explore the Everest.

  •       Best time to visit is during the month of spring and autumn.
  •       What to wear: Mainly winter clothes that will keep you warm in the freezing weather. At one point of time, expect yourself to be covered in a pair of hiking boots, 2 t-shirts, a long sleeve shirt for layering, 1 pair of trekking pants, and 2 pair of trekking socks.

What is the best time to go for Annapurna Base camp trek? What will be the average cost of the trek?

The second most important and popular trek after Everest is the Annapurna Base camp trek. It is one of the second most preferable treks in Nepal. The best time or month during when a traveller or an adventurer should opt for climbing to the Annapurna base camp is during the autumn or spring between the time of March and November.

  •       The cost of the trek to the Annapurna base camp depends on the type of trek you want to go in. The average price rate of the trek starts from 37280 in Indian rupees. This is the must to take trek in the Himalayan country.

Which are famous places for wildlife safari in Nepal?

The queen of mountain countries, Nepal is home to fourteen wildlife sanctuaries with expanding vegetation and wild animals. There are some wildlife sanctuaries present among them which provide a safari for the visitors and the tourists.

  •       Chitwan National Park

·       Bardia National Park

What are the romantic places to visit on your honeymoon in Nepal?

Who would have thought that Nepal can also serve as one of the best places for newly married couples, but it consists of some attracting and amazing places that are meant for couples on their honeymoon.

  •       Pokhara
  •       Kathmandu
  •       Nagarkot
  •       Bandipur
  •       Gorkha
  •       Daman
  •       Godavari

·       Chitwan

Where one can do paragliding in Nepal? Is it safe?

Nepal is home to some of the best paragliding programmes in the south Asia. The stunts and adventure is carried out by the paragliding experts so the danger of getting killed is minimum or even illegible.

  •       Flying Buddha paragliding
  •       Team 5 Nepal paragliding
  •       Sky bird paragliding

·       Advance paragliding

Where can I go for Ziplining in Nepal? What is the average cost of Ziplining in Nepal?

Nepal hosts the world’s most extreme Zipline which stands in a height of 600 meters, which is the largest, longest, steepest fastest Zipline in the world.

  •       Location: Sarangot, Pokhara

·       Cost: The average cost starts from 4552 in Indian currency.

Which are some must visit temples in Nepal?

Nepal is not only just home to mountains and thrilling adventures it is also a land of religion with an glorifying history on its back. There are some medieval and modern temples present in the country that one should visit for the blessing and to find peace.

  •       Pashupatinath temple
  •       Boudha stupa
  •       Changunarayan temple
  •       Kopan monastery
  •       Maya devi temple

Which are the best cycling trails in Nepal?

What is an adventure trip without any mountain cycling through the terrifying mountains? Nepal provides some best of the mountain cycling experience in the world.

  •       The epic Annapurna circuit finish – Jomson to Tatopani
  •       Dhobighat to Matatirtha

·       New year’s ride to Lakure via Surya binayak

Which are the best places for yoga and meditation in Nepal?

The land of Nepal is mostly influenced by the Buddhism that is why the people of the country are more prone towards meditations and yoga then to any other exercises. The country provides some major yoga and meditation houses where one can peacefully recite his or her prayers.

  •       Nepal yoga academy and retreat
  •       Tushita Nepal yoga retreats
  •       Sadhana yoga retreat centre
  •       Annapurna yoga ashram
  •       Nepal yoga home

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