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Scuba Diving

Best Places for Watersports in India

Goa, Pondicherry, Lakshawadeep, Andaman, Rishikesh, Gokarna, Kerala, Ladakh, Zanskar, Covelong, Mahabalipuram, and many more.

Indulging yourself in a plethora of watersports in India would certainly mesmerize you with its sheer thrill and excitement. Being a country with diversity, you will also come across a wide range of water sporting options starting from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. You will get to choose from kayaking to windsurfing and from scuba diving to boat cruising and lots more. Taking part in these water-based activities, you will be able to explore the underwater world and get familiar with marine creatures.

While taking part in parasailing in Kerala, you will be able to capture the breathtaking aerial view of Payyambalam beach and when scuba diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, you will be able to enjoy alluring views of coral gardens and fascinating basalt formations. While kayaking in Devkund will give you a chance to enjoy the calmness of the lake, surfing in Kovalam will let you ride thrilling waves in style. With such diverse destinations come even diverse experiences, so get ready for a lot of thrill in the alluring waters. 
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People Also Ask About Water Sports in India

  1. Which are the best water sports to do in India?

    1. River Rafting: River rafting uses an inflatable raft for navigating a water body such as a river. It is one of the most popular water sports in India and can be experienced at various destinations. River rafting is usually done on rough water with several levels of difficulty and risk. 

    Where to go: Ganga river in Rishikesh, Zanskar river in Ladakh, Beas river in Manali, Brahmaputra river in Pasighat, Kundalika river in Kolad
    Approx price: INR 550 to INR 3000 Per Person

    2. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is an underwater diving sport where the divers use an apparatus to breathe underwater and swim around deep in the water. It is done both for professional and recreation purposes. The divers have fins attached to their feet that help them in diving underwater to see marine life in their natural habitat. Recreational scuba diving is done under expert supervision and the diver is allowed to go only to a predetermined depth.

    Where to go: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands, Goa, Pondicherry
    Approx Price: INR 2,500 to INR 20,000 Per Person 

    3. Banana Tube Boat Ride: Banana tube boat ride includes towing an inflatable, unpowered recreational boat (banana boat or water sled) on the water. This watersport usually includes three to ten riders on one boat. The main boat is pulled by speed boats attached to it on both sides at a high speed. It is one of the unique water sports in India that you can enjoy on your vacation to a beach.

    Where to go: Baga beach, Calangute, Anjuna beach, Agonda, Candolim, Palolem, Miramar & Vagator, Goa, Mumbai, and Karnataka
    Approx price: INR 450 - INR 1000 Per Person 

    4. Wakeboarding: Wakeboarding or skurfing involves standing on a wakeboard which is towed behind a motorboat by a rope or cable systems and winches. Wakeboard is a short board that has foot bindings and is customized as per the likings of the rider. In wakeboarding, the riders often try mid-air tricks while being towed across the water. The best time for wakeboarding is when the skies are clear, usually between October to May.

    Where to go: Goa , Karnataka, Goa, and Dehradun
    Approx price: INR 7500 Per Person 

    5. Bamboo Rafting: In the thrilling experience of bamboo rafting, bamboo rafts are used instead of the usual rafting boats. Bamboo rafts are made by tightly securing a set of bamboos together and the tourists themselves can also make them under expert supervision. Inflated rubber tyres are also used in making bamboo rafts. Among all the watersports in India, bamboo rafting is a unique adventure that you will just love.

    Where to go:
    Rishikesh, Kerala, Wayand, and Munnar
    Approx price: INR 2000 Per Person

    6. Kayaking: Kayaking involves moving across the water with the help of a kayak (small, narrow watercraft) with the help of a double-bladed paddle. In kayaking, the boat (low-to-water) is paddled from front to back and most of them have closed decks. Kayaking is a slow and peaceful boating experience where you can adore the beauty of the surrounding areas while paddling on the peaceful water.

    Where to go: Zanskar River, Leh, Srinagar, Goa, Rishikesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Sikkim, Pondicherry, and Andaman
    Approx price: INR 1000 - INR 5000 Per Person

    7. Undersea Walking: Undersea walking is one step ahead of scuba diving regarding the underwater experience. This watersport allows you to walk at the bottom of the sea and have a close look at the underwater marine life. Under this activity, you are required to wear oxygen helmets around your head and walk on the seafloor while holding your friends’ hand. It is one of the most extreme water sports in India and can be experienced in Andaman, even if you don’t know how to swim.

    Where to go:
    North Bay Island
    Approx price: INR 2700 Per Person

    8. Jet-Skiing: Jet skiing is a water sport in which a person rides the jet ski (a motorcycle-like small machine powered by a jet engine). Jet skiing is one of the most favourite watersports in India that can be enjoyed at various beaches of India. You will need to spend hours of time practicing the spot to complete your activity with perfection.

    Where to go:
     Maharashtra, Andaman, Goan beaches such as Candolim beach, Dona Paula beach, Baga beach, and Calangute beach.
    Approx price: INR 600 - INR 1000 Per Person 

    9. Glass bottom boating: In glass bottom boating, the people ride on a boat that glass sections or any other suitable transparent material just below the waterline. These sections allow the passengers to observe the marine life at the depth of the sea, without leaving the comfort of the boat. It offers an experience that is very similar to scuba diving, the only difference being the location of the person.

    Where to go: Jolly Buoy Island of Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    Approx price: INR 1850 - INR 2700 Per Person 

    10. Kneeboarding: Kneeboarding is a blend of water skiing, wakeboarding, and surfing where the person rides the surfboard in a kneeling position. The board has knee-holding slots that help in balancing the body of the paddler. Among the numerous destinations for watersports in India, Goa is the only place where kneeboarding is available. There is no need for any private training classes for this thrilling activity of kneeboarding. The best time to enjoy this watersport is from October to May and the total duration of the activity is approximately 10 minutes. 

    Where to go: Goa
    Approx price: INR 1800 - INR 30010 Per Person

  2. Which are the best places for watersports in India?

    1. Goa: Goa offers plenty of opportunities for water adventurers to explore the seas in as many ways as they wish. The waters of Goa contain something for everyone, whether you're a first-time water skier or a seasoned pro. Kayaking and canoeing are also available in Goa for paddling through mangroves, backwaters, and tiny bays. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the serenity of all these exciting watersports in Goa for a fun-filled vacation!

    Location: Near Carvalho's Bar & Restaurant Old Petrol Pump, Calangute, Goa 403516
    Best Time: November to February
    Highlights: Scuba diving, surfing, water skiing, and parasailing and paragliding 

    2. Pondicherry: There are many sites in Pondicherry where one can unleash their inner wanderer. Young people gravitate to the area because of its vibrant culture and exciting water sports. There's also boating, surfing, and scuba diving, all of which provide an adrenaline boost when you dive into the ocean and see the fish and other marine life swim alongside you. Then there's kayaking, which is appropriate for both fast-moving and still-moving waters and is one of Pondicherry's top adventure sports. Windsurfing, paddle boarding, and canoeing are some of the other water sports available in Pondicherry.

    Location: 9 Archbishop Gandhi Street 1st Road Opposite Indira Gandhi, Colas Nagar, Puducherry, 605001
    Best Time: October and March
    Highlights: Surfing 

    3. Lakshawadeep: The Lakshadweep islands are a famous spot for water sports such as kayaking, snorkelling, and scuba diving, which tourists can take use of to their heart's content. You can participate in scuba diving for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Well, Lakshadweep is known for Kayaking and Canoeing, which will provide you with an incredible perspective of the water as well as side vistas. 

    Location: Kavaratti, Lakshadweep
    Best Time: October to May
    Highlights: Scuba Diving 

    4. Andaman: Andaman is a dream come true holiday destination where you can try out a wide range of adventure activities while experiencing the best of nature. You will be welcomed with the pristine tropical setting of nature. While indulging in water sports, you will get to witness the colorful coral formations in the ocean waters as well as enjoy diving with a wide range of marine creatures.

    Corbyn's Cove Beach, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744101
    Best Time: October to May
    Highlights: Banana Boat Ride, Snorkelling, banana boat rides, parasailing, or scuba diving. 

    5. Rishikesh: If you're planning a thrilling trip to Rishikesh, you should definitely try one of the many water adventure sports available! You may go river rafting, which comes in a variety of levels of difficulty and entails battling the river's hazardous waves. You may also do waterfall trekking, where you can hike up to the waterfall and marvel at nature's beauty. This is also one of the great places to go for a picnic or to relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the area. Then there's Kayaking and Canoeing, which will captivate you on a whole new level.

    Astha Path, Lane 3, Veerbhadra Road, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201
    Best Time: February to mid-May
    Highlights: River Rafting & Kayaking 

    6. Gokarna: Gokarna is a popular destination for vacationers looking for a relaxing vacation because of its beautiful beaches and clear waters. You may enjoy Jet skiing, which is regarded as one of the most exciting water activities in Gokarna and attracts a large number of visitors. Then there's the banana boat ride, which will leave you with some unforgettable recollections. You can also go surfing or scuba diving to witness some of the most gorgeous sea blooms as well as a variety of corals.

    Gokarna, Karnataka 581326
    Best Time: October to March
    Highlights: Jet Skiing 

    7. Kerala: Kerala features several adventure water activities that should be checked off your bucket list, with exotic backwaters, rich green flora, quiet lakes, and coconut palm-fringed beaches. Kerala has some of the best beaches in the world, and as a result, water sports such as kayaking, parasailing, canoeing, snorkelling, scuba diving, catamaran sailing, and windsurfing are available. Kerala is one of India's most exciting water sports destinations, overlooking most of the other places.

    Beach Road, Eroth Water Sports Private Ltd, Near Merchant Navy Club, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001
    Best Time: September to March
    Highlights: Kayaking

    8. Ladakh and Zanskar: Ladadkh and Zanskar are widely famous for their tranquility and serenity. On the other hand, it offers a whole new level of experience for adventure seekers through its thrilling offerings. You can enjoy river rafting in the streams capturing the best of the valleys. You will come down with a great force cutting the gorges and witnessing the splashes of water against your body. This is something that will make you fall for these scenic locations.

    Shop No 5 Gangba Complex Changspa Road Leh Jammu and Kashmir, 194101
    Best Time: Mid-June to September
    Highlights: River Rafting

    9. Covelong: Covelong Beach would undoubtedly entice those of you who enjoy water activities! Surfing on the water is an adventurous water sport. By self-demonstration, experts teach you the art. Closer to the beach, the waves get more chaotic - just how they should be for ideal surfing! So here's your chance to turn a boring beach vacation into an exciting adventure!

    9/9, Muthumariamman Koil St, Kunnukadu, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu 603112
    Best Time: November to February
    Highlights: Windsurfing & Kitesurfing 

    10. Mahabalipuram: Mahabalipuram is one of the notable tourist destinations in South India which is not only famous for its temples and heritage sites but it is also known for its exciting water sport facilities. During your stay, you can head out to the beach of Mahabalipuram to taste the adventurous side of the place indulging in a wide range of water based activities like swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling and much more. You will literally fall in love with the serenity of this place.

    Othavadai St, Fisherman Colony, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104
    Best Time: November to February
    Highlights: Kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing

  3. What is the best time to visit Goa for water sports?

    Though the beaches are open almost throughout the year, the best time to visit Goa for water sports is from October to May, when the waters are more serene. Goa is one of the best destinations to experience water sports in India and the activities available here are scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, banana tube boat ride, swimming, and water scooter.

  4. Which are the best places in India for scuba diving?

    1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: The Andaman and Nicobar islands have several beaches and are also considered one of the top destinations for watersports in India. Havelock islands and Neil islands are the most popular destinations for scuba diving here.

    2. Lakshadweep: Lakshadweep is an archipelago that consists of 36 islands and numerous beaches, making it a perfect place for watersports. A scuba diving experience in Lakshadweep takes you under blue waters and offers a chance to see marine life like turtles, manta rays, sharks, and sometimes even whales.

    3. Pondicherry: Pondicherry is the only scuba diving destination in eastern India, with the depth of the sea ranging from 5 metres to 23 metres. It is most famous for Coral shark reefs and sandy sea floors.

    4. Goa: Goa is the most famous beach destination of India and has two scuba diving spots namely the Grand Island and the UmmaGumma Reef. The Grand island is best only for professional scuba divers while the Umma Guma Reef is well suited for beginners.

    5. Karnataka: The Netrani Island or the Pigeon Island of Karnataka is a well-known scuba diving destination. On the coral reefs of the island, you can also see a variety of fishes, shrimps, eels, and corals.

  5. What is the best time to visit Andaman for watersports?

    The best time to experience water sports like scuba diving, banana boat ride, and snorkelling in Andaman is during summer. During the months from April to June, the temperature of the area varies between 24 degrees to 37 degrees Celsius. If you want to enjoy water sports in India, visiting Andaman is the best option.

  6. Which are the best places for rafting in India ?

    1. Ganga River, Rishikesh: Ganga River in Rishikesh is a famous destination for rafting in white water in India. It is an ideal spot for both beginner and professional divers and the rafting stretch can be selected as per your preference for the difficulty level.

    2. Indus River, Ladakh:
    The massive water level of the Indus River (also one of the longest Asian rivers) makes it one of the favourite destinations for watersports in India. The best time for rafting in Ladakh is from July to September.

    3. Beas River, Kullu & Manali:
    Kullu is a prominent holiday spot due to its majestic views and the adventurous activities available. River rafting on the Beas River is one of the prominent water sports that you can enjoy here.

    4. Barapole River, Coorg:
    Located along the Deccan Plateau of the Western Ghats, the Barapole River of Coorg is a popular South Indian river rafting destination. The river is divided into two parts, the upper section and the lower section.

    5. Teesta River, Sikkim:
    Teesta River in Darjeeling, Sikkim is an amazing river rafting destination with mesmerising views all around the route. You can also go up to the convergence point of the Teesta river and Rangit river.

  7. What is the best time to visit Rishikesh for rafting?

    The best time to enjoy rafting in Rishikesh is from March to June when the summer season is experienced. During this time period, you can also take a part in the International Yoga festival. The temperature can rise up to 35 degrees Celsius during the month of June.

  8. What is the approx cost for scuba diving in Andaman?

    Andaman is one of the best places for watersports in India, especially scuba diving. Depending on the season and level of the scuba diving course, the prices for scuba diving vary between 3500 rupees to 6500 rupees. There are several locations in Andaman where you can experience scuba diving such as Lighthouse, Havelock beach, Aquarium, Mac Point, etc.

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