Snow View Point Overview

Explore Snow View Point in Nainital, located at 2,270 metres, provides stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Accessible via a scenic cable car ride, it is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. This peaceful spot, which has a tiny tea shop and telescope facilities, guarantees an unparalleled panorama experience and is a must-see attraction in Nainital.

Explore Snow View Point in Nainital, a breathtaking location situated at an astounding height of 2,270 metres. This special spot, just 2.5 kilometres from town, offers amazing views of snowy Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot. The journey itself is an adventure, with a picturesque cable car ride taking you above the lush slopes and serene waters of Naini Lake. Explore this place with our Uttarakhand travel packages, offering adventure, serenity, and cultural experiences amidst the Himalayas' breathtaking landscapes.

Snow View Point, known for its stunning vistas, is a popular destination for nature lovers, photographers, and adventurers alike. Visitors can chill in the calm area, sip tea at the cozy café on the hill, or use telescopes to see faraway mountains better. The place is also culturally significant, with a small temple dedicated to Dev Mundi adding a religious aspect to the visit. Snow View Point offers an amazing and immersive experience, attracting nature lovers and photographers alike.


• Explore Snow View Point at an astonishing 2,270 metres, offering breathtaking aerial views of Nainital and beyond.
• Witness the majestic grandeur of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot peaks, which provide an ideal backdrop for photographers.
• Enjoy a thrilling ride above lush valleys and a serene lake, with panoramic views from the glass-enclosed cable car.
• Discover spiritual tranquillity at this little hilltop temple, which adds a cultural touch to your visit.
• Admire astounding views of Nainital and its gorgeous surroundings, making it a paradise for nature lovers and explorers alike.

How To Reach

1. By Road: Snow View Point is approximately 1 km from the city centre and you can easily reach there in about 10 minutes via Maldon Cottage Road. You can either take a taxi, get on a bus or shared autos to reach here.

2. By Ropeway: The aerial ropeway from Naini Lake is the best way to reach Snow View Point. The cable car provides panoramic views of the beautiful Nainital and is accessible via a short, steep walk from the drop-off.

Best Time To Visit

Snow View Point is an all-year-round destination which offers a unique experience with your every visit.

1. Best Day of the Week: Consider visiting during the weekdays to avoid crowds as weekends experience a larger footfall. Visiting during this time provides you with a tranquil atmosphere for you to comfortably soak in Nainital’s natural beauty.

2. Best Time to Visit: It is recommended that you plan your visit around sunrise and sunset times. It helps you enjoy surreal panoramic views of majestic Himalayan Ranges, beautiful Nainital Lake and lush landscapes.

Other Essential Information

Visitor Tips:

1. To ensure clear skies for the best Himalayan views check weather forecasts beforehand as weather can change quickly.

2. Bring a jacket or shawl to stay comfortable in the cold as temperatures can drop significantly, even in summer. 

3. Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes as the walk from the cable car drop-off to the viewpoint is steep and uneven.

4. Buy cable car tickets early to avoid long queues and ensure a hassle-free experience.

5. Capture the stunning panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks and Nainital's landscape with a good camera or smartphone.

6. Pack your own snacks and water to stay refreshed as there are limited food and drink options available at the top.

7. Respect the local customs and dress modestly while visiting the Dev Mundi temple.

8. Arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds, enjoy a peaceful visit, and take advantage of the best lighting for photos.

9. Bring and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated throughout your visit as high altitudes can cause dehydration.

10. Follow all safety guidelines for the cable car and at the viewpoint to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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