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Cave exploring or popularly known as caving is an adventure filled with pleasure and amusement. It is a somewhat quirky adventure activity that involves exploring the caves which is especially wilder. Once you begin the expedition, you will see the dark and murky world inside caves along with the rocks and mud for your company. One the best caving tours in India would be in Meghalaya, which has more than 1000 caves dotted all over the state, some unexplored, and many of them inaccessible. There are some caves which are very well known and are popular spots for Caving. Krem Umthloo is one of the smaller caves in Meghalaya, and is ideal for beginners whereas Krem Liat Prah, the longest caves in India, is situated in Meghalaya. The atmosphere within the caves is really delicate. The slightest touch of hand or the softest tread of feet can destroy the exclusive feature inside the cave that has been existent for numerable decades. Increase in the level of carbon dioxide released by the cavers while executing caving can irretrievably destruct the interiors of the caves.


Innumerable species of organisms are found here inside the caves, that are not found in any other ecosystem due to unique micro climate. And thus, the smallest change in the atmosphere can lead to huge changes in the life cycle of these organisms. The best caving tours in India are generally done in groups giving it an angle of a team or group activity. This adventure has its extreme side too. It is any like other outdoor activity, practiced for enjoyment, physical exercise or exploration. Many cavers today emphasis on discovering the unconventional caves having already exhausted. Caving gives you a rush that no other sport can give. The terrain is like no other; it can be quite unforgiving at times. Sudden drops, vertical climbs and narrow spaces, this activity is definitely not for the faint hearted, neither is it for those who may have issues of claustrophobia. A certain level of physical fitness is essential.

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"it's was nice experience.. "
My friend suggested me to check Thrillophilia page and I have gone through a lot of tours and finally, I found this tour in Wayanad. I looked at the pictures and activities and I decided I should definitely try this. Thus I contacted the people and I could book the tour in no time. The location is a remote place in Wayanad but literally I felt it like paradise. So silent and green all over there. The guides have taken us through the forests, tea estates, waterfalls and all. I am so happy that I chose this package.
Thank you Thrillophilia for giving such different tours. Me and my family had a great time in Wayanad. I liked trekking through the jungles, very silent and peaceful. The pleasant fragrance of tea was everywhere. When the wind blows it spreads across. I did not know that Wayanad has such beautiful places. I am planning to go for a long vacation to Wayanad to have some peaceful days.
A definite value for money tour is this one as it has a lot of activities and the place is obviously amazing. Bamboo rafting is very uncommon, all of us have tried cycling and trekking before also and we like rafting very much. The guides were very helpful and good. Looking forward to have such good experience ahead.
I am so glad that I was a part of this trip. The tour gave me a peaceful time and I feel relaxed and escaped from the daily stress I have been carrying with me. The package is good value for money also.
The most stunning tour I ever had! The tour destinations were mind-blowing. Nice arrangements and the tour was thoughtfully organized.
Fantastic tour for sure... Guwahati & Shillong sound pretty cool... On the way to Shillong, there are lots of sceneries on the roadsides... Cherrapunjee is very famous which has unbelievable attractions also will bring you close to nature... Guwahati has lots of flora & fauna and a stunning Brahmaputra river... Awesome stay, foods, and transfers...A very beautiful experience for sure.
The awesome tour we had in Assam & Meghalaya, The place culture, traditions, history, people & sightseeing were big WOW... We saw awesome waterfalls, valley, mountains, animals, peak, lake, rivers and lots more... Everything was well-arranged and organized... LOVE IT
Wonderful experience, camping, trekking, food ...everything worth it...friendly staff and very cooperative..recommended.
16 January 2019
A must visit place if you want to stay at kotagiri. A fun camping experience where there's a stunning view and you can reach a lot of view points and waterfalls within a few minutes of the hike. The guide we had was a very friendly person and had a lot of information about the local Flora and fauna, tribes and geography. One thing that stood out was the cook, Mr. Kannan whose food was absolute yum. Name it and he would get it for u ! Though it was a camp we were provided with cosy blankets and pillows. Clean toilets and hot water facility are a big plus. Overall, a try worth it.

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