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Situated in Leicester's Old Town, Leicester Cathedral has been a site of spiritual emancipation for nine hundred years. The cathedral was built on the site of Roman ruins and is entirely dedicated to St Martin of Tours, a fourth-century Roman officer who later became a Bishop. It is one of the best places to visit in Leicester, renowned for its captivating architecture, glorious furnishings, and magnificent memorials.

Leicester Cathedral boasts stunning architecture, exquisite artworks, breathtaking sculptures, and stained glass windows decorating its interior. It was the resting place of King Richard III and was raised to the status of a cathedral in the twentieth century. You enter the cathedral through a south porch decorated with beautiful statues of seven people connected to Leicester's history. Near the south doorway, you can see beautifully carved wooden figures showcasing people with physical ailments, like a hunched back.

The Richard III tomb stands between the Chapel of Christ and the high altar in the ambulatory. Since medieval times it has been a center of the community, and prayer services and Christmas choir services are offered here. The cathedral contains four chapels; St Dunstan, St Katharine, St George, and Christ the King chapel. At the west end of the cathedral is a display case containing the crown used during the reinterment of Richard III.

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• The Leicester cathedral was started as a simple parish church and was raised to cathedral status in the twentieth century.
• The cathedral operates as an important place of prayer and worship, and during the prayer services, the tomb of King Richard III is not accessible.
• The Cathedral is surrounded by tranquil Cathedral Gardens, the green lungs of the city.
• On the northeast side of the church, you can see the Herrick Chapel, which is dedicated to St Katherine.
• Other items you can see inside the Cathedral include fourteenth-century wooden carved figures afflicted" with some illness.

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