20 Fun Things to do in Goa for Youngsters - 2020

Fun things to do in Goa for Youngsters are Clubbing in Baga, Visit Anjuna for a Great Shack Vibe, Go Karting at Nuvem, Paintball at Mapusa, Surfing at Ashvem Beach, Quad Biking at Anjuna, Dolphin Spotting at Panjim and many more.

Are you a group of friends planning “that” trip to Goa and are frantically searching for things to do in Goa for youngsters? Let us tell you that the party capital of India has so much more to offer than just clubbing and nightlife scenes.

With beaches like Calangute and Baga in the north offering party hubs and sea sports and Palolem in the south offering offbeat exploration such as spice plantation, Goa has a range of activities according to your liking. Other activities in Goa for youngsters include water sports like paragliding & snorkelling, as well as others like cruising, flea market shopping, bar hopping and so many more.

Water Sports Tours

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Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa | Book @ 1749 Only
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    About the Activity:

    • Experience the thrilling and exciting wonders of the sea with an exciting scuba diving course in Goa!  
    • There is pick up and drop facility available from Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna, Arpora and Porvorim
    • This Scuba Diving experience is run by international standards of expertise, equipment and safety. 
    • The session is accompanied by trained experts and adequate safety equipment.
    • Tour includes Scuba Diving in Grande Island followed by Packed Lunch.
    • Non-swimmers are also Welcome there
    • TIMINGS: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Min number of people required to book:- 1

    Snorkeling in Bogmalo Beach, Goa

    Snorkeling in Bogmalo Beach, Goa

    Snorkeling is one of those water sports, which is slowly gaining recognition amongst tourists in current times. In this activity, you go underwater and explore a whole new world in the myriad depths of water by getting to experience and see coral heads, attractive lobsters, fishes and many more.

    This entire activity lasts for around 3 hours, where one gets to experience the marine life at its best. Bogmalo Beach is famous for this sport due to the fact that the water here is shallow, which easily allows the participant to see the fascinating underwater world clearly with his eyes. Snorkeling is conducted mostly in groups to ensure that no gets lost underwater.

    Difficulty wise, this activity is medium difficult and requires the participants to be physically fit and mentally strong. Each and every candidate is instructed under professional supervision and is also provided with all the required gears, which are checked for flaws before one goes underwater.


    Speed Boat & Kayaking at Baina Beach

    Speed Boat & Kayaking at Baina Beach

    Being the top most beachside holiday destination of the country, Goa serves as a heaven for water sports lovers. The water here is ideal for jet skiing, kayaking and parasailing. Speed boating is yet another adventurous activity, which is has tourists thronging in for the experience.

    Especially thrilling is the shooting speed of the boat and the water sprays being splattered from its corners. All these boats are 100-135 cc machines, whose speed usually reaches up to 15-20 miles per hour. If you are lucky enough and can handle it properly, it can shoot even up to 30-40 miles per hour.

    The best part of this sport is that it is not at all dangerous and every precaution is taken to make sure that the passengers are safe. To ensure the safety of the passengers, each one of them is provided with life jackets and a trained supervisor accompanies the participant in the boat.


    Parasailing on Baga Beach

    Parasailing on Baga Beach

    Baga beach apart from its expensive shacks, scrumptious food and great ambition is also famous for its various water sports adventure activities, of which one of the most famous is parasailing. The whole experience of soaring at a height of 300 feet from the ground, enjoying the beautiful view of the clear sky and pristine beaches, is simply mesmerizing.

    This activity is done using a parasail and a speedboat, in which the parasail is tied tightly to the speedboat using a 300 feet long and super strong rope. As the boats shoots up into the sea, it basically lifts the parasail off the ground, thereby giving a delightful experience.

    Although this activity may sound a little scary, in reality it is not. Everyone who has participated in this sport would definitely vouch for the excitement and thrill it gives. It makes one of the most important activities of the various Goa packages.


    Paragliding in Arambol

    Paragliding in Arambol

    Among the various important destinations of Goa, the freshwater Arambol Lake is one the most popular of them all due to its secluded beach and the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

    This water body is also famous for its paragliding activities and kite surfing, which is becoming quite a trend these days. Owing to the close proximity of this lake from the capital of Goa, tourists come here in large numbers in order to experience the thrill of paragliding.

    The entire activity lasts for about 20-30 minutes over the water with the help of trained pilots. Each of the participants is trained by professional instructors at the paragliding schools at Arambol.

    In case you wish to get a video of your flight from take-off till landing recoded, you can request for flight videographers. Having got this video recorded would serves as souvenir of your riveting journey to Goa.


    Bumpy Ride on Baga Beach

    Bumpy Ride on Baga Beach

    Baga is one of the famous beaches of Goa, which is visited by most of its tourists due to its overall popularity for water sports. One of the most interesting activities to undertake here is the bumpy ride.

    In this ride a person and his/her partners are tied to a tugboat, which is further attached to another boat. As the boats runs, it pulls the tugboat along with it creating splashes of water hitting past though the waves.

    One can lay back and enjoy this splashing and thrashing of water as the boats takes you deeper into the sea by pulling you around. The bumpy ride is one of those rides that can be taken by most of the tourist considering its difficulty level being quite less.

    Overall, this exhilarating experience is worth paying for. It is what makes it so famous in and around here in this region.

    There are other activities like parasailing,Dolhpin spotting, Banana boat ride on the Baga Beach.

    Fishing Tours


    Fishing Trips at Bogmalo Beach

    Fishing Trips at Bogmalo Beach

    Located almost 9 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama, the Bogmala beach was initially a fishing village till a few years ago. All those tourists who wish to enjoy their vacation away from the commercial crowds of the other beaches of Goa such as Calangute, Baga, Candolim etc. prefer coming to Bogmala Beach.

    Due to comparative peacefulness of this beach, one can easily undertake fishing trips here. You can chose from fishing on shore to taking a full day deep sea fishing trip depending on your capabilities and wishes. From general fishing gears to spear fishing one can try any method. The boat owners ensure to provide what you prefer.

    Some of the boat owners even facilitate you with getting your catch cooked in rich spicy traditional Goan curry. For all fishing enthusiasts, spear fishing is a must to experience here.

    The best time to undertake such fishing trip at the Bogmala Beach is around mid October to mid January. So if you are really keen for undertaking fishing trips, opt for Goa packages accordingly.


    Sport Fishing in Panjim, Goa

    Sport Fishing in Panjim, Goa

    Angling industry in Goa is gaining a lot of boosts these days owing to the increase in the visit of the angling enthusiasts in this region. The backwaters of Goa are ideal for sport finishing in this entire and with the availability of world-class equipment and gearing items here, this sport has gained even more fame.

    Agencies and resorts have opened up their own shops to provide the buffs with all the types of equipment required. Mostly the sport fishing activity is opted by a professional, as it requires a lot of practice and knowledge about the various methods involved in it.

    Skilled people come here in bulk as they try their hands on and master the various methods of angling such as bottom fishing, popping, casting, fly fishing and trolling. Overall including the activity of sport fishing in your Goa tour package, would make it even more worthy of its contents.


    Fishing in Candolim, Goa

    Fishing in Candolim, Goa

    Candolim Beach is one of the finest beaches of Goa, which is known for its amazing scenic beauty and ideal ambiance. Moreover, this beach is also famous for its various water sports and fishing activities.

    With premium fishes such as groupers, barracudas, king mackerels and red snappers found in the waters adjoining the Candolim beach, this place has become an exotic fishing location for many tourists and enthusiasts.

    Every tourist who wishes to try his hands on angling is provided with proper equipment and gears, which one can check before setting out on sail. Boats take you around the mid stream and allow you to fish as much as you want.

    Having taken a ride on this boat allows you to explore a major part of the coastal areas of Goa and in case you are lucky enough to catch a fish, the operators of this activity readily get the catch coked in traditional Goan style and serve it to you. So if fishing is your passion, do not forget to include it in your Goa packages.

    Houseboat and Cruise Tours


    Houseboat Tour in Goa

    Houseboat Tour in Goa

    Goa being the one the best holiday destinations of the country, offers everything that you can think of. It is an exotic holiday destination with the beaches, traditional cuisine, colorful culture, great scenic beauty providing peace, excitement and relaxation.

    Although many people perceive Goa just for its water sports and fishing activities, there is another side to this place which is equally peaceful and serene, the backwaters. For all those who wish spend quality time with their family and enjoy the essence of this region, there could be nothing better than the houseboat tour in the Goa backwaters.

    All these stays are spacious are equipped with luxurious amenities, making it appear in no less than a 5 star hotel room. Having set on a fine tour in one of these houseboats one gets to see the various indigenous activities the locals of this place are involved in along with being able to taste some real traditional cuisine on the boast itself.

    This entire experience is unique and fulfilling. So in case you wish to experience the super refined thrill of being in a houseboat, select from those Goa tour packages that include this activity.


    Enjoy Sunset Cruise at Bogmalo Beach

    Enjoy Sunset Cruise at Bogmalo Beach
    Facing the Arabian Sea and nestled amidst picturesque settings, Bogmalo Beach offers a salubrious ambience to witness the sunset. Watch the sun going down and creating a magical spell on you while you be enjoying the calmness around the sea.

    Other Tours


    Bird Watching in Goa

    Bird Watching in Goa

    Due to its strategic location amidst the exotic Western Ghats, Goa is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna. Besides its popularity as a beach holiday destination of the country, this place is also a sought-after destination for tourists interested in bird watching.

    There are almost 423 species of birds found in Goa, which includes some of the exotic and endemic species as well. Based on the ornithological presence of these birds, the birding zone in Goa is divided in 3 belts.

    The first belt comprises of sandy beaches, small estuaries, marshes etc. while the second belt consists of midland regions having stony outcrops, plantations and patches of green.

    The third and the last belt come under the Sahayadris, which have the richest and densest population of birds in the entire state. So, take out your trekking shoes and get ready to experience one of the interesting parts of the various Goa packages, bird watching.


    Jungle Tour in Goa

    Jungle Tour in Goa

    Goa has innumerable experiences to offer its tourist be it exotic beaches or dense forests. Being located in the Wester Ghats of West India, this region is home to an array of animals and plants.

    A tour in the dense forest of this region wouldn't just be enthralling but it would also provide an educating experience. The highlight of the trip is roaming into a dense jungle being ridden on the back of an elephant. 

    This jungle route passes through the local spice plantation estates and heads towards into the Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.


    Tour a Spice Plantation in Goa

    Tour a Spice Plantation in Goa

    Spice Plantation and harvesting have been an indigenous occupation of the Goan people since ages due to their cultural and traditional linkage to spices. As you saunter through one of these green estates, the sweet aroma of spices will come wafting through.

    A tour here helps you to know more about these indigenous spices and the processes that are required to grow nurture them. Considering the importance of these plantations, visiting the plantation estates of Goa have become a part of most of the Goa packages.  

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