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  • 01North East Wildlife Tour of India

    North East Wildlife Tour of India
    • d12 Daysn11 Nights
    • lGuwahati
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Dipankar Dey
      Dipankar Dey
    • 25,000
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    About the Activity:

    • Embrace yourself with an enchanting tour for 12 days to the wilderness prevailing in Sundarbans, Manas National Park, Kaziranga National Park and Nameri National Park.
    • Apart from just sightseeing, this tour provides you a number of adventure activities such as river rafting, cruise, canopy walk, elephant ride, mountain trail and jeep safari in and around these specified locations.
    • With this trip, you will be able to meander through the most enchanting beauty of northeast India and its huge variety of wildlife.
    • While you indulge in the prescribed activities, you get ample chances to spot One-Horned Rhinos, Bengal Tigers and other rare species of animals, birds, reptiles etc.
    • Moreover, enjoy the walk through the local villages, experience the cultural and traditional beauty of the native lifestyle.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • 02Bandhavgarh Tiger Trails

    Bandhavgarh Tiger Trails
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lBhopal
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Shrinath Travel Agency
      Shrinath Travel Agency

    Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the Indian Wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh. The national park is situated 197 km north-east of Jabalpur. This wild life park derived its name from an ancient fort in the area. Bandhavgarh National Park belongs to the Vindhyan mountain ranges of central India and it boasts to have the highest density of tiger population in the country. If carefully watched for one can spot 46 to 52 tigers here.

    In the Bandhavgarh National Park the visitors can enter on elephant backs apart from the four wheelers. The best time to visit the park to spot wildlife is early in the morning or after 4 pm. The park is closed during monsoon from 1st July to 31st October.

    One can enjoy viewing the wildlife by two ways in Bandhavgarh - Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari. Jeep safaris are undertaken during the early morning hours till evening. A forest department guide is always there with the visitors on these jeep trips taken inside the park. Elephant safari trips are organized for tiger tracking early in the morning.

  • 03Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
    • d4 Daysn3 Nights
    • lGuwahati
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Kaziranga Tours
      Kaziranga Tours

    With tall thickets of elephant grass growing in a sprawling area of 430 sq km Kaziranga National Park makes for a world heritage site. With ideal conditions for the Indian One-Horned Rhino and measureless poaching this park was declared to be a sanctuary in 1940.

    Tigers are the highlight of Indian Wildlife but this place is also well known for one horned rhino. The other wildlife here includes Indian Bison, Barasingha, Sloth Bears, Leopards, a large population of Indian Elephants and many more. The park also houses several species of birds which range from Black-Shouldered Kite to Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle, Himalayan Griffon, etc.

    Some interesting activities you can do while you are here are elephant safari and sightseeing in Kaziranga.

    Elephant Safari: The best time to explore this park is during the early hours of the morning. An elephant ride when the sun is just beginning to rise; the pea shaped morning dew refracting the sunrays spreads a wave of serenity in the surroundings. The Mahouts who train these elephants guide you through the jungle. You will be amazed to see herds of wild Elephant wandering or Indian Rhinos saunter past visitors.

    Sightseeing in Kaziranga: While you are in Kaziranga you might as well see the coffee and rubber plantations that grow along the Karbi Anglong. You can also visit the tea gardens of Assam.

  • 04Ranthambore Tiger Pugmark

    Ranthambore Tiger Pugmark
    • d4 Daysn3 Nights
    • lJaipur
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Janu Private Tours
      Janu Private Tours

    Ranthambore is one of the prime examples of Project Tiger conservation efforts in Rajasthan. It is located near the town of Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Ranthambore has also been a spectator to the rise and fall of many rulers and a series of battle scenes. Remnants of marvelous architectural monuments, ponds and lakes enlighten the avid lovers of the subject. Ranthambore National Park covers an area of 400-sq-km engulfing beautiful scenes of lakes and rivers and on top of these a well-preserved Ranthambore Fort built in the 10th century.

    The lower lying ground alternates between open bush-lands and dense forests and is accustomed with ruined pavilions, chhatris and 'hides' the hunting preserve of the Maharajas. We will be greeted by the thoughtful portrayal and the thinkable amalgamation of distinct yet uniquely interesting forms of expression coming together in the form of free and boundless expression.


  • 05Ranthambore Tiger Adventure

    Ranthambore Tiger Adventure
    • d5 Daysn4 Nights
    • lSawai Madhopur
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Khushal Rathore
      Khushal Rathore

    About the Activity:

    • Enter the heart of wilderness with the exciting Ranthambore Park tour of 5 days and 4 nights.
    • It is an absolute delight for nature and animal lovers, to spot exotic wildlife amidst pristine and breath-taking scenery. 
    • Indulge in an adventurous open canter safari as you might get to see the elusive tiger on the prowl. 
    • During this tour you will be covering the majestic forts and temples around Jaipur including Amber fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Museum etc.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • 06Ranthambore Tiger Safari

    Ranthambore Tiger Safari
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lSawai Madhopur
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Saurabh Thakekar Mt
      Saurabh Thakekar Mt
    • 13,000

    About the Destinations:

    One of the biggest as well as captivating reserve areas in the country, the Ranthambore National Park is an ideal destination to encounter the big cats. Located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan; around 130 km from Jaipur, this park was once the favourite hunting ground of the royal families of Rajasthan.

    Located graciously on the edge of a plateau, this park is one of the best destination to spot the majestic Indian tigers in their most natural habitats. Sprawling over an area of 1,, tigers can be easily spotted during the daytime in this scenic park. Join this enthralling tour around, get close to these mighty cats!

    Duration of the Tour: 2N/3D

    Activities: Wildlife Spotting, Photography

    Temperature Range: Summer: 35 to 45o C; Winter: 25 to 35o C 

  • 07Tiger Safari in Corbett NP and Rafting in Rishikesh

    Tiger Safari in Corbett NP and Rafting in Rishikesh
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Thrill-On

    Everybody has the knowledge that the first natural wildlife reserve in India is the Jim Corbett National Park, the name was given in the honour of famous conservationist Jim Corbett. The reserve forest is spread across more than 500 sq km and was established in the year 1936. At first the reserve forest was called as Hailey National Park, then after 20 years the name was changed to Ramganga and at last it got the name of Jim Corbett. According to the data available the national park has spread in the area of around 1318.54 sq km.

    The national park is the main attraction of tourist because it is easy to spot some rare wild animals like Tigers, Chital, Sambar, nilghai, King Cobra, elephant, muntjac, wild boar, Indian Pangolin, hedgehog and more than 500 species of birds and reptiles

    Nature has always lured human being as it is the best place where you can get away from the stress that is the gift of your daily routine. Camp is located on the banks of river giving the perfect ambience and white water rafting will take away all strains from your body. Then few activities like games, campfires, solitude, new friends, delicious food are enough to make your trip most memorable. It is not necessary that you have to take part in all activities, if you are not so adventurous then you can take rest and enjoy the beauty of the nature at its best.

    People having more time can opt for river rafting expeditions that goes for more than 1 day in holy rivers Ganga, the Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and Kali rivers. This complete expedition will continue for around 6 to 9 days from New Delhi.

  • 08Nagarhole Wildlife Adventure

    Nagarhole Wildlife Adventure
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN15 reviews
    • Punchavati eco resort
      Punchavati eco resort

    A home to the majestic Tiger and charismatic Leopard, Nagarhole National Park is also known for its other wildlife. The park is indeed one of the most inviting and beautiful parks in the southern parts of India. While in this park, one can easily have the enchanting views of Asian Elephants, Gaurs (Indian Bison), several species of Deer; Spotted, Barking and Mouse, Sambars, Sloth Bears, Marsh Crocodiles, Otters, Indian Wild Dogs and several others.

    About the Resort :

    This is an Eco Friendly 5 Star Deluxe jungle resort near Bangalore. Spreading over 34 acres of landscaped gardens and mango orchards, this getaway lies at the edge of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The accommodation features a mix of adobe - style cottages and lake facing lagoon suites. Each of the living areas is well equipped with all the essential amenities of life. In addition to all the luxury and comfort, the environment friendly aspects of this resort are very captivating. 

    Jungle Survival Theme:

    Welcome to the jungle! Enter into a tribal world where technology is completely unheard of. In this exciting outdoor activity, it is the man verses the wild where you and your team have to face ordeals that come across in the forest. Bond as a group and use your creativity to come up with solutions to the various problems. The team that can tackle all the obstacles and survive will be heralded as the winning team.

    In this activity, each group will be divided into different tribes.  You and your team will have to present some innovative ideas and choose your own tribal name, jingle and dance. All of this has to be unique to garner good points.

    Get into the tribal zone with props of sticks and leaves. There are several adventurous tasks at hand. Provide for your tribe with the theme of collecting water. The catch is that you and your team will be given a basket with many holes and will have to use leaves to cover it up. Manage the whole thing in such a way that the water does not leak. Either that or you would have to collect water with a bamboo stick. Other activities include starting a fire using old techniques and hunting for food with a game of archery. You will also have to find shelter and build it with the materials that are provided. Engage in Scavenger Hunt where the utensils will be hidden across. You and your group will have to scout for them. Somewhere along the way, a lion is on the prowl and you have to undertake Jumaring (rope climbing activity). Also, one of your tribesmen is injured. The team has to make a stretcher with what is provided and will have to carry him back on top of it.

    The team that manages to complete all of these activities successfully at the earliest will be titled the winner. 

  • 09Corbett Wildlife and Camping at Rishikesh

    Corbett Wildlife and Camping at Rishikesh
    • d5 Daysn4 Nights
    • NNNNN14 reviews
    • Thrill-On

    Proud to be the first national park in the country, Jim Corbett National Park, was developed and nurtured by late Jim Corbett in 1936. The park decorated with lush greenery and dense forests, expands to more than 500 sq km in the Himalayan foothills. The diversity of the wildlife found here comprising of about 50 mammal species, 580 bird species, 25 reptile species and 110 tree species, is the major tourist attraction of this national park.

    Safaris into the captivating jungle and exciting nature walks through its extremely diverse flora can be a truly rejuvenating experience. Corbett National Park is a paradise of wildlife and bird lovers and a must visit for any wildlife and nature loving person.

    Referred to as the Land of Gods, the holy city of Rishikesh sits royally on either sides of the Ganges. White water rafting in the rushing waters of the Ganges has made this pilgrim spot an adventure seekers hangout too. An excellent getaway from city stress, the tented river camp offers complete outdoor experience with white water rafting at its very best, camp games, solitude, campfire tales, kayaking, abseiling, good food and new found friends.

    For people looking for action packed holiday, we have some 2 day camping and rafting expeditions on the tributaries of the holy Ganga. And not to forget activities like hiking, volleyball and kayaking as well to add on to the adventure holiday. Rishikesh is not just for adventure seekers, even those looking just to relax and chill out, this is an ideal place.

  • 10Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar
    • d2 Daysn2 Nights
    • lBandipur
    • NNNNN14 reviews
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    About the Destination:

    • Spend a 2N/2D safari camping experience in Bandipur, a forested region nestled in the Chamarajanagar district of the Karnataka, bordering Mudumalai National Park and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. 
    • A perfect place for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers, the safari will surely take you on a ride of a lifetime. Enjoy the sight of the lovely animals in a pleasant environment with dark green hues all around you. 
    • Head for an alluring jungle safari post your check-in to your hotel, dine in amazing food and indulge in a warm campfire under the stars at night.
    • Experience an adventure trek on Day 2 and head for a serene nature walk in the midst of calm environs.
    • Visit the Mysore zoo and explore the unique variety of wildlife in one of the best zoos of India before you leave for Bangalore around 04:30 PM. 

  • 11Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Tour

    Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Tour
    • d12 Daysn11 Nights
    • lVaranasi
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Indian Excursion
      Indian Excursion

    11N/12D: Delhi - Nagpur - Pench - Kanha - Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho - Varanasi – Delhi

    What will you see:  India Gate, Qutub Minar, Iskon Temple, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Sarnath Deer Park, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park

    What will you do: Sightseeing of Delhi, Jeep Safari Experience

    This all-encompassing tour starts from the Heritage capital of India, New Delhi. When here, you can visit some of the ancient and historic monuments around Old Delhi and New Delhi. Whether paying tribute to the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for India’s independence or shopping across the narrow yet bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk, there is a lot to engage in at this absorbing place.

    Within this package, you will get to visit some of the popular National Parks in India and explore their vast range of wildlife. Tigers, Leopards and other wildlife are the major attractions of the tour.

    Moving onto Khajuraho, the city that has been called as older than history by historians and several other dignitaries, the visitors can walk and unravel the city and finally head towards one of the holiest cities in India, Varanasi.  

  • 12Culture of Karnataka with Wildlife Tour

    Culture of Karnataka with Wildlife Tour
    • d13 Daysn12 Nights
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Thrill-On

    12N/13D: Bangalore-Mysore-Nagerhole-Hassan-Hospet-Badami-Dandeli-Goa

    What will you see: Chamundi Hills, Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Somnath Temple, Church of Philomena, Srirangapatna, Nagerhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Belur Chennakesava Temple, Rock Caves of Badami

    What will you do: Sightseeing in historically and spiritually significant destinations, Wildlife Tours, Jeep Safaris, Night Camping in Wildlife Sanctuaries

    Karnataka is blessed with a diverse terrain and a rich culture. This tour will take you to some of the most beautiful historical monuments, temples and ruins of the glorious history that gone by. To top the excitement, you will also get the opportunity to visit some of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. The entire journey is not just exciting but also educative and enlightening. 

  • 13Madhya Pradesh Tiger and Hill Tour

    Madhya Pradesh Tiger and Hill Tour
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lJabalpur
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Dinesh

    5N/6D : Jabalpur – Kanha Park – Pachmarhi – Jabalpur

    What will you do : Wildlife Safari, Game Safari, Gipsy Safari

    What will you see : Rich Wildlife, Royal Tiger, Glittering Marble Rocks, Beautiful Hill Station, Bandhavgarh National Park, Pachmarhi Hill Station

    Rejuvenate yourself at the cardinal destination of India, Madhya Pradesh, which successfully takes your heart away with its rich wildlife, Vindhyas and Satpura ranges. A perfect blend of pristine nature and rich heritage, this Indian state is also an ideal example of harmony, peace and brotherhood among the different sects of the society.

    Get into the flavours of this tour and catch the sight of Rare White Tigers and wrap yourselves in the boundless wildlife, exploring multiple rich National Parks. With the Game, Gipsy and Wildlife Safari in this tour, you’re sure to experience fun, excitement and thrill. Also, capture some of the everlasting moment by visiting some of the scenic hill stations within this tour.

  • 14Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari

    Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari
    • d4 Daysn3 Nights
    • lTala
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 8982105
    • 6% Off28,999

    About the Activity with Details:

    Bandhavgarh National Park located in the Vindhya Hills of the Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh is no doubt the most popular national parks in the country. Apart from its wild-scenic natural bounties such as steep ridges, swelling forest and open meadows, there is one more thing that makes Bandhavgarh tiger safari all the more popular - Royal Bengal Tigers. The density of the Tiger population at Bandhavgarh is the highest known in India.

     Indulge in an enthralling Bandhavgarh tour package which provides you with a delightful experience of watching these elegant cats from close. Admire the adorable tiger cubs the Sukhi Patiya and Rajbhera tiger to name some playing around in open. Relive your childhood days while viewing these beautiful cubs playing with each other. Delight in this memorable Bandhavgarh tiger safari with friends and family.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian – Indian and Continental Meals (Breakfast-3, Lunch-3, Dinner-3)

    Accommodation: Super Deluxe Rooms (Double occupancy)

    Activities: Wildlife Safari

    Difficulty Level: Easy