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Rafting In Rishikesh

Rafting in Rishikesh

Rafting is one of the most popular adventure activities enjoyed by people all over the world. A one-of-its kind adventure, it helps an individual to experience a rejuvenating experience that completely enthrals and satisfies them. In order to enjoy one of the best rafting experiences, it is imperative for an individual to choose an ideal rafting spot. 

In order to add the requisite enjoyment and fun to make your rafting experience a memorable one, it is important to choose a destination that is replete with all your personal requirements.

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Different people have different ideas of an ideal rafting destination. It can be quite difficult to choose a destination that offers everything you need to make your rafting experience fulfilling and enjoyable.

One such excellent rafting destination in India is Rishikesh. It is such a popular destination that most youngsters associate fun, enjoyment and thrill with the rafts of Rishikesh. A rafting experience in Rishikesh can be like a fruition of a long-term dream that most rafters wish to fulfil at some point of time in their lives.

Some aspects of Rishikesh that make it an ideal rafting spot have been discussed below:

The divine escapade

Rishikesh is a holy city connected with the serene beauty of natural surroundings. All those who would like to add a spiritual connect to their enjoyable rafting experience. Rafting in the holy city can have a very calming effect on your senses. The attractive and memorable experience can transport your mesmerized selves into a world of thrillophilia.

Challenging rapids

Rishikesh has some challenging rapids that are left to be conquered by those with an adrenaline rush. It is a complete adventure world where the tranquillity of the silent pious place beautifully interacts with the ferocious rapids. Rafting in Rishikesh is all about conquering the ferociously moving rapids is a challenge not meant for the weak-hearted. It is worth a visit to boost your adventure seeking souls and invade these scary rapids.

Bouncing excitement with safety

Bouncing on the holy river Ganges is  sure to give you a fun experience that you shall treasure for life. You may be momentarily discouraged to invade these challenging rapids, but the world knows that River Ganges is undoubtedly the safest river for rafting in India. Along with the thrill of encountering the fast-moving rapids, you can experience the pleasures of the bounces on this River. It is worth a raft for those little hearty laughs and smiles that you can steal in the middle of your rafting expedition.

The exciting route

One of the most discerning features of rafting in Rishikesh is the exciting route your journey encompasses. The modest  Rishikesh has acquired the befitting title of Indias river rafting capital because of its unique rafting route.

Some of the key notes of this fun journey route include the following:

a. Different levels of rapids- Rishikesh has some of the best provisions for novices in the river rafting world. With different levels of rapids, each sufficient to transport you into the world of thrillophilia, Rishikesh rapids include:

Grade 1 Rapid- It covers Sweet Sixteen to take you through the sweetest rapids, and the ones that are comparatively gentle.

Grade 2 Rapid- It covers the Body surfing rapid, Shivpuri Rapid, Club House Rapid, Double trouble and Initiation Rapid.

Grade 3 Rapid- It promises a journey including Cross fire, Daniel Dip, Three Blind Mice, Roller Coaster, Return to Sender and Golf Course.

Grade 4 Rapid- This rapid includes the adventurous route that provides you with an eclectic journey from Kaudilaya to Marine Drive. The journey includes fun activities and some scenic sights.

The fun begins from the highest-point Kaudilya only to multiply and increase manifold with the passing journey through Marine Drive, Shivpuri, Bhrampuri and the likes.

 b. Adventure activities- All those who like to add some more adventure to their already entertaining escapade should definitely splurge into the river rafting fun activities. Thrillophilia is not far away if youve landed into the beautiful rafting capital. Packed with camping opportunities, cliff jumping activities and entertainment unplugged, you can enjoy the thrill of a lifetime here.

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c. Bonds- The exciting journey to the River rafting capital takes you through a differently beautiful and joyous journey. This journey helps you not only gain an experience of a lifetime but also enables you to forge friendships that can last over a lifetime.


Break free and indulge in this savoury combination of thrill, fear and excitement to get that adrenaline rush. If fear of water is what hinders you from taking a step forward, it is time to shed inhibitions and look out for the exciting locales. Enjoy this experience of a lifetime and enter a world of ecstasy with these unforgettable moments of pure fun!


By Abhishek Daga Last updated Nov 12,2014

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