Seminyak Tourism, Indonesia: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
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Seminyak Tourism is one of the most luxurious experiences you can have in Bali. With antique temples and various famous monuments, this place holds its significance in travel destinations in Bali. It is the ultimate place for you in Bai if enjoy less crowd as this place is visited by very few people. 

You will find lesser people on the fine beaches which implies that you can enjoy a good time in peace. Moreover, the coast has colorful marine life which could be explored through snorkeling and scuba diving. Along with that, you can indulge in other water activities. This city also offers excellent restaurants which serve exquisite Balinese and Indonesian food along with a variety of international foods as well. Moreover, you will find amazing beach clubs where you can dance off your tiredness over a couple of excellent cocktails. 

If you wish to enjoy your drink in silence then there is no shortage of good bars in the city. All these things complemented with a calm sunset at a place with less rush is the essence of the city.
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People Also Ask About Seminyak

  1. Which are the best places for Seminyak shopping?

    Seminyak Square MarketsOne of the best destinations for Seminyak shopping, the Seminyak Square Markets is widely known as a one-stop place to enjoy shopping and dining together. The market has many open-air stalls and stores where you can shop for different types of typical Balinese souvenirs and traditionally made items. The Seminyak Square Markets also have a huge two-storey arcade, which is filled with restaurants, cafes as well as shops. From sportswear and fashion, to batik products, books as well as jewellery, there’s a lot you can shop for here. 

    Location: Jalan Kayu Aya No. 1, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

    Timings: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

    Double Six StreetDouble Six Street is another famous place for Shopping in Seminyak. The street is typically famous for a huge line of stalls and shops where you can buy a wide array of different accessories, leather products like belts, bags and more, clothes as well as crocheted items. Beach babies can also head to the sarong shops and buy cute sarongs and other swimwear at Double Six Street. If you head deeper into the street, you will also come across shops selling some of the best fashion jewellery and handbags at dirt cheap prices. 

    Location: Arjuna Road, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

    Timings: 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. 

    Flea Market OberoiLooking for places to enjoy Seminyak shopping? Pay an early morning visit to Flea Market Oberoi. Said to be the best flea market in all of Bali, this shopping destination is home to many small clusters of shops which sell different types of souvenirs, apparels as well as jewellery. Ranging from affordable, easy on the pocket prices to expensive costs, you can shop for a large number of things here, including printed clothes, leather bags, trendy shoes and more. It is best to bargain here in order to get the best price while shopping. 

    Location: Kayu Aya Square Oberoi, Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
    Timings: 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.

    Pasar Badung MarketThe Pasar Badung Market is another one of the top destinations to indulge in a nice Seminyak shopping experience. In addition to being the largest market in Denpasar, the Pasar Badung Market is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. The market is a great place to shop for a wide range of fabrics and accessories. Additionally, you can also buy trendy clothes, beachwear, fresh local produce and handmade souvenirs from this market to take back home. 

    Location: Jl. Sulawesi No. 1, Dangin Puri Kangin, Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80233, Indonesia

    Kereneng Night Market: One of the most popular places for Shopping in Seminyak is the Kereneng Night Market. Also known as Pasar Kereneng, this night market is the second largest traditional market in the region, popularly known for selling Batik fabric, metal handicrafts, traditional utensils, farming tools, fresh local produce and more. You can also find a lot of food stalls selling traditional Balinese dishes like Nasi Campur, Nasi Babi Guling and more. 

    Location: Jalan Kamboja, East Denpasar, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

    Timings: 06:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. 

    Sunday Market: The famous Sunday Market is another great place to indulge in Seminyak shopping. Located in Canggu, a few kilometres from the centre of Seminyak, this market opens every Sunday, and is a great place to shop for food, drinks, clothes, local handicrafts as well as jewellery and arts and crafts. From trying local produce from farmers and sellers, to shopping for organic fruits, vegetables or even indulging in local Balinese food, the Sunday Market has it all. 

    Location: no, Jl. Padang Linjong No.39, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia
    Timings: 09 a.m. to 02 p.m.
  2. What are the best Places to visit in Seminyak?

    Santo Mikael Church: This beautiful architectural icon in Seminyak will leave you awestruck. The patterns made on stained glass, the fairy light decoration and artistic structures all over the church will give you an entirely divine feeling.

    SuperHero Factory: 
    If you thought Seminyak is only about beaches, resorts and spas, you get it totally wrong. SuperHero Factory Bali, opened in 2015 is a fun gym with indoor adventure facilities, just like the place where you imagine your favourite super heroes practicing their stunts. The best part of this themed hangout is the Leap of Faith-a 5 meter high jump which leads you to a soft sponge bath.

    La Laguna: La Laguna is a themed café in Seminyak which is too vibrant and colorful and it is impossible for one to not fall in love with this place. You will be overwhelmed to see the décor of this place, which is natural, colorful, aesthetic and artistic at the same time. This place also serves some of the best sea food dishes in the entire town.

    W-Hotel Forest Entrance: The W-hotel entrance is a lush green tree tunnel of tall leafy bamboos inside which you can click some of the best pictures. Apart from this, a stroll through this path will make you feel easily rejuvenated.

    Seminyak Beach: 
    A calm and peaceful stroll of the Seminyak beach, with the backdrop of luxurious resorts and themed shacks on one side and a blue sea on the other side will leave you mesmerized. It is a way better experience than most of the sight-seeing trips at this destination as this fashionable beach will show you locals having fun flying kites and playing beach soccer and if you are lucky, you might even see a turtle on the beach.

    Prana Spa: One of the most exotic spas here which offers you exquisite luxury, Prana is a combined Indian and Moroccan themed spa. There are tended ceilings, hand paintings, luxuriously decorated therapy rooms and a lot more, where you can get the best pampering possible and feel like you are living in a live paradise.

  3. What is the best time to visit Seminyak?

    The best time to visit Seminyak is in the months of July, August, December and January when the island looks the best with soothing temperature. But it could also be visited in the months of April, May, June and September when the season will still be dry with lesser humidity. With less flow of tourism, you find cheaper rooms, quieter places and less crowd in public places and roads.
  4. How to reach Seminyak from Bali airport and what is the distance between airport and Seminyak?

    The Denpasar International Airport is located south of Bali and is the gateway to the country. To reach Seminyak, you will have to hire a taxi and the journey of about 10 kilometers will cost you about US$4.5. Other means of transfers include public buses and other private shuttles. You might even want to get a rental vehicle, depending on your plans for Bali.
  5. How to reach Seminyak?

    By Flight: Seminyak is located just 11.6 KM away from Denpasar Airport so you can land at the only airport Bali has.

    By Road: You can grab a taxi to Seminyak from the airport or anywhere you are or book online. And you can also book a private driver for your conveyance to and around the place.

    By Seaways: If you are on Gilli island then you can take a ferry to Port Benoa in Bali island which would be a 30 mins ride.

  6. What is Seminyak known for?

    Seminyak is known for quite a few unique reasons. Though it is a pleasing destination, yet it is always less crowded as compared to other places in Bali and you can also engage in water activities here which would be even more charming with less people around you.

    Seminyak also offers you a wide range of exquisite cuisines from the authentic recipes of Bali, Indonesia and around the world. Besides this, the place also offers a great range of local markets where you can shop for souvenirs and other gifts for your family. After completing your Seminyak Tourism, you should opt for witnessing the sunset as it is one of the prime destinations for beautiful sunsets.
  7. How expensive is Seminyak?

    Seminyak Tourism is a lot more expensive as compared to the tours to the other regions of Bali but you will definitely be satisfied after paying the high-end amounts at over-the-top restaurants, bars, resorts, clubs and more.

  8. What things must be kept in mind while travelling to Seminyak?

    • Souvenirs will also be expensive to ship  
    • Don’t drink the yellow fluid sold in vodka bottles! It’s petrol.
    • Spend your dollars when you can. Save the Rupiah for the last leg of the trip. 
    • Take a breather from your hotel and also visit the local market for a wholesome experience of Bali. 
    • Be a part of some Balinese ceremony – there will always be something going on. 
    • Never step on prayer offerings. 
    • Don’t point with your index finger
    • Be prepared with all documents at all times.
  9. How many days are required to explore Seminyak?

    3 days and 2 nights would be an appropriate amount of days required to explore Seminyak as it has a lot of beaches, bars, lounges, resorts, clubs and temples to cover. Though, you can extend the amount of time but definitely not reduce it for Seminyak being a big area.

  10. What all things I must carry if I am travelling to Seminyak?

    The experience of Bali can be overwhelming. Depending on where you choose to stay and what kind of activities you are looking to do, your luggage will differ.
    However, here are some essentials that you must carry:
    • It’s a beach destination and you can past all the cure skirts and shorts you can. However, carry fuller clothing if you want to visit the temples or are just walking in the streets.
    • For men, it’s about short trousers and cotton shirts/tees.
    • Do carry flat shoes as you will be walking on sand. If you plan of treks, carry special boots for that.
    • Hat and sunglasses are must.
    • You will want to take extra precautions about your health across Bali.
    • Carry medicines for diarrhea and malaria. It’s easy to get contaminated if you are relying on local food and water.  
    • Valid international drivers license, if you are renting a vehicle.
    • Photo identity proof
    • Passports
    • Travel booking / insurance papers
  11. What is the temperature in daytime and nighttime in Seminyak? How is the general climate in Seminyak?

    The general daytime temperature in Seminyak is about 27 degree Celsius, all round the year. Nights are a bit cooler when the temperature might come down to 20 degree Celsius. However, don’t expect to get a chill. There’s a lot of humidity in the air and it is dehydrating all day.
  12. Which are the famous temples to visit in Seminyak?

    There are a lot of famous temples to visit in and around Seminyak:

    Petitenget Temple: The building is constructed with red bricks and sandstones attaining an antique look. With a dozen of shrines, the temple is quite popular in Seminyak.

    Masceti Ulum Tanjung Temple: It is a small temple situated just next to Petitenget Temple. The temple is visited by local villagers to pray for protection from famine and disease.

    Gunung Kawi Sebatu: It is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. Surrounded by a lot of ponds and pools this place have a very peaceful environment.

    Pura Ulun Danu Bratan: It is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist architecture. Situated near, rather amidst the river the temple often appear as floating on the water due to mist.

    Jagatnatha Temple: It is a very old temple. Hence, renovated quite a few times. The centre attraction of the temple is the carvings inside the premises.

    Tanah Lot Temple: It is a sculpture carved out of a rock amidst the water which is picture perfect and something very unique.

    Tirta Empul: It is famous for its water which is considered holy. The water is also used in the rituals of purification.

  13. What kind of clothing is suitable for Seminyak?

    It’s a beach destination and you need all the light cotton clothing you have. Beachwear, shorts, skirts, dresses, trousers, cotton shirts, cotton tops is vital to your existing and that perfect photo. However, do ensure that there is something that can cover you decently when you visit a temple or go to the market.
  14. Is it safe to travel to Seminyak?

    While Seminyak holds many historical and sightseeing gems, a trip also accompanies a fair share of risks. The most common complaint from tourists is about finicky monkeys and dogs. While monkeys will always try to snatch and steal, the dogs too can be a problem and there’s a high chance to get bitten. Some even believe that the monkeys have been trained to steal jewelry and bags from tourists!
    Secondly, there is a problem of hygiene. It is always recommended that you carry your own water bottles and not drink it locally. Purchase sealed bottles from the supermarket since dehydration in this part of the world is common. Good travel insurance might be able to take care of the eventualities if they arise.
  15. What language do they speak in Seminyak?

    The local language in Seminyak is Indonesian. However, most establishments will have people conversing in English.
  16. What kind of accommodation I can find in Seminyak?

    Seminyak is more of an upscale part of the Bali Islands. There will be a lot of resorts, luxury villas and high end hotels available. However, if you look hard, you might also find something in the budget range. For hostels, dormitories and cheaper accommodations, you will have to go a little further from the heart of Seminyak.
  17. Can I rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Seminyak?

    Renting a motorbike/bicycle is probably the best way to get around Bali. There will be several rental service providers around Seminyak. However, ensure that you are renting from an authorized business. You will need to show proper papers for your international driving license to get a vehicle.
  18. Is it worth visiting Seminyak for honeymoon?

    Seminyak is the preferable place to stay and revel if you are traveling with your partner or are on a honeymoon. The city offers several upscale accommodations and other luxury and romantic opportunities. It’s a perfect vacation where you can spend time with your partner and not worry about anything else.
  19. What are the best Things to do in Seminyak?

    Here are some of the best things to do in Seminyak:
    • Take a cooking class
    • Visit to the Bali Trick Art Gallery
    • Surf in the Seminyak Beach
    • Revel in the festivity at Pura Petitenget Temple
    • Eat around in the popular restaurants
    • Visit a beach club
    • Play some golf in Nirwana
    • Get a splash in Waterbom
    • Get into the party dress at one of the several nightclubs
  20. What all adventure sports I can do in Seminyak?

    Bali is a heaven for adventure activities. Some of the adventure activities one can participate in Seminyak are:
    • Surfing in the Seminyak Beach
    • Windsurfing at Seminyak Beach
    • Kite surfing
    • Full day Pokémon Hunting Tour by Smailing Tour
    • Totem Room Escape Challenge
  21. How are the lodging facilities in Seminyak?

    The lodging facilities in Seminyak are mostly upscale with a lot of resorts, luxury villas and high end hotels. 
  22. What are the various budget hotels and home stays in Seminyak?

    • Desa Nyima Inn
    • Delmango Villa Estate Hotel Bali
    • BnB Style Hotel Seminyak
    • Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak
    • Mesari Beach Inn
    • Dannys Homestay
    • Warringin Homestay
    • The Studio
    • The Taman Ayu
    • Vasari Hotel Seminyak
    • Pradha Villas
    • Bali Agung Village
  23. What are the various luxurious resorts available in Seminyak?

    Here are some of the luxurious resorts in Seminyak:
    • Seminyak Ikon
    • Uma Sapna
    • Sun Islands Boutique and Villas
    • The Kunja Villas and Spa
    • The Kayana Bali
    • The Trans Resort Bali
    • The Amala
    • The Oberoi Bali
    • The Elysian
    • Jambuluwuk Oceaneo Seminyak
    • The Villas Bali Resort and Spa
    • Double-Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak
  24. Are there private villas available in Seminyak?

    There are a lot of private villa options in Seminyak to fulfil the needs of the tourists. Some of the famous private villas are:
    • Ahimsa Estate
    • Amana Villas
    • Amor Bali Villa
    • Aramanis Villa
    • Aria Exclusive Villas Sps
    • Artemis Villa Hotel
    • Asa Bali Luxury Villa
    • Astana Batubelig Suite Pool Villa
    • Bali Swiss Villa Hotel
    • Bvilla Pool
    • Bvilla Seaside Hotel
  25. What all water sports I can do in Seminyak?

    Water sport opportunities in Seminyak include:
    • Surfing
    • Kite surfing
    • Wind surfing
    • Scuba diving
  26. Where can I do surfing in Seminyak?

    The most popular and sought after adventure experience in Seminyak is surfing. The waves here are good and makes for a great surfing. Both long boarders and short boarders can seek to have fun here. The best hotels near the breaks include:
    • Anantara Seminyak Resort
    • Dewi Sri Cottages
    • Legian Beach Hotel
    • Pelangi Bali Hotel and Spa
    • The Seminyak
    • The Villas Seminyak
  27. Which are some famous beaches in Seminyak?

    Some of the best beaches one can find in Seminyak are:
    • Double Six Beach
    • Petitenget Beach
    • Batu Belig Beach
    • Berawa Beach
    • Echo Beach
  28. Can I visit the Seminyak Beach? What are must things to do here?

    Seminyak beach is the closest outdoor opportunity, regardless of where you stay in the city. It’s a must visit and open for all. While a nice long walk with your partner or friends would be a good start, you can also do some surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing. Bali has an awesome list of the things to do. It is also recommended that you experience open air dining on the sea shore in the Seminyak Beach.
  29. Where is Santo Mikael Church? What is special about it?

    The auspicious Santo Mikael Church poses in a beautiful form, painted blue and white. Popular for its gothic architecture, this church is located in a serene environment and is a masterpiece that brings in every tourist visiting Bali. If you are still carrying your wedding dress, this will be the perfect church to get a photo shoot done! The wooden benches, picturesque interiors and the quaint ambience will be highly captivating, even for a non-believer! The Santo Mikael Church is located at Camplung Tanduk, in the Kuta region of Seminyak
  30. What is Totem Room Escape Challenge? Is it fun for kids?

    The Totem Room is a perfect day out, if you are traveling with your family. The room is actually divided into several sections, each of which holds a puzzle. One needs to solve the puzzle to move on to the next room. Kids will totally love it!
  31. Can I do Scuba Diving in Seminyak? Where can I do it and how much will be the cost?

    Several providers offer scuba diving opportunities in Seminyak. While the dive site will be far of the Seminyak beach, you will have to book your tickets in the city. In most case, hotels too would be able to provide you with tickets. Most scuba shops are located in the Kuta region of Seminyak and dives start at a basic price of US$100. Further, dives are customized for both beginner and experienced scuba divers.
  32. Can I do Horse Riding in Seminyak? Where can I do it?

    Canggu, a little distant from Seminyak is the most preferred beach for horse riding. Take a ride along the southern beaches or the lush rice terraces a little up the city. The rides will be accompanied by experienced guides who ensure your safety and comfort. There are several stables in Canggu that you can approach for a horseback ride experience.
  33. Can I do Bungee Jumping in Seminyak? Is it safe to do?

    Another popular but easily missed out adventure opportunity in Seminyak is a bungee jump. It will be an incredible experience and is completely safe for all kinds of jumpers. As long as you are medically fit, it would be a fun thing to do. Look for The Bungee Co. as it is the only service provider there.
  34. What are the places in Seminyak that provide good spa?

    Some of the places in Seminyak that provide good spa facilities are:
    • Prana Spa, Jalan Kunti
    • Away Spa at W Bali, Jalan Petitenget
    • Body Temple Spa, Jalan Canggu Club
    • Sundari Day Spa, Jalan Petitenget
    • Spring Spa, Seminyak Village
    • The Cottage Beauty House, Jalan Batu Belig
    • The Spa at Amala, Jalan Kunti
    • The Shampoo Lounge, Jalan Raya Taman
    • Spa at Peppers Seminyak, Jl. Pura Telaga
    • Bodyworks, Jalan Kayu Jati
    • Cool Spa, Jalan Kayu
  35. Can I do Yoga in Seminyak? Which are some famous places for yoga in Seminyak?

    Seminyak provides many places for yoga. Some of the famous places for yoga in Seminyak are:
    • Seminyak Yoga Shala, Jalan Raya
    • Olop Iyengar Yoga Studio, Jalan Drupadi
    • Prana Spa, Jalan Kunti
    • Yoga 108 Bali, Jalan Drupadi
    • Jiwa Bikram Yoga Bali, Jalan Petitenget
  36. What kind of shopping can be done in Seminyak? Which markets are good for shopping in Seminyak?

    • The Seminyak Village, Jl. Kayu Jati Basangkasa
    • Biasa Bali, Jalan Raya Seminyak
    • Nyaman Art Gallery, Jalan Raya Basangkasa
    • Rabia Jewelry, Jalan Raya Petitenget
    • Jemme Jewelry, Jalan Raya Petitenget
    • Tulola Jewelry, Jalan Petitenget
    • Kody and Co, Jalan Kayu Cendana
    • Drifter Surf Club, Jalan Kayu Aya
    • Blue Glue Bikinis, Jalan Raya Kerobokan
    • Seminyak Square, Jl. Kayu Aya
  37. What is special about La Favela Tropical themed Restaurant?

    La Favela – a restaurant by the day turns into a happening bar after sunset. The events organized here are just like the house parties and have the most incredible themes. The space is electric, the food is amazing and the crowd that pours in is the best, you would have encountered.
  38. Is smoking legal in Seminyak?

    Though not prohibited by law, but you must avoid public places as an unsaid rule. There are also special places that come with a “No Smoking” banner. Smoking around such areas can attract hefty fines.
  39. Are there any money exchangers in Seminyak?

    • Central Kuta Money Exchange, Jl. Sunset Road No.10X, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
    • Cash X Change, PT Semangat Anak Rantau Money Changer, Jl. Raya Seminyak, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
    • BMC Seminyak (Kantor Pusat), Jl. Raya Seminyak No.16A, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
    • Cash X Change, Barat, Jl. Nakula No.5, Seminyak, Kuta, Kota Denpasar
Newly Added Seminyak Experience

Seminyak Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Seminyak
Mohana Arora Spa in Seminyak
Beds were clean and comfortable. My body was so relaxed after the spa.

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