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Duration Price
Scuba Diving In Malvan8 hours - 9 hours
INR 1,199
Tarkarli Scuba Diving3 hours
INR 699

Pune is well-known as a city that’s rich in history. Its forts and palaces are a testament to this and you only need to explore it a little to find grand structures such as the Aga Khan Palace, Sinhagad, Shaniwar Wada and Ohel David Synagogue. Yet, there’s more to Pune than historical sites. It also offers plenty of opportunities for the best adventure tours in Pune and if this is right up your sleeve, then get ready to be blown away! Head out a couple of hours from Pune to Kolad for a chance to tame the rapids with white water rafting. You can opt for one of several packages depending on your time and budget. Prefer adventures on land? Show your mates what you’re made of at Wada with challenging activities like Burma bridge, trust track, flying fox and rope courses. Nature lovers eager to explore dense forests and valleys can book a 1-day trek from the city to Andharban in Sahyadri. The trail passes by beautiful waterfalls and offers views of the Kundalika valley.


The striking Lingana, a massive pinnacle that gives panoramic vistas of Sahyadri, is another trekking destination and one you really don’t want to miss, four miles of pure ascent will force you to push yourself as you aim for the top and later end your night with camping under the stars, a roaring bonfire and great company to keep the experience alive and special. So plan your next weekend and head out to Pune, go on a road trip or catch the fastest train here. The best adventure tours in Pune await you to get the weekend adrenaline rush right to the brim.

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Pune Adventure FAQs

Which are the adventurous things to do in Pune?

Pune, an exciting city, a representation of modernity and a juxtaposition of rich and pure culture, is a land loaded with adventurous surprises. Renowned as a ‘Queen of Deccan’, the city of Pune is a paradise for adventure junkies. Here are some adventurous things to enjoy on during your vacationing mood in Pune city –

1. Camping –
Camping in an open location beneath a dark blanket of the vastly stretched sky studded with innumerable brightly twinkling stars is one of the most exciting things to relax from all your monotonous work. Pawna Lake is an excellent option for all those who wish to retire at the lakefront for their weekends and indulge into boating, kayaking and rafting.

Location – Velhe, Lonavala, Falyan Jungle Camp, and Bhandara Lake
Price –varies according to the location
Timings –24/7

2. Explore the massiveness of Shaniwar Wada Palace –
Renowned as a royal residential fortress of Pune city, Shaniwar Wada Palace accounts for a verifiable significance. Dating back to the 18th century, this massive piece of construction stores a lot of historical importance.

Location –Shaniwar Peth
Price –5 INR per head
Timings –07:00 am to 06:00 pm

3. Put on your adventurous sleeves at Adlabs Imagica –
Adlabs Imagica is a unique theme park and has got a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy. Loopy-Woopy, Lazy River, Mykonos, Eyelusion, and Glow Magica are some of the principal attractions of this park.

Location –Mumbai-Pune Expressway
Price –1400 to 1600 INR per adult and 1000 to 1200 INR per child
Timings –10:30 am to 08:00 pm

4. Chilling at Café Paashh –
Relaxing amidst a calm and a warm ambience, Café Paashh is an old bungalow cum charming café with an open rooftop dining space. If you are with your better half in Pune, reserve a seat for two of you and enjoy your dinner date.

Location –Kalyani Nagar
Price –1700 INR for two
Timings –11:00 am to 11:00 pm

5. Della Adventure Park –
Della Adventure Park is a hub of many adventures such as buggy riding, sky cycling, motocross dirt biking, water zorbing, rappelling, and land zorbing. Besides the outdoor games, this adventure park boasts a wide array of in-house adventures such as pool, mirror maze, football, table tennis, and a wide range of virtual games.

Location – Lonavala
Price –2360 INR per person
Timings – 11:00 am to 09:00 pm

6. Enjoy a night out amidst a cultural setting –
Soaking yourself amidst the vibrancy and cuisines of the traditional Rajasthan is undoubtedly a memorable thing to enjoy. This is a recreational site loaded with wells, mud houses, and streets.

The rope walkers, puppeteers, and potters are key performers at this spot. And guess what, here you have a wide array of Rajasthani style cuisines to try such as Bhakri roti, kadhi, bati, malpuas, churma, and gulab jamuns.

Location –Nagar Highway, Wagholi
Price –700 INR onwards per person
Timings –04:00 pm to 10:00 pm

7. Rock your legs at Mi-a-Mi –
One of the most popular and renowned pubs of Pune, Mi-a-Mi, is a central piece of attraction for some terrific music, fantastic ambience, and a great crowd. Besides, you get a fantastic combo being served here such as lemon basil prawns, herb-crusted fried fish, or lamb meatballs along with specially carved flavoured drinks.

Location –Sinhagad Road
Price –1000 to 3000 INR per head
Timings – 07:00 pm to 12:00 pm

8. Relax at the lakefront of Mulshi Dam –
One of the catchment areas of Pune, Mulshi Dam is an ideal port for all the city wanderers. The dam site offers an exciting vista of the grandeur of the Sahyadri ranges, Dhangadh, and Koraigadh forts.

Location –Mulshi Village
Price –Free of cost
Timings –24/7. Yet, it is always better to return before the sunsets in the evening.

Which are the best adventure activities that can be done near Pune?

Here is a list of adventure places in Pune to make your weekend a happening one -

1. Water sports (Lavasa City) –
The city of Lavasa is a popular activity hub spot for adventure lovers. Bumper boat rides, pedal boats, pontoons, and jet skiing are adventures to enjoy here. You can even undertake nature trails here at Lavasa city.

Distance –55 km from Pune

2. Lonavala trekking (Lonavala) -
Lonavala offers a perfect trekking adventure for all those seeking solace away from the surrounding cacophony. The trekking region is flanked by numerous rock-climbing patches, pristine lakes, forts, hills, and cascading waterfalls.

Distance – 67 km from Pune

3. Kayaking (Mandwa) -
Paddle your body through Manfwa’s calming waters in a 45-minute relaxing voyage while enjoying the fantastic vistas of the vastly stretched Arabian Sea. Whether you are a fresher or kayaking professional, there are trained instructors to guide you to their best.

Distance –150 km from Pune

4. Bungee Jumping (Lonavala) –
Lonavala’s bungee jumping adventure is a key attraction within the Della Adventure Park. The bungee jumping adventure stands tall at 150 feet, and the experience lasts for a total duration of 7 to 10 minutes.

Distance – 67 km from Pune

5. Waterfall Rappelling (Karjat) –
Karjat Waterfall rappelling is a great adventure fun amongst hikers from all places across the nation. To add some more adventurous flavour to your Karjat tour, you can undertake a short hike from the station to the waterfall spot itself.

Distance – 99 km from Pune

What are the best adventure things to do in Pune with friends?

1. Paintball: Paintball is a group sport, where teams of two engage in a faux war with artificial guns loaded with paint.  This extremely fun activity can be tried at Kalyani Nagar in Pune.

2. Paragliding:
A sport designed for the brave-hearted, paragliding in Pune is an experience that is both thrilling and beautiful. Enjoy the lush green beauty of the Sahyadris as you sail through the sky.

3. Hot air Balloon Safari:
Located a little outside Pune, the hot air balloon safari takes off from the Sahyadri mountains and travels to Lonavala. The balloon ride lasts approximately an hour, and offers stunning views of the hills below.

4. Camping:
Camping is one of the most popular group activities in Pune. The open green hills, the pleasant weather and the scenic spots across the town offer some of the best settings for campsites.

Which is the best place for adventure trekking in and near Pune?

Here are some adventurous places in Pune which are exclusively reserved for trekking -

1. Rajmachi Fort Trek –
Rajmachi Fort trek allows you to explore two forts – Manaranjan Fort and Shrivardhan Fort. Once a while, the Rajmachi fort was renowned for being built to establish strategic control over the ghat of Bor, today the fort fascinates a large count of trekkers across the globe.

Distance -75 km from Pune
Trekking Length –4 to 5 hours
Trekking Difficulty –Very easy

2. Lohagad Fort Trek –
Also known as Iron Fort, Lohagad Fort has an elevation of around 1033 meters above the sea level. People undertake Lohagad trek to capture some astonishing beauty of the vastly stretched lush greenery and other key tourist attractions from its top summit.

Distance -70 km from Pune
Trekking Length – 2 and a half hours
Trekking Difficulty –Easy

3. Torna Fort Trek –
Torna Fort Trek is a moderately challenging trek where the happiness arising out of trekking expedition increases tenfold under the full moonlight.

Distance –60 km from Pune
Trekking Length –3 and a half hours
Trekking Difficulty – Medium

4. Raigad Trek –
Rajgad trek is an exciting one-day trekking campaign to be enjoyed with your family, friends, and relatives. This fort accounts for a great religious significance for the Marathas as it drives you back to the brave era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Distance -50 km from Pune
Trekking Length –1 and a half hours
Trekking Difficulty –Moderate

Which are the best camping sites in and near Pune?

Here are some of the key camping spots near Pune for your upcoming holidays

1. Pawna Lake Camping (57 km) –
Refresh and rejuvenate yourself amidst a tranquil setting of Mother Nature.

2. Alibaug Beachside Camping (142.4 km) –
Enjoy deserted and peaceful beach camping.

3. Bhandardara Lake Camping (172.3 km) –
Camp amidst a peaceful ambience between a gurgling noise.

4. River Kundalika Camping (150 km) –
Raft while you camp and enjoy the stunning vistas of the spell-binding green carpet that encircles the river all around.

5. Lonavala Camping (67 km) –
Lonavala campsite is loaded with bewitching terrains and lush green valleys.

6. Kambre Camping (74 km) -
Relax with numerous indoor and outdoor activities at the Kambre Camping site.

7. Revdanda Beach Camping (157 km) –
Enjoy the mystic surroundings, tranquil atmosphere, and stargazing while camping along the banks of Revdanda Beach.

8. Karnala Camping (122 km) –
Nestle yourself amidst the verdant forest cover of palm and coconut grooves.

9.Bordi Beach Camping (286 km) –
Bordi Beach Campsite is all over surrounded by sapodilla orchards to create a mesmerizing aura for all the guests.

10. Vasind Camping (190 km) –
Enjoy trekking and hiking while you camp at the Vasind camping site.

11. Murud Camping (195.4 km) –
Murud Campsite is a tiny fishing hamlet tucked at a short distance from the central city of Pune.

Which are the famous adventure destinations around Pune?

The city of Pune is one of the most popular cities amongst the youths of today’s era. When you have a great popularity amongst youngsters, you are bound to have a great enthusiasm to work and party as hard as possible. Here are famous adventure getaways from the city of Pune –

1. Lonavala –
One of the key adventurous places to visit near Pune is Lonavala. Buddhist shrines, Karla and Bhaja Caves, Della Adventure Park, Zorbing, Buggy Riding, and trekking are some activities to enjoy here.

Distance from Pune –66 km

2. Durshet –
Nestling opposite to the mighty Sahyadri ranges, the Durshet region features dense forest foliage. It is a hotspot for adventures such as kayaking, trekking, and bird watching. The hotels here schedule regular private jungle safaris through the surrounding forest covers.

Distance from Pune –98 km

3. Karjat -
The Karjat region offers an extensive array of adventures to choose from. River rafting, waterfall rappelling, trekking and hiking experiences here make Karjat a popular destination for all outdoor enthusiasts to adore.

Distance from Pune –101 km

4. Lavasa –
Amongst one day adventurous places to explore from Pune, Lavasa is the right pick for all. While the region offers a calm setting, no one can ever deny the worth of the great adventurous fun that one can enjoy here. To list a few adventures are zip lining, camping, trekking, and rappelling.

Distance from Pune –66 km

What are the best adventure resorts in Pune?

1. Kamath Residency Nature Resort: Located a little outside Pune, Kamath Residency Nature Resort offers cottages for stay. Apart from its exceptional lodging, the resort offers a number of adventure sports options, such as rock climbing.

2. Della Resorts:
Probably the most popular adventure resort in Pune, Della seeks to create an experience that is both thrilling and luxurious. The Della Adventure Park, adjoining the resort, is the biggest adventure park in Pune and offers attractions such as ATV bike riding, rock climbing, bungee jumping, and much more.

3. Mantra Resort:
A perfect blend of adventure and comfort, a day spent at the Mantra Resorts is never a dull one. Apart from its luxurious lodgings, the Resort houses a water park as well as an adventure park offering activities such as rifle shooting, archery, and much more.

4. Vishwanath Resort:
A short drive out of Pune, Vishwanath Resorts seeks to offer an experience that you will never forget. Apart from the massive water park that it houses, the Resort also offers a number of unique adventure options, such as ziplining, sky cycling, hanging bridge, and more.

Which are the best adventure theme parks and water parks in Pune?

Out of all the adventure places in Pune, amusement parks are the first choice of enjoyment with your family and companions. So, if you are in Pune, and have lots of time to spare with your little ones, here’s a list of the best amusement parks for the adventure sports in Pune -

1. Adlabs Imagica –
Adlabs Imagica is a famous thrilling family holiday destination for creating some delightful memories. The park features both a themed amusement park and a water park with family slides and attractions, drinks and dining facilities. Besides, you have a wide array of characters from Stars of Imagica.

2. Appu Ghar –
Appu Ghar is a themed amusement park in Pune which is often referred to as Pune’s mini Disneyland. From children to seniors, this amusement park features rides for every single park stroller. My Fair Lady, Appu Columbus, Merry Go Round, Mini Octopus, Appu Express, Roller Coaster, and Gammat Girki are key rides to enjoy here.

3. Diamond Waterpark –
Summer vacations are the best when you enjoy those with your families, friends, and relatives at the Diamond Water Park. Wave Pool, Octopus, Rain Dance, Family Pool, Lazy River and Honey Bunny, Kiddies Pool, and Multilane are the key attractions here.

4. Panshet Waterpark –
One of the popular adventure theme parks to explore near Pune is the Panshet Waterpark. This waterpark is a hub both for adventurous activities and sports. In addition to the water facilities, the park also has got a lot of fine dining outlets to take care of your complete engagement throughout the day.

5. Sentosa Water Park –
Sentosa Waterpark features a wide array of twirling and twisting rides to feel the coolness of the splashing water. There is a DJ auditorium where you can get the best experience of DJ rhythm to enjoy the bliss of rain dancing.

6. Wet n Joy Water Park –
Come and witness breath-taking water slides at Pune’s Wet N Joy Water Park. There are unlimited rides, restaurants, and other facilities to take sufficient care of your family entertainment. House of Horror, Zoo, and Mirror Maze are other key attractions of this waterpark.

Which are the best places for paragliding around Pune?

A recreational and a competitive adventure water sport, paragliding is one of the latest activities winning hearts of every single traveller and local of Pune. Paragliding experience in Pune gives your adrenaline a great pump of flying high in the sky. Here are some top picks of the best paragliding adventure places in Pune –

1. Kamshet –
Located around 2200 feet high off the sea level, Kamshet is a stunning paragliding spot with idyllic weather conditions. No matter whether you are an experienced person or someone who has just launched into a paragliding adventure, Kamshet paragliding zone is a perfect pick for you.

2. Purandar –
The Purandar paragliding zone is tucked atop a height of 1000 feet high above the sea level. It overlooks one of the most beautiful fortresses of Pune.

3. Kanifnath –
There is no other paragliding spot in Pune where you can relish your paragliding experience by flying high in the clear blue sky.

4. Panchgani –
Panchgani paragliding site is simply a perfect pick for all experienced paragliding pilots coming from elsewhere in town.

Which are the best places for rappelling around Pune?

Here are some of the best rappelling adventure places in Pune –

1. Harishchandragad –
The Harishchandragad Rappelling experience offers a blend of both adventure and history. Nestled amidst ethereal surroundings, this spot allows you to have an unending thrilling rappelling experience.

Price -2000 INR onwards

2. Lingana –
Lingana is acknowledged to be a massive pinnacle lying on Sahyadris mainland between the two forts of Torna and Raigad. While the first half of this trekking adventure is relatively simpler, the second half is a bit difficult as the rock steps leading to the Lingana Fort have been destroyed either due to human or natural interventions.

Price -3500 INR onwards

3. Lonavala –
Lonavala is a hub for some of the best treks, walks, and hikes amidst the lush green settlement. People across the globe participate in Lonavala trekking expeditions to immerse themselves into the spectacular natural environment that Lonavala has got to offer.

Price -1548 INR onwards

4. Alang Madan Kulang –
Alang Madan Kulang are three different forts of the Kalsubai range stretched along the Western Ghats. The presence of a dense forest cover surrounding the three forts makes trekking expeditions a bit difficult to endure here.

Price - 6500 INR onwards

5. Bhivpuri –
Located in Maharashtra’s Karjat region, the Bhivpuri trekking expedition to reach close to the multistage waterfall is an endearing one. Surrounding the central waterfalls are numerous verdant meadows where you can easily find some locally spotted animals busy with their grazing schedule.

Price -1200 INR onwards

What is Pune famous for?

Although not a big city geographically, Pune is still famous for maintaining its religious superiority through its customs and traditions. It is a well-known hotspot for historical sites where you have top picks like Aga Khan Palace and Shaniwar Wada.

There are bustling markets, grand libraries, and many war memorials which definitely would make any wandering soul fall deeply in love with it. For all the foodies, the city offers the best collection of local delicacies at budgeted khau gallis and sophisticated five-star hotels.

So, if you are on a Pune tour, and feel hungry, you can grab on some lip-smacking dishes at Pune kattas. Nevertheless, Pune offers a great diversity in adventurous activities too. Right from lakeside camping to cycling the city to trekking – Pune owes its worth of being a perfect hub spot for adventure junkies to soak themselves in some adrenaline rush.

Pune Adventure Reviews

Swapnil Gawari
Reviewed: 31 Oct 2022
Nice experience, staff treated us well in terms of preference
Swapnil Gawari
Swapnil Gawari
Ashish Mhamane
Reviewed: 31 Oct 2022
Scuba instructors are experienced, they take good care of you, water visibility is not that good, parasailing and other water sports are bang for your buck. Overall good package for first time experience and some fun, it took me more than 4 hours due to tourist rush.
Ashish Mhamane
Atul Tawde
Reviewed: 02 Jul 2022
Dr Rohit
Reviewed: 10 Feb 2021
"very good package.... worth for the money spent... enjoyed.... scuba was also very exciting as it was my first experience... I was thrilled..... i would recommand people to opt this package.... "
Aaditya Mehra
Reviewed: 16 Dec 2018
Scuba diving in Malvan gave me a lot of great memories for my lifetime. This was a dream come true for me. I have been thinking to take something like scuba diving for a long time. And when it happened, I was so happy. This package was a surpise gift from my best friend. Thank you Rupesh. It was ind... Read More
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Ranish Ismail
Reviewed: 15 Apr 2019
simply awesome
Ranish ismail
Ranish ismail
Ranish ismail
Ranish ismail

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